Economy Lee Camp

Lee Camp: The Dark Secret History of Capitalism

Lee Camp takes on how the capitalist system sits at the heart of the worst problems facing society.

In this history lesson Camp takes you back to the feudal system, to the creation of corporations and currency, to the modern system that’s destroying the lives of the poor today. The ruling class don’t even try to hide the inhumanity that keeps the system running anymore now that it has become almost impossible to ignore. This leaves it up to popular movements to end the capitalist system and create something new.

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  1. Do you feel the current system has contributed to young people complying under coercion to injections? In your opinion is there a connection between this and young athletes dropping injured or dead on the field ?

  2. Right on. The American Revolution was caused by two privately held chartered companies that influenced the laws made by Parliament and enforced by the army. The first is the Bank of England that influenced the passage of the Currency Acts that made it illegal for the colonies to continue printing their own money that was essentially interest free because interest was paid to the colonies which was used in lieu of taxes. Second was the British East India Company. Laws were passed such as the Stamp Act that gave BEIC an advantage over local merchants. Sort of like Amazon not collecting taxes on sales which gave them an advantage over brick and mortar stores on Main St. The Boston Tea Party was the result. The tea belonged to BEIC. Those two acts resulted in a crash in the economy and unemployment and inflation which did not exist before. The colonists were aware and organized so kicked out the British.
    If privately held corporations were not allowed the current debacle could be cured rapidly.

  3. Camp makes the classic mistake of lumping all ills under the one banner. Like the disgusting term “Anti-vaxxer”. Pure free market capitalism is responsible for the middle class, it is the driver of wealth for all & sundry who wish to take part. Look at America’s recent example from the 1950’s through the the early 80’s. What we have seen in the last 50 years is CRONY capitalism where the money is no longer backed by anything and goes straight to those closest to the money printer. We have seen those that should fail under a pure capitalist sytem to be being propped up by govts and broken money. We have seen the co-opting of governments, institutions & regulators {even courts} whereby those at the top can continue to thrive under CRONY capitalism. We now socialise the losses and privatise the profits. No, big money influencers, big & wasteful & corrupt governments, and a broken money are responsible for our financial ills, not Capitalism. Socialism/communism have NEVER worked in all the 1000’s of times they’ve been tried and its safe to say, they NEVER will.

    1. utter nonsense
      USSR produced more innovation that in USA history, full unemployment, zero homeless, zero poverty, nationalized industry, zero homeless, universal health care, more art, poetry, 99.9% literacy, free university education, 40 days mandatory maternity leave paid….rent could not exceed 25% of wages…this is also true in Russia today where 60% are university educated
      USA stole 20,000 patents from Europe post WWI, 100,000 post WWII documented by Geoffrey Gorer
      USA does not have capitalism—it is communism for the ruling class, feudalism for the peasants…that works for you obviously

      1. I think you refer to an USSR in a parallel universe! In ours USSR and other “popular democracies” in the “socialist camp” were the classic examples of “crony communism” in which the elite has access to special shops, hospitals, vacation resorts, hard currency, latest western fashions while the rest of the population has to be contented to whatever shoddy products the “planned economy” churns out.
        Yes, the basic needs of everybody are met, cradle to grave, but only with the price of total conformance to the “party line”.
        The State owns and allocates everything, you work wherever the State sends you at the wage it decides ( the old joke ; We pretend to work and they pretend to pay us), everybody has a home, wherever the State decides you will live, if you can afford to bribe the doctors and nurses you can have also half decent universal free health care. Of course , if you know somebody that knows somebody , everything is much easier.
        You are right that education is first class, especially in STEM, but you can study only what the Party decides is true.
        So yes, everybody in his right mind on the other side dreamed of capitalism , with all its warts and blemishes and nowhere the people freely chooses to return to the socialist paradise.

    2. Single-Payer War For All.

      Catastrophe Communist Socialist Capitalism!

      A blank check for The US Congressional Industrial Military National Insecurity Saudi Israeli Fraudulent Blood Monied “Free Market”Complex!

      They gotta keep their gravy train going! Keep robbing America of it treasure! They are the biggest welfare queens in human history! Living and killing off of OUR Tax Dollars!

      $8 Killion more over the next 10 years for more killing! More endless illegal preemptive wars of aggression! God Bless America!

