Jacques Baud Ukraine

Former NATO Military Analyst Blows the Whistle on West’s Ukraine Invasion Narrative

Jacques Baud, a NATO expert, denounces western coverage of the Ukraine invasion.
Jacques Baud, intelligence and security consultant and former NATO military analyst

By Jacques Baud / French Intelligence Research Center


For years, from Mali to Afghanistan, I worked for peace and risked my life for it. It is therefore not a question of justifying the war, but of understanding what led us to it. I note that the “experts” who take turns on the television sets analyze the situation based on dubious information, most often hypotheses turned into facts, and therefore we no longer manage to understand what is happening. That’s how you create panic.

The problem is not so much who is right in this conflict, but how our leaders make their decisions.

Let’s try to examine the roots of the conflict. It starts with those who for the past eight years have been talking to us about “separatists” or “independence” from the Donbass. It’s wrong. The referendums conducted by the two self-proclaimed republics of Donetsk and Luhansk in May 2014 were not ”  independence ” (независимость) referendums , as some unscrupulous journalists  claimed , but ”  self-determination  ” or ”  autonomy (самостоятельность). The term “pro-Russian” suggests that Russia was a party to the conflict, which was not the case, and the term “Russian speakers” would have been more honest. Moreover, these referendums were conducted against the advice of Vladimir Putin.

In fact, these republics did not seek to separate from Ukraine, but to have a statute of autonomy guaranteeing them the use of the Russian language as an official language. Because the first legislative act of the new government resulting from the overthrow of President Yanukovych, was the abolition, on February 23, 2014, of the Kivalov-Kolesnichenko law of 2012 which made Russian an official language. A bit as if putschists decided that French and Italian would no longer be official languages ​​in Switzerland.

This decision causes a storm in the Russian-speaking population. This resulted in fierce repression against the Russian-speaking regions (Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov, Lugansk and Donetsk) which began in February 2014 and led to a militarization of the situation and a few massacres (in Odessa and Mariupol, for the most important). At the end of summer 2014, only the self-proclaimed republics of Donetsk and Lugansk remained.

At this stage, too rigid and stuck in a doctrinaire approach to the operational art, the Ukrainian staffs suffered the enemy without succeeding in imposing themselves. Examination of the course of the fighting in 2014-2016 in the Donbass shows that the Ukrainian general staff systematically and mechanically applied the same operational plans. However, the war waged by the autonomists was then very close to what we observed in the Sahel: very mobile operations carried out with light means. With a more flexible and less doctrinaire approach, the rebels were able to exploit the inertia of the Ukrainian forces to “trap” them repeatedly.

In 2014, I am at NATO, responsible for the fight against the proliferation of small arms, and we are trying to detect Russian arms deliveries to the rebels in order to see if Moscow is involved. The information that we receive then comes practically all from the Polish intelligence services and does not “match” with the information from the OSCE: in spite of rather crude allegations, we do not observe any delivery of arms and materials Russian military.

The rebels are armed thanks to the defections of Russian-speaking Ukrainian units which cross over to the rebel side. As the Ukrainian failures progressed, the entire tank, artillery or anti-aircraft battalions swelled the ranks of the autonomists. This is what drives the Ukrainians to commit to the Minsk Accords.

But, just after signing the Minsk 1 Accords, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko launched a vast anti-terrorist operation (ATO/Антитерористична операція) against Donbass. Bis repetita placent  : poorly advised by NATO officers, the Ukrainians suffered a crushing defeat at Debaltsevo which forced them to commit to the Minsk 2 Agreements…

It is essential to recall here that the Minsk 1 (September 2014) and Minsk 2 (February 2015) Agreements provided for neither the separation nor the independence of the Republics, but their autonomy within the framework of Ukraine. Those who have read the Accords (they are very, very, very few) will find that it is written in full that the status of the republics was to be negotiated between Kiev and the representatives of the republics, for an internal solution in Ukraine .

This is why since 2014, Russia has systematically demanded their application while refusing to be a party to the negotiations, because it was an internal matter for Ukraine. On the other side, the Westerners – led by France – systematically tried to replace the Minsk Accords with the “Normandy format”, which brought Russians and Ukrainians face to face. However, let us remember, there were never any Russian troops in the Donbass before February 23-24, 2022. Moreover, OSCE observers have never observed the slightest trace of Russian units operating in the Donbass. Thus, the US intelligence map published by the Washington Post on December 3, 2021 does not show Russian troops in Donbass.

In October 2015, Vasyl Hrytsak, director of the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU), confessed that only 56 Russian fighters had been observed in the Donbass. It was an even comparable to that of the Swiss going to fight in Bosnia during the weekends, in the 1990s, or the French who are going to fight in Ukraine today.

The Ukrainian army was then in a deplorable state. In October 2018, after four years of war, Ukraine’s chief military prosecutor Anatoly Matios said that Ukraine had lost 2,700 men in the Donbass: 891 from disease, 318 from traffic accidents, 177 from other accidents, 175 from poisoning (alcohol, drugs), 172 from careless handling of weapons, 101 from breaches of safety rules, 228 from murder and 615 from suicide. 

In fact, the army is undermined by the corruption of its cadres and no longer enjoys the support of the population. According to a UK Home Office report , when reservists were called up in March-April 2014, 70% did not show up for the first session, 80% for the second, 90% for the third and 95% for the fourth. In October/November 2017, 70% of callers did not show up during the “  Autumn 2017  ” callback campaign. This does not include suicides and desertions(often for the benefit of the autonomists) which reach up to 30% of the workforce in the ATO zone. Young Ukrainians refuse to go and fight in the Donbass and prefer emigration, which also explains, at least partially, the country’s demographic deficit.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense then turned to NATO to help it make its armed forces more “attractive”. Having already worked on similar projects within the framework of the United Nations, I was asked by NATO to participate in a program intended to restore the image of the Ukrainian armed forces. But it’s a long process and the Ukrainians want to go quickly.

Thus, to compensate for the lack of soldiers, the Ukrainian government resorted to paramilitary militias. They are essentially made up of foreign mercenaries, often far-right activists. As of 2020, they constitute around 40% of Ukraine’s forces and number around 102,000 men according to Reuters . They are armed, financed and trained by the United States, Great Britain, Canada and France. There are more than 19 nationalities – including Swiss.

Western countries have therefore clearly created and supported Ukrainian far-right militias . In October 2021, the Jerusalem Post sounded the alarm by denouncing the Centuria project . These militias have been operating in the Donbass since 2014, with Western support. Even if we can discuss the term “Nazi”, the fact remains that these militias are violent, convey a nauseating ideology and are virulently anti-Semitic. Their anti-Semitism is more cultural than political, which is why the adjective “Nazi” is not really appropriate. Their hatred of the Jew comes from the great famines of the years 1920-1930 in Ukraine, resulting from the confiscation of crops by Stalin in order to finance the modernization of the Red Army. However, this genocide – known in Ukraine under the name of Holodomor – was perpetrated by the NKVD (ancestor of the KGB) whose upper echelons of leadership were mainly composed of Jews. That is why, today, Ukrainian extremists are asking Israel to apologize for the crimes of communism , as the Jerusalem Post reports . We are therefore a long way from a “  rewriting of history  ” by Vladimir Putin.

These militias, stemming from the far-right groups that led the Euromaidan revolution in 2014, are made up of fanatical and brutal individuals. The best known of these is the Azov regiment, whose emblem is reminiscent of that of the 2nd SS Das Reich Panzer Division , which is the object of real veneration in Ukraine, for having liberated Kharkov from the Soviets in 1943, before to perpetrate the massacre of Oradour-sur-Glane in 1944, in France.

Among the famous figures of the Azov regiment was the opponent Roman Protassevich, arrested in 2021 by the Belarusian authorities following the case of RyanAir flight FR4978. On May 23, 2021, there is talk of the deliberate hijacking of an airliner by a MiG-29 – with Putin’s agreement , of course – to arrest Protassevich, although the information then available does not confirm this scenario in any way.

But it must then be shown that President Lukashenko is a thug and Protassevich a “journalist” in love with democracy. However, a rather edifying investigation produced by an American NGO in 2020 , highlighted Protassevich’s far-right militant activities. Western conspiracy then sets in motion and unscrupulous media “groom” his biography . Finally, in January 2022, the ICAO report is published and shows that despite some procedural errors, Belarus acted in accordance with the rules in force and that the MiG-29 took off 15 minutes after the RyanAir pilot decided to land in Minsk. So no Belarus plot and even less with Putin. Ah!… One more detail: Protassevich,cruelly tortured by Belarusian police, is now free. Those who would like to correspond with him, can go to his Twitter account .

The labeling of “Nazi” or “neo-Nazi” given to Ukrainian paramilitaries is considered Russian propaganda . Perhaps ; but that is not the opinion of The Times of Israel , the Simon Wiesenthal Center or the Counterterrorism Center at West Point Academy. But this remains debatable, because, in 2014, Newsweek magazine seemed to associate them with… the Islamic State. A choice !

So the West supports and continues to arm militias that have been guilty of numerous crimes against civilian populations since 2014  : rape, torture and massacres. But while the Swiss government has been very quick to impose sanctions against Russia, it has not adopted any against Ukraine, which has been slaughtering its own population since 2014. In fact, those who defend the rights of the men in Ukraine have long condemned the actions of these groups, but have not been followed by our governments. Because, in reality, we are not trying to help Ukraine, but to fight Russia.

The integration of these paramilitary forces into the National Guard was not at all accompanied by a “denazification”, as some claim . Among the many examples, that of the insignia of the Azov Regiment is edifying:

In 2022, very schematically, the Ukrainian armed forces fighting the Russian offensive are structured as:

– Army, subordinate to the Ministry of Defence: it is articulated in 3 army corps and composed of maneuver formations (tanks, heavy artillery, missiles, etc.).

– National Guard, which depends on the Ministry of the Interior and is articulated in 5 territorial commands.

The National Guard is therefore a territorial defense force which is not part of the Ukrainian army. It includes paramilitary militias, called ”  volunteer battalions” (добровольчі батальйоні), also known by the evocative name of ”  retaliatory battalions  “, composed of infantry. Mainly trained for urban combat, they now ensure the defense of cities such as Kharkov, Mariupol, Odessa, kyiv, etc.


Former head of the Warsaw Pact forces in the Swiss strategic intelligence service, I observe with sadness – but not astonishment – ​​that our services are no longer in a position to understand the military situation in Ukraine. The self-proclaimed “experts” who parade across our screens tirelessly relay the same information modulated by the assertion that Russia – and Vladimir Putin – is irrational. Let’s take a step back.


Since November 2021, the Americans have constantly brandished the threat of a Russian invasion against Ukraine. However, the Ukrainians do not seem to agree. Why ?

We have to go back to March 24, 2021. On that day, Volodymyr Zelensky issued a decree for the reconquest of Crimea and began to deploy his forces towards the south of the country. Simultaneously, several NATO exercises were conducted between the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea, accompanied by a significant increase in reconnaissance flights along the Russian border. Russia then conducts a few exercises to test the operational readiness of its troops and show that it is following the evolution of the situation.

Things calm down until October-November with the end of the ZAPAD 21 exercises, whose troop movements are interpreted as a reinforcement for an offensive against Ukraine. However, even the Ukrainian authorities refute the idea of ​​Russian preparations for a war and Oleksiy Reznikov, Ukrainian Minister of Defense declares that there has been no change on its border since the spring.

In violation of the Minsk Accords, Ukraine is conducting aerial operations in Donbass using drones, including at least one strike against a fuel depot in Donetsk in October 2021 . The American press points this out, but not the Europeans and no one condemns these violations.

In February 2022, events rush. On February 7, during his visit to Moscow, Emmanuel Macron reaffirms to Vladimir Putin his attachment to the Minsk Accords , a commitment he will repeat after his interview with Volodymyr Zelensky the next day. But on February 11, in Berlin, after 9 hours of work, the meeting of the political advisers of the leaders of the ”  Normandy format  “ ends, without concrete result: the Ukrainians still and always refuse to apply the Accordsof Minsk, apparently under pressure from the United States. Vladimir Putin then notes that Macron has made empty promises to him and that the West is not ready to enforce the Accords, as they have been doing for eight years.

Ukrainian preparations in the contact zone continue. The Russian Parliament is alarmed and on February 15 asks Vladimir Putin to recognize the independence of the Republics, which he refuses.

On February 17, President Joe Biden announces that Russia will attack Ukraine in the coming days. How does he know? Mystery… But since the 16th, the artillery shelling of the populations of Donbass has increased dramatically, as shown by the daily reports of OSCE observers. Naturally, neither the media, nor the European Union, nor NATO, nor any Western government reacts and intervenes. We will say later that this is Russian disinformation. In fact, it seems that the European Union and some countries purposely glossed over the massacre of the people of Donbass, knowing that it would provoke Russian intervention.

At the same time, there are reports of acts of sabotage in the Donbass. On January 18, Donbass fighters intercept saboteurs equipped with Western equipment and speaking Polish seeking to create chemical incidents in Gorlivka . They could be CIA mercenaries , led or “advised” by Americans and made up of Ukrainian or European fighters, to carry out sabotage actions in the Donbass Republics.

In fact, as early as February 16, Joe Biden knows that the Ukrainians began to shell the civilian populations of Donbass, putting Vladimir Putin in front of a difficult choice: to help Donbass militarily and create an international problem or to sit idle and watch Russian speakers. from the Donbass being run over.

If he decides to intervene, Vladimir Putin can invoke the international obligation of “  Responsibility To Protect  ” (R2P). But he knows that whatever its nature or scale, the intervention will trigger a shower of sanctions. Therefore, whether its intervention is limited to the Donbass or whether it goes further to put pressure on the West for the status of Ukraine, the price to be paid will be the same. This is what he explains in his speech on February 21.

That day, he acceded to the request of the Duma and recognized the independence of the two Republics of Donbass and, in the process, he signed treaties of friendship and assistance with them.

The Ukrainian artillery bombardments on the populations of Donbass continued and, on February 23, the two Republics requested military aid from Russia. On the 24th, Vladimir Putin invokes Article 51 of the United Nations Charter which provides for mutual military assistance within the framework of a defensive alliance.

In order to make the Russian intervention totally illegal in the eyes of the public we deliberately obscure the fact that the war actually started on February 16th. The Ukrainian army was preparing to attack the Donbass as early as 2021, as certain Russian and European intelligence services were well aware… The lawyers will judge.

In his speech on February 24, Vladimir Putin stated the two objectives of his operation: to “demilitarize” and “denazify” Ukraine. It is therefore not a question of seizing Ukraine, nor even, in all likelihood, of occupying it and certainly not of destroying it.

From there, our visibility on the course of the operation is limited: the Russians have an excellent security of operations (OPSEC) and the detail of their planning is not known. But fairly quickly, the course of operations makes it possible to understand how the strategic objectives were translated into the operational plan.

– Demilitarization:

. ground destruction of Ukrainian aviation, air defense systems and reconnaissance assets;

. neutralization of command and intelligence structures (C3I), as well as the main logistics routes in the depth of the territory;

. encirclement of the bulk of the Ukrainian army massed in the south-east of the country.

– Denazification:

. destruction or neutralization of volunteer battalions operating in the cities of Odessa, Kharkov and Mariupol, as well as in various facilities on the territory.


The Russian offensive proceeds in a very “classic” manner. At first – as the Israelis had done in 1967 – with the destruction on the ground of the air forces in the very first hours. Then, we witness a simultaneous progression on several axes according to the principle of “flowing water”: we advance wherever resistance is weak and we leave the cities (very voracious in troops) for later. To the north, the Chernobyl plant is occupied immediately to prevent acts of sabotage. The images of Ukrainian and Russian soldiers jointly guarding the plant are naturally not shown…

The idea that Russia is trying to take over Kiev, the capital, to eliminate Zelensky, typically comes from the West: this is what they did in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and what they wanted to do in Syria with the help of the Islamic State . But Vladimir Putin never intended to take down or overthrow Zelensky. On the contrary, Russia seeks to keep him in power by pushing him to negotiate by encircling kyiv. He had refused to do so far to apply the Minsk Accords, but now the Russians want to obtain Ukraine’s neutrality.

Many Western commentators marveled that the Russians continued to seek a negotiated solution while conducting military operations. The explanation is in the Russian strategic conception, since Soviet times. For Westerners, war begins when politics ceases. However, the Russian approach follows a Clausewitzian inspiration: war is the continuity of politics and one can pass fluidly from one to the other, even during combat. This creates pressure on the opponent and pushes him to negotiate.

From an operational point of view, the Russian offensive was an example of its kind: in six days, the Russians seized a territory as vast as the United Kingdom, with a speed of advance greater than what the Wehrmacht made in 1940.

The bulk of the Ukrainian army was deployed in the south of the country for a major operation against Donbass. This is why the Russian forces were able to encircle it from the beginning of March in the “cauldron” between Slavyansk, Kramatorsk and Severodonetsk, by a thrust coming from the east via Kharkov and another coming from the south from the Crimea. The troops of the Republics of Donetsk (DPR) and Lugansk (RPL) complete the action of the Russian forces with a push from the East.

