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Why I’m Not Rushing to Get My Six-Year-Old the COVID-19 Vaccine

Like many Americans, I have concerns about giving my six-year-old a new vaccine that was not tested on humans until last year.

By Len C. Goodman / Chicago Reader

As a father of a young child, I am pressured to get my daughter vaccinated for COVID-19. And like many Americans, I have concerns about giving my six-year-old a new vaccine that was not tested on humans until last year, and that has been approved only for “emergency use” in kids. The feverish hype by government officials, mainstream media outlets, and Big Pharma, and the systematic demonization and censorship of public figures who raise questions about the campaign, provide further cause for concern.

This year, Pfizer has banked on selling 115 million pediatric doses to the U.S. government and expects to earn $36 billion in vaccine revenue. Congress is so in the pocket of Big Pharma that it’s against the law for our government to negotiate bulk pricing for drugs, meaning taxpayers must pay retail. Corporate news and entertainment programs are routinely sponsored by Pfizer, which spent $55 million on social media advertising in 2020. Even late night comedians like Jimmy Kimmel, who has called for denying ICU beds to unvaccinated people, have been paid by Big Pharma to promote the COVID-19 vaccine.

It is thus not surprising that most of the information reported in the press about vaccine safety and efficacy appears to come directly from Pfizer press releases. This recent headline from NBC News is typical: “Pfizer says its Covid vaccine is safe and effective for children ages 5 to 11.” Moreover, by not advertising their vaccines by name, Pfizer-BioNTech and other drugmakers are not obliged, under current FDA regulations, to list the risks and side effects of the vaccine.

Most Americans are vaguely aware that COVID vaccines carry some potential risks, such as heart inflammation, known as myocarditis, seen most often in young males. But no actual data from the vaccine trials has been provided to the public. After promising “full transparency” with regard to COVID-19 vaccines, the FDA recently went to court to resist a FOIA request seeking the data it relied on to license the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, declaring that it would not release the data in full until the year 2076—not exactly a confidence-building measure.

Also troubling is a recent report in the British Medical Journal, a peer-reviewed medical publication, which found that the research company used by Pfizer falsified data, unblinded patients, employed inadequately trained vaccinators, and was slow to follow up on adverse events reported in Pfizer’s pivotal phase III trial. The whistleblower, Brook Jackson, repeatedly notified her bosses of these problems, then e-mailed a complaint to the FDA and was fired that same day. If this scandal was ever mentioned in the corporate press, it was with a headline like this from CBS News: “Report questioning Pfizer trial shouldn’t undermine confidence in vaccines.”

On the other hand, the initial rollout of the vaccine appeared to be a home run. Reported numbers of new infections went down, and oppressive lockdown rules were lifted. Our bars, restaurants, and gyms opened up. Plus, my own experience getting the vaccine was positive, as I wrote about in an earlier column for the Reader. Is it possible that this time, the corporate media and government got it right? Is the mass vaccination of everyone, including kids, really the solution to our long COVID nightmare? I have tried my best to look objectively at the available evidence in order to make the best decision for my daughter. In this column, I share my findings.

The first thing I discovered is that the risk of COVID to healthy kids is extremely low. Or as the New York Times’s David Leonhardt recently put it, unless your child has preexisting conditions or a compromised immune system, the danger of severe COVID is “so low as to be difficult to quantify.” This raises the question: If the risk for kids is so low, what is the emergency that justifies mass vaccination of children without waiting for proper testing trials of the vaccine? 

The argument made most often is that we must vaccinate our kids to protect others. However, while most adults perceive children as little germ factories, the data suggests that kids are at low risk to spread COVID. Reports from Sweden, where schools and preschools were kept open, and kids and teachers went unmasked without social distancing, show a very low incidence of severe COVID-19 among schoolchildren or their teachers during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.

I was also surprised to learn that there are reputable scientists opposed to mass vaccination, such as Dr. Robert Malone, an original inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology behind the COVID vaccines. As Malone explains, the mRNA vaccine contains a spike protein, similar to the virus, that stimulates your immune system to produce antibodies to fight COVID. He describes the vaccine as “leaky,” meaning it is only about 50 percent effective in preventing infection and spread.

Malone warns that overuse of a leaky vaccine during an outbreak risks generating mutant viruses that will overwhelm the vaccine, making it less effective for those who really need it. “The more people you vaccinate, the more vaccine-resistant mutations you get, and in the vaccine ‘arms race,’ the more need for ever more potent boosters.” Thus, Malone recommends vaccinating only the most vulnerable—primarily the elderly and individuals with significant comorbidities such as lung and heart disease or diabetes—and not healthy children.

If these views sound unfamiliar, it’s likely because Malone and other critics of mass vaccination have faced heavy suppression on social media and vicious attacks from corporate media outlets.

Meanwhile the U.S. mainstream press has ignored recent statements by Mexico’s health minister, Jorge Alcocer Varela, who recommends against vaccinating children, warning that COVID-19 vaccines could inhibit the development of children’s immune systems. “Children have a wonderful immune system compared to the later phases . . . of their life,” he explained, warning that “hindering” the “learning” of a child’s immune system—the “cells that defend us our whole lives”—with a “completely inorganic structure” such as a vaccine runs counter to public health.

recent Harvard study provides further evidence that while vaccines protect us against serious COVID illness and deaths, they alone are not very good at stopping the spread of the disease. The study looked at COVID numbers in 68 countries and 2,947 counties in the United States during late August and early September. It found that the countries and counties with the highest vaccination rates had higher rates of new COVID-19 cases per one million people. And suggested other measures, like mask wearing and social distancing, in addition to vaccination.

In place of mass vaccination, Malone recommends early intervention with therapeutics shown to be effective against COVID, including ivermectin. In contrast, the corporate press has shamelessly attacked early treatments, and especially ivermectin, which it calls a veterinary drug, in reference to the fact that it is used to treat both animals and humans, along with many other drugs, including antibiotics and pain pills.

In October, popular podcaster Joe Rogan announced on his program that he had contracted the virus and took ivermectin, prescribed by a doctor, along with other therapeutics including monoclonal antibodies, and that he only had “one bad day” with the virus. CNN ridiculed Rogan for taking “horse dewormer.” On his show, Rogan grilled CNN medical expert Sanjay Gupta. “Why would they lie [at your network] and say that’s horse dewormer? I can afford people medicine.” Rogan pointed out that the developers of ivermectin won the Nobel Prize in 2015 for the drug’s use in human beings.

Why indeed is CNN and much of the mainstream press lying about ivermectin, a drug that has been used by literally billions of people to treat tropical diseases, and has been shown to be safe and effective in treating COVID in countries such as Mexico, India, Japan, and Peru? First, in order for there to be an emergency use authorization for the vaccines, there has to be no treatment for a disease. Thus, any potential treatments must be disparaged. That is, of course, until Pfizer releases its antiviral drug, PF-07321332.

Second, ivermectin is off patent, meaning Big Pharma can’t make a profit on it. It has been made available to poor people around the world at pennies a dose. In contrast, Pfizer’s COVID pill will be priced at more than $500 per course.

At this point, you can guess the end of the story. The final straw for me is the apparent lack of durability of the COVID vaccines. Recent data indicates that the limited protection from the vaccine lasts only four to six months. Since COVID is not going away, is it Pfizer’s plan to artificially boost my daughter’s immune system every four to six months for the rest of her life? 

We have been kept in the dark about vaccine safety and efficacy by our government and its partners in Big Pharma, who tell us they have looked at the science and it supports vaccinating our children against a virus that presents them with only the most miniscule risk of serious illness. As a parent, I will demand more answers before simply taking their word.

Leonard C. Goodman is a Chicago criminal defense attorney and co-owner of the for-profit arm of the Reader.


  1. Finally some common sense on the Clampdown Masquerade at
    Scheer post.
    Robert Fitzgerald Kennedy, Jr. Operates the ChildrensHealth
    Defense. His new – best selling The Real Anthony Fauci is essential
    reading for those who never read Randy Shilts Aids History
    AND THE BAND PLAYED ON on the queerkiller Fauci.
    Please wake up before you jab yourself with this self inflicted
    Assault with a Deadly Weapon.
    If you want the short version watch Sucharit Bhakdi or Dr. Hoff on
    the deadly nature of the jab regime.

    1. As per Fauci – I stopped paying attention to him when he first said last year that the public didn’t need to wear masks – to protect from a respiratory disease, But I think it is a mistake to the value of ANYTHING a person says once one has decided the person is not “trustworthy” – to me the value of an argument should stand on its own, regardless of who advances it – even a broken clock is right twice a day 😀 – our job is to figure out when that is …

      1. @SH
        Sorry, I meant your hero Fauci talked Trump into re-funding gain of function research. Obama had stopped this funding because he rightly said that this research was too dangerous.

      2. Sorry, Fauci is no hero of mine ….. but I would like proof that Obama stopped it ….

      3. @SH
        Proof of Obama stopping funding for the research? Look it up yourself, I’m sure you can find it. I’m not doing your work for you, and this is no more of an issue than whether 2+2=4..

        As to your other post responding to my unequivocal opposition to forcing or coercing anyone to get vaccinated: we either have a failure to communicate or you just don’t get it, I can’t tell which from your response, so I’ll try again.

        I am a radical Earth First! type of environmentalist. I realize, acknowledge, and feel the oneness of everything and therefore realize that what affects anyone, from a microbe to a tree to a lion to a person, affects us all, even if it’s in a very small way that we don’t notice consciously. Therefore, what’s most important on this planet in order of priority is 1) the Earth; 2) ecosystems; 3) species; 4) society; and 5) individuals. But while I generally favor the rights of society over the rights of individuals, there are exceptions and limits, like just about everything else in life. What I meant in my previous post is that when it comes to someone’s body, that’s where individual rights take priority. Your analogy to speeding and tickets is false. No one is trying to force or coerce drivers to do anything to their bodies; instead, we’re saying that if you’re going to operate this high speed machine that can easily kill or seriously injure someone, you may not drive over certain speeds in certain conditions and places. That has absolutely nothing to do with forcing or coercing people to have needles stuck in them and artificial things injected into their bodies.

        I stand by what I said: there is something psychologically and/or emotionally wrong with anyone who thinks that it’s OK to force or coerce anyone to have to do something with their own body, such as allow themselves to be stuck with needles and have artificial crap injected into them. I’m also beyond sick of people who are the real cause of this virus — people who eat farmed meat, people who don’t oppose harm to the natural environment and/or whose lifestyles destroy it, and people who do and/or support gain of function research — telling the rest of us that we have to allow ourselves to be injected with a vaccine because of the problem that they caused.

        If you support forcing or coercing anyone to get vaccinated, then we’re on opposite sides of this issue and our positions are irreconcilable. If you have something new to say I’m all ears, but otherwise I’m done with this discussion.

      4. Perhaps our difference lies in our definition of “force” – the mandates, “laws” if you will, do not “force” anyone to get vaccinated – no one is going to hold you down and stick a needle in you, or put you in jail, but, just as with the speeding laws, if you don’t comply with them, there will be consequences – in the case of speeding, tickets, fines and perhaps the loss of a license giving you the privilege of operating a motor vehicle. In the case of refusal of vaccines, the requirement for frequent testing, proof of negativity, loss of privileges to go certain places … In other words, you have a choice

        Do you feel the same about mask mandates?

      5. @SH
        No. While putting on a mask is doing something unnatural to your body, it’s totally minimal, has no lasting effect, there is no potential for being harmed, and wearing a mask puts nothing in your body.

        Our difference is not our interpretation of “force.” I am also opposed to anyone being coerced to get a vaccination. It’s a personal choice, period. If you think that whether someone gets vaccinated affects anyone else, you’ve been brainwashed by the pharmaceutical industry and its lackeys in media and government. There were two studies, one in Israel, which has done the best studies on COVID-19 vaccines, and a year-long study from England, both showing that the difference between a vaccinated person transmitting the disease and an unvaccinated person transmitting it was minimal at the time of being fully vaccinated, and declined to no difference at all after 3 months. It is also quite clear that being vaccinated doesn’t prevent anyone from getting COVID-19. So why should anyone care if anyone else is vaccinated? Oh yeah, because the pharmaceutical companies are making a fortune with these vaccines, and will make even more if everyone is vaccinated.

      6. It s a choice, we seem to agree on that – the difference seems to be on whether the choice to not get vaccinated can come with consequences – facing consequences is not being “coerced”

        Getting the vaccine, in and of itself, may not lower your chance of getting infected, but it does lower the odds of being hospitalized or dying – or do you think it doesn’t. You may think that affects only you – but it does affect the entire healthcare system – in terms of folks who can’t get hospital care because they’re crammed with Covid patients – maybe you don’t care about that either or about the staff who are exhausted, burned out, etc. and leaving. As a retired medical professional, I care about that stuff and i suggest you ought to, too

        Going back to the seat belt law – seat belts don’t protect “others”, either, they protect you – so why were they enacted – not simply to save lives, but because society as a whole has to pay for the costs of injuries when they are not worn. And you do realize that those folks in the hospital with CoVid are, literally, costing everyone – who do you think pays for that …

        I admit, I am not crazy about these particular vaccines – we need better ones, not just more of the same, substituting quantity for quality, and i think we could develop them using other platforms – indeed, the pharma cos are making out like bandits with these – until this virus stops, or slows down, its transmission rate to <1, there will be more variants – with arguments made for more "boosters" of the same or "tweaked" vaccines that we have – I agree that it's a cash cow, but, at this point, if they decrease hospitalizations and deaths – that, in my book, is better than nothing ….

        Yeah, the vaccine makers are greedy bastards – I think it's fine with them if the whole world isn't vaccinated, just the ones who can pay through the nose, so to speak, for them – more infections, more variants, more mutations – more of their vaccines … but I think we need to separate the motive for these schmucks from the question of what the vaccines have been shown to be able to do – and that ain't nuthin' –

        As for slowing or stopping transmission – from the beginning, folks have also refused to mask – and a mask of proper material and fit does protect you as a receiver and others from you as a transmitter – 100%? No, even N95s are not 100%, but considerably …. If all folks had masked up from the beginning, I think we might well have prevented a lot of sickness and death – but so many folks resisted that as well, or any mandate to do so, as a violation of their "freedom" – and considered it "coercion" rather than an inconvenience to be borne for the good of the whole …

        Bottom line – everybody, except those who actually can't – should properly wear a good mask – unvaccinated or, at this point, vaccinated …. and we need, IMO, to press for better vaccines …

      7. An amazing systems thinker, and, whoops, engineering background, MD — 3 specialties — permaculture, etc. Zach Bush. Givehim a try. He knows his human body, virome, and more. He will never be at the table of the FDA, CDC, NIH, et al.