      1. Agreed. Perpetual war for perpetual peace. America has been the dominant Empire for 100 years. It is now in terminal decline, like all previous empires. 3 of the more things that have in common are;
        1. A large military to enforce their dominace.
        2. A debasement of their national currency. Rome started with a pure gold coin, it ended at less than 1% gold by the time the Empire fell. The . US prints money backed by nothing, except the military. It is a currency of violence & enforcement
        3. Violence inflicted at the periphery {abroad} eventually makes its way back to home shores as the influence & domination abroad subsides.

        The US I believe will go the way of all previous Empires. The aftermath will not be pleasant for the populace. In contempary terms, it will resemble the fall of the Soviet Union, buch much worse. That miltary eqipment will be rotting in the harbors & deserts and domestic unrest, poverty & violence will further exacerbate from where it is today.

      2. Understanding USD hegemony and how it leads to peace and prosperity on the back of debt-free market based transactions is not yet widely understood. The power is not in the USD currency but in the USD price tool that resides at the “other end” when real-time pricing comparisons now support debt-free trades using gold and silver (as money) in eCommerce.

        The goal posts are now shifting for the good. Birth pains go with the process.

        more …

    3. Ahh, a “True Believer”. I’m sure your personal and material privilege have absolutely nothing to do with your confirmation bias. You David are part of the problem with your cultish beliefs that are murdering people as you read this. Being unable or just plain unwilling to genuinely look at the history Mr Camp has presented is reason for you to avail yourself of my services as a cult exit counselor. That is if you have the courage to do so.

    4. Incredibly boring comment from thirty years ago. Nobody buys it anymore. What do you get out of posting the discredited crony argument? You’re clearly not a fan of Camp or Sheer. Are you paid to drop this nonsense into comment sections? If you are sincere, there is so much info out there. The capitalism is good, it’s the crony capitalism that’s bad is basically a no true Scotsman fallacy. I’m guessing you already know that.

      1. True free market capitalism is yet incomplete and process in action. It wasn’t even conceptually possible without the advent of real-time pricing and the technical ability to conduct debt-free transactions with the use of real-time pricing comparisons that could be agreed upon in free market context.

        This is where we’re breaking new ground right now

    5. Where to start, where to start?

      “Pure free market capitalism” does not exist. Every time a legislative body writes a tax code, or sets rules for incorporation, or prohibits child labor, or makes rules to stop local water supplies from being turned into industrial waste, those activities represent an explicit, and often justifiable, interference with “pure fee market capitalism.” And, even within the distorted lens of the business world, I’ve never seen a corporation that wanted “pure free market capitalism.” They don’t want a no-holds-barred dog-eat-dog competitive world. They want low taxes and lax regulation. They want protection from foreign competition while simultaneously taking advantage of cheap foreign labor. They want financial “incentives” before they’ll deign to locate their new office or factory or warehouse in your town or state. And so on.

      It’s also surpassing strange to read a comment which attributes the creation of the American middle class to “pure free market capitalism” but never mentions the terms “labor union” or “New Deal” or “anti-discrimination laws,” or “equal pay for women” or “federal mortgage programs,” or [anyone can make a list]. Free market capitalism is what held, and to a large degree still holds, working people under its exploitative thumb. It is an economic system which must be disciplined for the public good, and does not seek to do good for ordinary people, or the environment, out of the goodness of its heart.

    6. Rubbish!

      “Socialism,” as practiced in Canada, Germany, France, Scandanavia, etc. have provided more secure, happier lives than American capitalism.

      Of course we have crony capitalism, which means that private corporations and wealthy individuals own the politicians who pass laws that benefit the wealthy, not the American citizens.

    7. There’s no such thing as “pure free market capitalism,” sonny. Good God. That’s a libertarian fantasy that is intended to exonerate the Capitalism that Camp rightly lambastes. There’s only one Capitalism, and that’s the Capitalism that is destroying the world. Get a list together of the “thousands of times” “Socialism/communism (sic)” have never worked and post it up so we can all get a look.

      1. Capitalism is still a work in progress, incomplete.
        How could capitalism be complete when the reality of the economy is that it’s a real-time event and we have hardly started to transact debt-free which is something that requires the accuracy and efficiency of real-time price comparisons for debt-free swaps.

