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Steven Donziger and Chris Hedges on Corporate Tyranny

Read Chris Hedges’ original piece on Steven Donziger’s case and listen to Robert Scheer’s interview with the environmental justice attorney on “Scheer Intelligence.”

On this week’s “On Contact,” Chris Hedges talks to Steven Donziger, the human rights environmental justice attorney about the grim reality exposed when we confront the real centers of power. Donziger has been fighting polluting American oil companies for nearly three decades on behalf of indigenous communities and peasant farmers in Ecuador, and has been under house arrest in Manhattan for nearly two years. He went on trial in federal court in New York two weeks ago on contempt of court charges, which could see him jailed for six months, for appealing the demand to hand over his computer, cellphone, and other electronic devices to the court, a violation, he argues, of attorney-client privilege. No attorney without a criminal record in federal court has ever before been detained pre-trial for a misdemeanor offense.

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