At this stage, the Russian forces are slowly tightening the noose, but are no longer under time pressure. Their objective of demilitarization is practically achieved and the residual Ukrainian forces no longer have an operational and strategic command structure.

The “slowdown” that our “experts” attribute to poor logistics is only the consequence of having achieved the objectives set. Russia does not seem to want to engage in an occupation of the whole Ukrainian territory. In fact, it seems rather that Russia is trying to limit its advance to the country’s linguistic border. 

Our media speak of indiscriminate bombardments against civilian populations, particularly in Kharkov, and dantesque images are broadcast on a loop. However, Gonzalo Lira, a Latin American who lives there, presents us with a calm city on March 10 , and on March 11 . Admittedly it’s a big city and you can’t see everything, but that seems to indicate that we are not in the total war that we are being served continuously on our screens.

As for the Republics of Donbass, they have “liberated” their own territories and are fighting in the city of Mariupol.


In cities like Kharkov, Mariupol and Odessa, defense is provided by paramilitary militias. They know that the objective of “denazification” is aimed primarily at them.

For an attacker in an urbanized area, civilians are a problem. This is why Russia seeks to create humanitarian corridors to empty the cities of civilians and leave only the militias in order to fight them more easily.

Conversely, these militias seek to keep civilians in the cities in order to dissuade the Russian army from coming to fight there. This is why they are reluctant to implement these corridors and do everything so that Russian efforts are in vain: they can thus use the civilian population as “human shields”. Videos showing civilians trying to leave Mariupol and being beaten up by fighters from the Azov regiment are naturally carefully censored here.

On Facebook, the Azov group was considered in the same category as the Islamic State and subject to the platform’s ”  dangerous individuals and organizations policy  ” . It was therefore forbidden to glorify him, and the “posts” that were favorable to him were systematically banned. But on February 24, Facebook changed its policy and allowed posts favorable to the militia. In the same spirit, in March, the platform authorizes, in the former Eastern European countries, calls for the murder of Russian soldiers and leaders . So much for the values ​​that inspire our leaders, as we will see. 

Our media propagate a romantic image of popular resistance. It is this image that has led the European Union to finance the distribution of arms to the civilian population. It is a criminal act. In my role as chief of doctrine for peacekeeping operations at the UN, I worked on the issue of the protection of civilians. We then saw that violence against civilians took place in very specific contexts. Especially when weapons abound and there are no command structures.

Now, these command structures are the essence of armies: their function is to channel the use of force according to an objective. By arming citizens in a haphazard fashion as is currently the case, the EU turns them into combatants, with the attendant consequences: potential targets. Moreover, without command, without operational goals, the distribution of arms inevitably leads to settling of scores, banditry and actions that are more deadly than effective. War becomes a matter of emotions. Force becomes violence. This is what happened in Tawarga (Libya) from August 11 to 13, 2011, where 30,000 black Africans were massacred with weapons parachuted (illegally) by France. Moreover, the British Royal Institute for Strategic Studies(RUSI) sees no added value in these arms deliveries.

Moreover, by delivering arms to a country at war, one exposes oneself to being considered as a belligerent. The Russian strikes on March 13, 2022, against the Mykolaiv air base follow Russian warnings that weapons transports would be treated as hostile targets.

The EU repeats the disastrous experience of the Third Reich in the last hours of the Battle of Berlin. War should be left to the military and when one side has lost, it should be admitted. And if there is to be resistance, it must imperatively be led and structured. However, we are doing exactly the opposite: we are pushing citizens to go and fight and at the same time, Facebook is allowing calls for the murder of Russian soldiers and leaders . So much for the values ​​that inspire us. 

In some intelligence services, this irresponsible decision is seen as a way of using the Ukrainian population as cannon fodder to fight Vladimir Putin’s Russia. This kind of murderous decision had to be left to the colleagues of Ursula von der Leyen’s grandfather. It would have been wiser to engage in negotiations and thus obtain guarantees for the civilian populations than to add fuel to the fire. It’s easy to be combative with other people’s blood…


It is important to understand beforehand that it is not the Ukrainian army which ensures the defense of Mariupol, but the Azov militia, composed of foreign mercenaries.

In its summary of the situation of March 7, 2022, the Russian UN mission in New York states that ”  Residents report that the Ukrainian armed forces have expelled the personnel of the Natal Hospital No. 1 from the city of Mariupol and have installed a shooting station inside the establishment . »

On March 8, the independent Russian media Lenta.ru published the testimony of civilians from Mariupol who said that the maternity hospital was taken over by the militias of the Azov regiment, and chased out the civilian occupants, threatening them with their weapons. They thus confirm the statements of the Russian ambassador a few hours earlier.

The Mariupol hospital occupies a dominant position, perfectly adequate for installing anti-tank weapons and for observation. On March 9, Russian forces hit the building. According to CNN , there are 17 injured, but the footage shows no casualties on the premises and there is no evidence that the reported casualties are related to this strike. We talk about children, but in reality, we see nothing. It may be true, but it may be false… Which does not prevent EU leaders from seeing it as a war crime … Which allows Zelensky, just afterwards, to claim a no-fly zone over Ukraine…

In reality, we don’t know exactly what happened. But the sequence of events tends to confirm that the Russian forces struck a position of the Azov regiment and that the maternity ward was then free of all civilians.

The problem is that the paramilitary militias that ensure the defense of cities are encouraged by the international community not to respect the customs of war. It seems that the Ukrainians have re-enacted the scenario of the maternity hospital in Kuwait City in 1990 , which had been completely staged by the firm Hill & Knowlton for the amount of 10.7 million dollars in order to convince the United Nations Security Council to intervene in Iraq for Operation Desert Shield/Storm .

Western politicians have also accepted strikes against civilians in Donbass for eight years, without adopting any sanctions against the Ukrainian government. We have long since entered into a dynamic where Western politicians have agreed to sacrifice international law to their objective of weakening Russia .


As a former intelligence professional, the first thing that strikes me is the total absence of Western intelligence services in representing the situation for a year. In Switzerland, the services have been criticized for not having provided a correct picture of the situation. In fact, it seems that all over the Western world, the services have been overwhelmed by the politicians. The problem is that it is the politicians who decide: the best intelligence service in the world is useless if the decision-maker does not listen to it. This is what happened during this crisis.

That said, while some intelligence services had a very precise and rational image of the situation, others clearly had the same image as that propagated by our media. In this crisis, the services of the countries of the “new Europe” played an important role. The problem is that, by experience, I found that they were extremely bad on the analytical level: doctrinaire, they do not have the intellectual and political independence necessary to appreciate a situation with a military “quality”. It is better to have them as enemies than as friends.

Then, it seems that in some European countries, politicians have deliberately ignored their services to respond ideologically to the situation. This is why this crisis has been irrational from the start. It will be observed that all the documents that have been presented to the public during this crisis have been presented by politicians on the basis of commercial sources…

Some Western politicians obviously wanted there to be a conflict. In the United States, the attack scenarios presented by Anthony Blinken to the Security Council were only the fruit of the imagination of a Tiger Team working for him  : he did exactly like Donald Rumsfeld in 2002, who thus “bypassed” the CIA and other intelligence services that were far less assertive about Iraqi chemical weapons.

The dramatic developments we are witnessing today have causes we knew about, but refused to see:

– on the strategic level, the expansion of NATO (which we have not dealt with here);

– on the political level, the Western refusal to implement the Minsk Agreements;

– and on the operational level, the continuous and repeated attacks on the civilian populations of Donbass for years and the dramatic increase at the end of February 2022.

In other words, we can naturally deplore and condemn the Russian attack. But WE (that is to say: the United States, France and the European Union in the lead) have created the conditions for a conflict to break out. We show compassion for the Ukrainian people and the two million refugees . It’s good. But if we had had a modicum of compassion for the same number of refugees from the Ukrainian populations of Donbass massacred by their own government and who have been accumulating in Russia for eight years, none of this would probably have happened.

Whether the term “genocide” applies to the abuses suffered by the populations of Donbass is an open question. This term is generally reserved for larger cases (Holocaust, etc.), however, the definition given by the Genocide Convention is probably broad enough to apply. Lawyers will appreciate.

Clearly, this conflict has led us into hysteria. Sanctions seem to have become the preferred tool of our foreign policies. If we had insisted that Ukraine respect the Minsk Accords, which we negotiated and endorsed, none of this would have happened. The condemnation of Vladimir Putin is also ours. There is no point in whining after the fact, we had to act before. However, neither Emmanuel Macron (as guarantor and as a member of the UN Security Council), nor Olaf Scholz, nor Volodymyr Zelensky have respected their commitments. Ultimately, the real defeat is that of those who have no voice.

The European Union was unable to promote the implementation of the Minsk agreements, on the contrary, it did not react when Ukraine bombarded its own population in the Donbass. Had she done so, Vladimir Putin would not have needed to react. Absent from the diplomatic phase, the EU distinguished itself by fueling the conflict. On February 27, the Ukrainian government agrees to start negotiations with Russia. But a few hours later, the European Union voted a budget of 450 million euros to supply arms to Ukraine, adding fuel to the fire. From there, the Ukrainians feel that they will not need to come to an agreement. The resistance of the Azov militias in Mariupol will even causea raise of 500 million euros for weapons .

In Ukraine, with the blessing of Western countries, those who are in favor of a negotiation are eliminated. This is the case of Denis Kireyev, one of the Ukrainian negotiators, assassinated on March 5 by the Ukrainian secret service (SBU) because he is too favorable to Russia and is considered a traitor. The same fate is reserved for Dmitry Demyanenko, former deputy head of the main directorate of the SBU for Kiev and its region, assassinated on March 10 , because too favorable to an agreement with Russia: he is killed by the Mirotvorets militia (”  Peacemaker  “). This militia is associated with the Mirotvorets website which lists the ”  enemies of Ukraine”, with their personal data, address and telephone numbers, so that they can be harassed or even eliminated  ; a punishable practice in many countries, but not in Ukraine . The UN and some European countries have demanded its closure… refused by the Rada.

Eventually, the price will be high, but Vladimir Putin will likely achieve the goals he set for himself. Its ties with Beijing have solidified. China emerges as a mediator of the conflict, while Switzerland enters the list of enemies of Russia. The Americans must ask Venezuela and Iran for oil to get out of the energy impasse in which they have gotten themselves: Juan Guaido leaves the scene definitively and the United States must pitifully reverse the sanctions imposed on their enemies.

Western ministers who seek to collapse the Russian economy and make the Russian people suffer , even calling for the assassination of Putin, show (even if they partially reversed the form of their remarks, but not on bottom!) that our leaders are no better than the ones we hate. Because, sanctioning Russian athletes from the Para-Olympic Games or Russian artists has absolutely nothing to do with a fight against Putin.

Thus, therefore, we recognize that Russia is a democracy since we consider that the Russian people are responsible for the war. If not, then why are we trying to punish an entire population for the fault of one? Remember that collective punishment is prohibited by the Geneva Conventions…

The lesson to be drawn from this conflict is our sense of variable geometry humanity. If we were so attached to peace and to Ukraine, why didn’t we encourage her more to respect the agreements that she had signed and that the members of the Security Council had approved?

Media integrity is measured by their willingness to work under the terms of the Munich Charter. They had succeeded in propagating hatred of the Chinese during the Covid crisis and their polarized message leads to the same effects against the Russians . Journalism is stripping itself more and more of professionalism to become militant…

As Goethe said: “  The greater the light, the darker the shadow  ”. The more the sanctions against Russia are excessive, the more the cases where we have done nothing highlight our racism and our servility. Why has no Western politician reacted to the strikes against the civilian populations of Donbass for eight years?

After all, what makes the conflict in Ukraine more blameworthy than the war in Iraq, Afghanistan or Libya? What sanctions have we adopted against those who have deliberately lied before the international community to wage unjust, unjustified, unjustifiable and murderous wars? Did we try to “make suffer” the American people who had lied to us (because it’s a democracy!) before the war in Iraq? Have we even adopted a single sanction against the countries, companies or politicians who are fueling the conflict in Yemen, considered the ”  worst humanitarian disaster in the world  “? Have we sanctioned the countries of the European Union who practice the most abject torture on their territory for the benefit of the United States?

To ask the question is to answer it… and the answer is not glorious.

Jacques Baud

Jacques Baud is a former Colonel of the General Staff, former member of Swiss strategic intelligence, specialist in Eastern European countries. He was trained in the American and British intelligence services. He was the head of doctrine for United Nations peace operations. A United Nations expert for the rule of law and security institutions, he designed and led the first multidimensional United Nations intelligence service in Sudan. He worked for the African Union and was responsible for the fight against the proliferation of small arms at NATO for 5 years. He was engaged in talks with top Russian military and intelligence officials right after the fall of the USSR. Within NATO, he followed the Ukrainian crisis of 2014, then participated in programs of assistance to Ukraine. He is the author of several books on intelligence, war and terrorism, and in particular Le Détournement published by SIGEST, Govern by fake news, The Navalny affair, and Poutine, master of the game? published by Max Milo.


  1. Let me end with a quote from an heartfelt Lithuanian take, by Kristina Sabaliauskaitė, on the Russian attempt to subjugate Ukraine.

    “For Lithuanians or Poles, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine did not come as a shock. It was always plausible — for more than a decade, Russia has rehearsed attacks on its neighbors during military exercises, going as far as a simulated “cut-off” of the Baltic states from the EU or simulated nuclear strikes on Warsaw or Berlin. As I write, children are dying, Ukrainian women and girls are being raped by Russian soldiers, civilians are shot in the back; schools, hospitals and UNESCO-protected cathedrals are being carpet-bombed. The death and deportation lists for thousands of Ukrainians have reportedly been drawn up, just as they were under Stalin and Hitler.

    We in Lithuania always knew that Russia might be capable of this. We had a taste of a “light” version in 1991, with “only” 14 people killed and about a thousand injured. We constantly tried to forewarn our partners — but for the most part, they thought it was an exaggeration, an example of Russophobia. No, it was simply our fluency in their language; it was expertise and Russo-realism.”

    1. To, DGA,
      I am quite sure the Lithuanian woman was sincere – and i am quite sure one can find lots of folks who will repeat her opinion – but this report, coming from the source that it does and detailing “what they knew and when they knew it” and what they did, or did not do, in response far outweighs, IMO, the opinions of many who, it is clear from her quote, had already made up her mind long before the fighting started …

      1. I would not call it sincerity but emotional manipulation devoid of facts. Is there resentment between Russia and Baltic states? Surely is.

        On one hand historical annexations by Tsarist Russia, (experience shared with Poland) and forced cultural Russification, on the other Baltic states active support for Nazism , antisemitism, complicity with genocide and war crimes against Russian ethnic minority as well as supporting and contributing to military attack on Russia 1941-44 by among others, joining voluntary Waffen-SS , a one million Nazi SS army controlled by Himmler and specifically created to conquer Eastern European “Lebens Raum” for German settlements .

        Whatever historical grievances against Russia May have been real or imagine such vicious Russophobia on display today does not stem from those grievances but from something else. Namely it stems from Baltic states adopted Nazi ideology foundation of hatred of ethnic Russian group or any other minority ethnic group like Jews or Poles. Almost exactly the same founding ideology was shared by Ukrainian nationalists from OUN-Bandera and as in Baltic states led to genocide of many ethnic minorities including Jews, Poles, Russians even Hungarians etc., To ethnically cleanse their territory. The Russian intervention in Ukraine showed true colors of Ultra nationalism or even fascism as promoted ideology of EU and NATO as Eastern European puppet regimes push suicidal for their nations foregn policies vs Russia full of emotions and no reason.

      2. Kalen, in 1939 Stalin has occupied Lithuania and started sending people out to gulags in tens of thousands a year. I can’t say that Lithuania joined nazi in 1941 – but there sure there some people happy that at least red army is gone – without yet knowing at the time what terror is coming from the other side.

    2. I guess you didn’t read the article which, unlike your screed, is evidence-based.

      1. @Pipe


        Are you kidding me?

        Let’s consider a single Item.

        The text claims that Russia did not supply arms to the separatists, and that the human right violation came exclusively from the Ukrainian side.

        Here is an excerpt from the “Report on the human rights situation in Ukraine 16 February to 15 May 2016”

        “When the conflict broke out in spring 2014 with the influx of foreign fighters, including citizens of the Russian Federation, ammunition and heavy weaponry into east Ukraine from across the border with the Russian Federation and the Government of Ukraine’s security ‘anti-terrorism operation’ response, OHCHR witnessed major violations and abuses of human rights. The lack of security and at times intense military hostilities contributed to a total breakdown in the rule of law, leading to lack of any real protection for those opposing the presence of armed groups and a worsening human rights situation in certain areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Since mid-2014, OHCHR has, recorded some 1,500 accounts from victims, witnesses and relatives. These accounts show that all parties are responsible for human rights violations and abuses and violations of international humanitarian law. Above all, these testimonies – and the civilian casualty data collected – demonstrate that civilians have paid the greatest price for this conflict. ”

        “the conflict broke out in spring 2014 with the influx of foreign fighters, including citizens of the Russian Federation, ammunition and heavy weaponry into east Ukraine from across the border with the Russian Federation”

        “These accounts show that all parties are responsible for human rights violations and abuses”

        First off, contrary to Baud fable that the conflict started with actions of the Ukrainians government, the UN text clearly states that “the conflict broke out in spring 2014 with the influx of foreign fighters, including citizens of the Russian Federation”.