        Here, with Del Bigtree, interviewed —

        Mark Groves,

        Zach Bush, on what we are — Homo Virome Sapiens!

        The revolution that we are in the midst of — the massive paradigm shift that is one of the biggest scientific discoveries of human kind — is that human health does not reside within the human cell. Human health is dictated by the biodiversity that is at the center of our vitality, the biodiversity of the microbiome.

        – Dr. Zach Bush

        FInally, a deep dive into the immune system,

      8. “the massive paradigm shift that is one of the biggest scientific discoveries of human kind”

        Well, have been aware of the relationship of various parts of the human body with each other (the gut and the brain, e.g.), and with the rest of its environment for some time …. nothing new here
        Indeed, there are viruses all over the place – and no doubt our genomes have been influenced by them for ages – but the vast majority are not “pathogenic”, so yeah, we can “get along” with most of them, but not all – and that is what the immune system is for – to recognize and counteract the ones that do us harm – his use of the term “intelligent design” I thought was interesting …. It would seem that as long as we take our zinc and Vit C, etc., we will do just fine – but just like other parts of our body and mind, the immune system benefits from training – and that is what vaccines are for.

        There was a paradigm shift when the germ theory of illness was introduced, and, to a certain extent, when the concept of vaccination, initially variolation, was conceived of which recognized, indirectly that the body, had a system which could fend off severe disease if it trained on a milder form – but I wonder, do you believe we should let a viral or bacterial disease take its course with “the survival of the fittest”? Sort of a secular version of God’s will? Do you believe in antibiotics?

        I agree that the lifestyles and environment we have created since that other paradigm shift, the industrial revolution, has not been good for our health – all the crap in our food and water and air has taken a toll on just about every organ of our body, including our immune system – but until we decide to clean all that up, and make sure everyone has all the basics they need to stay healthy, we need all the help we can get ….

      9. @SH
        Of course facing consequences is being coerced. That’s the definition of coercion. The issue is whether you think that the coercion is legitimate.

        Everything in the universe is connected to everything else. If you want to force people to do things to their bodies because of secondary consequences to other people, no one would have any free will. This is the same BS that leads to the racist drug prohibitions. Choices about one’s own body should be left to the individual, regardless of whether those choices may have some byproduct effect on society or others.

        Seat belt and helmet laws were passed at the behest of insurance companies. Regardless of whether the argument that they save others and society money is correct, that was a pretext for the laws, not the real reason. And I totally oppose those laws, they’re nanny state BS.

        The bottom line here is that people who live in fear make bad choices and do bad things, and demanding that other people get vaccinated is a perfect example of that. Let people who want vaccines to get them, and leave everyone else alone. Mask requirements are fine, but forcing or coercing people to allow chemicals to be shot into their bodies with needles is not.

  2. It’s not going to stop. None of this dystopian nightmare is going away. It is here to stay and get worse. A global fascist totalitarian darkness has fallen over the world and rivers of blood are going to flow before we see the sun rise again. Ignoring it and hoping it will go away is not going to save you or the ones you love from the consequences.

    Have a great day!

  3. The evidence that Ivermectin is a safe and effective therapeutic with antiviral properties and it’s success in preventing serious illness and death in treating Covid-19 in countries which allowed it’s use such as Japan, Mexico, India, and Peru is overwhelming. Because it’s “off-patent” and inexpensive to produce and thus would offer little profit to drug manufacturers is why it was falsely discredited and forbidden to be used as a therapeutic by physicians in the West. In my opinion, this is criminal. To allow profit over health to billions of people is the shame of our response to this pandemic, and is an example of the lethality of the US brand of hyper-capitalism.
    Ivermectin vs. Pfizer: New Pfizer drug and ivermectin

    1. Jim and other posters: Please share with me info about ivermectin. The one line of my article that has received the most attacks is that “ivermectin … been shown to be safe and effective in treating COVID in countries such as Mexico, India, Japan, and Peru.” I stand by that line. I believe it is accurate based on my research but would appreciate any additional info as the Reader is being pressure to run a clarification.



      1. @Leonard Goodman
        I’ve heard the same as you about ivermectin. The attacks on it were obviously pushed by the pharmaceutical industry, because they can’t make any money on it since it’s generic. The industry wants everyone vaccinated because they’re making a fortune off the vaccines. Simple as that really.

      2. Len:

        Some 132 studies have been undertaken on Ivermectin, not to mention the clinical experiences of physicians in independent practices (non-corporate, non-hospital). It’s also used widely in many other countries — for good reason.

        [I don’t know how to convert URLS to hyperlinks … perhaps that’ll happen automatically if this is posted.] (constantly updated, most recently on December 3, 2021)

        No, they are not large formal RCTs, because nobody wants to pony up to pay the huge costs of large studies for a cheap, off-patent drug (RTCs are generally funded by pharmaceutical companies trying to get new drugs to market). So even if some of the studies are less than perfect in their design or scope, the preponderance of the evidence is that Ivermectin is extraordinarily effective and safe when used at the proper doses. (The Elgazzar Egyptian study was withdrawn from a meta-analysis because of allegations of plagiarism, though the study authors stand by their results.)

        In a response to this controversy, Dr Paul Marik, MD, FCCM, FCCP, and Dr Pierre Kory, MD, (both founding members of the Frontline Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC), who have constantly evolving protocols based on bedside experience with a pre-Covid protocol developed by Professor Marik and updated as new information becomes available) published an op-ed/letter to the editor of the American Journal of Therapeutics which had published the original meta-analysis: The op-ed is ” Ivermectin, A Reanalysis of the Data” —,_a_reanalysis_of_the_data.9.aspx

        A second response by a different group of authors can be found here:

        The original paper was “Review of the Emerging Evidence Demonstrating the Efficacy of Ivermectin in the Prophylaxis and Treatment of COVID-19”

        The TOGETHER trial (conducted in Brazil I believe) did not show a benefit, but the protocols they used did not match those advocated by FLCCC. The drug was administered at a different dosage, and later in disease progression. Ideally Ivermectin should be taken very early on. You don’t want people to end up in hospital!

        Besides, who wants to withhold a drug from an infected or very sick “placebo” group in a clinical setting when a physician has direct experience of its effectiveness? One doesn’t conduct RCTs DURING a pandemic on an at risk population already hospitalized.

        If you go to the FLCCC website, and specifically the Ivermectin tab, you will have plenty of information about the use of this drug in treating Covid-19:

        In addition, below are a couple of video tutorials by Dr Mobeen Syed, physician and computer scientist, whose presentations come under his Medical Lectures Series. Some can be found on YouTube, and others on Facebook or through his own DrBeen website.

        Dr Syed (known colloquially as Dr Mobeen or DrBeen) describes the discovery of Avermectin in some 1000 soil samples gathered and cultured in Japan by Satori Omura, and the subsequent development of Ivermectin by Dr William Campbell from one of the 50 shortlisted most promising cultures produced by Omura, leading to the Nobel Prize for Medicine or Physiology awarded to Campbell and Omura jointly in 2015. (Among the derivatives: streptomycin.)

        Next is DrBeen’s presentation on the MOA (mechanisms of action) by which this particular anti-parasitical drug happens to work on Covid-19.

        Note that while Ivermectin is not an anti-viral per se — in that it doesn’t KILL the virus — it has anti-viral EFFECTS by neutralizing the virus and preventing it from operating as intended: among other things by preventing it from binding to the ACE2 receptors, preventing viral replication (acting as a protease inhibitor on the TMPRSS2 cleavage site), and preventing the immune dysregulation known as a cytokine storm through its anti-inflammatory effects.

        There are four mechanisms described. And interestingly, Ivermectin can be used at all phases of the disease: prevention, post-exposure prophylaxis, early treatment to reduce viral load (and reduce shedding), during an inflammatory phase (if you start treatment later in the disease), as well as for Long Covid.

        By contrast, Hydroxychloroquine acts as a zinc ionophore and must be taken WITH zinc. But the evidence appears to show that while Hydroxychloroquine may be helpful during the early, contagious stage to inhibit viral replication, it “trends to harm” in the inflammatory phase. Just as steroids have a place in the latter inflammatory phase, but should not be used in the early phases of the disease.

        If you want to do a deep dive into the science, you might take a look at this Frontiers in Immunology paper:


        Evidence base used for other COVID-19 approvals:

        Medication Studies Patients Improvement

        Molnupiravir (UK) 1 775 50%
        Budesonide (UK) 1 1,779 17%
        Remdesivir (USA EUA) 1 1,063 31%
        Casirivimab/i.. (USA EUA) 1 799 66%
        Ivermectin evidence 67 49,492 66% [58‑73%]


        Hope this helps. I could introduce anecdotal “evidence” but I won’t. Except to say that my niece was pumped 5 times (!) with toxic Remdesivir (developed for cancer chemotherapy), nearly died in the ICU, and is back home losing her hair. My husband and I are happy to have taken our chances with Ivermectin and Fluvoxamine (among other things), and — both in our 70s — were never at risk of complications or of being hospitalized.


      3. I can’t get that table comparing the basis for approval of a variety of Covid drugs into a proper format below (?) this reply, so let me set it out a different way:

        So what’s all the fuss about there not being enough data to approve Ivermectin as a Covid therapy? Let’s see how much or how little evidence was required to approve other drugs:

        Molnupiravir (UK) — 1 study — 1 775 patients — 50% improvement
        Budesonide (UK) — 1 study — 1,779 patients — 17% improvement
        Remdesivir (USA EUA) — 1 study — 1,063 patients — 31% improvement (hospital)
        Casirivimab/i.. (USA EUA) — 1 study — 799 patients — 66% improvement (monoclonal antibodies)
        Ivermectin evidence — 67 studies — 49,492 total patients — 66% [58‑73%] improvement

        Relative costs:

        * Budesonide: $250-$500 if the brand name inhaler (Palmicort) is used, less for a generic (probably only useful late in the disease progression)

        * Remdesivir: $3,000 plus a payment to the hospital for administering in-patient IV

        * Monoclonal antibodies — $1,200 plus a payment to the hospital for out-patient IV

        * Ivermectin — cheap and readily available IF hospitals were willing to administer it, and IF pharmacies were willing to fill legitimate prescriptions, instead of expecting us to jump through so many hoops. In developing countries it’s distributed free of charge through WHO programs — except for Covid? Hmmm

      4. Correction — I think Remdesivir was a (failed) Ebola drug, though maybe also used for chemotherapy?

        But heck, if one can pull it off the shelf, give it a bit of a dusting, run a trial with just 1,063 patients, get a 31% “improvement” outcome, ignore its toxicity, and ram it through the FDA approval process and make huge profits — all to displace cheap Ivermectin and Fluvoxamine which prove themselves every day, … ?

        Background on Fluvoxamine, as profiled on 60 Minutes:

        Here is Dr Mobeen Syed’s mechanism of action for Fluvoxamine. Surprising results for an SSRI, working on two fronts if memory serves

        And another explanation:

        Fluvoxamine is not taken as a preventive, but is effective for early treatment and especially for long Covid.

  4. And as real leftists know, this is a fascist set of Big Brother Pharma pogroms…..


    A prominent rental housing provider in the Canadian province of Alberta has told all tenants and prospective tenants that they must get COVID jabs if they want full access to his buildings.

    “Vaccination of everyone in our community is the only way we are going to get through this pandemic and back to a sense of normalcy,” said Riaz Mamdani, founder and CEO of Strategic Group, in an October 28 press release.

    “The safety of our team and our residents is a top priority, so ensuring full vaccination across the board is the least we can do.”

    Many people do not want to take the COVID-19 inoculations, however, because they are not proven to be safe. Millions of injuries and thousands of deaths have been reported in connection with the jabs. Meanwhile, many Catholics and other Christians are opposed to the novel medical products because cell lines derived from aborted babies were used in either their development or their testing.

    Strategic Group’s press release says that the property company “now requires that all employees, residents, and prospective residents be vaccinated.”

    Even someone who wants to view one of the Strategic Group’s apartments must prove he or she has had the COVID jabs.

    Existing tenants will be required to show they have been jabbed to access fitness facilities and recreation rooms.

    Strategic Group says that anyone “unable to be vaccinated (i.e., children under the age of 12) is exempt until able to receive a vaccine.”

    “These rules apply to all of Strategic Group’s residential communities in Alberta.”

    The company owns over 1,500 one- and two-bedroom apartments in Calgary and Edmonton.

    According to a Canadian Press report, Strategic Group chief operating officer Tracey Steman said the company is “very proud” of its COVID jab mandate.

    “And we’d like to see other landlords implement the same policy… It will help to end this pandemic,” Steman continued.

    “We’ve had really good feedback from our tenants.”

    CEO Mamdani said that the company’s new policy was inspired by residents telling them that “they value knowing that all their neighbours are vaccinated—they feel even safer in their own homes.” He also claimed that there had been no “pushback from prospective residents when we ask for proof of vaccination prior to doing tours.”

    Mandating the COVID jab for renters ‘sets a dangerous precedent’

    Eva Chipiuk, a lawyer for the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF), told LifeSiteNews that landlords imposing COVID jab mandates “sets a dangerous precedent in Alberta and in Canada.”

    “According to this renter’s policy, you do not deserve a roof over your head unless you have taken an experimental injection,” said Chipiuk.

    “Such a policy, utterly unthinkable two years ago, is now frighteningly announced with pride,” she added.

    “Under what authority is this policy being made?”

    Chipiuk told LifeSiteNews that even laws about “not smoking indoors went through rigorous debate in government houses.”

    “This is not the same. These rental companies are taking the law into their own hands. If we allow this to happen, what will be next and who will find themselves without a place to live?” the lawyer asked.

    The Canadian Press reported that John Dickie, the president of the Canadian Federation of Apartment Associations, said that the Strategic Group’s COVID jab mandate is the first he has heard of in Canada.

    Dickie said that he thinks it “possible” that some landlords will follow the Strategic Group’s jab policy, but he does not think this would be “very widespread.”

    “We’re not the health police,” said Dickie.

    “Rental housing providers realize people need housing. We’re not in the habit of inquiring into people’s political views.”

    Landlord-tenant lawyer says landlords have ‘no control over a tenant’s guests’

    In August, Caryma Sa’d, a Toronto-based landlord-tenant lawyer, wrote a legal analysis called ““Can landlords demand tenants be vaccinated, unvaccinated?” for the online Lawyers’ Daily.