        There’s an elephant in the room. Can you even see it ?

  4. the fiction that US has a “middle class” can only be believed by a puritan devoid of historical awareness…the annual median income now $34,000 gross…the farcical belief that hyena economic arrangements will produce a competent or moral people is can only be believed by a moron.
    Tocqueville observed as have many others that individualism produces a a “self doubting, conformist antagonistic, anxious people”
    “busy busy numb americans cannot feel themselves alive unless they feel themselves selves busy. USA is a vast goo of meaningless stimulation”. Thomas de Zengodita
    “americans poorly understand that individualism produces uniformity”. Philip Slater
    “only in america do people act like machines, are treated like machines and only in USA are machine metaphors used to describe human behavior”. Geoffrey Gorer
    “what unites the slavophiles, Alexandr Herzen, Peter kropotkin and the Marxists is the believe that western individualism is an enemy of individuality” Vladimir Golstein (1999)
    “individuality has disappeared in USA”. Horkheimer/Adorno
    David Riesman, Richard Sennet, Zygmunt Bauman, Iztvan Mezsaros descibe americans: “over-conformist semi automatons”
    Arthur Koestler compared americans to 5th century Romans: “a similarly contactless society populated by automations…a similarly soulless politically corrupt everybody for themselves society”
    George Simmel found that only in primitive individualistic tribes where individuality was absent were genders homogenized and fashion brought closer to the body…
    “in america equality means money”. Christopher Lasch
    Simmel was not aware that colored hair existed—rare in collectivist societies–he was writing about tattoos…”animalism” (Goethe), “barbarism”. Kant….when Riesman described Americans as” over-conformist semi-automatons” only the lowest ranks of the US Navy, biker gangs, criminals had tattoos…in collectivist societies where individuality exists tattoos are largely confined to criminals

  5. Single-Payer War For All.

    Catastrophe Communist Socialist Capitalism!

    A blank check for The US Congressional Industrial Military National Insecurity Saudi Israeli Fraudulent Blood Monied “Free Market”Complex!

    They gotta keep their gravy train going! Keep robbing America of it treasure! They are the biggest welfare queens in human history! Living and killing off of OUR Tax Dollars!

    $8 Killion more over the next 10 years for more killing! More endless illegal preemptive wars of aggression! God Bless America!

  6. There are necessary evils in the script within the journey to finally arrive into an economic state of free market capitalism. It’s still incomplete. They exist because of economic laws that are unyielding.

  7. The dark secret of Capitalism is that by it’s very nature it is evil and always ends up in monopoly and fascism. It is how it works…..

    1. That’s only the dark side where debt based fiat currency had to be developed because a free floating currency is the means to an end in the development free floating market prices that end up forming at the “other end”.

      A USD is like a segment of string with 2 very distinct “ends”, meaning utility applications for its use in trade. Only one end is the floating fiat currency that has debt attached to it. It’s at the “other end” where we find the scalable price tool where USD price data is now used in all commercial debt-free transactions that take place in eCommerce.

  8. I’ve enjoyed reading Lee Camp’s writings, i.e., in print. But, good lord, I find his in-your-face announcing voice and demeanor incredibly annoying, and I left this video before the end of the first minute.

    1. Yes, ScheerPostChat, Mr. Camp’s style of delivery is over the top and annoying yet his analysis is correct. I also highly recommend’s James From the Internet whose in your face analysis is also correct. Desperate times call for desperate measures unless of course you have the material and financial privilege to ignore we “poors”. Get off your high horse before you’re knocked off.

      1. @Stephen Blobaum
        Camp is a political COMEDIAN. His yelling his part of his schtick.

      2. @Stephen Blobaum wrote: Yes, ScheerPostChat, Mr. Camp’s style of delivery is over the top and annoying yet his analysis is correct. . . . Get off your high horse before you’re knocked off.”

        I don’t have a horse, high or otherwise. I’m allergic to horses, and I prefer that my feet remain planted firmly on the ground. I think Bernie Sanders is too conservative. And before I said I found it necessary to escape (as it seemed to me) Lee Camp’s shrieking video style, I’d already said that I appreciated reading him in print. The medium is not quite the message, but nevertheless it can make a difference in communication. So I’ll thank you not to impute your own mischaracterizations to me.