        Second, the UN claim that Russia supplied weapons and personnel while the article claims that there were no Russian nationals there and that the weapons came from defecting pro-Russian Ukrainians. (I chose to believe the UN report).

        Third, Baud’s text put the full blame for the suffering of the eastern Ukrainians on Ukraine, while the UN report claim both sides violated Human Rights, which is a far more reliable account.

        One of the most astonishing aspect of the Russian propaganda text is that it does not even bother to provide evidence to the most incendiary claims it makes!

        People are entitled to their opinions. What they are NOT entitled is to claim their opinions are factual without providing irrefutable evidence, and the demagogic text above does not do that. Not by a long shot!!!

      2. To DGA,
        Hmmm, “When the conflict broke out in spring 2014 ….”
        Well let’s see, who started the conflict – indeed, there may well have been an “influx of foreign fighters” but why were they there? Could it be that the “Government of Ukraine’s security ‘anti-terrorism operation’ response, actually was the first on the scene – responding to the unrest in Donbas following the Ukrainian gov’t’s outlawing of the Russian language – isn’t that a standard description for anyone who opposes a gov’t … To say there were “foreign fighters” isn’t to say they were “invading Ukraine” – the Minsk accords were to tamp down what was termed a Civil War ….

        We don’t really know who fired the first shot, do we – what we do know is that in the first few years pretty much all the killing was of the residents of Eastern Ukraine, somewhere around 14,000, I think – the ones seeking autonomy from a gov’t that seemed to have a considerable ethnic bias against them and we do know that right wing militias were very much active in fighting the “terrorists” who only wanted some autonomy in the region they lived in. “Anti-terrorism operation” indeed, but who, precisely, was being terrorized …

      3. I guess you are one of the incumbents of a west European government that doesn’t listen to intelligence !

      4. sadly it is often shitty evidence. i followed several links which did not at all state what mr. baud said they would…
        they osce findings are also massively distorted and misrepresented….
        but -according to mr. baud – you have to praise the ukrainian military for their srortsmanship – i mean, they waited for a full year until russia had massed an overwhelming invasion force at ukraine’s borders [especially in the south], before they launched their ‘attack’ on the separatists!!!! what a brilliant plan!

    3. It is good that you read this article despite your emotional outburst, or did you ?

    4. Let me direct you instead to the 99,9% sites actively promoting this crap. I wanted to read a reasonable take in comfort, not disturbed by the satanist mafia. You ruined that for me!

      1. There’s always AT LEAST one everywhere you go. They get up on their high horse and and act like they know EVERYTHING, WHEN THEY CANT EVEN INTERPRET WHAT THE HELL THEYRE READING HERE. THEY SKIM THROUGH AND COME TO RUINE YOUR PLANS LOL

      2. The author did so as if he is most knowledgable about the whole story. How sad it is!

    5. Go to fuck yourself, you lack intelligence, IQ, and reasoning. You blindly ignored what this colonel has written and start pouring your evils racisms stupid comments. If you are intelligent, you should have asked yourself the following question “had deranged zelinsky implement the minsk agreement, we will be in this situation? the problem is that none of Baltic states should be in EU. you are animals, uncivilised and hate Russians for nothing. Your racisms could lead to WWIII and since you are not clever, you have no idea what the consequences would be do you? It is clear to me that the lives of those 14000 civilians killed in Donbas meant nothing to you. you are indeed animals, stupid.
      FUCK YOU.

      1. To Yohen,
        It is precisely this sort of insulting, belittling, denigrating comment that has gotten us where we are – Frankly, i am rather surprised that it got by the Moderator …

      2. Well said as it ruffles the feathers of the rainbow-coloured, sharply-looking keyboard warriors. Going back to Berlin Wall dismantling, in 1989, leading up to the unification of Germany, the collective West had promised to USSR/ Russia to not expand NATO in Eastern direction, past Odra (Oder) River. Evidently, this promise was never meant to be kept and currently Baltic States belonging to NATO and being run by outside puppeteers, are poking Russian Bear with a stick

      3. Uh, I’m brown as brown sugar and if your defending a known nationalist wannabe empower like Putin then you are in no position to even be bringing up racism. Zelensky is Jewish btw. And unless Nazis now accept Jews into their ranks (they don’t) then Putin’s is full of crap regarding de nazification. And just using it as an excuse to try and restore some semblance of the once former Russian empire.

    6. Of course many Lithuanians would support Ukraine. Citizens of both countries participated wholeheartedly in the Holocaust, physically aiding the Germans. This war is a minor replay of WWII. ” Like other countries that were part of the Soviet Union during World War II, Lithuania has yet to acknowledge its complicity with the Holocaust. Nearly 95 percent of Lithuania’s 250,000 Jews were killed during the conflict.” https://news.harvard.edu/gazette/story/2021/10/how-author-silvia-foti-discovered-her-grandfathers-nazi-past/

      1. What holocaust. Next you will be talking about ‘gas chambers’.

    7. Lithuania broke off from the Soviet Union then. It’s understandable and regrettable that there might be a military reaction to try to avoid them breaking away. Ukraine’s treatment of the breakaway provinces of the Donbass would be comparable to that event after Kiev decided autonomy within a republic wouldn’t be acceptable.

    8. To the commentator: Have you read the article in its entirety at all?
      I live in the US and recognize the ugly face of the US part of “the West” in this Ukrainian tragedy. As a German citizen I decry the warmongering role of Europe. Depressing.

      1. Jenny
        As an American living in Italy I agree with you. This is NATO warmongering in the guise of chocolate eggs with pretty hearts and flowers wrapping paper delivered by the Easter Bunny.

      2. Why aren’t there more of us do you think? That recognize this. Because I’m Ukrainian and I live in the US, and its so incredibly frustrating to see sooo many people blindly believing the most ABSURD things told to them in the media…I mean for fuck sake I saw an article today that quote “Ukrainian woman given milk by Russian soldiers, finds it booby-trapped”, and if that weren’t bad enough, the comments section EXPLODES with calls for MORE weapons, for public hanging of Vladimir Putin, for US going to war with Russia and even nuclear strikes…it’s like the they live in an alternate reality. What do you think can be done to get some sense into them?

      3. Alternative universe? Well, it all goes back to the white race taking over other people’s land. Rape, pillage, theft and then their dirty religions and dirtier economic enslavement.

        So now the western culture had contaminated almost every corner of the globe with Edward Bernays perversions. ‘Smoke cigarettes young ladies. To your health and image. Be part of the bandwagon.’ Then scale up these alternative worlds and we are here: ZioLenskyy and his Jewish Nazism AND his orders for Ukraine to be used as Euro Trash/UK/USA fodder.

      4. @Mariah
        The brainwashing and propaganda here have been going on for so long and are so sophisticated that Americans are now the most brainwashed sheep in the world. If you know how to push the right buttons, you can get them to say or do anything. You could see this with all the Trump BS on both sides, then the Russiagate lies, now this war. I’ve basically given up on talking to most people about politics, because I only get mindless sheeple responses in return, such as that I’m a Putin apologist. I still talk politics with the few people who are capable of responding rationally to and addressing what I say, but for the rest I just talk about other things and if they raise hot button political issues, I just tell them that we’ll never agree and change the subject.

    9. Did you even read the article? It clearly blames the west for the situation in Ukraine. It looks like you have a chip on your shoulder and are simply looking for an opportunity to blame Russia for all the evils of the world.

  2. World War is coming. Indeed it is already upon us. Lines are being drawn and sides are being taken as I write this. The west won’t back down because they have come so far they cannot lose face, and Russia and China cannot back down because their very existence depends on resisting.

    The world has been broken by the madmen and psychopaths that lead us to our doom. Nothing is, or can, put this back together again. Perhaps after, for those who survive it, can find a better way. Somehow though I doubt it.

    One week, one month or a year, who can tell when the missiles start to fly. But fly they will.

    I never thought I’d live to see it. But now I think I will. Indeed I don’t see a way I will not.


    1. @JustAMaverick
      And why did humans allow madmen and psychopaths to run the planet? I think that it’s because humans as a whole obsess on the wrong things, some of which are ego and materialism. If that’s what people want, it’s perfectly logical that they’d end up with psychopaths for leaders.

      1. Most people are interested in farming, in clean water, safety for children, clean air, and no war. THat is, the people of the land, women. So, blather on with your psuedo psychiatry. Do you understand that the world, if managed by mothers and daughters and care givers and growers and educators, well, those dirty old men would be in a few generations, real men.

        But are you talking about Bush-Trump-Obama-Biden, et al, supporting the racist ZioLensky and color revolutions and murder incorporated. Thank goodness Russia is finally in there clearing out the Nazi’s. You will be on the wrong side of history if you doubt the rationale for Putin’s heroism.

      2. @Paul+Haeder & Rob Roy
        Contrary to Rob Roy’s response, Paul+Haeder’s comment was not “excellent,” much of it was idiotic and not based on reality.

        “Most people are interested in farming …”? What’s the authority for that conclusory statement? Most people in the U.S. live in some type of urban area (urban, suburban, exurban) and have nothing to do with farming except as consumers. Sure, a small minority grow food, but that’s far from being “most people.”

        As to women, there is absolutely no evidence that women are any less egotistical or materialistic than men. For example, women are way more into shopping than men, and that’s materialism. Furthermore, many women think that being equal to men means being the same as men, and they ape all the bad male attributes, including being egotistical.

        I should “blather on” with my “psuedo psychiatry”? This comes from the king of blather on this site. Furthermore and more important is that nothing I said invokes the discipline of psychiatry, which is the medical specialty devoted to the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of mental disorders. Thousands of years ago, humans made the wrongful decision, conscious or unconscious, to focus on intellect, ego, and materialism, when they could instead have made the right decision to focus on wisdom, empathy (for all life, not just humans), and expanding our consciousness. Unless you consider that a mental disorder — maybe it is, but I never thought of it that way — this has nothing to do with psychiatry.

        The remainder of your post is just irrelevant blather. You didn’t respond to what I said at all, and I’d be willing to bet that it’s because you’re just another human supremacist, aka anthropocentrist. You were so deeply offended that your cancerous tumor of a species was called out for its fundamental defects that you flailed away with irrelevant BS. If you challenge what I said about human focus and lack thereof, go ahead and respond directly to those issues. But if you just want to defend humans because that’s your “tribe” and the truth be damned, I’m not interested.

      3. Well said, but add fear, greed and racism to your list. The embrace of the very things that lead to destruction every time.

    2. Yeah uh Chicken Little…don’t hold your breath. There will be no nuclear war.

      1. @Matthew
        That kind of totally irresponsible attitude is exactly what could lead to nuclear war. At least during the Cuban Missile Crisis, the leaders of the U.S. and U.S.S.R. were sane and responsible enough to understand the danger. It totally figures that you would agree with DGR, one of our far right trolls here. I guess if you’re uninformed or misinformed and foolish enough to support Ukraine and hate Russia and Putin, you think that nuclear weapons and nuclear war is just a game. And to be clear, I don’t support either side, I just want the fighting to stop, but it looks like the U.S. is going to prevent that from happening anytime soon.

    3. Perhaps our only hope is the economic chaos unleashed by the sanctions against Russia combined with Covid restrictions and the essential precarity and fragility of the US economy will leave the Great Satan powerless.

  3. JustaMaverick,
    I agree. This is one of the better analysis I’ve read. Thank you, M. Jacques Baud. The propaganda foisted 24/7 on the US tells us “1984” has come, complete with total censorship of all things Russian. If anyone bucks the “dominant narrative” that person will be vilified, shunned, called names and/or lose his/her job. Putin, Ukraine, Russia, and this war are misrepresented by ALL the
    mainstream media. The Americans caused all this by their illegal coup in Ukraine in 2014 which was the beginning of Putin’s war. Putin never lies. The Bucha ‘massacre’ was by the Ukrainians.

    1. Check it out,

      On today’s Bad Faith podcast, Briahna Joy Gray interviewed Rep Ro Khanna D-CA about a number of subjects including a recent dustup between Khanna and Gray Zone reporter Blumenthal over America’s Ukraine foreign policy. Tonight, Blumenthal responds.


      1. Thanks, I listened to it. I noticed some time ago that Ro Khanna was turning into a big disappointment. I’ve given up expecting people who sound good at first (AOC) to remain true to what seemed to be a moral standard. They slip away one after the other. First speaking up for Palestinians, then caving in to vote for that damn dome in Israel. Those who stick to their ideals finally get run over by the duopoly (Jill Stein, Tulsi Gabbard) or quit (Dennis Kucinich). Thank god for people like Max Blumenthal who never waver.

      2. To Rob,
        Been around for awhile – realized a while ago that if a pol runs as a Dem – (s)he has decided to dance with the Devil, (s)he can boogie a bit, but step on his toes and there is Hell to pay. They are tolerated to put a “prog” face on the party, to keep all those tempted to go 3rd party under the DP tent. Stein understood that – I suspect she could have done quite well politically as a Dem – hey, look at Warren – but felt the price she would have to pay, which they all have to pay sooner or later, was too high. The trouble is, we the people don’t seem to want to reward such integrity – we would prefer the carnival barker in front of the tent …
        Those folks you mentioned may get “run over” again and again – but they keep getting up hoping one of these days enough of us will give them a hand …

      3. @Rob Roy
        That’s because the Democratic Party changed these people instead of them changing the Democratic Party. That’s assuming these people were honest, which I don’t know one way or the other.

      4. This is another side of the story you will never hear of or read in any MSM or Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. It is just to tell you how the masses are being misled and a great number will continue to be deceived and made to believe what they see or hear are the truth. But i can tell you no matter how long truth will eventually prevail and those countries who are fighting Russia through arms given to Ukraine will be surprise that all of their efforts will go wasted. They will deplete their stock, waste their tax payer money to fund a war that will never be won. At the end they will be all embarrassed and shamed. Those who sanction Russia will feel the pain more through their economies and citizens. The sanction will only work temporarily but will not last forever. Any weapon sent to Ukraine will go wasted because they will get destroyed once in country and Ukraine will not be able to use them effectively. Thanks for this article and for saying the truth. God blesses you for having the moral conscious to say the truth because that is what we need

    2. Rob Roy — Ahh, I see this Comments Section, for some of the messed up ones who believe their words have unimaginable truth, is about attacking people, and, to be honest, this is not where I spend much time arguing or pissing contest engaging. Your buddy Jeff, well, he’s absurd. And, being a social worker, too, I know that I am probably triggering this fellow, but, alas, this is the shit storm of Scheer Post, or any of them. Keep reading my junk —



      Just having some fun with these perverse times and perverse folks . . . . Again, later, Rob Roy!

      Women around the world are amazing. India, GLobal South, Africa, elsewhere. Caring, wanting to grow food, educate kids, be part of a larger “it takes a village.” Don’t believe the eugenics guy, Jeff. He is a fascist. But you are a big boy, Rob Roy. Andale Pues.

      1. @
        “[T]his is not where I spend much time arguing or pissing contest engaging.”

        Is that a joke? You post more here than anyone, and you spend at least half of your posts insulting people, as you did here. Look in the mirror bub, you are exactly what you accuse others of. You are projecting your personality onto others.

        I’m absurd? More childish name-calling from you. You don’t respond to anything I write because you have no legitimate responses, so you resort to this kind of thing. But oh, you’re so smart and knowledgeable, you’re above the rest of us. Sheesh, what utter BS.

        It’s too bad that you have these major personality flaws, because you do post some good information sometimes, some of it better than the columns themselves. But as I’ve told you before, that’s all diminished because you can’t resist insulting people, and because you think that you know everything and don’t consider other opinions. I have engaged in good discussions here with some people because we’re willing to consider each other’s opinions even where we disagree with them. I’m not talking about trolls here or people whose opinions have no basis in fact and reality, but some opposing opinions have some validity. You should consider that.

      2. @Paul+Haeder
        I have to reply again because I thought that you were done with your idiotic insults and hadn’t read to the end of your comment.

        I’m neither pro-eugenics nor fascist, quite the contrary actually. I’m a radical environmentalist and deep ecologist. It’s not surprising that you don’t even begin to understand me, because our worldviews are radically different and I’m so far out of the mainstream. I also consider the economic issues on which you obsess to be the most minor issues. I focus first and foremost on the Earth and all life here, not on solely human problems. War is bad for all species, which is my No. 1 reason for opposing it, though I also oppose it because it kills many innocent people and destroys societies.

        Fascism is corporatism and eugenics means advocating improving the human genome by excluding certain groups of people. Please point out where I’ve advocated any of this. You can’t, because I didn’t.

        Let’s make a deal: I won’t respond to your comments any longer if you don’t respond to mine. I’m not interested in having a childish name-calling contest which seems all you’re able to do when you get any of your many buttons pushed. Deal?

  4. Get real. The Saker….

    By Nightvision for the Saker Blog

    We start with the biggest scoop today. We finally have high level confirmation from Russian officials that NATO instructors and foreign fighters are in fact trapped in Mariupol.

