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The US Military is Driving Environmental Collapse Across the Planet

The U.S. military emits more carbon than 140 countries combined, fueling climate change and environmental degradation. Below we examine five ways in which the Pentagon is destroying the environment.
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By Sam Carliner / Left Voice

Summer 2021 has been an alarming season for climate news. Massive fires have raged from California to Europe; countries in the Global South have been hit by deadly droughts and historic winters; and on August 9, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a report confirming what many people already knew: the climate crisis is already here. For the past three years, leading climate scientists have argued that the global average temperature rise needs to remain below 1.5 degrees Celsius in order to avoid the worst impacts of the climate crisis. The recent IPCC report suggests that humanity is past the point where meeting that limit is possible.

Left Voice has regularly covered how the climate crisis is a result of the capitalist system which is incapable of responding to such a universal and rapidly-evolving threat to humanity. While capitalists are doing their part to fuel global disaster, the Pentagon, one of the bastions of the imperialist state, deserves a notable mention for its role in the climate crisis. The U.S. military — with its 800 foreign bases planted around the globe to enforce the will of the U.S. empire — is a bigger polluter than 100 countries combined.

Here are five of the ways the Pentagon is fueling climate change.

1: Keeping Imperialism Running 

As noted above, the U.S. military consists of nearly 800 bases in foreign countries and territories. Keeping all of these bases running and connected also requires a massive network of transportation, including ships and planes, and infrastructure like energy and water.

An article in Newsweek found that in 2017 “the U.S. military bought about 269,230 barrels of oil a day and emitted more than 25,000 kilotonnes of carbon dioxide by burning those fuels.” Research by Brown University’s Costs of War project shows that from 2001 to 2017, U.S. “overseas contingency operations” in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and Syria have produced 400 million tons of CO2 emissions. Other findings by Costs of War show that the war in Afghanistan resulted in illegal logging which has led to the destruction of wildlife habitats, and the war in Iraq has increased cancer rates and birth defects.

Even outside of warzones, the U.S. military threatens human life and prosperity daily by pumping CO2 into the atmosphere. There is unjustifiable harm from even the U.S. military’s most mundane fuel use, such as keeping the lights on at some base in Italy or filling up vehicles for training U.S. troops in Australia. Every penny spent on such actions is a penny spent on fossil fuels that are slowly making the world uninhabitable, all for the purpose of maintaining U.S. capital’s control of the world’s resources for profit.

2: Supporting Oil

One of the biggest contributors to the climate crisis is the burning of fossil fuels. As covered above, the U.S. military consumes enormous amounts of fossil fuel. However, its role in fossil fuel use goes far beyond its own consumption — an entire global economy has been built around the cheap extraction of oil. Fossil fuel capitalists were able to build such an economy by using the U.S. military to violently secure their interests. This violent protection of fossil fuel interests was one of the main drivers of the U.S. military’s wars in the Middle East.

We will never know the Pentagon’s exact contribution to global warming, but we can calculate the extreme spike in oil production as a result of U.S. capital seizing Iraq with the help of the U.S. military. In 2016, Iraq produced more than 4 million barrels of oil per day, more than double what it was producing in 2003, the year of the U.S. invasion.

The intertwining of U.S. imperialist hegemony at the start of the 21st century and oil production has created an uphill battle for the transition to renewable energy. Even with the obvious planetary benefits of wind and solar technology, the most influential sectors of capital will continue to back fossil fuel extraction. Between finance capital, which has billions of dollars invested in oil and expects returns, and the fossil fuel industry, which has sunk costs in extraction infrastructure, the most influential sectors of capital will continue to oppose an economy built around green energy.

This continued investment in oil will mean continued investment in resource wars. Already, some figures in the U.S. State Department and Pentagon have been discussing the need for the United States to compete with Russia in the Arctic over newly emerging trade routes and below ground oil reserves.

3: Harming Indigenous Communities

Indigenous people around the world have been at the forefront of environmental protection. Many indigenous communities have fought bravely to protect their land from the U.S. empire and its knack for destroying whole ecosystems. 