  9. Very funny. Who are these weird troll posters? Never heard of this book, but, as a Marxist, I might check it out. Thanks Lee, you’re funnier and more left than the sad decline of Jimmy Dore.

    1. Lovin’ yourself some Sam Seder and the poor little rich girl Anna Vigeland eh Froggy baby?😉

      1. @Stephen Blobaum
        What decline of Jimmy Dore? I like Lee Camp better because he has some awareness of environmental issues, which Dore does not, but I see no decline in Dore’s attitudes or posts.

  10. It’s nothing but a leftist myth that capitalism is the root of the problems like war and environmental destruction. Those things began thousands of years ago, well before the invention and use of money. The root of these problems is civilization, which means people living densely in urban areas. People living in this manner cannot live off the local resources, so they have to steal resources from other people, which causes war. Civilization in turn was caused by the use of agriculture, which started 10-12,000 years ago, and which caused a massive human population explosion by providing an unnatural overabundance of food. By definition, civilization means killing native plants in order to plant crops instead of living naturally off the native plants (or even worse, animal agriculture which means unnaturally and very harmfully confining animals in order to easily kill them for food instead of living off the native wild animals). We agree that capitalism is a cancer that must be removed, but it’s very far from being the root of the problem.

    1. That should read, “agriculture means killing native plants in order to grow crops …” Come Sheerpost, get an edit function!

      1. @Stephen Blobaum
        I agree. Humans fit the medical definition of being a cancerous tumor on the Earth.

      1. Who’s paying you Michael G? Are you an actual human being? Until you can answer these questions it’s assumed you are a creation of some billionaire’s stink tank. Your spam has no place in a comments section and should be removed.

      2. That’s only the dark side where debt based fiat currency had to be developed because a free floating currency is the means to an end in the development free floating market prices that end up forming at the “other end”.

        A USD is like a segment of string with 2 very distinct “ends”, meaning utility applications for its use in trade. Only one end is the floating fiat currency that has debt attached to it. It’s at the “other end” where we find the scalable price tool where USD price data is now used in all commercial debt-free transactions that take place in eCommerce.

      3. @Michael G
        We shouldn’t be focused on raising the so-called “standard of living.” This is just more wrongful thinking and attitudes, and is very environmentally destructive and fatal to other species. Our focus should be expanding our consciousness, not obsessing on unnaturally and very harmfully manipulating the physical/natural world. The root of any financial problems is that money exists in the first place and that humans prioritize it over life itself, not how the little green pieces of paper are moved around.

      4. Jeff…. Improving the environment is part’n parcel of raising the living standard. I can’t think of how you’d associate it otherwise. ? We can raise the value of the whole economy without the need to move so many pieces of green paper around too. Our over indulgence of the use of debt is part of the economic and environmental decay we’ re experiencing because it tends to shut down the creative innovation you seem to hold dearly.

      5. @Michael G
        Wrong Michael, that’s leftist BS that prioritizes human materialism above all else. Overconsumption is one of the twin roots of all environmental problems, so the more that humans consume, the more they harm the environment, simple as that. We don’t need to create ever more rich people like Americans and western Europeans, we need to eliminate rich people and live naturally in small numbers.

      6. Please ! Do you really expect to address and resolve macro issues without the liquidity to support large scale projects (?) and on the basis of addressing them at all, they cannot just be addressed with debt and debt alone. Debt-free market based money also has to be introduced and on that basis, I’ll thank you to remove the socialist tag you have so mistakenly try to associate with me.

        I own my own sovereign money ! How socialist is that ? I’ll wager you’re circulating the states IOU’s ? Correct ?

        Jumping to another response you made about “voting” by way of the economy, which I agree with. I support my economy on the basis of “placing votes” with my own “ballot”, debt-free, not someone else’s IOU. This way I can support the economy and the freedom and power of the free market without such a burden on the government debt system.

      7. @Michael G
        The biggest macro issues are human overpopulation and overconsumption. The way to fix those things — and keep in mind that the fixes will take hundreds to thousands of years, because it took that long to create this mess — is for people to breed and consume a lot less. More consumption = more harm, and this is not debatable. I don’t see what you don’t get about this, except that you seem to be infected with money brain, where everything is about economics and materialism.

        Humans need to evolve and stop obsessing on material things; we should instead focus on expanding our consciousness.