    Firstly Russian State Duma member Adam Delimkhanov in an interview with RT has openly stated he estimates around 100 such foreigners there, and that they are in communication with them and the rumors are true that they are trying to negotiate a release and escape corridor. It seems to imply all those Macron rumors were accurate.

    Video: https://www.bitchute.com/video/72MTe5On9t9Y/

    Igor Konashenkov on the other hand, also confirms that significant numbers of foreign fighters are known to be there because Russia can hear them crying in over 6 different languages in intercepted radio calls.

    1. PAUL TH

      THANK YOU FOR THAT SIR. I need a good laugh 😅…cry in 6 different languages they will!…jokes aside though, Seems their whole operation is unraveling slowly, and its so dark and twisted in sooo many ways…this also means that all these “civilized Europeans” were fully involved in all the atrocities that Azov was committing in Mariupol, during and even before this whole Special Operation…sick, bloodthirsty, sadistic animals ..what else can you call them

    1. I was crying reading this…sobbing actually …so many years of people not believing you, some calling you names and looking at you like a crazy person…reading this felt so validating in a sense. A weight on your shoulders juuuust a little lighter. Most people will find any excuse to not believe it, but it’s something, and a step in the right direction.

      1. Mr. Baud’s numbers on civilian deaths total in separatist areas of donbass for 2021 is THIRTY-SIX. that’s 3 per months… ye wanna cry over a genocide, may i suggest Myanmar, Jemen, Syria, Palestine… [not a complete list nor in order of magnitude. the Uighurs might want honorary mention, or mebbe the Chechens etc] just don’t serve us this bullshit about how Ukrainians are massacring russian-speakers, even yer hero Jacques Baud implies ye full of shite…

      2. I am the same, crying with you together on the other side of the world. Be strong, sister.

  5. Not everyone agrees with this author’s propagandistic commentary on the Azov unit (see this report from 9 April 2022):


    Tokyo’s Public Security Intelligence Agency (PSAI) removed Saturday
    the neo-Nazi designation of the far-right nationalist Ukrainian Azov
    battalion from Japan’s 2021 handbook on international terrorism.

    “Recently, there have been cases of misinformation published as though
    the PSIA recognized the Azov battalion as a neo-Nazi organization. We
    regret the occurrence of this situation,” the Japanese agency said,
    apologizing for the designation of a neo-Nazi organization as

    1. @H Herman
      Not everyone? Sure. not Nazis or Nazi sympathizers, which is pretty much the entire west. Everyone else agrees.

    2. The thing is that 36 US senators wrote and signed a letter in which they recognize Asov as a neo-nazi organization. They use nazi symbolism, they use nazi gestures, they tattoo swastikas on their bodies , and replace Germany with Ukraine when using fascist slogans. If someone wrote something it doesn’t make it fact, just like the example you provided doesn’t prove or disprove anything. But there are pictures videos and before anything I have witnessed it, my family has witnessed it. When they cpme.into town, people are afraid for their lives because they use nazi fear tactics, and sadistic treatment of people and animals. Does that matter to you?

      1. @Maria
        I believe they also have ties to German Nazis from WWII. These people are pure evil, far worse than anything from Russia, and Ukrainian politicians are afraid of them and often if not usually do their bidding.

  6. The corporate US newsmedia and both political parties over and over again call Putin’s attack on Ukraine “unprovoked”. This is also repeated by President Joe Biden. This is a lie.

    1. Blatant cynical lies…and some newspapers that post the most ridiculous, inflammatory misinformation, censored my every attempt to call them out on it. They either delete or block my comments. They make it so you can still see your comment, but Noone else can, so you wouldn’t even know that you’re being censored. The only reason I know is because it took them like a minute and a half to take one of them down and a girl wrote a comment saying it was deleted. What freedom of speech?

      1. @Maria
        That’s because these aren’t news media, they’re propaganda outlets. They publish just enough truth to appear credible, when in reality what they’re doing more than anything else is propagandizing, usually by presenting facts out of context, sometimes by censoring, and sometimes by even outright lying.

  7. We are the hollow men
    We are the stuffed men
    Leaning together
    Headpiece filled with straw. Alas!
    Our dried voices, when
    We whisper together
    Are quiet and meaningless
    As wind in dry grass
    Or rats’ feet over broken glass
    In our dry cellar

    Shape without form, shade without colour,
    Paralysed force, gesture without motion;

    Those who have crossed
    With direct eyes, to death’s other Kingdom
    Remember us-if at all-not as lost
    Violent souls, but only
    As the hollow men
    The stuffed men. (T.S.Eliot)

  8. Thank you for standing up to the lies and hysteria of “the collective West”, blinded by the stupid and dangerous servility to the US and so repulsive in their hypocrisy. They will be fighting to the last Ukrainian, they do not give a damn about the Ukraine. The main objective is to weaken Russia and scorch the earth in the process.

  9. Assuming Colonel Baud’s information and testimony is correct, and that his analysis is sound, we can be sure that our support (and arming) of Ukrainian forces against the Russian incursion is not in our best interest, and not even to the benefit of the vast majority of Ukrainians. His understanding of how command structure and civil society disintegrate when civilians receive weapons is especially alarming.

    This conflict has been engineered at a time when USA hegemony is on the verge of implosion (30 trillion dollar debt rapidly rising (interest too large for tax revenue) without much effort to stabilize the domestic economy, the inefficacy of the USA militaries despite record funding, the pending dethronement of the dollar as reserve currency, the eclipse of financialism by productive success of the PRC economy, and so on).
    Meanwhile there is serious discussion of pending domestic civil war. While I do not doubt that the elite oligarchs nominally located in the USA would not hesitate to sabotage anything and everything to retain power and wealth (witness their work in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen… Colombia, Central America, Venezuela, and so on) I doubt that an firepower /or allies the USA can muster can overcome the weight of their opponents, short of nuclear suicide.

    War in Ukraine propaganda is no different than lies that shore up Capitalism and condemn all critique. We exist in an information and miseducation bubble that is completely responsible for the
    disintegration of our domestic civil society. It’s crazy to have an economic policy of “every nuclear family for itself” while at the same time demanding self-sacrifice for patriotism and nationalism. Most people understand all this but are intimidated and precarious, and really have no idea of what to do since our democracy has proven a sham. Shooting is already surging and the main effect is that violence benefits fascists. Climate collapse (food) is likely to tell the tale if nuclear war doesn’t. I’ve been listening to Roger Hallum (Extinction Rebellion spokesperson) and am disappointed in his naivete’. I have no recommendations.

    1. It seems that humans are the only species that evolves to extinguish itself. There are so many simple things we could do to reverse the impending demise. For instance, animal agriculture is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than the entire transportation sector, yet humans refuse to give up their perceived comfort. There are transportation modes, that are vastly less expensive and environmentally benign, personal rapid transit (PRT), but instead we look to the fantasy of expensive and never to be realized self-driving cars. We don’t even understand our money system as the Populist Movement of late 1800’s and the Lincoln administration did with the issuance of Greenbacks. Instead we borrow money created solely by banks. Go figure!

    2. red hornet, ‘assuming’ information is correct’ [cause ye want to believe it is] constitutes the lazy man’s way of acquiring something they would like to consider an ‘OPINION’
      why don’t ye pick 10 links mr. baud provides and follow up on them? start with da things ye find hardest to believe…
      ever occur to ye, that an opinion arises from work,, like, research?
      having tested mr. baud’s links , i can tell ye him full of shite,, but for ye, all gospel truth?…. go on ‘assuming’ that ye actually have an opinion…/.

  10. sorry to disappoint, but i followed up on several links mr. Baud provided and found out that the reports he linked to actually stated the precise opposite of what he claimed. why this website would allow such ‘reporting’ is beyond me, i know of no mainstream media that do not fact-check BEFORE publishing…
    oh, and to rob roy : ‘Putin never lies’ why, you are such a comedian,- good laugh, thank you…

    1. arvo,
      You are so used to hearing lies from leaders, you find it impossible not to make assumptions about every leader you hear. “They all lie,” people say. Once in a while someone tells the truth but most don’t know how to hear it. I’ve listened to many, many hours of Putin speaking and have read his writings, as well as those of Stephen F. Cohen and know when Putin says something, he absolutely means it. The US hegemonic attitude toward every other country is insane and now it’s beginning to be challenged.

      1. Couldn’t have said it better myself…this is why a vast majority of people in Russia genuinely love and trust Putin. He is stern, but they know that he has their and their country’s best interest and safety at heart. They trust him IMPLICITLY, because he came in and got Russia up from its knees again. People are proud of their country. True patriots. People that will DIE protecting their country. Everywhere that Russia goes to help with an internal or a neighbor conflict, when it’s over, people of those regions pledge their aleagence to Russia and are now some of the BIGGEST Russis supporters and patriots, that along with his people wod follow him into hell, that’s how much they trust him…They don’t show you all the marches and gatherings that are happening around the world in SUPPORT of Russia and Putin…,they show you some qss clown and thief like Navalnyi, make him some sort of a folk hero over here for no other reason other than he helped the.. shit on Putin…when was the last time we went somewhere and they Loved us there and were our allies and patriots after we left? Iraq? Afghanistan?…Putin gets shitted on because he’s everything they want and need to be. When have we ever been united behind a leader the way they are?! …never…you can’t just act like that’s not what it is…lies don’t make the truth any less true…they just lead the American people into wars support for which was gained under false pretenses. And then it’s, why don’t our people trust us?! BC MF, YOURE ALWAYS LYONG TO US AND DECIDING THINGS FOR US AND LEAVING US WITHOIT THE FREEDOM TO EVEN THINK FOR OURSELVES!

      2. @Rob Roy
        I have to admit that I haven’t heard Putin lie much, but he certainly lies. Do you believe him when he says that there are no gay people in Russia, for example? All politicians lie as a matter of course, it’s part of that game. I would say that in foreign affairs, I don’t remember him lying and he’s far more honest than any U.S. president, though I’d still be skeptical about what he says because of he’s a politician, and a very powerful one at that.

      3. Jeff, I never heard Putin say there were no gays in Russia. I did him hear him say, once a citizen is of age, i.e., eighteen, s/he could do as they wish and could be in the military and live their lives as freely as anyone. He does have a thought that isn’t true…that homosexuals can influence younger people to become gay He doesn’t understand that being gay is not because some older gay person could influence a younger person. Homosexuals are born gay. He will learn that some day I hope.

      4. @Rob Roy
        Putin was asked about some anti-gay position he took or some law that he had enacted, and a portion of his response was something to the extent that because there are no gay people in Russia, this wasn’t an issue there. I don’t remember the exact words, to be honest sexual politics are near or at the bottom of my list of political priorities.

      5. quote: “there are NO CONSCRIPTS used in the war on ukraine” Putin the noble , in march. oh wait, methinks him say ‘special military operation’ cause it would certainly be a lie to call the massacre of civilians in Ukraine a WAR, wouldn’t it?,

      6. Ditto. Another maxim told by Scott Ritter, “Putin never bluffs,” a message the West learns at its peril.

    2. Well, apparently you read French, Ukrainian and ? Russian – but for those of us who don’t, how about giving the urls of the sites, and the quotes within them that negate what the author says ….

      1. I searched the author’s source (https://www.osce.org/ukraine-smm/reports) and confirmed the number of explosions in Donbass he reported. I couldn’t determine from the reports WHERE the explosions occurred. If someone can review the reports and determine that most of the explosions occurred in separatist-controlled areas, then we can support the author’s position that Russia was responding to a very significant increase in artillery/rocket fire.

    3. @Arvo. I, too, checked a lot of the links. I have been writing on how the U.S. and NATO knowingly took actions to provoke this war (https://medium.com/@michael_18575/the-u-s-just-got-what-it-wanted-in-ukraine-part-i-d2584d5bfd65). I found much of what M. Baud had to say insightful and hoped I could rely on his facts. But in too many cases they come up short, like the claim that the European monitors found no evidence of Russian troops in the Donbass post-2014, and the claims about recent Kiev assassinations of officials too inclined to negotiate with Russia. I’m sure there’s a lot of truth in this piece, but it’s hard to sort the wheat from the chaff and seems to indicate a lot of bias, despite the author’s background. And this comment is written by one whose biases tend to align with M. Baud’s!

      1. that was my point… if i follow a link which says a ukrainian drone destroyed a fuel depot and then the link says it destroyed an artillery piece, what am i supposed to think? at best the author did not have time to check up on links PROVIDED TO HIM BY OTHERS, at worst he is a liar. either way, do not sell him to me as ‘IMPARTIAL’…
        i congratulate ye on doing research AGAINST what ye would like to believe.
        and, while the osce makes a point of NOT saying who done the shooting and shelling, [cause they really want to appear impartial] privately they admit most of the february surge in shelling came from the separatists.
        or, use logic. does the story of Ukraine army patiently waiting for a year so russia could get their invasion forces in place on their border, before launching an assault on the separatists, does that make any sense? or consider someone like putin having amassed an invasion army , now needing a pretense to attack – would that be logical?

      2. Mr Baud has considerable integrity and while we might cavil about the meaning of “Russian troops” and Russian weapons, I tend to believe someone with a preponderance of facts and truth on his side. We are in no position to judge, so it is wise to depend on someone who actually knows something. The alternative is to depend on narratives from the media who when it tells the truth, covers it up when politics change, and otherwise always lies to conform with their political and corporate masters.
        The assassinations have been widely reported (and ignored), and it is impossible to dissociate them from Nazi displeasure. Again, we weren’t there, but we know that this is the sort of thing Nazis do–there is vast history to refer to.

  11. Interesting article condemning the main stream press (what else is knew). What is not clear are the motivations on the part of governments who, because of their intelligence agencies, should not need to rely on the misleading press coverage.

    I am not sure I understand the difference between “autonomy” and “independence” from the article. Is it all really about language? Canada managed to deal with this issue.

    It seems ironic that the Jews in Ukraine apparently suffered terribly under the “Great Famine” of the 1920’s and 30’s. Isn’t the anti-semitism just the usual scapegoat motivation to keep the Azov together?

    It also seems ironic that the West would want to hobble Russia in light of Europe’s extreme dependence on Russian fossil fuel.

    So given the pile of crap Zalenksy stepped into, what is he supposed to do? Get himself assassinated?

    1. The difference is that Ukrainian law already recognized concept of autonomy which was already implemented in case of Crimea. Donbas wanted the same status and it was autonomy that was originally planned in March 2014 to be a subject of LDPR referendum conducted in May 2014.

      However, in early April 2014 illegal Kiev regime aggression ATO in Donbas began and escalated and hence autonomy was no longer viable solutions as illegal at that time SBU and private Nazi battalions funded by Ukrainian oligarchs started extrajudicially killing elected officials of Donetsk and Lugansk including murdering local police officers not to mention protesting Kiev Putsch civilians. Needles to say that that no Russian encourage to oppose Kiev regime was needed as entire Donbas region overwhelmingly elected Yanukovitch to presidency.

      1. If you dig a little deeper, I promise you the things you’ll find are going to blow your mind and disgust you. Look up the police station that was shot up by the Nazi garbage and then Reuters came said that Russian separatists did it…ARE YOU KIDDING?! The “Russian separatists” were teachers, miners, farmers who at that point barely had any weapons…people were in the streets that day trying to stop tanks from entering Luhansk with their bare hands!…Ukrainians and their nazi enforcers did that! I have 3 family members that died in those conflicts. Half the people I went to school with, dead now. Not because “Russian separatists killed them, Ukrainian army and their Nazi batallions did, and then the west turned around and blamed the only people who were trying to protect our towns and our people. And that went on for 8 years! Everyone says Russia was there? …if Russia was there, CNN AND MSNBC AND ALL THE OTHER TRASH PROPOGANDA THAT WORK TO SPREAD LIES ABOUT RUSSIA WOULD OF HAD A LUVE FEED FROM THERE 24/7 just to say “look at these Russians…didn’t we tell you?!”……..but instead there are a few LIE filled articles here qnd there and nothing to back it up other than “Reuters photographer said…” well where the fuck are their photos?!…you know what I mean…
        Do me a favor copy and paste this (WARNING ITS DEVASTATING AND GRUESOME) горловская мадонна кристина с дочкой кирой
        Thats a 22 year old girl with her baby. She got the name “Madonna of Gorlovka” because the way she died cradleing her baby, reminiscent of the famous Madonna painting, where she cradles baby Jesus…this was in Luhansk region, after Ukrainian airplanes bombed the city in the middle of the day, and then the pilot that did that got a medal for it…
        My point is keep looking into it, you’ll find the truth and don’t Pau attention to people on here that talk about “its not clear which way aggression was happening, there are no photos of Ukrainian civilians like this. There is no “Alley of Angels” where DOZENS of Donbass children are buried that died from Ukrainian government and its monsters. There is no ambiguity as to the genocide perpetrated by the Ukrainian government.

    2. Ukrainian peasants suffered mostly during Holodomor which was executed by NKVD with Jews represented in it disproportionally. Azov is just a convenient Kolomoisky/CIA invention to screw with Russians. USA Led world order – fuck EU. I am a Jewish emigrant living in US since 1981 from Kharkov and am willing to testify that Ukraine has ‘forever’ been one of the most antisemitic places in the world (includes Ukrainian speaking and Russian speaking locals). SH, thanks! this research is GREAT!