In fact, the U.S. military is founded on a history of war against Native people and their lands. This was the legacy of the “American Indian Wars,” in which the U.S. army was used to colonize North America, and enforce the genocide of Native people and theft of land and resources.

The modern U.S. military continues to pose a threat to indigenous communities and their land by maintaining foreign bases. While U.S. military violence towards indigenous people has continued, so has the resistance led by indigenous communities. For example, in Okinawa, the presence of the U.S. military has been the subject of significant opposition. Currently, indigenous Okinawans are trying to stop construction of a new base which would destroy burial grounds for victims of war and pose a threat to 262 different endangered species.

The U.S. military presence in the Asia-Pacific region is likely to become a greater focus of the Biden administration as he puts more emphasis on competition with China. This makes it all the more essential for an international environmental movement to stand in solidarity with indigneous communities on islands key to U.S. operations in the Pacific, such as in Okinawa, Hawaii, and Guam.

4: Producing Hazardous Waste

The destructive presence of U.S. military bases is not limited to foreign soil. Throughout the United States, military bases have produced toxic chemicals which gravely impact the health of communities near these bases. One of the worst forms of military pollution throughout the United States is a synthetic foam known as (AFFF).

Developed by the U.S. navy in the 1960s, this chemical has been shown to cause all sorts of immune, hormonal, and reproductive health problems which are sometimes fatal, as well as various types of cancer. Due to the military’s regular use of the chemical in training exercises at hundreds of bases throughout the United States, the foam has been seeping into the water and soil across the country, poisoning communities while the military dodges accountability. 

In response to several class action lawsuits, the Pentagon has started disposing of their AFFF supply by incinerating it, creating a whole new form of grand-scale poisoning.

5: Deprioritizing Worthwhile Projects

In the United States, we’re constantly told that there’s no money to implement any comprehensive measures for fighting the climate crisis. Public transportation, green infrastructure, solar energy, etc. are deemed “too expensive.”

The truth is that the money for such projects exists, but it’s going to the Pentagon. In 2015, the military received 54 percent of the federal budget, and each new budget further bloats funding for The Pentagon. The Biden administration has already requested a 2022 defense budget which would increase military spending by 1.6 percent compared to this year.

The $715 billion that Biden requests for military spending in this budget could instead go to green infrastructure projects. For example, if a $715 billion annual budget was put towards replacing the U.S. electrical grid with renewable energy, it would only take a little more than eight years to completely replace the entire electrical grid of the United States.

There are also plenty of smaller projects that could be accomplished with one year’s worth of the money requested for the 2022 military budget. The $715 billion is more than enough to cover the cost of boats needed to clean the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, an island of garbage twice the size of Texas currently floating between California and Hawaii. 

Defund the Pentagon 

Only socialism can adequately tackle the climate crisis which is already destroying entire ecosystems and costing lives. Capitalism kills via the climate crisis when people in Texas freeze to death because their power grid crashesin the winter and when people in the Pacific Northwest die of unprecedented heat waves. Capitalism kills by depriving the most exploited countries of food and water and by subjecting oppressed communities in the imperialist countries to environmental racism. The global environmental movement needs to take a revolutionary stand against capitalism and it needs to be led by the poor and working-class communities around the world who are already facing the worst consequences of capitalist-fueled climate change.

Part of the fight against capitalism is the fight against imperialism. Leftists in imperialist countries, especially the United States, have an obligation to fight imperialism for many reasons. The role of the U.S. military in fueling climate change is just one reason that the U.S. Left needs to demand the defunding of the Pentagon.

Defunding the Pentagon means closing the 800 bases and web of ships and planes which require an endless stream of fuel. It means not polluting working-class communities with hazardous waste. It also means making it clear to all that the climate crisis is not the fault of individuals, but of the capitalist class and their institutions of violence. The working class and leaders of movements to fight climate change need to unite around the demand to invest in green energy and environmental conservation while divesting from war and all other forms of imperialist aggression.