    Sa’d wrote that “landlords cannot simply make unilateral changes to the terms of the agreement, which would include imposing proof of vaccination as a condition of the tenancy.”

    “This would prevent a landlord from attempting to evict a tenant based on vaccination status, unless it can be established that the tenant is substantially interfering with the reasonable enjoyment of others within the unit or otherwise causing serious problems at the residential complex because of their vaccination status,” the lawyer continued.

    Sa’d noted that a landlord has “no control over a tenant’s guests, including their vaccination status.”

    “The landlord can only intervene if those guests are contributing to overcrowding of the rental unit or engage in belligerent or disruptive behaviour that affects other tenants and the reasonable enjoyment of their own units.”

    When it comes to new renters, Sa’d wrote that a landlord “cannot discriminate on prohibited grounds such as age, race, gender, and disability under the Code when choosing between prospective tenants.”

    Sa’d noted that many people have refused the jab due “to potential health complications” and that excluding them would “directly contravene the Code on its face unless a reasonable accommodation — such as waiving the vaccine requirement — is provided.”

    Sa’d also wrote that it is “unlikely that evictions will be granted based on vaccination status. Similarly, considering vaccination status when selecting prospective tenants is discriminatory on its face.”

    The COVID-19 injections approved for emergency use in Canada, including the Pfizer jab for residents age 5 and up, all have connections to cells derived from aborted babies.

    Despite the Canadian government praising the effectiveness of the COVID jabs, trials have never produced evidence that vaccines stop infection or transmission. In fact, their advocates no longer claim they reduce hospitalization; the measure of success is in preventing severe symptoms of COVID-19.


    1. Wow, as a Calgarian, familiar with Strategic Group, this high moral stance is interesting. I guess that the Biblical Pharisee’s of Jesus’s time would feel very at home working for The Strategic Group. We all know how that story ended.

      1. You say that your facts are inarguable, then you start out with a big lie promoted by the pharmaceutical industry (you also only state one fact, and even that is a false one). The TRUE fact is that getting vaccinated does NOTHING to control the delta variant, which is now 90% of the COVID-19 cases the in U.S. And it won’t do anything to stop you from getting the new variant either. What the vaccines DO do is prevent you from dying or having to be hospitalized from the virus, but that’s it. Getting vaccinated provides no benefit to others or to society.

        Another reason that this is a lie is that, as the relevant scientists all say, “you can’t vaccinate your way out of a pandemic.” That’s why flu shots are given BEFORE flu season. Once the pandemic starts, it’s too late.

        What should have been done was to 1) shut down ALL air travel globally as soon as governments learned of the outbreak of COVID-19; 2) cease ALL rent, mortgage, and utility collections, and deliver free food to people so they could stay home; and 3) vaccinate only the elderly and otherwise at-risk people once the vaccines became available, and let everyone else get the virus. The latter was according to the inventor of the mRNA vaccine, who said that vaccinating everyone does far more harm than good, because it causes the virus to mutate faster and into more lethal variants.

  5. It always amazes me that after an individual reads a couple of negative articles about vaccination, they are more knowledgeable then people who have studied the science for their entire career. National regulatory bodies have reviewed the data and recommend the COVID vaccine. The anti-vaccine people are saying that these regulatory bodies are lying to you and causing harm. Every countries medical institutions are looking for negative vaccination effects across the entire globe. None are recommending their country stop their vaccination programs due to newly discovered issues. People arguing that big pharma is forcing lies into the science to make profit has twisted the entire globes regulatory institutions?

    Eight billion vaccine doses is pretty good proof that it is safe to administer to the general population. The concern about inadequate testing prior to release is now moot.

    Nay sayers against vaccination existed before COVID and will continue to exist well into the furture. Social media amplifies their voice to the point where the social media consumer is confused and disengaged.

    1. 1. The vaccines haven’t been administered anywhere near long enough to know whether there are any long-term negative effects from them. The mRNA technology (Pfizer and Moderna in the U.S.) is not new, but it had never been put into humans before.

      2. The “national regulatory bodies” that you so admire are run by politicians who receive massive amounts of money from the pharmaceutical industry, and they are LYING to you because getting everyone vaccinated is what the industry wants because it’s making them a fortune. As my father always said, “follow the money.” No different here.

      3. Robert Malone, the SCIENTIST WHO INVENTED THE mRNA VACCINE, said that advocating that everyone be vaccinated was done at the behest of the pharmaceutical industry and was the wrong thing to do, and that only the elderly and otherwise vulnerable should have been vaccinated. THERE is your scientist who knows what he’s talking about. You’re listening to corrupt scientists and government bureaucrats who are in the pocket of the pharmaceutical industry and have no credibility.

      4. It is an indisputable scientific FACT that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Relevant here is that if you put something artificial into your body, such as a vaccine, it’s going to have some effect. That effect could be negligible or even unnoticeable, or it could be major, but it exists and is inevitable nonetheless.

      The real issue here regarding children is that THERE IS NO LEGITIMATE REASON TO VACCINATE THEM AGAINST COVID-19. They are in more danger from dying from the flu than from COVID-19, and the latter danger is so low that they are unable to quantify it. So it’s more likely that a child would have some negative effect from getting a COVID-19 vaccine than that they would benefit from it, far more likely in fact.

      1. Malone was one of the many doctors who helped develop the MRNA vaccine. Many
        things he has said have been debunked. He is a nut case.

      2. On what planet does NOT DYING “provide no benefit to others or to society”???? Also avoiding costly, dangerous hospitalization, clogging hospitals and denying care to the gravely ill, lung transplants, ventilators, expensive damaging therapies, and long covid . . . etc, etc, etc. Jeff says ” What the vaccines do is prevent you from dying or having to be hospitalized from the virus, but that’s it.” That is enough for most of us. Yet you all insist on making this endless, financially catastrophic, and so often debilitating and fatal.

      3. Your position is in support of the nanny state. I could not disagree more. What people do with their own bodies is, first and foremost, their own business. Any effect on others or society is totally secondary. Also, I prioritize an individual’s bodily autonomy in these situations. It’s totally disgusting and repugnant to want to force other people to have needles stuck in them or have things put into their bodies that they don’t want.

        The real issue here is whether getting vaccinated effects others, and it doesn’t. It doesn’t prevent you from getting infected or spreading the disease, so your statement that people who don’t want to force or coerce others to get vaccinated are making this worse is utter BS. People who take your position are so scared and hysterical that they can’t see reality and have major cognitive dissonance on this issue. If you are concerned about being hospitalized or dying from COVID-19, by all means get vaccinated. Just don’t pressure anyone else to do so.

        And BTW, I’m fully vaccinated, so your comments show that you’re not capable of any nuance regarding this and you jump to conclusions instead of recognizing the facts.

      4. ” …Any effect on others or society is totally secondary.”
        And that attitude is precisely why we are in the pickle we are in …. me first, the hell with the rest …
        So tell me, why did YOU get vaccinated, why did you decide to “put that stuff in your body”? If it’s you first, how does the vaccine foster that goal?

      5. @SH
        You are wrong on every point.

        I’m not a me-first person, very far from it. But my societal priorities end at an individual’s own body. I think that there is something psychologically and/or emotionally wrong with anyone who thinks otherwise. Caring about others doesn’t mean being able to force them to do things with their own bodies that they don’t want to do.

        We are not in this “pickle” because of attitudes like mine. We are in it, first and foremost, because humans have destroyed ecosystems and confine animals (mostly to eat them). Secondarily, this problem almost certainly exists because of gain of function research in Wuhan, China, where scientists say that the chance of an escaped virus from there is 80% likely to be the cause of the pandemic (now endemic). Trump talked your hero Fauci into re-funding gain of function research. So if you’re looking to blame someone, I’d start at those two places. Third, despite industry propaganda trumpeted by the bought off media and politicians, getting vaccinated does nothing to stop the spread of COVID-19. Therefore, whether people choose to get vaccinated is their own business, not yours.

      6. “But my societal priorities end at an individual’s own body. I think that there is something psychologically and/or emotionally wrong with anyone who thinks otherwise. Caring about others doesn’t mean being able to force them to do things with their own bodies that they don’t want to do.”

        Society doesn’t “end at an individual’s own body” unless you are a society of one – so your priority ends at your own body, apparently. Nobody’s “forcing them” to do anything – but as with any other significant public health measure, people are perfectly free to defy it as long as they are willing to pay the penalty for defiance – speed, get a ticket, speed too many times and lose your license.

        So what ARE your “societal priorities”?

        It is clear you think there is “something psychologically and/or emotionally wrong with anyone who thinks otherwise” than yourself- but that, I maintain, is another example of why we are in the pickle we are in …

        I don’t think Trump talked Fauci into funding “gain of function’ research – I think it was a joint Amer/Chinese project – I said from the outset that I thought folks on BOTH sides of the Pacific knew more than what they were saying – I also think it may well have been a misguided effort to develop a Corona vaccine – good intentions, but oops, it got out before the result was achieved – accidents happen you know – For me the folly was engaging in such research in the first place …

        As far as stopping the spread – true, if you’re infected you can transmit – but the point of these vaccines is to reduce severe disease, hospitalization and death if you do acquire it – one could say that it is up to you whether you want to play Russian roulette with the virus – but you do realize that all the folks who choose to and lose are the ones who are overcrowding hospitals, exhausting healthcare workers and keeping others from having access to the care they need – a whole lot of “society” out there who are being put at risk … but as one’s priority ends at one’s own body, one need not care about other bodies , and there is “something psychologically and/or emotionally wrong with anyone who thinks otherwise.”

    2. I’m writing this from. Norway. You are wrong, our regulatory body looks to EU and US for guidance on approval of drugs. Especially during COVID, since time is of the essence. Nobody as made any independent trails or experiments here to test anything. However, we have restricted or even banned the use of certain vaccines for certain demographic or age groups. However, we have not approved Sputnik V, even though the data is publicly available. So you are wrong on saying there are no reports of bad reactions to the vaccine, since those bad reactions were the reason some vaccines (J&J’s Jansen completely and Pfizer for young men) have been restricted or not administered to certain demographics.

      I’m fully vaccinated with Moderna and have always been in supporters of vaccines and big “hater” of anti-vaccers, such as Jenny McCarthy. However, I never trust anyone that aims for higher profit margins and worships money (or worships anything, atheist here.) I guess I’m old school lefty like that.

      1. Hi Martin!
        Question, why has SputnikV, e.g., not been approved? And there are other vaccines out there that haven’t as well – the Chinese vaccines, the Indian ones, the Cuban ones. Why? Isn’t it possible that politics plays a role here, as well? And why haven’t we here in the US developed and tested other vaccine platforms, other than mRNA, platforms that have been successfully used for a lot of other vaccines?
        As a US citizen, an old one, I suggest that relying on US judgements for a whole lot of things has been a mistake that too many countries have made.
        I agree that the interest of profit making has been the motivation to pursue a particular line, which, in turn has been the force behind influencing politicians and regulators to make the decisions they do – it’s not “all about the science” ….

      2. The anti-vaxxer label has become yet another propaganda talking point. There is absolutely nothing wrong with people who don’t like needles and/or don’t want artificial crap put into their bodies. I realize that in modern society none of us are living anywhere near naturally, but people have an inalienable right to say what does or doesn’t get put into their bodies. What I hate is people trying to force others to get vaccinated. If you are concerned about getting a disease, by all means get vaccinated. What others do is their business, not yours or anyone else’s.

    3. Malone is the main one credited with inventing the mRNA vaccine, and he’s been working on vaccines his entire life. I’m not going to debate scientific issues with you, because neither of us are competent to do so. If you have another relevant and credible scientist who has a contrary position on this issue, provide it and I’ll make my own decision.

      To be clear, from what I’ve heard from Malone, he seems like a right wing a-hole of the extreme libertarian strain. But that’s irrelevant to whether Malone’s position is correct.

    4. Guy St Pierre:

      Sure naysayers against vaccination existed before Covid — for the same reasons. Many of these vaccines are either unnecessary, or unsafe, causing injuries. Perhaps they would say yes to SAFE vaccines that are necessary, and for which the developers are legally and financially liable in the event of harm.

      So why do you trust national regulatory agencies? Father knows best? They’ve been corrupted — captured by industry and special interests. The pharmaceutical industry funds our public agencies, and populates them. They fund university research. They fund the WHO and through the WHO they hold governments hostage in developing countries who may not see contributions to their health systems if they don’t meet Bill Gates’s vaccination goals. They fund the mainstream media through advertising … ever watched the evening news on a regular broadcast channel and seen just how many ads are for pharmaceuticals? How many newsrooms are going to push back against the vaccines?

      If the public health agencies were interested in protecting public health, or YOUR health, they would encourage your doctor to seek out any and all means to treat the infection if you get it. But they don’t. They hinder the doctors who want to use FDA-approved drugs off-label. They harass them. They threaten to pull their licenses. They suspend their hospital privileges. They demote them in the military. If they work for a corporate medical practice or a hospital, the bureaucrats in the corner office who’ve never treated a Covid patient put out “treatment guidance” or “standard of care protocols” to force the hands of doctors at the bedside, as happened to Dr Paul Marik, chief of the division of pulmonology and critical care, who watches his ICU patients die at Sentara Hospital in Norfolk, Virginia , unable to administer the treatments he has long been using to great effect, while they were given Remdesivir instead. Not even vitamin C is permitted as an adjunct!

      The very rationale for using Remdesivir is questionable anyway. Antivirals are most effective when given early, early, early. But Remdesivir has to be administered with an IV, and costs $3,000. So it’s administered in ICUs on terribly sick patients where, because of its extreme toxicity, it causes more harm than good (like AZT) and the hospital gets a fat check for putting in the needle.

      Pharmacies refuse to fill legitimate prescriptions for cheap repurposed drugs, and these are demonized or trivialized by the media and late night comedy hosts as “horse dewormer,” and even dangerous!!! — the chorus taken up by an ignorant, frightened public. Show me a single documented death from Ivermectin or Fluvoxamine when taken appropriately, under a doctor’s care. Even Hydroxychlorquin is safe at proper dosages, given early, before the inflammatory response and cytokine storm kicks in.

      Can the same be said for the leaky, non-sterilizing vaccines? The best they can do anyway is prevent severe disease and possibly death. Well, early treatment with cheaper repurposed drugs does that too.

      Why is that demonizing of repurposed drugs happening, do you suppose? To feed the false narrative that only the vaccines (gene therapy) will save us from this pandemic, and one might even suggest to prolong the pandemic through 2020 until the vaccines could be brought to market under emergency use authorization — which would not have been possible if it had been admitted that alternatives existed. The vaccines could have been given EUA status for just the most vulnerable populations. For everybody else, the risk/benefit calculation is far from settled.