    3. Autonomy means DPR and LPR will have a special status where they can govern themselves in those regions and are not going to keep getting slaughtered. , but will still be a part geopolitical part of Ukraine. But since Ukraine refused to adhere to its own terms for all these years, Minsk agreement became null and void

      Independence is what they are now. Independent nations, with Ukraine as a neighboring entity l, and now since Russia recognized them as such, It’s legit.

      The Jews were not the only ones who suffered during Holodomor. Different sources will highlight different groups, but there was no discrimination in that regard, Ukrainians claim its THEIR genocide typically. Mostly because they looooove to shit all over everything having to do with Russia, no matter the era…it’s pretty ironic though that what they were doing in Donbas and are STILL doing to this day, isn’t called a genocide by ANY of its Ukrainian perpetrators, or any of its “allies”.

      1. @Maria
        My late grandmother was from Kiev and lived under the Russian Czar in the Russian empire (her family moved to the U.S. in 1910). She called herself “Russian” and said she lived in Russia, and neither her nor anyone in her family ever mentioned Ukraine. My how things have changed!

    4. You don’t quite get the history.
      First, the war has always been run by the United States and implemented by Nazis from the time of the 2014 coup. The purpose has been to forge the Ukraine into a weapon aimed at Russia for the purpose of regime change and a balkanization of the Russian Federation to allow for Western resource exploitation. The attack on the Donbas just fulfills Nazi ideology (Slavs are inferior people, ‘cockroaches’) that wants to exterminate or displace Slavs in the east and replace them with pure Ukrainians.
      Second, the Ukrainians blame Jewish political actors for the Holodomor, probably unfairly. The situation was that Stalin desperately needed to develop industry in the face of Western aggression, particularly German. This was an old story from the 1920s, how to both develop industry (the hammer) and serve the peasantry (the sickle). Stalin’s way prevailed, and peasants suffered. In the case of the Holodomor, communist cadres collected too much grain and filed incorrect reports of the effects of drought–a similar process caused as many millions of deaths in Mao’s Great Leap Forward in China–famine ensued. Whether or not Jews were involved Ukrainian communists were the culprits.

  12. A disturbing trend in the Ukraine

    The Saker:

    While we have all heard about the egregious processes that took place in the USA, a witch hunt for suspected communists, better known McCarthyism, a similar course of action is taking place in Ukraine. The Ukrainian authorities and associated ultra-nationalist groups are after people who were not only very critical of the former but also the current Ukrainian government. Threats, harassment and calls for violence has been and continue to be made against those who:

    publicly supported the Minsk Agreements,
    are against “de-communisation”,
    highlight human rights abuses,
    advocated for a settlement of the conflict in Donbass,
    are deemed to be “pro-Russian”.
    Church representatives and clergy;
    For reading the news in Russia.

    Add into this maelstrom another layer of extra-judicial repression, in the form of impromptu justice being meted out to civilians, bound up, tied to posts, beaten, humiliated and some killed as a result. There are simply hundreds and hundreds of video clips and photos showing these events, which are outlined in another article.

    People are not only being tied up to street furniture as suspected looters, but people are being bound up or arrested for being pro-Russian, for not being able to say the word “Palyanytsya” in Ukrainian. Not every ethnic Russian speaker in Ukraine can speak good Ukrainian, and some have trouble pronouncing certain words in Ukrainian. People have been reportedly killed for not pronouncing the shibboleth word correctly and thus assumed to be part of subversive Russian reconnaissance groups.


    1. There is no doubt that the government resulting from the Maidan coup is fascist, or charitably, photo-fascist. Like Hitler’s Germany, it has its shock troops, the Galician Nazis, its fascist ideology, and it suspends its Constitution to carry the latter out using the former.

      1. Thank you! I can’t tell you how important it is for Ukrainian people like me, that DIDNT get brainwashed with lies and corruption of the Ukrainian nazi run government, to know that we have allies, people that believe us. I can’t tell you how painful it is to have lost so many people in Donbass and to be told that none of that happened, and that Russia did it…or worse that it’s “debatable” who the aggressor was, “the separatists” or “Ukraine that’s trying to ‘save’ the people of Donbass from Russia’s attacks”…it’s absolutely demoralizing to have the whole world not believe you while you’re burying family members and friends daily. Russia was sending hundreds and hundreds of trucks with humanitarian supplies after Ukraine cut us off from EVERYTHING. So, very simply, thank you.

  13. https://youtu.be/V6ZeJ2FsCJs

    This week, we’re unpaywalling our extended interview with multiple-Oscar-winner Oliver Stone. His new documentary Ukraine on Fire has been censored by Youtube, but you can still see it on Rumble.

    He wrote and directed multiple classic, culture-defining American movies. He created groundbreaking documentaries, interviewing Putin, debunking Russiagate, and uncovering JFK’s murder. He won three Academy Awards.

    There was only one thing left for Oliver Stone to do: Become a Useful Idiot.

    Stone’s new documentary, JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass, uses newly declassified and reexamined footage to present a case that conspiracy theories about the president’s death are actually “conspiracy facts.”

    And it creates a big debate on Useful Idiots. Watch the pod, watch the doc, then let us know: do you agree with Matt, Katie, or Oliver? Who really killed President John F. Kennedy?

    The Oscar-winning filmmaker shares stories of censorship, getting yelled at about Russiagate by Bill Maher (kinda like another Useful Idiot we know), and being pushed out of the mainstream for being a controversial filmmaker, cementing his legacy as a Useful Idiot.

    Plus, watch Matt’s reaction when one of his all-time favorite directors quotes his “vampire squid” piece. It’s pretty cool.

    It’s Oliver Stone on Useful Idiots. Don’t miss this one.

    1. By simply knowing the history of the CIA, David Talbot’s ‘The Devil’s Chessboard’ is my source, there is no doubt that the CIA are capable of such an assassination, so means. Coupled with the fact that JFK repudiated CIA policies and fired Dulles, there is motive. Finally, the trip to Dallas, change in routing, etc, gave opportunity.

  14. The author obviously counted on the limited intelligence of the public this piece of garbage is intended for. Should a careful reader follow the links provided in the article, their conclusions are in stark contrast with “facts” in the text (e.g. conclusions of the ICAO report clearly state that Belarussian authorities refused to provide crucial information by citing data retention policies, strange disappearance of involved staff, etc, instead of “Belarus acted in accordance with the rules” conclusion made by the cheap sellout Baud).
    Such factual inaccuracies (or lies) made the above text a mere example of Russian disinformation.

    1. Your moniker and your baseless statements expose you as a rabid know-nothing. The limited intelligence is entirely yours.

    2. “The author obviously counted on the limited intelligence of the public this piece of garbage is intended for…”

      I would suggest the people with limited intelligence are those who can’t follow the multiple links in the piece and draw the logical conclusion as to its veracity.

      1. Malik, 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
        Agreed sir!
        Plus if anyone took the time to find ACTUAL footage from Actual citizens, not Zilinski’s ontinued “acting career”…and now he has a whole traveling circus with him to stage all kinds of shenanigans that they can then insult our intelligence with and pass off as ” Russian Atrocities”…give me break!

    3. Hey you spelled your name wrong. It’s actually spelled “Хуйло”…and judging from your ighnorance, and YOUR lack of background information about the conflict itself, who was involved (individuals as well as governments) etc. Also understanding history of those regions, as well as the people and their genealogy and everyone’s involvement In WWII, because THAT is also a huge factor in today’s goings on…understand some of those things and how and why it’s beneficial for the west (with US as their pack leader) to drive a wedge between Russia and Ukraine, and then maybe you can understand a little bit of what this article is trying to say. Don’t come up in here click on a couple links and act like you just pulled a checkmat on someone….until you can do that PLEASE MISS ME WITH THAT BULLSHIT.

    4. Nice try, not good enough. Jacques Baud cracks the narrative and you cling to it like a rat on a sinking ship, squeaking “Russian disinformation” as loudly as possible before you drown.

  15. My first reaction to this did not do justice to its clear
    This is worthy of the Ramparts tradition that Mr. Scheer
    Is remembered by people like me for!
    Thank you Mr Robert Scheer!!

  16. The author has massive blind spots and has conjectures that are refutable by actual quotes of the individuals he refers.

    “But Vladimir Putin never intended to take down or overthrow Zelensky. On the contrary, Russia seeks to keep him in power by pushing him to negotiate by encircling kyiv”

    That is absolutely garbage. It is proven that Putin sent assassination squads mostly Chechen, and from the Wagner mercenaries to kill Zelensky. https://www.newsweek.com/volodymyr-zelenskyy-assassination-attempt-killing-ukraine-president-russia-1686329

    Ramzan Khadyrov, Putin’s poodle in Chechnya openly boasted about this on social media. Do your research for crying out loud. Don’t get enamored but the author’s so called “credentials CV” most of his West bashing statements are as subjective as they are hyperbolic. If Putin ever reads his screed he would be gleefully applauding.

    1. To Eran,
      From the article “President Volodymyr Zelensky has survived over a dozen assassination attempts since the beginning of the Russian invasion, according to Ukraine.” According to Ukraine … yup

      1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 imagine that…this “Stuporhero” right along wirh the “ghost of Kiev” that single handedly shut down 5000 Russian planes with a plane that priests use to bless their fields (true story) 👍

    2. They didn’t. They wanted to work with him. Until it it became clear that he wasn’t the one they needed to “negotiate” with because he makes no decisions. He’s a talking head. A puppet. Therefore, he can not be trusted to be left in power. Anything he signs or promises has about as much validity or holds as much power as it would if someone like you or me signed it. He needs to be removed at this point in the game and someone who will be a competent leader that is able to work with the leaders of neighboring nations for the benefit of thay region, not the benefit of some talking heads across the ocean

    3. Your source, Newsweek, is in the pocket of the US disinformation machine, so we immediately (perhaps unfairly) discount its reporting. It is sad that misinformation and disinformation have so corrupted the US media that aware people immediately discount them. This report could be true, but if it comes from the Americans, it is suspect.
      It would serve no political purpose for Putin to assassinate Zelensky. The Russians are not idiots (although the Americans seem to be).

  17. It would be easy enough to expose the pile of demagogic propaganda bile masquerading as “whistle blowing” above by simply going over it paragraph by paragraph, exposing in each the poorly written, nonsensical and counter factual text. For example, the paragraph talking about the 40%, 102,000 paramilitary troops in the Ukrainian army is followed by a section talking about far-right militias, supposedly establishing that the entire paramilitary force is Nazi, Neo-Nazi, or whatever denomination you might choose. The text, however, provides no information about the political makeup of the paramilitary forces of Ukraine. Further, the link provided in support of the numeric information (‘40%, 102,000’) also shows the make up of the Russian army, in which the paramilitary force is more than 50% its total size, and more than twice as big as its army. The quoted article is mum about the meaning of the numbers it provides, but one can easily surmise that, in the least, there is nothing unusual in large paramilitary units in the region (some related facts: The size of the so called the Azov battalion is around 1,000 members, which is less than 1% of the paramilitary forces of Ukraine, and less than .5% of its entire military. In addition, in the recent election the Far Right in Ukraine received less than 2.3% of the vote. The idea espoused by Russian propaganda and the text above that the far right has significant support in Ukraine, let alone that it controls and directs it, is pure counter-factual BS). Similarly, the links provided by the text are bizarre at best. Half of them link to non-English texts (mostly French), and while most of the sources are obscure, two of the English language links are familiar to me: the Financial Post is a right-wing extremist publication, dedicated to the aggressive promotion of the so called Neo Liberal creed, of militarism, of nativism and of extreme social and political conservatism. The Jerusalem Post is a similar Israeli publication that can be best described, in terms of the accuracy and political orientation of its content, as somewhere between FOX News and Breitbart, or Sputnik, to keep it close to (a Russian propaganda) home.

    But I prefer to point out another fact here, namely that the complexity of the Anti Russian conspiratorial project which the text suggests is not simply prohibitive but borders on the impossible, if not crossing it altogether. It requires a strict, centrally directed synchronization between dozens of governments in several continents, all main media outlets as well as several alternative ones from both right and left, a score of financial institutions, the UN and various international corporations or, in short, all who generate and/or accept the so called ‘western narrative’, over a period of time stretching back at least to 2014. Unfortunately for all of us such a unity neither exists nor possible. Moreover, the idea that such synchronization would go unnoticed and traceless is beyond incredulous!

    I’ll give Baud and Scheerpost 10 out of 10 for ambition and chutzpah – calling a mish-mash collection of bad journalism, Russian propaganda, and an outrageous assortment of alternative facts ‘whistle blowing’ require some daring (or is it that left-ish Neo Progressive are getting desperate with the mounting list of Russian war crimes and military setbacks? or perhaps it is in preparation for the coming Russian annexation of Donbas and Luhansk?).

    Unfortunately, it is 0 or less for all the rest, and certainly for all that counts.

    1. To DGA,
      Hmmm, your post sounds very familiar – sounds like a lot of Western propaganda to me ….

    2. Democracy Gone Astray: “But I prefer to point out another fact here, namely that the complexity of the Anti Russian conspiratorial project which the text suggests is not simply prohibitive but borders on the impossible, if not crossing it altogether. It requires a strict, centrally directed synchronization between dozens of governments in several continents, all main media outlets as well as several alternative ones from both right and left, a score of financial institutions, the UN and various international corporations or, in short, all who generate and/or accept the so called ‘western narrative’, over a period of time stretching back at least to 2014. Unfortunately for all of us such a unity neither exists nor possible. Moreover, the idea that such synchronization would go unnoticed and traceless is beyond incredulous!”

      hasn’t gone by unnoticed for many, though obviously for you. your missing “centrally directed synchronization” is spelled N A T O.

    3. the “centrally directed synchronization” you believe not to exist is spelled N A T O.

    4. As for the Azov Batallion numbers, noone knows their REAL numbers and 2, there are at least 36 different neo-nazi Bandera batallions that we know of officially. There is a certain level of understanding and background information you need to have in order to fully take in the gravity of what he’s saying…knit picking and grabbing onto trivial infor.ation that could have been misspoke, forgotten or that has simply changed over time, is counterproductive at best and harmful and dangerous at worst.

      1. @Maria
        This guy is one of the right wing trolls on this site, I wouldn’t get too upset by his comments. Best to just ignore these people, they almost never have anything legitimate to contribute to these discussions.

    5. Yes, the author attempts to make the case he is well researched and thorough, yet he’s neither. There’s so many holes in his thesis it would not withstand a paragraph by paragraph examination.
      One case in point, foiaresearch is not an NGO, unless we call everything on the internet not government-based as an NGO. It’s also proven propagandist for Russia. It’s farcical attempt to paint Pratasevich has no proof.
      There’s so many holes in this person’s writings I stopped about half way; I couldn’t take anymore of this ill-researched nonsense dressed up as fact.
      Russia not shipping arms to Donbas? Seriously? Oh no, they got them all from Ukrainian defectors, and they just happened to last 8+ years and counting.
      What a joke this clown Jacques Baud is.

    6. You waste your time and effort trying to convince us of ‘facts’ that are not true and have been well debunked, such as the Azov Battalion only having 1000 fighters. Supposedly, there are that many or more just trapped in Azovstal. Faced with an accurate account by Colonel Baud, you respond with fallacy and fantasy. Not good enough.

  18. The following statement makes a rather loose comparison, and makes me somewhat cautious regarding Mr. Baud’s other claims. He writes:
    “It seems that the Ukrainians have re-enacted the scenario of the maternity hospital in Kuwait City in 1990 , which had been completely staged by the firm Hill & Knowlton for the amount of 10.7 million dollars in order to convince the United Nations Security Council to intervene in Iraq for Operation Desert Shield/Storm .”
    The hospital in Kuwait was not a case of troops shelling the hospital because enemy militia were installed there. It was a case where Hill & Knowlton helped to disseminate the false
    tale that Iraqi troops had stolen some 300 incubators from the hospital (Al-Adan has been named), leaving the babies to die on the cold floor. The story was later discredited. But it served the purpose of producing an outraged U.S. President (George H.W. Bush) and big headlines, shortly before Christmas, 1990, when the biblical tale of massacre of the innocents would be prominent in many people’s minds. This was one of things shaping public opinion in favor of the 1991 U.S.-led war on Iraq.

    1. To Randall,
      I think you kinda missed the point – the point in both cases was that it was fake …

      1. I didn’t miss that point. What I have to do is weigh the reliability of what a source says about what I don’t know by comparing it with what I do know.

      2. To Randal,
        The problem, it seems to me is that we all seem to “know” different things …

    2. @Randal Marlin
      If you didn’t miss the point, you’re just spewing propaganda. As SH said, the point is that both stories were lies created to inflame hatred of American enemies. The differences you point out are meaningless in that regard.

    3. And not only that it was fake, but but it was basically a false flag attack in order to create a Shockwave and produce a certain military payout. In the Matiupol maternity ward it was to give the west an incentive to close the sky and provide even more weapons and more

      1. There was no attack. There was no false flag. The fakeness came from the allegation that the Iraqi soldiers occupying Kuwait had callously emptied 300 incubators of their contents, leaving the babies to die “on the cold floor.” Your interpretation is the reason why I viewed the comparison as “loose,” and a reason for being cautious about the reliability of Jacques Baud as a source, though I would trust a lot of what he says.