Sam Carliner

Sam Carliner is a socialist with a background in journalism. He mainly writes for Left Voice about US imperialism. He also tweets about imperialism as @saminthecan.


  1. Thank you Sam! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! FINALLY- someone has said it: the climate will be saved if/when the Pentagon ceases its destruction of it by its mere existence. This is absolutely a fact and addresses multiple issues.

    Forced migration
    Devolution of forests
    Killing of wildlife (on land, in the air and in the sea)
    Toxic pollution via spills, bombings, etc.

    Look at what the US military has done to the once pristine coastal environment of Okinawa. And by the way continues to do so against the overwhelming opposition of locals.

    It goes on…every loss of environment can probably be traced right back to some function of the out-of-control military industrial complex.

    Please find yourself a copy of the 2008 documentary ‘Scarred Lands and Wounded Lives’ by Lincoln and Alice Day. The numbers, obviously, are not accurate put the rest is.

    Here’s a short trailer:

    1. @B Caracciolo
      Wow, you really need to educate yourself about environmental and ecological issues. Your comments about how the U.S. military is the only environmental problem (“the climate will be saved if/when the Pentagon ceases its destruction of it”) could not be more wrong. Humans started destroying the natural environment 10-12,000 years ago when they started using agriculture. The very first civilization destroyed a forest and turned it into desert. Etc.

      I agree that the U.S. military is a huge problem and that it should be greatly downsized into a strictly defensive force, but it’s only one of many environmental and ecological symptoms on the planet, and isn’t a root cause of any of these problems. The physical root causes of ALL environmental and ecological problems are overpopulation and overconsumption (including things we should not be consuming at all, like fossil fuels and trees), and those things started millennia before the U.S. even existed.

      1. What an oversimplification! Of course I am aware of the many factors contributing to the degradation of our natural environment.
        My response was in synch with the main article.
        What war and the preparations for war have done/are doing to the environment – now that industrialization has cut a wide swath- is obscene.
        We, as a species, created and continue to condone the bloated military budget which has so immeasurably botched up the earth…it is mind-numbing that anyone refuses to make the connection.
        I doubt that Indigenous peoples were busy trashing the environment when ‘civilization’ entered the picture. Nonsense.

      2. @B Caracciolo
        I didn’t say that hunter-gatherers trashed the planet, I said that agriculturalists began doing that. Nor did I oversimplify anything, I merely quoted your totally incorrect statement that if the Pentagon were to stop doing environmental harms, the global warming/climate change problem would be solved. You either believe that nonsense, or you understand that the U.S. military is only one of many factors in environmental and ecological damage to the Earth, and that its actions are symptoms, not root causes, of any of them.

      3. To June and Jeff:
        I don’t believe I said that the Pentagon MIC was the ‘only’ cause of environmental destruction…but either way, given the bloated budget (what is it now under Biden? $800 BILLION?) That budget represents 2/3 or better of the total discretionary national budget. In a pie chart- other ‘needs’, like healthcare and education are barely discernible.

        The MIC is very careless with the environment. Remember when they torched the Iraqi oil fields and plowed crude into the sand with bulldozers?

        To your credit, I will say this: It is not ‘just’ the US Military machine that has poisoned the earth and waters of the world- but others in the act of war. There is no way to diminish this reality.

        The onus to ‘clean up’ is placed on mere humans- us- and not the companies that actually produce the unrenewable items of our daily lives like plastic drink bottles, for example. Isn’t it up to the manufacturers of such things to create truly biodegradable bottles? While humankind certainly can be accused of disregard…why are ‘we’ the ones being fingered as the culprits?

        So, the destruction of our natural world has many accomplices- by volume and longevity- war is the worst whether in active shooting wars or the preparations for them. Imagine shutting down just a third of the 800 military bases around the world.

      4. @B Caracciolo
        The problems with obsessing on any symptom or byproduct of root causes of environmental and ecological harm are that 1) you’ll never solve the problems because you never address the actual causes; and 2) the list of human bad environmental behaviors is so long that there’s no point in trying to even list them all, let alone deal with them individually.