      The regulatory agencies stoke the fear, and everybody becomes compliant. Get a vaccine or be ostracized. Get a vaccine or be refused entry here, there and everywhere. Get a vaccine or be disinvited from Thanksgiving dinner. Get a vaccine (and now the first of how many boosters) or be refused a seat on a plane, even if you’ve already had Covid and have natural immunity.

      Has anyone noticed the rage and vitriol leveled against the unvaccinated on many forums if not this one? Pitting family members and long time friends against one another? You don’t see the rage to the same extent in the unvaccinated. Arguments fail when rage takes over. So where does this rage come from? A sense of impotence maybe, that the story isn’t playing out as they’d been promised? That life is not back to normal? Of course people who truly believe in the vaccines are not going to admit that they may have been hoodwinked, especially if they’ve foisted unnecessary risks on their own children.

      This is precisely what Len Goodman wants to avoid in his Op-Ed. And finally, somebody is speaking out. If fear is contagious, and silence is contagious, so is courage. So thank you Mr Goodman.

      So who wins from the forced uptake of vaccines? The pharmaceutical industry and its government agency shills, which get billions of dollars through Congressional appropriations or from governments in other rich countries to “develop” and “authorize” more drugs and vaccines. And then they sell these to poor countries while withholding patents that would enable those who can to produce their own to supplement any donated stocks. (Thank you Bill Gates.)

      The winners are not the compliant population that was told that the pandemic would be over, that they could resume their normal lives.

      This whole idea of a pandemic of the unvaccinated is a crock — a story designed to set up a new category of scapegoats, a pariah class who in Austria, it seems, may even find themselves hauled off to prison. Besides, how many hospitalized unvaccinated people would need to be in hospital at all if early treatments were widely available and sanctioned by our benevolent regulatory agencies?

      If one looks at world maps of vaccination rates and overlay maps of case rates and death rates, or look at the fact that 5 out of the 6 most highly vaccinated counties in the US are seeing surges in cases, it becomes clear that the data don’t bear out what we’re told about infection rates. But don’t rely on the national regulatory agencies to give you actual data. All we see is science by official pronouncement — science by press release.

      Pfizer will not release its data until 2025. And the FDA will not release for another 55 years the 300,000+ pages of data on which it based its premature authorization of Pfizer’s Cominarty vaccine. Fifty-five years!! Why so long? Who’s pulling the strings to hide falsified data and fraudulent studies that don’t show what they claim to show? Hiding adverse events or lack of efficacy, not counting injured participants who died or had to drop out, thereby skewing the numbers; conflating absolute risk with relative risk; using not inert, saline placebos but an unsafe meningitis vaccine in the control group, effectively masking side effects common to both vaccines (Oxford/AstraZenica)?

      It’s not very reassuring that millions of people have so far received Covid vaccines. This is not proof of safety, and doesn’t replace longer-term studies to uncover safety signals that are not evident in just a couple of months. Pfizer distorted its own trials by unblinding it after six months instead of the planned three years (to hide the fact that efficacy was waning), and offering the vaccine to the placebo group (to hide safety signals). So no one is tracking the two groups of participants anymore. In fact, mass vaccination, and especially compulsory vaccination, will wipe out the natural control group constituted by currently unvaccinated people across the world. What a great way to hide adverse events and deaths by coincidence.

      Sorry, but bald assertions of the safety and efficacy of these vaccines, or of the bona fides and good intentions of national regulatory agencies don’t wash with me.

      1. @Lyrr Descy
        Spot on! The only thing that I would add is that if the people running the public health agencies in the U.S. really cared about public health, they would be strongly and loudly advocating for single payer health care, especially in the middle of a pandemic (which is now endemic). The lying Fauci hasn’t said a word about this.

        These people are industry hacks as you pointed out — both politicians and the media have gotten millions of dollars from the pharmaceutical industry in the forms of legalized bribery (aka campaign contributions) and advertising, and they’re trumpeting the pharmaceutical industry lines of 1) everyone has to get vaccinated, and if you don’t you’re a bad person; and 2) remedies like ivermectin that are generic and that therefore the industry can’t make money off are ineffective and stupid. The facts are the exact opposite: 1) getting vaccinated has no effect on others, because doing so neither protects you from infection nor from spreading COVID-19; and 2) ivermectin seems to have had very good success at greatly lessening symptoms of COVID-19 in other countries, and the NIH said that it shows promise for this disease and should be studied.

      2. Lyrr:

        Thank you for the info on ivermectin. Very helpful. I am waiting to hear back from the new fact checker brought in to appease the small but angry mob. And thanks for this informative post and for the kind words about the column.

        My email is

  6. Two independent variables here: 1] Effectiveness Against Serious Illness; 2]Effectiveness at Preventing Viral Transmission. These are independent variable because they primarily rely on different branches of the immune response. Blood antibodies, induced by the vaccines, are (evanescently) useful for blocking serious disease and death. But blocking transmission is mostly the province of a different class of antibodies made locally in our nasal membranes (“mucosal immunity.”) It appears that the mRNA vaccines do not strongly stimulate this branch of immunity: since no data of this type has been released, we don’t really know. Hence, owing to different immune mechanisms we can treat the two variables as independent. Since I assume that not everyone at PolitiFact is a moron, I must assume that they’re employing the same tactic as the NY Times, that is, conflating the two variables. Why do other steps need to be employed to “reduce case rates”? Obviously because the virus appears to spread readily among vaccinated populations. The vaccines are less efficacious at preventing transmission by comparison to their relative effectiveness at preventing serious disease and death. That’s clearly what the data shows, but not if one is desperately trying to convince people that getting vaccinated is crucial at mitigating the pandemic. Clearly, this mitigation —achieved by attenuating spread — is not what the mRNA vaccines are good at doing. Horrible journalism being proffered as gospel.

    1. I agree with the gist of your post – there have been a few discussions about a nasal/mucosal vaccine – I agree that this should be a focus – if the virus is not transmitted, it won’t be spread, that ought to be rather obvious – and the (primary) mode of transmission is the – respiratory tract …
      There is an question of it being spread through the GI tract, which is the basis for testing being done on septic systems to identify loci of the virus – however I do not know whether the viral particles thus discovered are infectious or just “leftovers” from it …

      1. This study is very suspect. It has been generally agreed upon by scientists that natural immunity from getting COVID-19 is stronger and lasts longer than immunity from vaccines. The results of this study are contrary to all the previous information.

        I don’t trust any U.S. government agency, because the politicians running them have gotten massive campaign contributions from the pharmaceutical industry, which wants everyone vaccinated in order to make more money. Pro-vaccination studies like this have to be very carefully peer reviewed, and there is nothing in this article indicating that this study was.

      2. Neither the CDC study nor the article reporting on it is dispositive. And the implicit agenda is to get people with natural immunity vaccinated.

    2. You have to account for the different strains when making comments like that. The vaccines were very effective in preventing people from getting the alpha strain. Unfortunately, that strain is virtually gone, and we’re dealing with the delta strain now, and soon to be dealing with the omicron strain. The current vaccines do nothing to prevent people from getting the delta strain, and it’s highly unlikely they’ll prevent people from getting the omicron strain either.

      This is a major problem when people discuss technical issues like this. You have to read all the credible scientific data and studies very carefully and understand fundamental issues like the fact that different variants react differently to the vaccines. The corporate/mainstream/establishment media has no interest in doing that. Instead, they just want to make as much money as possible for themselves and their advertisers, so you don’t get good information from them. Same with politicians, except with them it’s their donors.

      1. I suggest that the vaccines did not prevent folks from “getting” any of the strains (and hence being able to transmit) – the issue seemed to be how effective were they in keeping folks from requiring hospitalization or dying …

        From the beginning – the best protection we had was wearing well fitting masks of the proper material .- until we come up with a “non-leaky” vaccine – we don’t have one yet and they seem to be getting leakier and leakier as the virus evolves and recombines – so until we do – it’s masks all the way, sorry ’bout that …

      2. Jeff is right.

        Note that each strain tries to out-compete the earlier one. Delta has been dominant since May/June, but Omicron is likely to wipe it out, except in small pockets where populations are not exposed to much human traffic.

        Omicron appears to transmit more easily, but to cause less severe disease, which is a good thing. It means that in time it will probably replace Delta. If more people are infected with a less virulent strain, we may actually get to that illusive herd immunity.

        I’m not suggesting anyone should seek out Covid. But you shouldn’t be afraid of it either. Be smart, be prepared.

        Note the hype among our public health agencies and the mainstream media who jumped on the fact that re-infections with Omicron among unvaccinated but previously infected people (in South Africa) are 2.4% higher.

        But if you convert this figure to reflect the way protection from VACCINES is expressed (relative risk, not absolute risk), that means that the naturally immune — from infection by the original Wuhan virus — who were 84% protected when the Beta variant came along, and 91% protected against Delta (yes!), are now 75% protected against Omicron.

        Everybody was hooping for joy when the adenovirus (viral vector) vaccines were determined to be 75% protective. WAY more than any flu vaccine ever. We were told endlessly that you were very well protected at 75%. So what’s different now? That protection wasn’t induced by a vaccine? And note that the authors of the paper in South Africa said that such an analysis had not yet been done on vaccinated people, so there was no comparison possible for that 75% figure.

        You have to put things in perspective. Not try to scare people into rushing to get vaccinated or boosted by cherry picking data and manipulating numbers.

        Besides, re-infections and breakthrough infections do not necessarily demonstrate immune escape. Far from it. Our circulating antibodies always fall over a period of time, down to the point where it’s just the memory B cells and T cells that are waiting to be woken up (and bone plasma cells). Every time anybody gets into that trough, they are vulnerable to an infection, especially if they are not healthy to begin with or have less active immune systems. So what matters is not how many circulating antibodies you have (a CDC favorite), but how robust your innate and adaptive immune systems are during that period of low circulating antibodies … the trough.

        You’re looking at a series of antibody waves. Booster shots don’t provide MORE protection (they don’t attack more or different antigens): they lengthen the “protected” period by getting vaccinated people temporarily out of that trough so that antibody production can be ramped up again. But these new antibodies will fall off too, after which another booster will be needed. And these vaccine-induced antibodies are not specific to Delta or Omicron. They’re just for the old Wuhan strain, so there will always be gaps.

        The way natural immunity is supposed to be boosted is actually through re-infection (for diseases that aren’t a once in a lifetime event). This can be a matter of casual exposure to circulating strains. This is true of some old childhood diseases like chickenpox: adults used to be exposed to the virus which boosted their own immunity every time a child in the house came down with it. Today, with children NOT getting chickenpox as a result of vaccination campaigns, the adults are not having this exposure to re-animate their memory B cells. This may explain the emergence of shingles in recent decades at much higher rates than half a century or more ago.

        Think of the common cold. There are different viruses at issue, including four coronaviruses (that we know of). It’s likely that each cold you get boosts your adaptive immune system against that strain, maybe for several years. Meanwhile you can get a cold from another strain, and have to create antibodies to that. So natural immunity operates on a kind of merry-go-round, with helper T cells nudging the memory B cells to produce new antibodies, while killer T cells attack the infected cells directly.

        The flu virus mutates so quickly that by the time each season’s vaccine has been formulated to match circulating viruses in the other (north/south) hemisphere, it’s already lost efficacy by the time you get the shot. That’s why the flu vaccines are notorious for protecting so poorly, yet without reducing the risks of side effects like Guillain-Barré syndrome.

        And by the way, we can’t extrapolate too much from South Africa except to say that trends appear to be emerging that are actually quite encouraging. The fact that different demographic groups are being affected differently is a reflection of a different population, in a different environment, with a different standard of living, with a different genetic make-up. And if older adults were prioritized for vaccines in South Africa, it’s inevitable that younger cohorts and even children should become infected at a slightly higher rate. That happened here too with Delta.

        The High Care and ICU wards in one particular hospital in the Tshwane region in South Africa (currently the epicenter of Omicron infections) are at 13%. They have 87% capacity left. Obviously there is no rush to hospitalize Covid patients.

        Besides, that hospital requires all patients to be tested for Covid. So, many patients are there for a broken leg or cut finger or cancer treatment or needing a chest X-Ray may INCIDENTALLY test positive for Covid. Of the few getting supplemental oxygen, many were already on oxygen at home for COPD.

        Yes, an increasing infection rate is worrisome for immuno-compromised people or those with comorbidities, but for everyone else, it shouldn’t be a big deal. Especially if treated from Day One. Lack of early treatment is virtually the only thing that will determine whether you end up in hospital. And early treatment reduces viral load immediately. Long Covid is likely a function of not having brought that viral load down (while trying to ride out the disease at home with rest and Tylenol), which not only left some viral debris behind, but attacked the body on multiple fronts.

        In other words, early treatment DOES EXACTLY what vaccination does in preventing hospitalization, severe disease and death, except that you don’t get issued a pass allowing you to do or not do certain things, or even to keep your job.

        I grew up in Apartheid South Africa when passes were issued to all “Non-Whites” to control their movements: where they could live, where they could work, where they could go to school, whom they could marry, etc. And if you were a domestic worker on a sidewalk outside your employer’s house without your pass on you, you could be hauled off to jail. My then husband and I — lucky to be born white — were constantly bailing people out of jail, or fending off the Special Branch (our version of the Gestapo) which came knocking on the door asking why a black child was living with us. So I know what passes and discrimination can do to individuals and whole communities.

        Note the similar labels: “Non-Whites” — and now we have the “Non-Vaccinated.” So we are a new pariah class defined using a negative frame, by what we’re NOT, implicitly positioning the Whites and Vaccinated as the social norm.

        Early treatment! All infected people should demand it as their right.

  7. Thank you so much for this and it’s so nice to read real points and not polished, vague comments all following the same blind narrative.

  8. I have read licorice and antioxidants like melatonin help with covid symptoms as well and that the respiratory problems caused by it are secondary to the main attack on the cardiovascular system and blood cells. I read antioxidants are a valid way to treat at later stages but medical professionals are killing patients by supplying too much outside oxygen which speeds up the attack on the blood cells and antioxidants are a valid way to treat at that stage but their effectiveness is downplayed horribly. Also, what Nicki Minaj said wasn’t worthy of such intense hatred and attacks. She’s right about not being bullied into decisions and prayer – well, for me, because prayer HAS truly helped me – a poverty level, uneducated woman with post traumatic stress disorder from severe abuse as a child. I believe those of us that aren’t sociopaths can and do get help on levels we are unaware of and we will get through this all and be ok. 🙂

  9. Oh, the neoliberal and loclk-step scientism fools of the Democratic Party. And, so a leftist communist like me, I have to be in protests with Trumpies on this lock-down stupidity? What a shame, after 64 years on Planet Empire. DARPA anyone? Or, simple Nitric Oxide? This formula has been around more than a year, and alas, do we see emergency use of a nasal spray that kills viruses? Nah, not in Big Pharma M.I.C. Land.