    4. The hospital comparison illustrates the fact that the Americans lie, lie successfully, and always lie. These lies are based on little bits of fact that is then twisted to serve political purpose–what is called ‘propaganda’. I understand the CIA’s best psyop people are embedded in Kyiv; the NED funds the Kyiv Independent, and the Nazis are savvy and crafty information manipulators themselves.
      So, no, the Ukrainians did not throw preemies on the floor as was claimed in Kuwait, but the same kind of propaganda developed by just using the destruction of a ‘hospital’ that ceased to be anything but a military target when the Azov Nazis moved in.

      1. Can you document that in connection with the Hospital that has been talked about in Mariupol? I write about propaganda.

  19. The problem which exists now virtually everywhere is that the “truth” be it simple or complex, is either blatantly hidden by those who don’t want us to know the truth, or becomes so convoluted due to the media listening to and reporting on any far fetched theory spouted by any Tom, Dick, or Harry. The truth gets lost in shuffle every time.

    So now, as I read these comments, I see a lot of different points of view about who is telling the truth, and who isn’t. Does it really matter at this point? And do YOU really know? I seriously doubt it.

    I tend towards believing what JustaMaverick says. Soon it won’t matter because those that run the joint are sociopathic at best, psychopathic at worst. Sooner or later (sooner I believe) one of those boneheads is going to press the wrong button and it’s not going to matter one bit what you or I “believe” the truth is.

    We have two choices. All out revolution or to stop reading the news and start taking care of ourselves and the good people of our communities, states, and indeed the world. May as well do something good before being vaporized. Make sure the last thing you see on this earth before you pass is the smile of someone you’ve helped or the beauty of the natural world which surrounds us, rather than an opinion on a website. And for good measure, stop trying to figure out world politics. It’s not worth your time.

    Figure out a way to grow your own food and some extra for your neighbors. Figure out a way to help our youth get exposed to ethics and philosophy in school so if we do get out of this mess, they have some strong guiding force for good running through their veins and can use that to improve our situation on this planet. Make yourself a better person and forget the rest. You’re not going to change what our leaders do. It’s just not going to happen whether you’re right, or not.

    1. @Just Listening
      The problem with what you wrote is that taking a no-nothing attitude just supports the status quo. If we can’t know what’s going on, we shouldn’t bother doing anything or trying to change things. This is a nonsensical attitude that supports the establishment. You can usually find out what’s really going on, but it takes time & effort, because you’re not going to get the truth from any mainstream/corporate/establishment media, because it’s directly against their interests to provide it.

      1. @Jeff – You strike me as somebody who does not listen or read well – or maybe you have a comprehension problem. What part of this, written by “Just Listening” made you think she/he was proposing inaction: “We have two choices. All out revolution or to stop reading the news and start taking care of ourselves and the good people of our communities, states, and indeed the world.” I would suggest that your comments here are meaningless iand will change nothing at all n both the real world and in the world of thoughts and ideas. Good luck to you.

      2. @CityKid
        “… I see a lot of different points of view about who is telling the truth, and who isn’t. Does it really matter at this point? And do YOU really know?”

        Um, who doesn’t read or listen well? That comment is exactly what the know-nothing position is. And of course it really matters what the truth is. You’re awfully quick to insult me without knowing what you’re talking about.

      3. Jeff,

        I know it is unlikely that I will change your point of view, but allow me the chance to elaborate.

        I advocate strongly and truly believe in an educated populace. People need to be civically and politically involved especially on a local level, where most of the things that directly affect us take place.

        Politically you need well informed voters so they can actually make their vote count.

        However, the more I read, especially when it comes to issues like those discussed here, the more I realize that as I stated earlier, the truth ~ although often made available ~ is often so convoluted and difficult to discern from all the noise surrounding it so as to become lost. Secondly, and more importantly, even if you are in possession of the actual “truth”, what exactly are YOU going to do with it. Are you a diplomat on the world stage who will use that “truth” to affect change? Do you have the ear of someone in the government that will do that for you when YOU present them with that information? Are you a Professor of International Studies specializing in the Eastern bloc countries who can influence our young people by sharing this “truth”? MY guess is these scenarios are unlikely. So what is the purpose of debating these issues in a forum like this?

        In order for change at the national or international level to occur, something dramatic has to take place. I advocate for a non-violent general strike. If the workers of the US walked off their jobs for week or two and shut things down and demanded certain changes, I dare say that would grab the political classes attention. Is this going to happen here? Highly unlikely. We are unwilling to a large extent to take such action as there is a risk of substantial loss whether that be of money, job, comfort, or life. We’re just too comfortable with the way things are.

        So, I believe we should work on being the best person we can be in the place where we are. Be kind, be courteous, be open minded, focus on the things we can control (our thoughts, judgements, words, and actions) and stop putting all intellectual efforts into things we simply have no control over. International politics for example. Sure, it’s fine to be informed, but to what end? Better you take care of your neighbor and your community, being kind to all people, animals, and every other living thing. Start electing people who will do the same. Stop settling for the LOTE and start making ethical choices even if you know they won’t succeed from the start.

        I have never been, or advocated for ignorance or a do nothing stance. We just have to make better choices as to where to place our efforts.

        I wish you well.

      4. @Just Listening
        I agree with everything you wrote except for the paragraph beginning, “[h]owever.” I think that we all need to do what we can. Educate yourself about the big issues (mainly peace & the environment, because they’re the most fundamental to the existence of all life here), and keep your expectations realistic so that you don’t use strategies and tactics that have no chance of succeeding. HOWEVER, never give up hope and always do what you can. I fully agree that we need to act on both personal and societal levels, but that certainly includes international affairs, especially for Americans.

        To answer your at least somewhat rhetorical question, the value of knowing what’s actually going on is to educate others and hopefully change minds. Sometimes when the truth comes out, major changes happen. I’ve learned from playing sports that if you keep trying, you never know what might happen.

        I’m a radical environmentalist. When I worked with Earth First! in the 1980s, Dave Foreman, the most well-known co-founder, once said in a speech to us at a national gathering that we should consider ourselves antibodies fighting the humanpox. Disregarding your views on radical environmentalism and how you view the human race, that’s my attitude toward this: you do what you can, and at the very least, when you die you’ll know that you did what you could. Many antibodies die fighting an infection. But again, if you keep trying, you never know what might happen.

        So I will continue to stay informed on these issues and to inform others as much as possible. That doesn’t mean that I can’t also do good things on a personal level, and in fact we need both. We don’t disagree that much, but I always bristle when someone says something to the effect that you can’t really know what’s going on, so there’s no point in trying to change anything.

    2. You’re right. I mean any way you slice it, that’s what it boils down to MAD (Mutully Assured Destruction)…but I do think that IF we do get out of this somehow, me personally, I’d like to be on the right side of history, you know…I’m Ukrainian and I lost family and friends in Donbas, 200 kids died for NOTHING…and instead of helping Russia eliminate this nazi cancer, we are feeding it weapons and shielding it with mass propaganda…truth will come out eventually, and wouldn’t you like to be able to tell your kids that you were not the side of Nazis?

  20. amerikans have been uncivilized butters for 3 centuries—inevitably upset when they are challenged and defeated as in all wars

    1. yep. only its not the americans. it’s their ‘leaders’.
      americans really are just like the ukrainians and the russians and the chinese and the french and german and the ….. everyone…

      only the stupid children and the madmen and the profiteers want these wars…

      not the people. none of the people. anywhere….

      sometimes maybe some of them think they do…. until the horrors of war begin to unfold around them then they hastily pray for normality…. of course.

    2. I’m American and I’m generally civilised until the gummint tries to take away mah guuuuuuuns.
      Seriously, to insult us on account of the Deep State that holds us all in thrall only makes people feel hostile to the Europeans from whom I descend and amongst whom I’ve been living for four decades

  21. Thank you Jacque for this impressive article, thoroughly written with attention for details and links to more information.

  22. Ukrainian peasants suffered mostly during Holodomor which was executed by NKVD with Jews represented in it disproportionally. Azov is just a convenient Kolomoisky/CIA invention to screw with Russians. USA Led world order – fuck EU. I am a Jewish emigrant living in US since 1981 from Kharkov and am willing to testify that Ukraine has ‘forever’ been one of the most antisemitic places in the world (includes Ukrainian speaking and Russian speaking locals). SH, thanks! this research is GREAT!

    1. These people come on here, and act like they’re going to teach is something about the shit that we have seen with our own eyes, and lost friends and family to…bc their TV told them something different. And then you give them CLEAR information, they shit all over that too, because and try to pick it apart, when you tell them 200 babies murdered…they say well my TV didn’t tell me, and your article isn’t a reputable sourse…are the Graves of my two cousins a reputable source, or the Graves of half of my class? Is that a reputable source? Or how about 200 kids killed, how’s that for a source…you’d know about it too if anyone came and took ONE interview…Noone gave a shit…and bc Russia gave a shit and came in to save these people and OTHER RUSSIAN SPEAKING UKRAINIANS they are being murdered all over Ukraine, Russia is the aggressor and the bad guy…God bless them…people thay know the truth, we thank them from the bottom of our hearts and you can keep those pink glasses on

  23. “I requested them personally to say directly that we are going to accept you into NATO in a year or two or five, just say it directly and clearly, or just say no,” Zelensky said. “And the response was very clear, you’re not going to be a NATO member, but publicly, the doors will remain open,” he said. CNN interview.

  24. At DGA
    Are you serious?…you just wrote ALL THAT, accused us of not having the facts, but CLEARLY you need to go back and read that once again…none of what you just said made any sense. OSCE did not register ANY Russian soldiers on Donbas at any time. There were some Russian people who were volunteers, friends and family members of people that were being killed, who came to help them fight as volunteers, but even that didn’t come until later. The mercenaries and foreign fighters were coming to fight on the Ukraine side, they were typically far right extremists who then started turning into thegarbage Nazis of Azov, Aydar, and all the others…aggression on both sides, I’m sorry but are you fucking kidding me? They were miners, teachers, farmers that were forced to go defend their families. People were laying down in front of tanks, and trying to stop them with their bare hands when they came into their cities…if these savages came in and started murdering your kids you wouldn’t return aggression?! You see in order to be able to speak with bravado such as yours, you HAVE to have some background knowledge of the shit that went on there…you clearly don’t. I lost 2 cousins, an aunt and half the people I grew up with in that shit…I KNOW people personally who were killed in some of the attacks by Ukrainians and their animal lap dog Nazi assholes! So when you don’t know what went on, but then on top of that do q shit job of reading the information that’s given to you, to me thats a spit in my face, and the faces of all the people that were murdered and terrorized for 8 years! And when the Russians FINALLY answered their prayers of 8 Years and came in late February of this year, those poor people (that you’re allowing yourslef some arrogant assumption, about them being aggressors,) were running at them hugging them kissing them, some were dropping and their feet and trying to kiss their boots because they FINALLY in 8 Yeats could come outside of their cellars and bomb shelters without the constant fear in the back of their mind that them or their child is going to catch a missle or a bullet! They could FINALLY in long years feel safe enough to let their kids come out for more than 10 minutes at a time to get fresh air…so at the VERY LEAST make an effort to understand and apply the informations that you’re reading, instead of skimming thru it and then throwing together some bs and thinking you TOLD US!…not ONE of your CNNs or FOXs came and took some pictures, because they were ALL covering for Ukraine! And then tried to say it was the russians…they would have all grew roots over there at the opportunity it to shit on Russia IF Russia was there, but they weren’t, and neither were any of your JOURNALISTS..with their so called integrity…all sold and bought…so please miss me with THAT bullshit!

    1. To Maria,
      Thank you ….. and I am sorry … the story you tell is much of what I saw and heard on RT – before it was shut down – and it is pretty obvious why – when all that was going on there was nothing on Western media ….

      1. Thats another reason to be suspicious too, you know. You’d think these people that sit here and act like they know something, won’t allow themselves to say “hey I wonder why EVERYTHING from the other side is being kept from me…hmmmm” nope…they eat up all the bs lies and then come on here and try to educate or argue their position. STOP IT!

      2. That’s dead right.
        That’s my first principle.
        Going back to covid:
        when you deny me treatment
        when you lie to me about the size of the threat
        when you use false statistics
        when you cripple my doctors
        when you mandate murderous protocols in hospitals
        when you never promulgate therapeutic actions
        when you indiscriminately kill jobs, careers, businesses, savings, plans, futures
        and worse….
        that’s when you’ve perjured yourself to where, like the boy who cried wolf, there’s no chance I’ll ever believe a single word you ever say.
        and I’ll spend my life trying to ensure none of you ever get into office again.
        your names are on record.
        you actions and inactions are on record.
        All of that segues directly into the Ukraine thing.

    2. since ye mentioned the osce – they were only allowed to watch 2 border crossings out of dozens… so to say they did not observe certain things is a ruse, obviously the transfer of weapons etc WOULD HAVE OCCURRED AT UNWATCHED CROSSINGS..what they [the osce] did see at those two border crosings were a total of 2000 or so men in military clothing not uniforms, just camouflage] going into ukraine. are ye smart enough to understand that russian soldiers could be in the separratist ‘republiks’ but simply NOT WEAR UNIFORMS? DUH!!!! [like the ‘little green men in Crimea]
      bottom line is Russia supported the separatists with weapons and men, ye can lie all you want….

      1. Arvo,
        It’s pretty obvious that YE are fucking hopeless. In your opinion, let Ukraine breed Nazis, kill civilians kill anyone who doesn’t outwardly.support them or disagrees with them in the slightest. Ukraine is a fucking embarrassment what it’s becomes and you’re over here knit picking to defend their shit and show allegiance to nazis JUST so you can shit on rRussia. You’re ignorant…when Poroshenko got on TV and told Donbas “our kids are gonna go to school and kindergartens and go to.parks.and live their best lives…and I’ll make sure that YOUR kids don’t come.out.of their damp dank basements, until the end”…so I’m sorry as someone whose kids could have been in those basements, and as someone whose friends’ kids WERE.in those basement, reading your vile dismissive bullshit on here makes me sick…you can’t be convinced with facts you can’t be convinced with PERSONAL experience. You and your blind hate of Russia and mfs like you is the reason my.people are.dyong.right now…not Russian. So in conclusion FUCK YOU VERY MUCH sir, and your dismissive tone and you’re ignorance. I truly.hooe you and your kids.never get to experience what the people of donabs did in this “minor civil unrest” or whatever the fuck you called.it. no need for reply bc nothing you say to me will change my.mind.aboit you, just like the deaths of tjousands.of.my.people hasn’t changed yours. 🖕

    3. Well said, @Maria; I wonder how well these Ukro Nazis will fare when they finally surrender. After video of Russian POWs being tortured and the long-time suffering of the Donbas people you describe, I fear the Geneva Accords will have little force.
      At best, they will spend the rest of their lives in a gulag work camp…

  25. I have long suspected that the C.I.A. and other groups engaged in covert provocations against Russia in Ukraine — in addition to the overt ones that have been documented in alternative media. Check out the French wikipedia article about Jacques Baud: https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacques_Baud. There’s a section suggesting he espouses conspiracy theories.

    1. I mean I can to on Wikipedia and write that he’s is the second coming od Christ…and amid ALL the ways that the truth is distorted in the media, it’d be really negligent of them to NOT try to discredit him or anyone else that doesn’t follow their narrative. All of us trying to fight for the truth are going to be labeled as kooks and conspiracy theorists. But just look back at history…EVERY TIME that our government needed to get their people on board for a war…this is PRECISELY what they have done. And even knowing and having seen all that, people REFUSE to accept that there’s a different side to this.

    2. @Donald Smith

      Or is that what you were trying to say? Sorry I may have misunderstood what you were saying and said the same thing again 😅

  26. Everything always gets lost in the acrimonious hassling over details.
    Overall it is clear our side – the west, usa, uk, aus, etc.. all of ‘us’ – has acted extremely badly even to the extent of criminality.
    That’s quite clear.
    And we’re insane and destructive arming civilians and telling them go fight an army.

    And I’m not suffering amnesia or something. I know how ‘our’ side rounded with hatred on Russia when Trump hypothesized a rapprochement – that shocked me, surprised me, soured me and educated me right then.

    And I remember the last two years which are still current – wherein our govt and media consistently and persistently lied and deceived and banned medicines and care and without doubt has been responsible for tens out thousands of deaths – perhaps even hundreds of thousands IN OUR BORDERS – and the suffering and deaths we’ve caused across the world beyond our borders run into millions I believe. See sunetra gupta and collateralglobal.

    AND I’ve been aware of the Yemeni thing for all these past years and know how we are complicit in that.

    AND…. so on and so on…

    So I find it very easy to believe that we’ve pressured Putin beyond belief and Zelenski is a criminal murderer and murderous nazi mercenaries are central to everything…

    I am firmly of the belief we should stop ‘aiding’ Ukraine entirely and let the situation settle down – Tell Zelenski (he’s our tool obviously) to abide by the Minsk accords.