        Specific to the climate destruction that humans have caused and are still causing, you said ““the climate will be saved if/when the Pentagon ceases its destruction of it …” Global warming/climate change is caused by industrial living, not by militaries. If we were living industrially but the U.S. military didn’t exist, we’d still be destroying our atmosphere and thereby our climate. Eliminating the U.S. military for the purpose of fixing the climate problem is dealing with global warming/climate change by doing something other than dealing with global warming/climate change. I hate the military and am anti-imperialist and anti-colonialist as much as anyone, but THAT and being anti-war would be the reasons to do things like close all foreign military bases and cut the military, spook, and black budgets by 90%.

        Generally, as I said, human-caused environmental and ecological problems started when humans started using agriculture 10-12,000 years ago. The corporations and their rich owners that we all loath didn’t exist back then, so who was the cause of using agriculture if not humans in general. The rich and powerful are MORE responsible for these problems than everyone else, but everyone in agricultural society has at least some responsibility for the problems. For example, you say that manufacturers should be solely responsible for creating biodegradable bottles (in order to solve the plastic bottle waste problem). How about just not buying anything that comes in a plastic bottle? My wife and I don’t buy any of that, and it’s totally unnecessary. Buying crap like that is a perfect example of overconsumption, one of the root causes here.

        Furthermore, pollution is only one of very many environmental and ecological problems caused by humans. The biggest problems are destruction of ecosystems and habitats for things like agriculture and “development” (horrible euphemism for “destruction”), destruction of marine ecosystems from unnatural human carbon dioxide emissions (acidification of the oceans, killing of coral reefs, etc.) and from overfishing (both industrial fishing and too many people fishing due to overpopulation), extinction of species, and extirpation of species. Most pollution is a minor detail compared to these problems, although global warming/climate change is clearly an existential problem that, while not a root cause of anything, must be dealt with because if left unchecked it could wipe out most if not all life on Earth. To be clear, I’m not at all saying that pollution isn’t a problem, but again the cause of this is industrial society, not corporations or rich people. Corporations and rich people just make these problems worse and are more responsible for them, but they are not root causes.

        The physical root causes of ALL environmental and ecological problems are overpopulation and overconsumption. Overpopulation began with the use of agriculture (this is overconsumption, because humans should never kill anything they don’t eat, and killing native plants in order to plant crops is doing just that), because like any other animal, you give humans more food and you get more people, and agriculture provided an unnatural overabundance of food. Before humans used agriculture, our population was in natural balance with the planet, and was 5-10 million people GLOBALLY. We now have 800-1,600 TIMES more people than that, and the nonhumans on Earth basically have nowhere to live because of it. Greatly lowering our population and moving toward living a lot more simply & naturally are what we need to do to properly and adequately address environmental and ecological problems. Shrinking the U.S. military to a strictly defensive force would stop a lot of pollution and would be the right thing to do for other reasons, but it would not even approach fixing the climate crisis or any other major environmental or ecological problem.

  2. Sam needs to look into a clear sky and look deep into the Universe and ponder how. Humans can change the Climate of Planet Earth. It’s a nonsense created by a distorted minds.

    1. @Derek Smith
      No, what’s utter nonsense is people like you denying clear facts that greenhouse gases trap heat in the atmosphere, and that humans are emitting massively unnatural amounts of them, thereby causing the atmosphere to unnaturally heat up. (Actually, the Earth’s atmosphere does undergo natural heating and cooling, but it happens over a MUCH longer period of time, giving plants and animals time to more to suitable climates.) You have a delusional flat Earth attitude toward this crisis because you don’t want to admit to yourself or anyone else that your unnatural lifestyle is destroying our planet.

  3. I totally agree with the views expressed. But, how is it possible to get our government to understand? They will probably blame the Russians. These 800 bases they will say is to thwart evil which means anybody else, particularly the Russians. These people cannot be bargained with. They will simply change the subject to freedom, democracy, goodness and apple pie. Like suckers, some of us will believe it.