    Check out the Canadian company — SaNOtize Research and Development Corp., is a rapidly growing pharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercializing high quality, innovative products.
    We aim to improve the quality of life for people throughout the world by using our proprietary biotechnology platform to remedy topical infections that negatively impact quality of life. Therapeutic targets include SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19), influenza, onychomycosis (nail fungus), chronic sinusitis, diabetic foot ulcers and others.


    But let’s get real —

    As writers who have always positioned ourselves on the Left, we are disturbed at this turn of events. Is there really no progressive criticism to be made about the quarantining of healthy individuals, when the latest research suggests there is a vanishingly small difference in terms of transmission between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated? The Left’s response to Covid now appears as part of a broader crisis in Left-wing politics and thought — one which has been going on for three decades at least. So it’s important to identify the process through which this has taken shape.

    In the first phase of the pandemic — the lockdowns phase — it was those leaning towards the cultural and economic right who were more likely to emphasise the social, economic and psychological damage resulting from lockdowns. Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s initial lockdown scepticism made this position untenable for most of those leaning towards the cultural and economic Left. Social media algorithms then further fuelled this polarisation. Very quickly, therefore, Western leftists embraced lockdown, seen as a “pro-life” and “pro-collective” choice — a policy that, in theory, championed public health or the collective right to health. Meanwhile any criticism of the lockdowns was excoriated as a “right-wing”, “pro-economy” and “pro-individual” approach, accused of prioritising “profit” and “business as usual” over people’s lives.

    In sum, decades of political polarisation instantly politicised a public health issue, without allowing any discussion as to what a coherent Left response would be. At the same time, the Left’s position distanced it from any kind of working-class base, since low-income workers were the most severely affected by the socio-economic impacts of continued lockdown policies, and were also those most likely to be out working while the laptop class benefitted from Zoom. These same political fault lines emerged during the vaccine roll-out, and now during the Covid passports phase. Resistance associates with the Right, while those on the mainstream Left are generally supportive of both measures. Opposition is demonised as a confused mixture of anti-science irrationalism and individualistic libertarianism.

    But why has the mainstream Left ended up supporting practically all Covid measures? How did such a simplistic view of the relationship between health and the economy emerge, one which makes a mockery of decades of (Left-leaning) social science research showing just how closely wealth and health outcomes are connected? Why did the Left ignore the massive increase in inequalities, the attack on the poor, on poor countries, on women and children, the cruel treatment of the elderly, and the huge increase in wealth for the richest individuals and corporations resulting from these policies? How, in relation to the development and roll-out of vaccines, did the Left end up ridiculing the very notion that, given the money at stake, and when BioNTech, Moderna and Pfizer currently make between them over US$1,000 per second from the Covid vaccines, there might be motivations from the vaccine manufacturers other than “the public good” at play? And how is it possible that the Left, often on the receiving end of state repression, today seems oblivious to the worrying ethical and political implications of Covid passports?

    1. Yes, it does rather stick in my craw that I have to make common cause with right wing nuts like Marjory Taylor Green, and tolerate Rand Paul and Ron Johnson as my spokesmen on vaccine mandates and vaccine injuries.

      The “left” has been so caught up in reflexively countering anything and everything that smells of Trump that it has abrogated its responsibility to question corrupt institutions and officials and challenge orthodoxy. It’s very disheartening that this matter has been politicized to the point that we don’t know in which camp we belong anymore.

      We’ve for so long waited for champions of democracy, the Constitution and rule of law — outfits like Democracy Now! and The Intercept — to weigh in on the uncertainties surrounding vaccine safety and efficacy, in light of which vaccine mandates make no sense at all. Yet all this time they’ve been silent, except to deplore the lack of “vaccine equity” for developing countries (who should be so lucky!). When is any of them ever going to interview Robert Kennedy Jr on his Fauci/Gates exposé — to at least give him a chance to explain himself. But no, he has to go to Tucker Carlson to get a hearing.

      They’ve joined the sheep and lemmings. What a disappointment.

      1. @Lyrr Descy
        Democracy Now! and The Intercept haven’t been anything you could call progressive for years. I used to watch Democracy Now! for my daily morning news, but I stopped watching shortly after Trump got elected. I stopped reading The Intercept even before that. My regular news sources are now Breaking Points, Jimmy Dore (both unfortunately on YouTube), and Lee Camp (RT). Other good but irregular sources are Chris Hedges (commentary), Glenn Greenwald, Aaron Mate, Matt Tiabi, and Abbey Martin, just off the top of my head.

        As to Democracy Now!: I’ve been an admirer of Amy Goodman’s stories for decades and I have ultimate respect for her as a reporter for risking her life in East Timor to report on the atrocities that U.S.-backed Indonesia was committing there. But she got caught up in all the culture war BS, and when Trump got elected she got TDS and totally lost it. I hear Democracy Now! still does some good reporting, but I haven’t watched in years and Jimmy Dore has reported on some very bad reporting that they’ve done.

    2. 1. The harms that would be caused by a lockdown should have been weighed against the harms that would be caused by more people getting the disease if they didn’t stay home. The lockdown didn’t have to be so harmful. The U.S. government could have conditioned the corporate bailouts on companies continuing to pay their workers while shutting down, like other countries did. But hey, we have the best government money can buy, and the rich and their corporations have paid a lot of money to get what they want, which in this case was to keep all the bailout money for themselves. (One thing that’s rarely mentioned is that the CARES Act was the largest transfer of wealth in human history, and 85% of it went upward.) Because COVID-19 is an “unstable” virus, methods like masks, social distancing, and isolation are still the best ways to prevent its further spread. On the other hand, now that the top health agencies like the WHO and CDC have said that COVID-19 is now endemic, it’s questionable whether these methods would be practical.

      2. People who are anti-Trump above all else are not on the “left.” The left means opposing those with money and power in favor of those without or with much less. The Democratic Party is a right wing party, and so are those who support it and vote for its candidates. The left in the U.S. is somewhere between minuscule and nonexistent. If you were to poll people in the U.S., most would espouse left values, like single payer health care, ending all the wars, higher minimum wage, free college, etc. But they don’t prioritize those things and don’t otherwise act like they’re on the left.

      BTW, FYI, I’m not a leftist. I’m a radical environmentalist who usually agrees with the left, but I have totally different priorities, which in politics are more or at least as important as which side you’re on.

  10. Much of the skepticism about the Covid-19 vaccines is actually related to it being a shot and not a pill or spray. It is a shot only because the digestive system impacts its performance. It is not injected directly into the blood supply, but into muscle.

    A pill seems by most people less intrusive and, thus, safer – but this is an illusion.

    This author has likely given his child various pills, some of which, such as vitamin supplements, have not gone through the thorough testing of the Covid-19 vaccines. Furthermore, common over-the-counter medications have known serious side effects for some people; but since they are pills or sprays, and over-the-counter, people consider them safer than they actually are and give them to their children even though these serious side effects are much more prevalent for children than anything the Covid-19 vaccines can do.

    The vaccines for Covid-19 have been obsessively and thoroughly tested and in the equations harm vs. help, the vaccines are much safer than exposing children, constantly, to the virus.

    It is important for children, as well as, adults to stop this pandemic to limit its ability to mutate into a variant that will actually target children. Vaccines are the only method to do this.

    1. Wow – Pfizer only tested 1500 kids with the actual vaccine and 725 or so in the placebo – not enough for any kind of real safety data. The time frame was only 2 months and 6 months post second dose as well.

    2. “The vaccines for Covid-19 have been obsessively and thoroughly tested and in the equations harm vs. help, the vaccines are much safer than exposing children, constantly, to the virus.” “It is important for children, as well as, adults to stop this pandemic to limit its ability to mutate into a variant that will actually target children. Vaccines are the only method to do this.”

      These are outright lies. Are you shilling for the pharmaceutical industry?

      The risk to children from COVID-19 is so low that it can’t be quantified, and there is absolutely no reason to vaccinate them. On the other hand, even one of the voters in the NIH panel who voted to approve the vaccines for children said that there’s no way to know whether it might have medium or long term effects without vaccinating them.

      These vaccines don’t prevent you from getting nor spreading COVID-19 (with the possible exception of the now irrelevant alpha strain), and it’s pharmaceutical industry propaganda to say otherwise.

    3. Tater:

      Nope. If you have a reaction to a prescribed or OTC pill or spray, you are advised to stop taking it, and most often the issue resolves very quickly. Once a vaccine is injected into your body, there’s no pulling the plug on it. And even if you believe that the vaccines have been “obsessively and thoroughly tested” (which many of us would dispute), they haven’t been around long enough for anyone — not even you — to know how this will play out.

      So few children were included in the safety trials, over a very short period of time (phased by age so that the last cohort was followed for something like two weeks), that somebody at the FDA said something to the effect that we’ll never know how the vaccines will work in young children until we start giving the shots (I don’t have either his name or the exact quote handy).

      I would say that if the children are exposed to the virus, they will suffer very few complications, if any, and will enjoy natural immunity through their own immune systems which are DESIGNED to handle pathogens of all kinds. This is how one boosts children’s immune systems — not by confining them in a sterile bubble and relying on artificially induced “immunity” to protect them for life.

      I’m not saying they should go looking for Covid, but nor should they be afraid unless they have serious health issues to begin with.

  11. COVID-19 is less of a risk to children than the flu. There is no reason to vaccinate young children against COVID-19 unless your goal is to make pharmaceutical companies rich. Same with “everyone has to get vaccinated” and “if you don’t get vaccinated you endanger other people.” It’s all pharmaceutical industry lies & propaganda, pushed by their paid lackeys in the media and government. These vaccines should have been target to old and otherwise at-risk people, and the rest of the population should have been allowed to get COVID-19 for the good of the entire society, ACCORDING TO THE MAN WHO INVENTED THE mRNA VACCINE TECHNOLOGY. When you live in fear you can’t think rationally or logically, so most people were easy targets for this propaganda.

  12. Except for misspelling “minuscule,” the article makes a good case for separating ourselves (insofar as that’s possible) from Big Pharma hype and lies.

  13. I’m in menopause. I hadn’t had a period in 6 months, then spring break came and so did Aunt Flow. When I returned to work, a colleague asked how my break was. I told her I was actually laid up the entire time. TMI? Turns out she had the same experience. We thought maybe it was just the stress we’d been under teaching through the first year of COVID. We’re not new teachers, but in the first few years of teaching it’s not uncommon to be down for the count whenever breaks come along due to stress and the petri dish of germs we work in until our immune systems become like steel. Hmmm… *maybe* that was it.

    The next day she came to me. “You know Anonywho, I wonder if it wasn’t a result of the vaccine?” I’m getting a booster the first of December. Again, it’s been almost 6 months since Aunt Flow came for a visit. I’ll let you know what happens.

  14. Pleased, that a website I count on to honestly inform & expose corporate Big Pharma & its corrupt agencies, i.e. CDC, WHO, FDA , et al…has finally published an article that challenges the criminally distorted, unscientific, propagandized orthodoxy Fauci & his ilk has foisted on the American & international public.

  15. Some questions and observations for the poster …
    1) As far as childhood immune systems, do you also object to the MMR and polio vaccines given to kids?
    2) Did you get vaccinated, in spite of the potential side effects?
    3) As to side effects – I do not think that there is any medication that has no potential “side effects” – just look at all the drug advertisements on TV, some of those potential “side effects” are real doozies. Having said that, the issue is whether the risk of side effects is worth using the medication for a particular purpose. In this case, for preventing severe illness and death from Covid – the idea that kids are at “low risk” – just check the latest numbers – the earlier numbers showing old, or immuno-compromised, folks were the ones most at risk, are changing and now that many of those have gotten vaccinated – the numbers and % for kids are climbing – just about anybody can get infected by, and get sick from, this virus.
    4) As for the vaccines driving mutations – may i remind folks that the more dangerous mutations, Delta, e.g., arose in countries with quite low % of vaccinations – not in those countries with the highest rates – so the counter argument can be made that it is the lack of vaccination, allowing more “petri dishes” (humans) for the virus to experiment in, that fosters mutations – the fact is, viruses mutate – and unless they runs out of humans that they spreads from, as SARSCov1 did, it will persist and do so
    5) As to the generic drugs used for Rx, ivermectin, e.g, have you heard about the potential “side effects” of cardiac damage – ask physicians if they are prescribing them.
    Having said all that – I do have some critiques of these “hi-tech” vaccines –
    1) They have, IMO, been oversold, not just in terms of the price tags – essentially we were led to believe they would save us and we could all go back to “normal” – but the fact is, even if we have a decreased chance of getting really sick or dying – we can still transmit the disease, in fact, it was indicated early on that much of the transmission was from asymptomatic individuals – the vaccines were “neutralizing” to a certain degree, but not sterilizing
    2) All the vaccines “approved” here, from what i can tell, put all their stuff in the Spike protein basket – but with more and more variants, having more mutations re Spike, that basket is getting leakier – most recently with Delta, now i have heard there is a Delta+ found in SA – is it even leakier with regard to our immune system? too early to tell ..
    3) I agree that these vaccines have been a cash cow for the pharmaceutical companies, and the fact that there has been enormous resistance to granting patent waivers so that the rest of the world can access them, rather indicates to me, cynic that I am, that they would just as soon have more variants – “needing” more boosters – we are now on shot 3, will there be more needed? And now they are getting into “treatments” – if the vaccine didn’t work, they have a drug for us!