      8. I suspect you have little idea of what can now do based on the capability axiom that now allows us to trade debt-free with market balancing and scalable liquidity fully in mind.

    2. So your solution is going back to a hunter/gatherer economic model?
      What do you think will remain after you surgically remove capitalism?
      I don’t even ask how you suggest to do it !

      1. Alteyid48, you do realize jumping immediately to an absurd absolute is not an argument. Binary much?

      2. @Stephen Blobaum
        Actually, I do advocate that humans return to living in much smaller numbers and as hunter-gatherers. However, that’s a very long-term goal that will probably take thousands of years. Agriculture is very ecologically destructive, is totally unnatural, caused a massive population explosion, and no other animal lives that way. So it is not an “absurd absolute,” it’s the only proper way to live.

      3. @alteyid48
        Yes, people should never have used agriculture, because doing so has caused a massive population explosion and other massive environmental and ecological harm. However, returning to living as hunter-gatherers will take thousands of years. We didn’t get into this mess overnight, and we’re not getting out of it overnight either. This will have to be an incremental process, and will consist of greatly lowering both human population and human consumption. However, this is not about an economic model. Stop focusing on money, that’s the problem.

      4. Move forward now that we can address the massive debt bubble from the grass roots of the economy. Get the monetary house in order and we can focus on nobler economic progress that will require large scale capital to address pollution, climate, agriculture and energy, just to name a few.

    3. Human population increased dramatically with oil-fueled industrial agriculture some 150-200 years ago – about the same time that Malthusian warnings of ‘massive explosions’ of untermenschen, and the need for ‘natural’ checks on their reproduction, got promoted – not ten or twelve millennia ago.

      Regarding people’s ‘standards of living’ in your comment below, I don’t know where, or how, you live, but you might want to take your anarcho-primitivist gospel to the closest homeless mission and try out your sermon there, if shameless enough.

      1. @niko

        You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. Before humans started using agriculture, there were 5-10 million people on the entire planet. By the time that humans started destroying the Earth with industrial society its fossil fuels, there were a billion people on Earth. That’s an increase of 100-200 times.

        I’m not an anarcho anything, that’s your thing. I am, among other things, a radical environmentalist and deep ecologist. I serve the Aes Sedai. Your solely human concerns are of little concern to me. As Aldo Leopold said, if something is good for the biotic community, it’s good. If it’s bad for the biotic community, it’s evil, and human population increase since humans started using agriculture is bad for the biotic community.

    4. Again, since there’s no reply option to your last comment to mine below:

      I’ll take it that your statistical scrambling, pulling population guesstimates out of prehistory and dramatizing population increases along a 10-12 thousand year timeline (compared to the exponential increase over the past couple of centuries), indicates desperate lengths you’re willling to go to (along with your frequent misanthropy) because you’re so absolutely sure you know what you’re talking about.

      You may not call yourself anarcho-anything, but your idealization of primal hunter-gatherer existence, whether in the name of deep green resistance a la Derrick Jensen et al. or John Zerzan’s “future primitive” or anthropological approaches of the “original affluent society” (Marshall Sahlins), ironically could use some feet more firmly planted on earth, not least of all with your advocacy of population reduction in a world already reduced to genocidal impoverishment and immiseration as a result of ruling powers which welcome such Malthusian sentiments.

      I also keep wondering if you’re delivering your judgements from the comfort of your living room or some such setting to permit your contempt for these “solely human concerns” which, of course, “are of little concern” to you.

      1. Thousands of years of economic research , based on hindsight, is not required for proper analysis given the realization of one simple principle about economics and the ripples that radiate out from our past economic practices.

        The economy is a real-time event. It always has been for these thousands of years that you referenced.
        We have never been congruent with this self evident reality because real-time measurements in the way of pricing simply were not practical on the axiom of capability….. not until the digital age.

        Real-time prices and real-time price comparisons in eCommerce now allow us to make debt-free transactions that keep scalable liquidity and market balancing in mind. Without this ability, mankind could only struggle to find debt-free liquidity and compensate by succumbing to the constant temptations for creating and using debt. We see where that has brought us !

        The monetary law of weights and measures demands congruence and part of that congruence is that price measurements operate with real-time accuracy. The law is unyielding because the inability to follow it leads to and has led to great suffering.