    ‘helping ukraine’ ! That’s a joke. ‘Helping’ who exactly? All the civilian men women and children who’re needlessly going to be killed and maimed in a conflict initiated and fuelled by us and completely unnecessary?


    1. Arthur, seeing people like you speak out, really gives me hope that maybe not all is lost. Thank you sir, for seeing through the bullshit, the lies, the propoganda, and the blatant insult to the intelligence of the American people. The other day I saw an article in my local newspaper that said “Ukrainian woman received milk from a Russian soldier and discovered that it was booby-trapped with explosives”…it’s FUCKING ridiculous enough on its own, but if you saw the comment section, it really made me want to cry…these people are calling for more weapons to Ukraine, nuclear war with Russia and everything in between….if they can be duped with THAT joke of a story, we’re doomed!…but then I see someone like you, and it makes me feel a little better. So thank you. Truly.

      1. Thank you. I hope there’s millions of us. We’re just caught flat footed right now. Taken aback by what see/have seen this last two years.
        We’re widely distributed and completely disorganised – being, by choice manily independent free thinking individuals.

        Things I hope, I think, will get better. An adjustment had to be made to and within the human race when it because one great ‘computerised machine’ inasmuch as every one of us linked to every other one 24/7/52 via smartphones and the web.

        An incredible infrastructure and social structure and ‘hive’ happening that gets just bout no recognition and discussion whatever, I think.

        But it has made a different human race. It acts differently, it thinks differently – ‘group think’ is a very real and potent force now, we clearly see.

        Many things we see clearly now and we’re shocked by them and think it is the end of the world. However these things have long been thus but we didn’t know. Now we do know, without doubt, we’re actually better off than we were a short while ago… it’s not the ‘end of the world’ it’s actually ‘the beginning..’

        Like Politicians, MSM, Big Pharma, the Medical establishment to name perhaps the main four. Let’s throw in ‘Education’, making a main ‘Five’.

        We see there’s glaring terrible needs need addressing right there. ‘Need’ ? More than that: ‘Must be addressed else we die’ is more like it.

        So it will happen. And we’ll be better for it. I believe.

        We’re not seeing anything new. But we are seeing and that’s an improvement.

        I hope. 🙂

  27. Now I see Biden has apparently pledged 800 million dollars worth of arms to Ukraine.
    Couldn’t be clearer that it’s a proxy war USA against Russia, could it?
    It would be nice if my side would do something, sometime, that I could feel proud about.

    1. @arthur brogard
      What is your “side”? If it’s the U.S., then your side stands for murder of indigenous people, theft and destruction of their land, and kidnapping & enslaving people from Africa. It also stands for world domination, both militarily and economically (though China is quickly surpassing the U.S. economically), both by violent and by economic means.

      How about being on the side of life? How about not taking sides regarding conflicts between nation-states, as these are all false dualities?

      1. Wake up, it’s way too late for that…should have preached this before, while Russia was being taunted bullied and ostracized for ringing the alarm about Donbas and the Ukr-nazis…among other things…now that Russia has had enough of the relentless poking and poking and poking and poking!!! And it does what’s necessary for its security and the security of its people, nooooow you wanna come up in here talking about “let’s not chose sides, let’s chose peace and love…”…cut it the fuck out

      2. @Mariah
        I’m anti-war, and I don’t care who makes it. I never said that the U.S. isn’t ultimately responsible for this mess; in fact I’ve said quite clearly that it is. But there is no excuse for invading another country, and neither Russia nor Putin are exactly innocent either. All large countries are evil or they wouldn’t be large, and Russia is no exception. So you can take your war-mongering somewhere else, it’s wrong no matter which “side” it comes from.

      3. Putin was well and truly provoked. Right to the end. Even now it’s all provocation. The aim is to cripple and even destroy Russia. And they might well do it. At the expense of thousands of lives.
        If NATO had kept its word. If the USA didn’t have this obsessive destructive desire to kill Russia at all costs. If Ukraine hadn’t provoked and provoked. If the West weren’t all lickspittle lackeys.
        It is the same madness as all the covid dialogues.
        In essence: USA do = Good. Russia do = Bad.

      4. @arthur brogard
        Nothing you wrote contradicts anything I said, but your implication is that U.S. provocation of Russia gave Russia justification for invading. It did not. By international law, the only excuse for attacking another country is if you’ve been invaded or if invasion is imminent. Neither of those factors was present here.

        There are no good guys here. All large countries should be broken up into much smaller ones, and ideally nation-states should be eliminated. Until at least the former happens, all we’re going to get is one evil fighting another one. I hate the U.S. as much as anyone, but that doesn’t at all mean that Russia is good.

      5. Well I actually write very little for all my words. Mainly I refer to what I’ve read.
        And I’ve read that Putin was legally justified because of the incessant shelling of the breakaway regions in the Donbas that he recognised.

        But, yes, I don’t look for an argument, not at all, because I agree with you that essentially there’s no ‘good guys’ here.

        You might say no bad guys, too, by the same token.

        But I think we are all ‘bad guys’ who’re outside of Russia and Ukraine and don’t call for peace all the time – don’t berate our own media and governments for not doing something about it… not keeping the focus on peace.

        Simple really. Earns me a lot of condemnation and scorn. Contempt. For being all hearts and flowers and unrealistic in this grim and dirty world.

        Which I think is the bullshit of the mentally impaired. They think ‘love’ is soppy and weak and too easy. They think hate is strong and good and means going ‘hard’, really striving.

        Whereas the simple truth is that love is too hard for them. The easy alternative for them and for everyone, for all of use, is always hate, anger, aggression.

        Always the easiest. It is the quickest, easiest, dumbest, least effort and weakest possible response.

        Love, that soppy pink hearts and flowers thing demands strength and sacrifice and forebearance, intelligence, real hard work, striving, meeting disappointment and….. etc. etc…

        love is hard. Hard, hard, hard to practice. That’s why there’s so little of it in the world. It is too hard.

        But when we lie sick or bleeding, alone in the dirt as a broken soldier or in the hospital bed in the terminally ill ward or whatever… no matter how much hate has filled our lives and given us a raison d’etre and been our watchword throughout our lives…. now we want to be loved…

        even insane monstrous mass executioners cling together in groups and slap each other on the back and make jokes and pretend to love each other…

        Look at our world today as manifest by two years of utter insane covid hysteria and government jackbooting and now this hysterical madness with Ukraine.

        No one left in the world with the guts to love.

        Too hard.

      6. Actually, Putin’s invasion was legal. He waited until the last secure border was closing off. The plan, for many years was to oust him in another coup. If a US could oust Yanukovich from Ukrain, the same could be done to Putin. [The evil of the Clintons will live on long after they are dead.] All USA wars and coups are illegal by international law. Putin knew he would be invaded and attacked or goaded into pre-eminent invasion. When he said, “denazify” he meant it. The Ukrainian Nazis/Fascists had murdered 14,000 Russian-speakers in the Donbass in a war for the past 8 years, since the US coup in 2014. Russia has not been our enemy since the Soviet Union broke up. Putin has tried all this time to befriend this rotten country. US gotta have never-ending war. Big business!

      7. The US dominates the world by military and ‘financial’ means. It no longer produces anything the world wants but tech, weapons, and food. Because of its circumstance, the US thought that sanctions would hurt Russia; however, Russia is food sovereign, energy sovereign, and industrial sovereign. It may need buttons and computer chips from the West, but she will figure out a solution.
        The US, not so much. Finance is not productive; the US economy is fragile and vulnerable. A big crash might be enough to dissuade the Americans to give up world domination and take up knitting or gardening or something else useful.

      8. Yes. Except, of course, it is not the Americans. It is their masters.
        This conflation of a nation’s people with their masters leads to much bad and muddy thinking an consequences.
        It is totally common.
        Not saying you do it but just doing a segue into my favourite hobby horse.
        All the international ‘experts’ and ‘pundits’ do it all the time.
        They ascribe whole histories and motivations and imperatives to this or that nation. ‘Japan’ must do this, ‘China always had this ambition’, ‘Russia always’, ‘USA must’ and so on.
        Those places as said do not exist.
        They are legal fictions.
        ‘China’ doesn’t exist. 1.4 billion people living in a more or less totally defined area exist. Fluctuating governments and power blocs exist. Treaties and arrangement etc. exist.
        But ‘China’ doesn’t. It can do nothing of itself because it does not exist, does it? Nor does any other country.
        But using the language loosely – or anthropomorphically is what it is – enables them to keep coming to conclusions that stripped of wrapping mean “these people must go and kill those people”.
        All justified on those specious grounds.
        We see this very clearly now, I think, I hope.
        For all over the world ‘nations’ (in that sense) are doing insane things.
        But all over the world the people are not choosing to do those things. They only choose what ought to be a sensible choice: to obey duly constituted authority.
        So “Australia” went insane and adopted an irrational belief and mandated irrational behaviour and bankrupted itself to the tune of 1 TRILLION dollars.
        Does that make “Australia” insane? No. Because there is no ‘Australia’ beyond the legal fiction.
        It makes the power brokers and standover merchants, the rulers and dictators, it makes THEM insane.
        And it make the people mere passive pawns, for the while at least.
        I feel we have to make this distinction.
        Sorry if I bore and/or annoy you. I won’t say any more. 🙂

      9. @arthur brogard
        People get the government and leaders they deserve. Most people in the U.S. are very materialistic and worship money, and these piggy leaders are the result of that. Of course the rich & powerful are more responsible than everyone else, but all mentally competent adults have some responsibility here.

      10. I totally agree with you and find myself puzzled how to express what I know are a small cabal of neocons in Washington or a small set of neoliberal financial capitalists in New York. I also know that the neoliberals and neoconservatives cooperate in making war. Sometimes I just use ‘Washington’ or ‘Washington neocons’, sometimes just the US. I find that ‘US’ best shows the institutional nature of the cabals, while ‘America’ indicates the people. I try to be consistent, but…
        Any ideas for correct terminology?

      11. I find it annoying that when I click on ‘reply’ in my yahoo email copy of a post I come here with no sign of the post to which I’m replying.

        I wonder if that annoys others, do they get that?

        Anyway I’m meaning to respond to the question do I have any ideas for appropriate terminology.
        Sorry, no, I don’t.
        I can only think of naming precisely those or that which we’re talking about.

        Which would often be a nuisance I guess and often a case of measuring the ‘degree’ to which it is necessary.

        But I can’t think of anything better. Open to suggestions. 🙂

      12. To Arthur,
        Same thing happens to me when I click on “reply” to a post that shows up in my e-mail – So what I have done is 1) click on “reply” and when box shows up, start it “To so and so …” and hope that the body of my reply will make it clear as to whom and what i am replying 2) keep e-mail open in another window so i can refer to specific ideas or passages in my reply. I agree that this conversation format leaves a great deal to be desired …. The best format I have seen is the one used by Common Dreams …

      13. Yep, there’s workarounds. I will sometimes put ‘@whatsisname’ – if I took note of his name.
        like for instance now… no disrespect but what was you moniker?
        Back to Yahoo.
        Take a look.
        Ah, yes, ‘SH’.

        so: @SH.

        be nice though if it were possible to add that little tweak wouldn’t it? As a one time programmer and not very good one who found adding ‘tweaks’ later to be one of the most difficult and fraught tasks I hesitate to ask.
        But I remember substack I think it was enabled editing after some user complaints so maybe.

        Reply ‘threads’ are excellent, I think.

        I very much like the phpBB format but we don’t see much of that any more.

        Dpreview has a good format… took me a bit of getting used to at first but now I like it.

      14. @Ted+Tripp
        I generally agree with your comments, but I totally disagree with this one. This is probably my biggest problem with the left.

        We all agree that the rich & powerful are more responsible for problems on the planet, for the simple reason that their power gives them the ability to control things, and they use that ability to do so to a large extent. However, this leftist idea that everyone else is pure as the driven snow is ludicrous. For example, people who want to be rich are just as much of a problem as rich people, because they support the same evil crap. People who drive support the evil oil companies. Etc. Furthermore, the rich & powerful wouldn’t be so if not for the masses that provide their wealth and power. The idea of opposing a war but supporting the troops is a perfect example of this, as are people who drive and oppose oil wars. I’m not ignoring that there are systems in place that strongly coerce people into joining the military or driving, but adults are responsible for their choices and actions. Yes, we need large systemic changes, but we also need individuals to make changes in their attitudes and behaviors. If individuals don’t change those things, the large systemic changes needed will never happen.

        Making the correct individual choices in an evil society can be extremely difficult, but this is what real change will require. Just fighting the rich & powerful in a society where most people want to be like them, even if they won’t admit it (watch what people do, don’t listen to what they say). If enough people stopped driving, the oil companies would go out of business. If enough people didn’t join the military, there would be no wars. Etc. To be clear, we also need to eliminate rich & powerful people by making this a far more egalitarian and equitable society, and we need major societal changes to go along with the individual changes in order to start fixing things. But without the individual changes, which will require substantial sacrifices, the big societal changes we want will never happen.

      15. We’ve got a system that we’re so proud of that took thousands of years to put together – a system that puts the common man in the driving seat – and you want to blame the rich?
        At the same time as being ‘rich’ yourself in comparison to three quarters of the world?
        The plain and simple fact is that in democracies we are supposed to pay attention and participate in the governance of the country.
        And we don’t.

      16. @arthur brogard
        Was this a response to me? I said that regular people are responsible too. Ted said that the rich were solely to blame, I believe in agreement with someone else.

        On the other hand, we don’t live in anything resembling a democracy. The politicians tell the politicians what to do, when it should be the other way around. The Princeton study from 2014 showed that except for the upper 20%, what the politicians do is unrelated to what people want. Read Tammany Hall.

      17. @JeffCancel. You claim I said the “rich are totally to blame”. I am not sure what you think I meant, but that one class is totally to blame for all suffering? I don’t think so. I do believe the rich are to blame for what they are to blame for. They are to blame for exploiting others by building themselves up while putting others down
        . They are to blame for perpetuating their control by corrupting democracy. They are to blame for foisting international war on the world. Particularly, the American ones are to blame for this war in Ukraine and subjecting us all to the danger of nuclear annihilation.

      18. @arthur brogard
        Sorry, should read, “the rich tell the politicians what to do.” I’m on the phone.

      19. @Jeff. Of course we all must evolve our consciousness. Some of us have done that and know how to do that. Key to transforming self is to strive for right understanding of the world. We must clearly identify the causes of suffering and work to end them.
        In our modern hyper-capitalism, it us crucial to properly identify what is going on. To see the bland Biden as a comfortable, trustworthy grandpa or the dynamic Putin as the embodiment of evil aggression, a very Hitlerian Satan, are both serious errors of perception that will lead to distorted action and continue suffering.
        Marx gifted the working class with intellectual tools to understand their oppression. Many on the left possess the necessary tools to understand capitalist oppression at the highest level. This means finding accurate language, and ‘neocon’ is the best I have come up with to define and understand this peculiar, deadly mindset.
        Without clear language, logic, and reasoning, overcoming the conditioning since birth that clouds understanding cannot occur, individual transformation cannot occur. Right understanding is necessary. This is called Dharma and those who follow it are called Sangha.

      20. @Ted+Tripp
        Well, then maybe we don’t even disagree about this. You’re going to have to come up with something for us to disagree about!

  28. Let me be perfectly frank. Here in Italy we depend on Russia for two things: gas and tourism. In other words they bring something to the party. Ukraine gives us nothing except a possible expressway to hell in the form of a nuclear war as the penis piano player Zelensky continues to use emotional blackmail to obtain yet more weapons. Weapons that prolong the conflict, add to the death toll and increase the risk of one false flag op too far that will plunge us into WWIII. And to put it even more bluntly Ukraine isn’t worth a single Italian city or town, not even a bus shelter. And to have Ukraine as a EU member would only mean Zelensky sending us its criminals, prostitutes and cheap labour. No thanks

    1. I understand that Odessa is nice.
      As a possible post-war solution, we might see all the surviving Nazis transported to Galicia, then Galicia sold or given to Poland, and the Ukrainians can build a Wall around it.

  29. The truth is, people either see the bigger picture here or are consumed by the divisive and deliberate minutae and lies propagated by the NATO/DAVOS/WEF/GLOBALIST (aka The empire of hatred and lies) psy-op that has been on 24/7 high rotation since 2016 at least and to a lesser degree for several years prior.

    Conflict was inevitable after the entrenched globalist elite corruptly took power after faking the US election. Putin already saw very clearly how these power crazed fascists behaved in Libya and Syria and likely began preparing the day after the US election.

    Remember they rushed to try and impeach Trump the moment he started digging into what was happening in Ukraine. We all saw the unedifying spectacle of ghoul Fiona Hill, the clown named Vindman and State department swamp fixers Bill Taylor and George Kent rush to maintain their nefarious operations in Ukraine while simultaneously committing treason against their President.
    If that didn’t clue people into the trillions of dollars and ongoing dark ops at stake in Ukraine, then they’re brainwashed beyond salvation.

    Ukraine is the head of the snake. It’s population has been terrorized and fed lies for 8 years while the Biden crime family and all their partners have looted their wealth and resources. To cover their crimes, they agitate for war and if they couldn’t get that then eventually they would release bioweapons specifically created to target Russian DNA.