    So after all that – what do I come down to
    a) With regard to your child – hey, obviously it’s up to you – but I would strongly advise you have him/her keep (properly) wearing a good mask – and all of us too, for that matter – I think, from the beginning, if we had all done that we would be in much better shape now – of the right material and properly worn, they work – and we still need them because, vaccinated or not, we can all still transmit
    b) As to the vaccine – I have been vaccinated, because I do think they are better than nothing – vaccines prime the immune system so that when we are exposed to a pathogen, it has a head start on dealing with it –
    c) We need better vaccines, not just more of the same … using different platforms, not just this hi-tech, expensive, exclusive, mRNA one. The polio vaccine that is so widely used and effective uses a killed/inactivated virus – advantages – it exposes the immune system to the entire gamut of antigens of the virus, not just one part of it – making it more difficult, it seems to me, for the virus to “outmutate” the system, is a platform that has been successfully used in other vaccines, nothing “new” here, is able to be produced in a number of places all over the world more cheaply and easily, is able to be stored and transported more easily, making it more accessible to more people …

    I believe in vaccines – good ones, and my fear is that because there are issues with these that cause folks to be skeptical or cynical, to the point of refusal, that attitude will persist toward any vaccine that comes along, even to better ones … and we will revert to “let nature take its course” – no matter how many folks die …

    1. Just because Omicron was IDENTIFIED by South African physicians and researchers doesn’t mean that it AROSE in South Africa, or even Botswana. The case load in South Africa has been very low for some time.

      As for better vaccines, the current crop are nothing like the ones we had as children. And what is outrageous is that the safer ones are used in developed countries, while the pharmaceutical companies dump their stocks of vaccines rejected by Europe and North America on the developing world, notably Africa and SE Asia.

      1. “Just because Omicron was IDENTIFIED by South African physicians and researchers doesn’t mean that it AROSE in South Africa, or even Botswana. The case load in South Africa has been very low for some time.”

        Agree with the first sentence – as is becoming painfully clear, this thing is all over the place – quite sure it is here in the US and no doubt has been for awhile – fact is SA has been much more diligent about testing and sequencing than we have in the US – the idea that you can stop the spread by closing travel from a country days or weeks after the variant has been discovered is downright laughable – all those folks assembled in airports, etc. rushing to leave and return home before flights are suspended is, it seems to me, an “Amazon delivery guarantee” for the virus – why should any country admit it has cases when that leads to being cut off from the world. We no doubt have it here – but we really don’t want to know, do we, because other countries might close their doors to us…. And we might have to stop shopping or go to a theater for awhile …

        “As for better vaccines, the current crop are nothing like the ones we had as children. And what is outrageous is that the safer ones are used in developed countries, while the pharmaceutical companies dump their stocks of vaccines rejected by Europe and North America on the developing world, notably Africa and SE Asia.”

        Which are the “safer” ones? Listening to folks here and elsewhere – none of them are “safe” – safety is indeed an issue, but my critique is primarily on how they deal with the virus – by focusing primarily on the spike protein, when earlier studies of the “natural” response to SARS CoV2, revealed a significant proportion of antibodies produced were to the Nucleocapsid protein, as well as some to the Membrane protein ( unllke that to SARS CoV1, which was primarily to Spike), they focused on Spike. which, as we have seen, seems to mutate at a rather rapid rate. So why have we not produced vaccines that react to the virus as a whole? And why do we emphasize the mRNA platforms instead which, as we have seen. require, and no doubt will continue to require, constant tweaking – cui bono from this approach? 3 guesses 🙂

        There are, and have been, studies of the virus which have identified much more heavily conserved areas, areas much more resistant to mutation because they are necessary for the virus to replicate – not only conserved in SARS CoV2, but across the Corona virus spectrum – so the possibility exists for a “pan-Corona virus” vaccine – why do we not hear about, and why doesn’t the government throw as much money as they have to Pfizer at that?. In addition, though the current vaccines may protect to a greater (or lesser) degree from severe disease and death, they do not protect from transmission, i.e., spread of the disease – why we still need masks – why aren’t we getting info as to what we need to look for in a good mask, and how to wear it properly – somehow I would think that the folks who don’t want to get vaccinated would advocate strongly for masks ….

        In the end, what is this all about – it seems, from having read a lot of different conversations like the ones here – it isn’t really about how to defeat this virus …. That’s what I am interested in …

    2. Viruses like small pox are “stable,” so the vaccines for them are far more effective. Those vaccines are also permanent. It is wrong to compare the vaccines for those diseases to the vaccines for COVID-19, which is “unstable,” and for which the vaccines are not nearly as effective and only last for several months.

    3. SH: In answer to some of your questions, my child did get all required vaccines for school. I was vaccinated and wrote a positive column about the experience for the Reader: ‘The experience provided a small glimpse into how a true national health care system – like they have in other developed countries – might look and feel. No one demanded to see my insurance card or sent me a bill.’ And I agree with the other posters that the most important we could do to improve our health is Medicare for All, which the people want but can’t have because for-profit-health serves the investors.

      Regarding driving mutations, I agree with Lyrr and others that the jury is out on where mutations originate. I claim no expertise. But I do not see why a virus that wants to survive would need to mutate among an unvaccinated population. Doesn’t it make more sense that the virus mutates to get around the vaccine? I would be interested to hear.


      1. As far as mutations – It seems to me that most, if not all of the mutations have arisen in unvaccinated people – the virus is not a particularly stable organism, mistakes arise not infrequently in its replication process – producing new “variants”, or at least slightly different versions – some of these “mistakes in replication”, or mutations, are inconsequential for purposes of disease, some are not – In addition there is the phenomenon of recombination – whereby 2 or more forms get together and “share” – it is thought that some folks may in fact have more than one variant present and these variants combined so that mutations present in one were shared – if you look at the various mutations in each variant – some of them are shared – is this because each variant evolved the mutation independently or because they “shared”
        Bottom line – the more folks that are infected, the more opportunities for mutations – and the greater the transmissivity, the more folks are likely to get infected – a disease that isn’t transmitted to new hosts will die out – the problem at this point, it seems to me, is that although the vaccines do reduce the incidence of severe disease/death – they do not seem to adequately reduce transmissiveness – which is why I am a big proponent of masks – of the proper material and fit. I have become a “mask watcher” – how many folks have you seen with masks below their nose ..

        My biggest critique of the current vaccines is that they all seem to be pretty much aimed at the spike protein – and you know what happens when you put all your eggs in one basket and that basket gets some holes in it – why don’t we test vaccines with a killed/inactivated virus – exposing the immune system to all the proteins in it? In addition, considering that the mucosa of the upper respiratory tract is the site of “reception” and “transmission” of the virus- note, they stick a swab up your nose to find it – so why not a considerable effort to develop a nasal vaccine …

      2. @SH
        What is your evidence that mutations have all or mostly “arisen” in unvaccinated people? Just saying that “it seems to me” is not evidence. It seems to me you owe me $1 million.

      3. PS – it would seem the “natural intelligence” of the virus is much better at sharing its “technology” than we humans with our AI are at sharing ours 😀

    1. SH:

      By “safer” vaccines I was comparing the DTP (diphtheria/tetanus/pertussis) vaccine that was withdrawn as unsafe in the US and Europe (causing terrible brain injuries in children) and replaced with DTaP, in which the pertussis virus was attenuated. What were pharmaceutical companies going to do with their DTP inventory? And how to keep using the facilities that produced the older version? Why, one has compliant populations in Africa and SE Asia and South America under the thumb of WHO, with loose regulatory systems that didn’t object or weren’t in a position to object. As usual, Africa and other developing nations are bearing the brunt of medical experimentation, (just another form of colonialism, really) — cf the Denge fever and RSV fiascos, among others, the field strewn with collateral damage.

      For us here in the US, it appears the Novavax Covid vaccine is more traditional, neither mRNA nor adenovirus-based (viral vector). Even though they were part of Operation Warp Speed (based in New Jersey), they missed the boat on emergency use authorization as they didn’t get their trials underway fast enough, but are probably marketing it overseas under emergency use. If and when they do bring it to market in the US, it will be through the regular approval/licensing process. Only I discovered that they may be combining it with a flu vaccine “in order to save healthcare resources” — well not if you develop Guillain-Barré syndrome). That’s a pity. Why double the risks by adding an iffy flu vaccine whose efficacy is almost always under par? Those who want it can get the flu jab separately.

      Not that I’ve seen any safety or efficacy data on Novavax as yet, so it may turn out to have its own drawbacks.

      I think one of the problems in the rush to get vaccines out for Covid-19 is this focus on the spike protein and receptor binding domain (RBD), capitalizing on research and a platform that resulted in failed SARS and MERS vaccines. This narrow focus gave the current vaccines just two antigens for antibodies to detect and neutralize. The Omicron variant has some 32 mutations on the spike, and another 10 on the RBD. My hunch is the odds are against the vaccines being able to bind to antigens that have mutated, especially as the shape of the spike will have changed. And indeed, Moderna have already indicated that their mRNA vaccine may be less effective against Omicron.

      By contrast, natural immunity, which of course results from the need to attack the virus as a whole, detects some 20 antigens, and while there are still another 10 or so mutations to worry about, the odds are somewhat better for the memory B cells to find some viable targets.

      In addition, the spike itself, being biologically active and not inert, is dangerous in itself. It might have been better to use just fragments of the spike.

      I’m not especially concerned about Omicron. There are some promising indications that because of the sheer number of mutations, it may turn out to be quite unstable and not very efficient at binding to the ACE2 receptors. The incubation period may be longer (the original wild virus was estimated at 6 days, and Delta at 4 days), which suggests that the virus could flounder for more than a week while sitting in the nasopharynx, which does give one more time to act on it before anything descends to the lungs.

      A further good sign is that in South Africa, at least, the symptoms of patients infected with Omicron seem to be much milder (according to Dr Angelique Coetzee who first noticed something different in her recent Covid patients — she’s also the Chair of the South African Medical Association). This is really good news, though it remains to be seen whether one can generalize from this.

      So while 50 mutations sounds scary, these may actually be helpful to us in terms of clinical outcomes, even if transmission rates are high. Could be that we’d reach something like herd immunity a lot faster, especially if Omicron is milder but replaces Delta.

      (But for heaven’s sake, would they please TREAT people from day one!!! Nip it in the bud! This resistance to treating people at home amounts to criminal negligence. And all in order to bolster the vaccine narrative.)

      Certainly Congress recognized in 1986 that vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe,” which is why it was decided to give pharmaceutical companies blanket immunity from liability, under manufacturers’ threat of giving up on vaccine production altogether owing to the high cost of liability suits for the injuries caused. I have to wonder whether we wouldn’t have been better off calling their bluff. Hmmm.

      1. (Lordy, I hate this comment format! Replies should be posted right beneath the comment one is replying to – and one should be able to scroll up and down to be able to respond to different points …)
        Having said that, and copying your post to a separate place I can refer to as i reply …

        Focus on the spike protein, precisely – (and i do believe the RBD is part of the spike protein – the actual binding site on spike) and yes, I do think that the current vaccine targets were based on what they “knew” SARS CoV1 and MERS. You referred to “failed” vaccines for them – my questions are 1) what platform did they use and 2) why did they “fail” – was it because those 2 epidemics died out relatively soon on their own (though MERS, at least still pops up here and there) and the efforts were abandoned, or was there sufficient testing done to indicate they didn’t work, or a combination of the 2
        Indeed, I think the spike antibodies that were produced in response to the “original” spike become ever less effective in recognizing the ever mutating spikes and i suspect that will continue – which is a bonanza for Pfizer
        I also agree that natural immunity provides a wider range of abs – having been exposed to a wider range of antigens – hence my question as to why a killed/inactivated virus wasn’t used as a platform – I would prefer a vaccine rather than play Russian roulette with a virus that can kill and produce long term serious consequences, but that’s just me – but it actually isn’t “just me”, it’s anyone I could transmit it to ..
        I am curious as to why we don’t hear anything about any of the half dozen vaccines produced by other countries – except the periodic “oh they don’t work as well” – when we equate quantity with quality of abs. – and then of course there are the T-cells, the memory cells – are they the ones found wanting in the “breakthrough” infections …
        As I have said elsewhere – they have found (and why It supposedly took so long, I don’t know) other viral proteins which cross all corona viruses, which appear to be highly conserved as being essential for replication – why are we not pouring money into developing and testing vaccines based on them – hmm, could it be that such a vaccine would obviate the need for repeated “boosters”, or a new vaccine for every “new” corona virus that came along? And we certainly would n’t put the kabosh on that very lucrative market, would we ….
        As far as Omicron is concerned – it seemed to have spread pretty fast in SA and look how quickly it popped up in other countries – and I suspect there is a lot more of it running around – SA does a much better job of testing and sequencing, and is being punished for it by being closed out – great incentive to test and trace, eh? As for the early reports of mildness, it has been pointed out that it was first found in a younger population – so time will tell
        I think I would prefer getting to “herd immunity” with a vaccine – and these, I think are better than nothing – but I think we could make better ones on simpler platforms that can be reproduced more cheaply in all parts of the world – I guess that is precisely why we don’t …
        Treating it is a good idea, but IMO should not be an acceptable substitute for preventing it …

      2. SH, in response to your comment below mine here:

        I agree that this format is very clumsy, so I’m going up to post this reply above yours, rather than beneath.

        The SARS and MERS vaccines were based on the mRNA platform, but they induced pathogenic priming (ADE — Antibody Dependent Enhancement) by which the vaccine-acquired antibodies bind to rather than neutralize the wild virus after exposure and act as a Trojan Horse, facilitating infection and worse outcomes. (Note that animal challenge trials were not conducted on the Covid vaccines rushed to market.)

        The outcomes were bad in the animal models — for example, all the ferrets died when exposed to the wild SARS virus after being vaccinated, despite having produced “robust” antibody titers.

        The Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) vaccine developed in the mid 60s had catastrophic results — so bad that it was withdrawn, but not before damaging a lot of small children as a result of ADE. 80% of vaccinated children were hospitalized with severe adverse effects, and two toddlers died. Not an mRNA vaccine though. (Just two died — how many toddlers have to die from the Covid vaccines before the rush to vaccinate every baby or kid in the world is stopped?).

        The Dengue fever vaccine (Dengvaxia) was also very bad (2016), and the regulatory agencies (including Fauci) ignored frantic messages and editorials that pointed to the evidence of ADE. Children who had never been exposed to any Dengue serotype became terribly ill when exposed to wild serotype 2, against which the vaccine was apparently useless. The deaths of 600 children in the Philippines are under investigation, and a prominent pediatrician and researcher in the Philippines, Rose Capeding, is under indictment. This was not an mRNA virus either, but used an attenuated yellow fever virus.

        The problem with basing efficacy on antibody titers is that they are a red herring, but obviously a favorite of the CDC and NIAID. The only thing that really matters is memory B cells, because antibody counts eventually drop — they’re proteins, not cells, and die off naturally.

        Novavax has also targeted the spike rather than multiple antigens, but using a more traditional route.

        I think the mRNA platforms became popular for Covid vaccines because the manufacturing process is a lot cheaper and quicker, and maybe it’s easier to tweak them to put out new formulations.

