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Lee Camp: Cops Shoot More People Than You Thought

A new study investigated how many people in the U.S. the police tried to kill each year.

Lee Camp reports on a new study that looks into the survivors of police brutality. It turns out US cops try to kill way more people than they succeed at killing.


  1. Looking at news articles on Google, it appears that less than 100 cops are murdered in the US in a years time. Which means that the cops are killing 10 times as many as are getting killed.

  2. Police violence is inherent in a state that stole & killed this nation rather than share with native Americans Indians but why shouldn’t it be shocking when law enforcement began as slave bounty hunters.

  3. An important and disturbing article. Kudos! A suggestion to Lee Camp: I enjoy political satire (e.g. the late George Carlin), but do you have to SCREAM IT? It can be really annoying and sounds juvenile. “Sotto voce”, Lee.

  4. USA has more violent crime, non-violent crime, rape per capita all nations…this is no surprise

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