    Those screeching about Putin, while simultaneously ignoring all the Empire of hatred and lies provocations, all the crimes so clearly evidenced by Hunter Biden’s own laptop and all the bio terrorism these scum have been cooking up in Ukraine…then they are best ignored because they are simply ignorant and likely too stupid to realize it.

  30. Dear Mr Baud,

    I deeply respect your commitment.
    I agree with you on the craziness of sending weapons to Ukraine.
    As a language teacher I can see the dangers of prohibiting a language.

    Gonzalo Lira is missing. It is high time that people speak up.

    I would greatly appreciate it If your report was sent in all radio stations of the world.

    Best wishes,

    Beate Liebold

    1. I saw Gonzalo Lira on a Durand webinar just yesterday. He was arrested by the national police (FUB?), held for ten days, forced to sign a non-disclose, and released with orders to stay put. He seems undaunted by the experience and speaks freely, but not about his time in confinement.

  31. This is a dubious publication. It’s a one-sided account by an unscrupulous author. The article is incohate and biased.

    1. Rob Roy – wanted to comment on your May 2, 2022 at 6:36 am post but it just sits there ‘loading’ and never get a ‘reply’ button.

      What’s that about I wonder?

      Wanted to say thanks for the post and I agree totally. 🙂

    2. Scheerpost is one of the few credible sources available in the West. If it is biased, its bias is generally anti-war, anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist. Not such bad biases. If you want the war screed, the capitalist hagiography, the imperial viewpoint, there are too many sources to mention.
      Colonel Bard is an expert in his field. He is well educated generally and is not corrupted by Russiaphobia.
      I wonder if you know that Colonel Bard is French and obviously not a native English speaker, so we do our best to fill in the incoherent parts.
      FYI, ‘inchoate’ means yet to be born.

  32. Counter narratives contrary to party line also make useful propaganda. In media the Uk does it, Israel does, the US, Ukraine and Russia all do it. They will have you believing something is true contrary to their own stance only that you will sway your opinion again and again and ultimately get behind their lopsided editorial views. Lies sell more newspapers. Not suggesting for a minute that the writer here isn’t telling the truth. There is no doubt that it is all factual based evidence but nothing can be believed in wartime. Facts are only facts. Facts are not truths.

  33. as so often, you forget that the civilians killed and displaced were just as many non-russians… see, in a civil war there are usually losses ON BOTH SIDES! startling, ain’t it?

    1. What is your point? I think everyone knows that in war, people die. There are no special bullets reserved for Russian-speakers or for Ukrainians. Not all Ukrainian speakers believe in the Kyiv government and happily joined the Donbas resistance.
      I don’t see what you are doing here other than present misinformation. I noticed earlier you wrote about ‘genocide’ in China. I presume you mean Uyghurs in Xinjiang. That canard has been discredited. It is based on what China has done to solve the problem of (CIA-supported) Uyghur terrorism. The correlation to Ukraine is very clear: after the war, there are going to be thousands of Nazis and pseudo-Nazis who will need to be re-educated and somehow dissuaded from their hateful ideology. I suspect the Russians will turn to the Chinese how to denazify these survivors.

      1. @Ted+Tripp
        This guy posts comments like a CIA propagandist. At the very least he’s a troll here as you pointed out, but he may be worse than that, who knows.

  34. since ye mentioned the osce – they were only allowed to watch 2 border crossings out of dozens… so to say they did not observe certain things is a ruse, obviously the transfer of weapons etc WOULD HAVE OCCURRED AT UNWATCHED CROSSINGS..what they [the osce] did see at those two border crosings were a total of 2000 or so men in military clothing not uniforms, just camouflage] going into ukraine. are ye smart enough to understand that russian soldiers could be in the separratist ‘republiks’ but simply NOT WEAR UNIFORMS? DUH!!!! [like the ‘little green men in Crimea]
    bottom line is Russia supported the separatists with weapons and men, ye can lie all you want….
    and mr baud writes: Whether the term “genocide” applies to the abuses suffered by the populations of Donbass is an open question…. if ye read his article ye will see that right above he has a table of CIVILIAN FATALITIES in donbass. for the most recent year, 2021, mr. baud gives the figure of civilian deaths in the separatist-controlled part of donbass. mind ye, this includes folks who died in accidents involving military vehicles, or stepping on mines laid by their own side, or while trying to dismantle unexploded ordinance… so where is the GENOCIDE ye want to sell us? 3 deaths per month, in a huge area, in a civil war. so save yer propaganda… it had become a very low-level conflict, nothing like the [yes, U>S> supported jemen war to pick a random example of an actual genocide…
    but do correct me and tell me how 3 deaths per month caused by various effects of a civil war donstitute genocede, please please…
    [using mr. baud’s figures, i remind ye…]

  35. MSM were usually calling them nazis until 2014, sometimes until 2017, and then almost never after that. In march, they (*all* western corporate media channels, *simultaneously* ) deleted their videos on Youtube referring to them as nazis in early March.

    1. @A handful of trouble at every turn
      Just like the U.S. called the violent fanatic religious groups that they allied with in Syria “terrorists” before they allied with them, then they switched to calling them “moderate Islamists.” Whatever suits their purposes, it’s all BS from these people.

      1. 💯 blatant hypocrisy and noone bats an eye…UN is a sham just like the rest of them. Another puppet of the West. Russia couldn’t turn to ANYONE for help so it took matters into its own hands…good for them, even better, why even deal with these genocidal mfs.

  36. Excepcional well constructed narrative. Absence of the western world medias coverage is an intellectual criminal practice.

  37. The Russian language never been forbidden in Donetsk region. I live in Donbas and I can say it for sure. It is only Putin’s propaganda spreads this lie . You would better tell us how my native city, Mariupol, was totally destroyed by Russian army during several weeks.

    1. It sounds like you are a true believer in proto-fascist Ukraine. I don’t think the MSM lies in its accounts of Ukrainian law changed to discourage Russian-language use. I don’t see that reports of political parties, newspapers, and broadcasting shut down are false.
      According to reports from 2014, the Azov Battalion was formed to put down resistance in Mariupol and other cities in the Donbas who rejected the Kyiv coup government.
      Language is an important part of cultural life, but it is the hatred of Russian people promoted by these Nazis in Kyiv that is the crucial issue.

    2. You’re full of shit. You don’t live in Donbass…your bullshit lie filled comment is how I know that you don’t live in Donbass. Also I know people in mariupol, my aunt’s husband’s sister is from there. We thought they were dead. Didn’t hear from them in 3 weeks, finally got a call the other day and she told my uncle that it was Azov that were murdering civilians in the streets out of sniper positions in apartment buildings. They were throwing people out of their own apartments, and taking over for their own position needs. Kept them all in pavements for weeks, while if anyone tried to leave, they executed them in the middle of the street. Mothers with kids, elderly, they didn’t give a fuck. And the only time the people that survived finally got some peace and a break from living in fear, is when the Russian army finally cleared the city if these animals. This is your native city? What street did you live on? I’m curious.

      1. Victory Day … Long live Russia….

        Insane Biden blinken Harris nuland Clinton the lot of them and stupid Gringos…. Andrei is a clear voice… Yankees know no limits to their amnesia and agnotolgy and propaganda


      2. @Paul.

        ‘agnatolgy’ ? New one on me. Looked it up. Excellent. Thanks for that. The growth industry of the 20’s. The real business of politicians, warmongers, quacks, salesmen…

        Agnatolgy. Good one. 🙂

        ( spread it around )

  38. so no responses at all? i challenged ye hijos de putin to tell me how a conflict, a civil war, which before february claimed roughly 3 [THREE] civilian lives per month [on the separatist rebel side], could be considered ‘GENOCIDE’ worthy of invading like russia did, killing tens of thousands of civilians so far. Jeff, not a peep? mind ye i am QUOTING FIGURES MR. JACQUES BAUD HIMSELF INCLUDED IN THE ABOVE ARTICLE…
    ye all tucking yer tail and running from a simple challenge? ye can’t have much truth on yer side, que no ???????

  39. just another little propaganda lie: Jacques Baud talks about the maternity hospitlal #1 having been taken over by azov brigade fighters before it was bombed…. nice try, Jacques, but as anybody with a keyboard can ascertain, it was matrnity hospital #3 [THREE] which was bombed by the Russians, in other words a completely different hospital.
    note to Bob Scheer: even just a perfunctory perusing of this ‘article’ and the links contained therein, would have shown countless inaccuracies and lies. this is shoddy ‘journalism’ and even shoddier editing. i expect better from you….

    1. Stop blowing smoke. We all have seen the photos and heard the stories, then the accurate stories. You trying to debunk Jacque Bard is like a Pomeranian puppy trying to bite an elephant.

  40. Ya lublu Russia. 🇷🇺
    I’m an old US Veteran and I never thought I would consider rejoining the military, until I saw this past year’s hideous propaganda against Russia. I have never seen such shameless hateful genocidal lies in my life. I have been deeply ashamed of the US government & media my whole life, but never more than now. Now I’m learning Russian and trying to talk myself out of joining the Russian Army because I’m so old and weak I’m afraid I wouldn’t be an asset to them, kinda hoping they will just invade and come to me instead.
    Strange times we are living in. I think I want to defect to Russia & die as a Russian soldier & a Russian citizen. I think I want this more than I have ever wanted anything in pisshole America. I will not miss Twitter nor Facebook. America is not a real country, it is just one big stupid fucking lie. I want to go hug some Russians, and die defending them. 💙

      1. Rob, folks like ye brought us Hitler… no criticism, no research, not a single original thought, just lazily repeating russian propaganda…. do tell us again how [quoting rob here] “Putin never lies” yeah, like when he said there were no conscripts in the war [sorry, i’ll translate for ye – special military operation’] ar4e ye at least getting paid for this? telling folks such obvious lies must be strenuous….
        you’d make a great Nazi!!! hijo de Putin!

      2. @arvo
        OK CIA plant, please explain what Russian propaganda anyone here has repeated? We live in the U.S. and are subject to U.S. propaganda, which you constantly spout. I’ve never been exposed to any Russian propaganda, and I don’t think that anyone here has either. Russian propaganda is mainly directed at Russians.

        And BTW, if people were spouting Russian propaganda, they wouldn’t be saying that the invasion was wrong.

    1. @John
      Anyone who says that is either a U.S. propagandist or a fool. Which are you?

      If you really believe that a former NATO military analyst is spouting Russian propaganda, where’s your evidence? Name-calling and guilt by association is what people do when they have no legitimate arguments.

  41. @SH: first few years pretty much all the killing was of the residents of Eastern Ukraine, somewhere around 14,000, I think

    Well, our old acquaintance, the 14,000. What you fail to mention is that this is, according to all reports but Russian propaganda, made up from: around 5,000 separatist soldiers, around 5,000 Ukrainian (gov’t) soldiers, around 500 foreign (Russian) mercenaries and around 3,000+ civilians (which number might still contain some foreign fighters as they obviously count as civilians in Ukraine).

    14,000 is not something to sneer at, for sure. But let’s not pretend these all are civilian casulties, all Russian nationals killed by Ukraine.

    1. So, your account just quibbles with statistics? There are loads of conflicting statistics, but all agree that the Ukrainian army, headed by foreign fighters and Ukro Nazis, attacked cities in eastern Ukraine because they rejected the proto-fascist Kyiv government after the Maidan coup. They also agree that many people died, and death has no armband.

  42. Well, I see that this “Jacques Baud” is adored by Russians and his articles are reposted widely in Russian media. They like his rhetorics and the point of view he brings into the situation in Ukraine.
    Maybe because he justify Russia and Putin by handing over the bigger part of the responsibility for war started on other countries and people. Nor USA nor Europe killed civilians in the occupied territory near Kyiv. That was done by very professional Russian not-nazi soldiers with “Z” signs on their vehicles.

    In the chapter “THE OUTBREAK OF WAR” the author explains that Ukraine and Western countries forced peaceful Putin and professional Russian soldiers to start a “special operation” against Ukraine.
    That is why Russian army forces were disposed around Ukraine’s borders for the last 9 months. Just for the case when Ukraine w/o any reason started shelling the Donbas region (provoking the enormous huge Russian army to invade Ukraine).

    > The term “pro-Russian” suggests that Russia was a party to the conflict, which was not the case, and the term “Russian speakers” would have been more honest.
    This is manipulation. Why thousands of Russian-speaking Ukrainians are participating in protests against the Russian invasion of occupied southern regions?
    Why half of the Ukrainian army force soldiers speak Russian? Why does Zelensky privately speak mostly Russian?

    About the OBCE monitoring mission in Donbas on 23rd of February read their article
    “The patrol members also saw a third individual, wearing a uniform with a Russian Federation flag patch on his shoulder.” the Russian army was there before Putin announced the war. They didn’t want OBCE to rise the UAV to monitor the security situation. UAV which could reveal from which side the shelling was provided. But separatists and that Russian soldiers didn’t like this idea. Interesting why? And this is only one case. But, yeah, easier to share just dry information about increased shelling for justifying Putin’s decision.

    1. You make noises like a warmongering apologist for the Yukie Nazis trained and funded by the US. Jaques Baud is entirely correct in the broad brush account. If you want to niggard details, that is fine but your view is irrelevant. We all know that the Nazis killed civilians in Bucha, we know that there has been a sinister nazification of Ukrainian society–well, all levels, military & government–in the past 8 years. It sounds like you are one of them.

    2. I’m Ukrainian, and I lived in Donetsk before the war started, I lost 2 cousins and an aunt, and literally half of my class were killed between 2014-2022…however, I do have A LOT of of friends who stayed, some evacuated to Russia, some evacuated to Ukraine…people talk about about atrocities committed by UKRAINIAN neo-nazis that kept the whole region frozen and stuck in a state of primal fear starting in 2014 until February 24, 2022…people that went to Ukraine, were treated like 2nd class citizens, their kids were bullied and picked on EVEN THOUGH they “chose” ukraine…people that went to Russia are all happy…not one person told me they regret going there, and I personally know 4 families, 3 of which have kids. ….the fact that its not enough suffering for you to take notice, well that speaks to your mindset . That’s fine, you “soberly” look at numbers, and you’re not moved by human loss and emotions…that explains a lot about how detached your armies were when they were carpet bombing cities of Iraq and Yugoslavia FULL of civilians for days and days and days (in case of Yugoslavia, used uranium to poison anyone who survived the bombs)…what did Madeline Albright call it in her time? Oh “collateral damage” right!…it’s rich that you would bring up that US and EU are not bombing Ukrainian cities, with your rap sheet…but I bet you don’t even know that Russians are not there to kill civilians, notice how they didn’t carpet bomb anything?…well that’s because they don’t use those cynical tactics on civilians the way you did and the way you taught Ukrainian army to do. using peaceful population as a live sheild and set up their position inside cities like cowards, hiding where their women and children live…Russians “like” this article because it’s the truth, something thanks to your government and your prostitute MSM, you know nothing about. Ukrainian government is known to be the most corrupt government in Europe, and your government knew it, and used it to their full advantage…historically speaking, I’m embarrassed to say, Ukrainians are known to be disloyal flip floppers, so they quickly forgot where they came from, and hopped into bed with the west because that’s who was stuffing the pockets of its corrupt “leaders” at the time. Just remember, just like they stabbed Russia in the back, the minute something more appealing comes along, they’ll turn around and shit on you…

  43. Good writing here [ https://libya360.wordpress.com/2022/05/04/the-left-and-its-deplorable-role-in-ukraines-war/ ], not there (Scheer Post):

    “The Left and its Deplorable Role in Ukraine’s War”

    Posted by INTERNATIONALIST 360° on MAY 4, 2022

    Juanlu González

    In 1964, Marcuse warned about the loss of revolutionary capacity in the West due to the triumph of repressive measures implemented by advanced industrial societies to silence any kind of intellectual dissent through the media, advertising, propaganda, and the most unbridled consumerism. At that time, it heralded the birth of the One-Dimensional Man, an individual with no critical capacity, extremely docile and malleable to the whims of the powerful.

    Despite the time elapsed, this process has not abated. On the contrary, since the second half of the last century, the systems of control and social domination have been refined to unimaginable extremes that would shock the German philosopher and sociologist. European citizenship is no longer, nor is it expected to be, in the vanguard of anything. The degree of decadence, of submission, of accommodation to the dominant thinking is such that there is no critical thinking and any kind of intellectual dissent is immediately crushed by the system itself, and also by an intellectuality that was never previously linked to power and is now its most useful instrument.

    Today, with the war in Ukraine, writers and experts are emerging as fungi whose mission is precisely to attack the bastions of free thought that may be on the European and Spanish left. They are the kind of organic intellectuals who believe that their discourse is far above that held by the rest of mortals and who, moreover, claim to enjoy an indisputable moral superiority, although they are nothing more than transmission belts for a decadent, impoverished, and diseased one-dimensionalism. Armed with platitudes, empty language, and tons of naive infantilism, they play out their pseudo-democratic totalitarianism against any kind of dissent, especially when it comes to the left, which they consider their private hunting ground.

    [ read one . . . ]

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