        I can’t agree with you that “prevention” involving an unsafe vaccine that may require serial boosters and reformulations (over how long?) is better than treating an infection immediately, interrupting the incubation phase of the disease before it can lead to complications. This is not rocket science –it’s basic medicine.

        There are very few people who would not be good candidates for aggressive early treatment, even involving monoclonal antibodies for high risk groups, though it appears that Regeneron also has to be reformulated to tackle the Omicron variant.

        To be determined!

      3. Thank you … I am familiar with the concept of ADE, so my question is what do all those ADE inducing vaccines have in common, if anything – if not the platform, then the viral vector (in the case of vector vaccines), the virus components (proteins v specific epitopes) used, the adjuvant (makes a difference), or some other common denominator? – interesting that the SARS1 and MERS were mRNA (there were stage 1 trials of the current vaccines, in adults and older children, with no reports of ADE that I know of) – are you suggesting that the common denominator is children, at what age? and that ADE in animal studies prefigures that in kids? Is that the issue?
        An attenuated yellow fever virus to fight a Dengue fever virus??

        I agree that counting antibodies is a rather dubious mark of immunity, quantity over quality – I suggest that helper T-cells are perhaps as important ….

        So what is the “route” for Novovax? And I would suggest that any vaccine that just sticks to spike is going to have to be “refreshed” on a regular basis …

        “I think the mRNA platforms became popular for Covid vaccines because the manufacturing process is a lot cheaper and quicker, and maybe it’s easier to tweak them to put out new formulations.”

        Well here’s the CEO of Pfizer responding to the news that the US favors a TRIPS waiver : “The response from Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla was one of panic.  The proposed waiver did not consider the ‘scarcity of highly specialized raw materials needed to produce the vaccine.’  With Pfizer’s vaccine requiring 280 different materials and elements from 19 countries, the CEO warned that inexperienced and less competent entities would rush out to mount competition for those same products.  Like a dragon guarding its treasure, Bourla suggested that any such waiver threatened ‘to disrupt the flow of raw materials.’ ”

        There are vaccine producers all over the world who know how to produce more traditional vaccines that have been used to great effect for a number of diseases – Sorry, I am more cynical about the emphasis on the mRNA platform ….

        I don’t think I ever suggested that “prevention involving an unsafe vaccine that may require serial boosters and reformulations (over how long?) is better than treating an infection immediately,” “Basic medicine” would still suggest that preventing a disease is better that having to cure it, even assuming that “treating an infection immediately, interrupting the incubation phase of the disease before it can lead to complications.” is possible with this virus considering that it is “incubating” days before one is symptomatic let alone “sick”, all the while able to transmit. I think I have been rather clear in my critique of the current vaccines that “require serial boosters and reformulations (over how long?)” – even flue vaccines are only recommended once a year …. And unless i am mistaken – monoclonal antibodies are mass produced from serum extracted ones – considering this virus, a rather hit and miss affair …

        To stop the disease or at least contain it sufficiently means stopping its transmission – and that, I suggest, may be most efficiently done, at this point, by the universal wearing of masks of the proper material and fit, and we have a pretty good idea of what they are – so why aren’t we seeing as much development of that – too low tech, I suppose, not so “patentable”

        Thanx, btw, for the conversation – it is refreshing to have a “back and forth” with someone who doesn’t use insults 😀

  16. The current dominant system or establishment of Western societies would use the invisible dictatorship of compulsive consumerism of material goods to annul the ideals of the primitive individual and transform him into an uncritical, fearful and conformist being who will inevitably swell the ranks of a homogeneous, uniform and easily manipulated society through the techniques of mass manipulation. Thus, the German sociologist and philosopher Herbert Marcuse, in his book “One-Dimensional Man” (1964), explains that “the basic function of the media is to develop pseudo-needs for goods and services manufactured by the giant corporations, tying individuals to the cart of consumption and political passivity”.

    A prime example of this would be the crusade in European countries to implement the COVID passport, which allows the vaccinated individual to have a QR code that will facilitate access to work, cultural and social life, but which would implicitly entail the obligation to be vaccinated and would violate the sacrosanct individual freedom recognized by the Constitution. Thus, the propaganda of the establishment is directed not at the individual subject but at the Group in which the personality of the one-dimensional individual is diluted and is wrapped up in the patchwork of false expectations created and common yearnings that sustain it (the vaccine is the salvation against the pandemic.

    However, the outbreak of the health pandemic and the subsequent economic recession that follows implemented the stigma of uncertainty and disbelief in a society immersed in the culture of the Welfare State of the Western world, subsequently resulting in a traumatic shock when the limitations of non-sterilizing vaccines that do not prevent contagion became apparent. As a result, Western citizens will be immersed in lifelong vaccination while being controlled by the COVID passport to achieve a society that will be subjected to the dictates of the pharmaceutical monopolies of Pfizer and Moderna, with the sectors refractory to the health dictates being marginalized from the usual circuits of work, culture and leisure.

  17. Continue reading . . . Ya’ll . . . Conservative . . . Knee jerk. . . . Techno Branch Codian Fascists.


    Invisible Dictatorship: One Dimensional Man vs the Emerging Multidimensional Individual
    Posted by INTERNATIONALIST 360° on NOVEMBER 26, 2021
    Germán Gorraiz López
    The current dominant system or establishment of Western societies would use the invisible dictatorship of compulsive consumerism of material goods to annul the ideals of the primitive individual and transform him into an uncritical, fearful and conformist being who will inevitably swell the ranks of a homogeneous, uniform and easily manipulated society through the techniques of mass manipulation. Thus, the German sociologist and philosopher Herbert Marcuse, in his book “One-Dimensional Man” (1964), explains that “the basic function of the media is to develop pseudo-needs for goods and services manufactured by the giant corporations, tying individuals to the cart of consumption and political passivity”.

    A prime example of this would be the crusade in European countries to implement the COVID passport, which allows the vaccinated individual to have a QR code that will facilitate access to work, cultural and social life, but which would implicitly entail the obligation to be vaccinated and would violate the sacrosanct individual freedom recognized by the Constitution. Thus, the propaganda of the establishment is directed not at the individual subject but at the Group in which the personality of the one-dimensional individual is diluted and is wrapped up in the patchwork of false expectations created and common yearnings that sustain it (the vaccine is the salvation against the pandemic.

    However, the outbreak of the health pandemic and the subsequent economic recession that follows implemented the stigma of uncertainty and disbelief in a society immersed in the culture of the Welfare State of the Western world, subsequently resulting in a traumatic shock when the limitations of non-sterilizing vaccines that do not prevent contagion became apparent. As a result, Western citizens will be immersed in lifelong vaccination while being controlled by the COVID passport to achieve a society that will be subjected to the dictates of the pharmaceutical monopolies of Pfizer and Moderna, with the sectors refractory to the health dictates being marginalized from the usual circuits of work, culture and leisure.

    However, through the interactivity provided by the social networks of the Internet (the so-called Sixth Power that links and helps in the formation of modern identities), the endemic isolation and passivity of the submissive and uncritical individual of Western societies (one-dimensional Man) is breaking down and a new individual is already emerging. The new Multidimensional Individual is reaffirmed in a solid critical conscience, sustained by values that have fallen into disuse but are present in our atavistic code, such as the defense of sacrosanct individual freedom, solidarity and collective indignation in the face of the dictatorship of the pharmaceutical multinationals, and will be willing to break the rules and laws imposed by the dominant system (Sanitary Dictatorship).

    Likewise, this individual would be provoking a popular tsunami of denunciation of the current democratic, social and values deficit under the slogan “forbidden to prohibit” and, together with the social revolts to protest against the high cost of living, could establish a constructive chaos that would end up diluting the opiate inhibiting critical conscience and could lead to a new May ’68.

    Germán Gorraiz López is an economic and geopolitical analyst, he is a regular contributor to several Spanish and Latin American digital and printed publications.

    The Left’s Covid Failure

    The Emerging Totalitarian Dystopia

    Who’s Wrong, Who’s Right?

    Vaccination: Most Deceptive Tool of Imperialism

    Towards Technofascism: Vaccine Passports and the Inequality Virus in the Debate

    Fertility Concerns as Experimental mRNA Vaccines Wreak Havoc with Women’s Menstrual Cycles

    The Corona Investigative Committee Interviews Vera Sharav

    The United Nations and Western Governments Endorse Shocking Vaccine Mandates, Violating Human Bodily Integrity and Autonomy

    Pfizer’s Experimental Covid-19 Vaccine: What You’re Not Being Told

    The Science and Ethics Regarding Risk Posed by Non-Vaccinated Individuals

    Same Networks that Sold Us War Promote Pfizer’s Vaccines

    Pfizer Exposed

    More Deaths and Adverse Reactions Fuel Increasing Criticism of COVID-19 Vaccines

    Moderna: A Company “in Need of a Hail Mary”

  18. Good for you Mr. Goodman. This I believe is a rare editorial : not frantic nor filled with hyperbole and not, thankfully, abjectly political. Rather Mr. Goodman writes thoughtfully and clearly expresses eminently reasonable concerns about the vaccination conundrum. The doubts he raised about Covid vaccines for children make a lot of sense. I hope his column is given the consideration it deserves.

  19. finally. FINALLY SOMETHING ABOUT THE INSANITY AND CORRUPTION behind the mass vaccine program. Why tf did it take so long to be willing to publish an article like this?
    It is so strange to check sheer post day after day a magazine that is about issues of the day and see nothing about the covid madness happening.

  20. Dr. Kary B. Mullis, the inventor of the PCR test, who mysteriously passed away on August 7, 2019, at age 74, stated emphatically that no infection or illness can be accurately diagnosed with the PCR-RT.” He added, “PCR is a Process. It does not tell you that you are sick. … The measurement is not accurate”. Mullis described the PCR-RT as a “technique” rather than “a test”. It is a useful technique which allows for “rapid amplification of a small stretch of DNA”.

    See also this breathtaking and shocking video interview (45 min) with Dr. Elisabeth Eads, “Video: Covid-19 Injections Will Cause Massive Deaths”, where Dr. Eads not only points out that the PCR tests false positives are an estimated 97%, but also lays bare the real death count related to the covid vaxxes. In other words, the death directly related to covid jabs, falsely called “vaccines”. See the entire video. It is pointing to at least 600,000 deaths in the US, resulting from the jabs – not VAERS-reported – and predicting that the death figures may rise in 2022 to several million in the US alone.

    The government COVID mandates and protocols are not about saving people (especially the old and frail), but rather about killing them.

    Join Greg Hunter as he talks to 25 year veteran Dr. Elizabeth Eads, DO, exposing the lies that Big Pharma, CDC, FDA and NIH are telling the public. Dr. Eads will highlight the real unreported effects of the CV19 injections/jabs and how it’s all gone completely out of control in hospitals across the country.

    Click to View ….

  21. While somewhat a welcome relief from the usual, mind-numbing boilerplate of progressive press pretending to ‘follow the science,’ this “opinion” piece is a limited hangout. Those at this point of the New (ab)Normal still maintaining the long litany of lies which have laid siege to the world are anything but matters of science politicized for totalitarian takeover of human society beneath the boot of the biosecurity state are diverting us from the necessary resistance to the war being waged against us.

    The full extent of actual evidence-based science (aka ‘misinformation’ in covid-1984) regarding the biosecurity regime of biotechnology, not vaccination, reveals full-scale genetic and digital engineering of our species as internally colonized mutants for a mad Frankenstein experiment in absolute control. And this is just one of the strategic fronts for coordinating prison lockdown as the essential mode of governance toward which socio-economic systems are being moved by ruling class institutions; from central banks and financial capital implementing ironclad conditions for currency and credit control and ownership ‘rights’ over all life, to militarized police forces exercising counterinsurgent containment of culled populations subject to slave labor in a dystopian future beyond the nightmares of Satanic mills and killing fields.

    Perhaps it’s partly due to American exceptionalism and having been spared (so far) more outright repression in favor of sophisticated psychological warfare in the imperial hegemon that too many under occupation in the US continue to sleep through this global coup and crimes against humanity. Perhaps it’s also in part due to the battleground being the earth, where the rollout of now this, then that element of planet lockdown may be staggered and shifted across vast, disconnected distances, such that the relatively lockdown-free conditions of Sweden may be followed by the same kind of implantation program for biometric IDs as has been imposed upon West Africa.

    Make no mistake. The coverup of and fallout from the poisons being pushed upon people by the powers that shouldn’t be isn’t about mistakes, or insufficient and inconsistent data in risk-benefit assessments of public health. The emergency on planet earth is the plague of power itself, now coming for us all.

  22. Some likely inarguable facts (the caveat being that there’s still a lot unknown about the ‘rona so there’s no certainty, but there is probability):
    So get it under control, 70+% needs to be fully vaccinated. The world is far from that; the US is at ~59% and I don’t see us improving all that much. Now, if a federal mandate could be implemented… but nah, we can’t do that.
    So while we world over fail to do what needs to be done, the ‘rona has the opportunity to mutate into worse and worse versions.
    I’m not going to go into the reasons for the failure; I’d like to think that we here are likely in general agreement why. Still.

    1. Hart Liss:

      I’m afraid I disagree entirely. You have to ask what the GOAL of vaccination is. The end points were never to prevent infections or transmission, as these are not sterilizing vaccines (well some of them are not vaccines at all, but that’s another matter).

      So the goals remain:
      * to reduce viral load (which helps control shedding but doesn’t stop it)
      * to prevent hospitalization
      * to prevent severe disease
      * and especially to avoid deaths.

      ALL of these goals can be attained with hygiene, public health mitigation measures (NOT including total isolation) and especially early treatment.

      There are several protocols that seem to work, developed by physicians who actually treat Covid patients (unlike Dr Fauci or hospital administrators).

  23. Appreciate ‘Scheerpost’ for pitching in to break the total – information embargo imposed by ‘ENORMO-VAX’ ( w/ thanks to the ingenious Barry Crimmins for the borrowed use of his trademark epithet …) and the increasingly unhinged ranks of uninformed political officials, incurious reporters, and obedient spokespersons from all walks of life who have fearfully joined ranks w/ mercenary bands of drug investors & dealers to strangle honest inquiry pertaining to the SAFETY & EFFICACY of novel products NOT currently subject to the standard regulatory procedures we depend on to guard Public Health .

    -J.Joslin ( IBEW Local # 58 – Detroit )

  24. Because these vax’s are entirely new and have not been tested it seems to me that it is entirely possible that somewhere down the line, either sooner or later there will be all kinds of unintended negative consequences on the health and well-being of children who are vaccinated.
    Such could also be the case with younger people too, even people in their twenties, thirties, forties, fifties etc. Nobody knows of course.