      2. You lack any understanding of biology, wildlife biology, or ecology. Even more important, you lack any empathy or love for anything beside humans. Calling me names and denigrating the accepted FACTS that I listed isn’t a winning argument bub. You’re mired in myopic human-centered BS without considering the Earth or the other life here.

        As to human overpopulation: Human population was stable for the entire 200,000 years of human existence until humans started using agriculture. While the huge increase in human population caused by this took thousands of years, that increase dwarfs the percentage of population increase caused by industrial society.

        As to my misanthropy, I happily claim that label. Humans fit the medical definition of being a cancerous tumor on the Earth. That’s a fact, not my opinion. To put it into terms to which you can better relate, humans are the Nazis of the species in that they kill everything that’s not them or their creations like human-bred pets. Humans started causing extinctions as soon as they started leaving Africa 60-90,000 years ago, so humans have long been a problem on Earth. I advocate for the Earth itself and all life on it, not for humans, and I’m damn proud to do so. As Earth First! cofounder Dave Foreman put it, people like me are antibodies for the Earth in defense against the humanpox. It doesn’t have to be this way: humans could have and still can stop obsessing on unnaturally and very harmfully manipulating the physical/natural world and instead focus on expanding our consciousness, as many if not most hunter-gatherers do. If humans as a whole were to make that change, we would become the shining light on this planet instead of being a cancerous tumor on it.

        As to Derrick Jensen, he’s great and I agree with his positions on environmental issues 95% of the time. None of us idealize living naturally as hunter-gatherers. For example, we know that machines do work for us, either eliminating that work or making it much easier. The problem is that in order to build and run those machines, you have to destroy habitats and ecosystems, and kill plants and animals. The reason that we advocate living as hunter-gatherers is that it’s the only natural and environmentally friendly way to live, and the only way to live in proper balance with the Earth and the ecosystems in which we live. Simple as that, really. If you love, empathize with, and respect other life, you don’t kill or harm it just to make your own life more convenient. Not to mention that some people think that life as hunter-gatherers living in nature would be a much richer and more fulfilling life, but that’s another issue.

        As to my lifestyle: Yes, I was born into and live in modern techno-industrial society. However, I have no kids and do my best not to consume unnecessary things. I sold my car over 20 years ago and I buy nothing regularly except for food. I volunteered literally thousands of hours as an Earth First! campaigner, worked for Greenpeace, and went to law school to become an environmental attorney. My life focus is on expanding my consciousness, and part of that is experiencing as much as possible while doing as little harm as possible as a way of the universe becoming more aware of itself. I probably wouldn’t even own a computer if I didn’t need it for my work, as I was very reluctant to buy one but was told that I couldn’t practice law without it. You fail to acknowledge, even though Ive repeated it many times, that returning to living as hunter-gatherers is a very long-term goal that will take thousands of years to accomplish and will be accomplished through incremental changes. I never demanded that we all give up everything from agriculture and industrial society immediately and immediately begin living as hunter-gatherers. So personally attacking me because I have to live within the constraints of this society is a red herring and shows that you have no legitimate counterargument.

  11. I’m sure Lee Camp is aware of the irony of appearing on a network owned by a capitalist Russian oligarch in order to decry American capitalist oligarchs, right?
    Oh well, whoever butters your toast, eh?

    1. Oh I’m sure he’s well aware of that Big B. So his platform completely nullifies what he has said. Throwing the baby out with the bath water.

    2. @Big B
      What non-oligarch platform do you suggest that Camp use that would provide at least equal exposure?

  12. Does this guy ever get around to noticing the capitalist coup going down worldwide, or just stick to his schtick?

  13. There’s no coup. There’s a great deal of ignorance and apathy, as well as sloth.
    The balancing of social and economic power rests more with the free market than the free market realizes. Consumers have the stage now.

    1. @Michael G
      I’ve been saying for decades that it’s more important how you vote with your pocketbook, including refusing to buy things, than it is how you vote in an election. Far more important actually.

      1. @Michael G
        I don’t understand your response to me. But if you’re saying that who you vote for in the U.S. is important, you’ve been brainwashed. See the 2017 university study showing that what the vast majority of people want and what legislators do has no connection. Only the upper class gets what they want from elected politicians, because all of those politicians represent them only. You have no real choice, wake up!