  25. Ivermectin is approved for use in humans as parasitic control mechanism, river blindness for example, it is useless against viruses. Parasites are arthropods, insects & spiders, they and their larval are the cause of disease

    why children? Because they are a pool, a reservoir for the virus.

    think of a virus as an invasive species, pretend it could be contained by a fence and the vaccine is the fence, but to stop the spread, the virus has to be contained, the half-ass lock downs & antivax have allowed the most virulent strains to continue to evade containment.

    1. Africa overall has, as we know, a very low rate of vaccination, but a correspondingly very low rate of deaths. Some of this anomaly can be ascribed to the widespread use of hydroxychloroquin to treat malaria, as well as ivermectin to treat river blindness and other parasitical diseases — under WHO programs dating from 1995 which were so successful that both medications were included on WHO’s list of “essential medicines” in 2015, and their developers earned the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine that year.

      Of course this confluence of factors in Africa amounts to correlation, not causation. But it’s perhaps not a coincidence that infection rates and deaths are remarkably low in Africa and other tropical countries which have seen wide distribution of these drugs. The Covid carnage that was anticipated is not happening.

      Even the devastating surge in India last May ended as soon as states like Uttah Pradesh began distributing ivermectin to all adults — and this was not for parasites!

      Just because ivermectin was developed to treat parasitical diseases doesn’t mean that it cannot act as an antiviral and anti-inflammatory. And indeed, it’s been used for Dengue fever, Zika, and other viral diseases. It’s a remarkably versatile drug with a well known safety profile when administered at the proper doses, calculated by body weight.

      The nomenclature is irrelevant. What matters is what mechanisms are at work that have so effectively nipped Covid cases in the bud — especially when treatment is begun on Day One, not after complications have arisen and patients are rushed to the ER or ICU with plummeting oxygen levels.

      Including for my husband and me — both in our 70s. We began preparing for this in 2020 as soon as enough information emerged about ways to treat infections that did not involve toxic Remdesivir or just sitting at home twiddling our thumbs waiting for our lips to turn blue.

      We did our homework (starting in 2020 as information emerged), developed a plan, hooked up with an independent medical practice that was prescribing appropriately dosed HUMAN ivermectin as well as Fluvoxamine (they were able to do this because the doctors were not beholden to hospital bureaucrats or corporate masters who issue treatment guidelines, so-called, from their corner offices, having never treated a Covid patient — like Fauci as a matter of fact).

      With our doctors’ guidance and our own research, we included supplies of pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals that have anti-viral properties, anti-inflammatory properties, and anti-clotting properties — even an OTC antihistamine for suspected mast cell activation. The key was to gather supplies ahead of time so as to be able to start treatment immediately.

      The wholesale dismissal of ivermectin as a horse dewormer or drug confined to parasitical diseases completely misses the point. Some 20% of prescriptions in the US are written for off-label use of FDA approved drugs, and 40% of drugs administered in ICUs also involve off-label use.

      The fact that the FDA did not specifically approve ivermectin for Covid (a non-existent disease when the drug was first licensed in the 1970s) is neither here nor there. Aspirin was never “approved” by the FDA to treat heart conditions or act as a blood thinner. But nobody questions its use for those purposes.

      Fluvoxamine, an SSRI, is also being used off-label to treat Covid-19. Curiously, it hasn’t been vilified in the same way ass ivermectin, but is receiving grudging recognition.

      1. Perhaps I didn’t make clear that both my husband and I had most of our symptoms resolve within about seven days after taking repurposed drugs — we’d been infected about six days apart, so we quarantined for three weeks in all. My husband had slightly milder symptoms because he began taking Ivermectin as a prophylaxis as soon as I tested positive, the second day of my symptoms. We made sure to check our blood pressure, temperature, and especially our oxygen levels several times a day, and were never at risk of being hospitalized or progressing to a hyper-inflammatory phase.

        We hit the virus hard with everything we had (each medication had a defined function), beginning even before my first positive test, tackling it from multiple angles, since it’s a complex disease which manifests in so many different ways. While it’s transmitted as a respiratory virus, in many ways it’s more of a vascular disease in practice, which is why it hits so many different organs, via the vascular system.

        Which may also explain why adverse events from vaccines are so variable too. A spike is a spike is a spike (biologically active) and it really doesn’t matter whether it’s introduced via an injection into the deltoid muscle or through droplets settling in the nasopharynx.

        But in the latter case, one at least has the incubation period in which to interrupt the process by reducing viral load and preventing replication or docking to ACE2 receptors (you don’t have that option with the vaccine when the spike protein is being manufactured away from the nasal immune system, which especially problematic if it doesn’t stay at the injection site but travels to other parts of the body, as a Pfizer biodistribution study revealed).

        So that was the purpose of our plan: to catch the infection immediately, and apply everything we knew, with the guidance of our doctors. We executed it, and have done very well. We don’t believe we were lucky; we believe we were smart.

        My point is that there is no one size fits all form of prevention or treatment. If someone is comfortable taking repeated doses of the vaccines, that’s their choice, as long as they are able to provide truly INFORMED consent based on total transparency, and are not coerced.

        My children had the usual complement of vaccines administered during the early 70s. I would be horrified to put them through the vaccine schedule families are faced with today. What a load for their systems to have to contend with.

        And to consider children a cesspool or reservoir of germs is monstrous. I thought western civilization had given up on child sacrifice — pumping a barely tested cocktail into the still developing immune systems of very young children who are at vanishingly low risk of Covid complications or having any symptoms at all — in order to “protect Grandma?” This is a horrific proposition. Children are not objects to be manipulated and exploited, who exist to protect adults when the risks of the vaccines for them far outweigh their risk of Covid except for a very small number of children who have special health challenges.

        Aren’t the adults supposed to protect the children? If the adults are confident in the effectiveness of the vaccines (as has been drummed into us), why should they fear their children? One can still use social mitigation strategies to minimize exposure outside the home, and be prepared to insist on immediate treatment in the event of infection.

      2. Interesting paper here:

        Regarding African nations and cassava consumption.

        In this perspective, we develop the novel testable hypothesis that the apparent protec-tion of these African populations from COVID-19 infection may stem from a diet enrichedin cyanogenic glucosides primarily from cassava which yields thiocyanate anion (SCN-).We support this hypothesis by detailing its biologic plausibility and by demonstrating thata separate population with documented high SCN- exposure, chronic smokers, are also pro-tected from infection with the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2). Since exogenous SCN- is safe and inexpensive in modest doses, we propose that dietarysupplementation with SCN- may be an inexpensive and eective means to control viral pan-demics, in particular in the developing world.


        But better yet, read this and others by Harvard2thebighouse —

        Our novel coronavirus is a Live Attenuated Virus (LAV) derived from the work being done at UNC, the only place on earth trying to make a LAV for SARS-like viruses, which are also obviously not going to be fully acclimated to the human genome like the human influenza virus, which seems to have been with us at least since the Trojan War thousands of years ago.

        Until SARS-CoV-2 is understood as a LAV that’s deattenuating towards a highly-pathogenic chimeric coronavirus that’s going through gatekeeping mutations and has no intention whatsoever of following the assumptions drawn from observing natural evolution or even the paths of the H1N1 LAVs which melted back into their original endogenous human hosts – humanity is going to continue to be standing on its head as it attempts to battle this pandemic, and misunderstanding the basic fundamental nature of what its up against.

        It’s something we seem to be particularly good at, since all the way back in 1977 when the first H1N1 LAV emerged to a mass global panic, a massive push was made to create and distribute vaccines against what was thought to be a potentially pandemic strain. But it turns out that one of the ways a LAV isn’t a natural virus, is that when you attempt to vaccinate against it, neurological side-effects appear to proliferate among the vaccinated population, as the virus blows through this attempt at protection.

        Because unfortunately for all of us, this isn’t the first time we’ve all been down the horrific rabbit-hole of trying to rush out an incredibly profitable vaccine against an enigmatic mystery virus that’s really a military LAV that deattenuated faster than expected. A vaccine which only provides only weak and temporary protection – but also causes wide-spread side-effects because it turns out the pharmaceutical companies were lying about their vaccine studies, and knowingly risked the lives and livelihoods of tens of millions of Americans so they could make as much money as quickly as possible: (Source)

    2. 1. The NIH said that Ivermectin showed some promise in treating COVID-19 and encouraged testing.

      2. The vaccines don’t halt the spread of any variants except for the now irrelevant alpha variant. Therefore, there is no reason to vaccinate children.

      3. Your post reads like pharmaceutical industry propaganda.

  26. You should remove everything in this article about ivermectin as it tarnishes the credibility of the article as a whole. Ivermectin is an anti-worm medication and has no place being prescribed in the US. There is some evidence that it helps in other parts of the world as covid-19 can exacerbate the symptoms of worm infestation.

    1. Do you have any actual data or studies to support your statement that Ivermectin “has no place” being prescribed in the US”?

      All we’re trying to show is that vaccines are not the only solution to preventing or treating Covid, and that Mr Goodman has reason to be hesitant to vaccinate his six-year old who is at virtually no risk from a Covid infection.

      Why do you feel threatened by the idea that there might be alternatives worth considering?

    2. @Will
      That’s a lie. Ivermectin is an anti-parasitic drug for humans that has supplementally been used in a different form as a livestock de-wormer. All this anti-ivermectin propaganda is being repeated at the behest of the pharmaceutical industry, which wants everyone vaccinated so it can make more money, and doesn’t want people taking generic drugs like ivermectin. I have no opinion on whether ivermectin is effective for treating COVID-19 infections — the NIH said that it shows promise but needs to be studied — but calling it a livestock de-worming drug is so inaccurate that it’s totally dishonest.

  27. Oh Cry for Me, Felonious Moderna, et al. In the latest episode of our second season of “TRUTH” with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Kennedy interviews Dr. David Martin.

    The two primarily discussed medical patents and the involvement from Dr. Anthony Fauci.

    Highlights of their conversation include:

    Breaking down Dr. David Martin’s company ‘M•CAM’ and how he found a way to put up intangible assets as collateral security.

    The Bayn

    Dole Act that led to Fauci profiting from royalties off University patents.

    Fauci working for the NIAID but failing to study infectious diseases and allergies.

    Fauci involved in dodgy deals and price-fixing medicine in the USA.

    SARS vaccine patented in March 2019, 8 months before the COVID-19 outbreak.

  28. What… and splatter more unsubstantiated rhetoric from those who know, and those who don’t, all over the page for straw dogs to gnash their teeth on, until the cows come home, or the fraudulent system crashes first, or until hell freezes over???
    Sitting this one out!

    1. Couldn’t sit it out!
      To those who may have seen the Yahoo referred picture:
      No! Not a deer staring into blinding lights.
      This is no other than the highly educated Dr. Rochelle Walensky (American physician-scientist who is the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the administrator of the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry.
      No, this dear, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, appears totally bamboozled; mesmerized by the daunting power of “big pharma” driving malpractices around the globe, and her apparent unwillingness to face the truth of econo-political enlightenment.
      Transparency is a foreign language to the likes of the greed mongers amongst us, no matter the health costs to the majority of humanity!
      If the shoe fits, wear it, otherwise simply take note!

  29. Viva Cuba —

    While there is an incessant circulation of information and propaganda about Omicron, it has gone unnoticed the fact that Nature magazine, an important scientific publication, published the results of a trial certifying the efficacy of the drugs against covid-19 developed by Cuba, highlighting that the island took a great step in Latin America by creating its own vaccines.

    The text includes statements by Craig Laferrière, head of vaccine development at Novateur Ventures in Toronto, Canada, who explained that Cuban vaccines differ from messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines produced by Pfizer and Moderna, because they are protein-based and do not need to be kept at extremely low temperatures, which facilitates their distribution in remote areas.

    Nature also highlighted the perseverance of the Finlay Institute and the other state biotechnology centers in Cuba, which from the beginning of the pandemic began to develop their own vaccines until at least one of them was effective.

    1. Thank you! – This highlights a couple of issues –

      1) American and Euro chauvinism regarding the scientific achievements of “unapproved” countries outside that block … Heaven forbid that we should applaud, let alone promote, vaccines from a country that has been at the forefront of sharing medical personnel and technology for some time – makes us look rather bad, doesn’t it, bad for business. I wonder about vaccines from other “unapproved” countries as well e.g. Russia, China …

      2) considering that the Cuban vaccine is on a different, more familiar, platform, is all the anti-vaxx talk we see here addressed to ANY Corona vaccine, or just to the US- Euro “approved” ones … going forward, if we ever do, I think this is a crucial issue …

      Thanx again!

  30. Good work here by Canadian, Max Forte:

    How is public health served by spreading fear, creating stress, inducing anxiety, and terminating the livelihoods of those who do not comply with arbitrary and indiscriminate measures? What kind of public health is it that assaults the dignity of those to be saved, creating divisions, escalating tensions and conflict? We have certainly come a long way from “two weeks to flatten the curve”. Today, federal employees, healthcare workers, and educators across Canada are being suspended and fired, sentenced to a form of social and economic internal exile, thus effectively rendered aliens in a country which also traps them within its borders. Citizens are now effectively criminalized based on their medical status.

  31. evidence is settled that some vaccines effective, safe, others ineffective. emerging evidence demonstrates masks/social distancing irrelevant, western vaccines nearly useless and harmful in 1-3% short-term. Long term unknown. Denis Rancourt has collected numerous studies. infection is now greater among the vaccinated. More deaths in 2021 than 2020 despite no vaccinations 2020. Israeli studies confirm natural immunity superior; French/Spanish studies show tobacco smokers twice as unlikely to contract Covid. the main predictors of death 1. age, premorbid conditions, obesity. amerikans among the most obese on earth: 78% covid deaths attributed to obese of the 780,000 in USA. Nations with the fewest restrictions, fewest vaccinated have done the best. 99.7% covid infected have recovered. ultimate covid is only slightly worse than ordinary flu…covid has enriched the US ruling class by trillions$, Pfizer alone by 900 billion $ in 6 months 2020.
    the hysterical reaction has produced externalities—cognitive decline, increased suicides, depression, drug od, economic consequences, etc. So far US studies find that the most resistant to covid vaccines in USA are Ph.D’s and blacks

    1. @alexandr herzen
      I agree with almost everything you wrote except one thing: 99.7% of infected people have NOT survived COVID-19. The mortality rate (for people who get it) in the U.S. is 1.6%, meaning that 98.4% of people survived COVID-19. However, that rate varies widely by country. See for details.

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