        Again, this only applies if that’s what you’re saying.

      2. You made the reference of voting from your pocketbook. I’ll assume your vote is made with legal tender when you cast it ? That’s not your ballot because you don’t own it. You can, in fact, own and use your own money because the market is now developing methods for the individual use of one’s own sovereign gold and silver as debt-free currency utilized within eCommerce. Fully bullion backed market based medium is beginning to be used in free market transactions.

      3. @Michael G
        Your comments are totally irrelevant to what I said. For example, if people stop buying a product because the manufacture of it is destroying forests, the company would cease to exist. This has nothing to do with which currency one uses to buy things.

      4. If your frustration with the corporate world is based it being very much supply driven then my comment actually does apply because we will always have a supply driven economy on the basis that we have a supply driven legal tender system that’s fully predicated on debt.

        The structural apex becomes a dangerous place, rank with temptation and like a light to moths.
        It’s incumbent on the free market to create a “rounder world” by way of market participants using their own market based money in addition to the classical use of legal tender.

        Are you “there” yet or are you fully relying on state created IOU’s to do your “voting” within the economic model ???

        We need some “Yang with our Yin” and the rounder world will emerge with a greater sense of balance and symbiosis.

    2. Michael G, you continue to ignore the questions of whether or not you are in fact a real human being and if so which billionaire’s stink tank is paying you?

      1. That doesn’t change the message but if you must know, I’m an eCommerce analyst/consultant.
        I’m not being paid by anyone. My interest is in the economy as an entrepreneur and as a consumer and the efficiency by which the economy runs.

        Surely , you have a more powerful question that you can ask !

  14. Michael G, “who, what, where, when, why, and how relate to three broad topics: (1) what happened; (2) What caused it to happen; (3). What does it mean.” The beliefs you think you have, the beliefs you say you have, and the beliefs you actually live day in and day out are disparate Michael G. The “System” you so vehemently proselytize is inherently flawed and is murdering people as you read this. Applying rudimentary Systems Theory shows the incentives within Capitalism are the antithesis to Life itself. The wages of Sin. The short answer Michael G is you’re full of shit.

    1. ?

      I find your post to be very obtuse if not rude. I think you may be projecting on the basis that you think you know me. I find that hard to believe considering I’m a free market capitalist and an entrepreneur.

      Having said that, I also realize that capitalism is not perfect because it’s simply incomplete and its monetary model can be compared to a bicycle designed for two cooperative and coordinated monetary wheels where , at the moment, only one wheel has been assembled onto the frame. It’s like a “Yin” that has no “Yang”, no balance and no symbiosis, doomed to fail.

      What to do ??? Do we throw a way a good design or complete it ?

  15. Much love to all who endeavor to visit Scheerpost.
    All this antagonism amongst should be allies.
    Sad, and frustrating.
    The US has the most extensive prison system on earth, right?
    We just to make some changes with respect to occupancy.
    The citizenry is perfectly capable of effecting a mass citizens arrest of various political and corporate , I can’t find the word, so I’ll go with scumbags to effect this post.
    We, the people outnumber the assholes by a little, and we possess the power to change things for the better.
    It’s only a matter of will.
    I spent six years of my life in a maximum security prison, for a crime I did not commit.
    It cost me almost every dime I had to free myself from this corrupt USA legal system.
    But, I discovered that the powers that be, only control me if I allow it, and adhere to their dictates.
    When I say no, which is all the time, now, I am liberated.
    And, guess what, I’m still breathing, and I’m still a free man.
    Join me.
    Like Nancy “the witch”(sorry if I have offended any of the wonderful witches out there) Regan said: JUST SAY NO!!!!

  16. Just so all of the data oriented freaks out there understand what I am saying, you cannot quantify the human spirit.
    What’s the numeric value of love?
    Are there differing values attributed to the various forms of love that exist?
    Do you believe in love?
    I believe in you.

  17. I apologize for posting so much sh!t, but I want to talk to you.
    One last thing.
    If anyone finds any value in anything I’ve had to say, the credit belongs to Dr. Lance Dodes.
    This exceptional individual has initiated the process of internal, and external happiness and content in me.
    I wanted to give him his props before I said thank you for allowing me to ramble on and relieve myself of some don’t have the right word again, so we’ll go with sh!t.
    I wish you well.

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