    1. Sadly. I do not think it’s possible. The US has become a war economy and that is unlikely to change.

  4. “Left Voice has regularly covered how the climate crisis is a result of the capitalist system …”

    This is a perfect example of why political ideologues should not cover environmental issues. Whether from the left, as in this instance, or from the right, these people know nothing about the environment, nor do they prioritize it enough to be writing or speaking about it. The climate change crisis is caused by industrial society, period. It has nothing to do with capitalism. Communist and socialist countries were and are industrial also. Do you think that the atmosphere cares whether the pollution humans are spewing into it come from capitalists, socialists, or communists? Same with the U.S. military, same with imperialism. If the U.S. military were limited to preindustrial weapons and carried out U.S. imperialism by those means, it would not be contributing to the climate crisis. Imperialism started before industrial society, so again imperialism is not a cause of the problem, but at most an exacerbator of it.

    The statements in this article about indigenous communities are also wrong. The issue regarding the climate crisis or any other environmental or ecological issue isn’t whether communities are indigenous, it’s whether they’re TRADITIONAL. Indigenous people can be just as bad as anyone else. It’s traditional indigenous people we need to support regarding this issue, not just indigenous people.

    It’s true that the U.S. military is the biggest single polluter on the planet, and I fully agree that it and the deep state should be defunded to the greatest extent possible (probably a 90% reduction, definitely a closure of all foreign military bases). Capitalism, militarism, and imperialism are all evil and should be abolished, but the roots of environmental and ecological problems are much deeper.

    1. Jeff…Capitalism is so much to blame for where we find our planet heading! Until our societies quit consuming/consuming/consuming…our planet will continue to fail. We continue to pull every mineral out of the earth we possibly can, we continue to cut our forests at an absolutely devastating rate, and we continue to Factory farm. WHY?? Profits for the corporate sector, so please, reconsider your thoughts on capitalism Jeff. What can replace it…let’s talk about that piece too.

      1. @June Ross
        Yes, capitalism is a cancer that must be removed. But it’s a SYMPTOM, not a cause of anything. Agriculture, mining, human-caused extinctions, and human overpopulation began thousands of years before capitalism. Always look at root causes, even if you also need to work on immediate solutions to dire problems like global warming/climate change.

        As to what should replace capitalism? All businesses except for natural monopolies should be worker-owned. Communism, socialism, and capitalism are all obsolete. Natural monopolies like utilities should be owned by the government.

        But to be clear, I’m a radical environmentalist and economic issues are at or near the bottom of my priorities. First and foremost, we must protect and restore the natural environment to the greatest extent possible, and we must greatly lower our population while also moving toward living a lot more simply & naturally. Instead of greatly harming the natural world by artificially manipulating it by living so unnaturally, we should focus on expanding our consciousness, the ONLY proper role for humans on this planet.

  5. Thank you , this is right up my alley as I been detained by some foolishness of bank’s error, but we as a US 501.c3 nonprofit charitable assoc are transitioning as we continue to co_evolve thinking how efficiently earthlings can rid toxic from earth-space! Doing it in away where people celebrate this gratitude of working w/good stewards still living it as good tech is created w/them!

    So it is the toxic manufactures I think we all need to gain more understanding filling in the pieces many of us just support unknowingly that destroy the complex life that sustains our food source and we will follow, let alone they all make us ill;

    Processed in food-soil-water-materials-cleaning products-weapons of war-Nuclear, the list is long and out start up plan we working t will allow each community to show what is and what can be as I want to support agroecological assessments as communities skillfully fill startup plan in, then follow by local plan to make it happen, even prioritys where so all critical thinkers join in! via subsidizing-sharing in solidarity-cooperative investments – work exchanges or good investors!

    My sites are not actively being updated, rather I working also behind the scenes sharing it as a Nuclear peace platform sharing skilled intermediaries to do just this and more! For I see a lot of misinformation from people making war! Same us earthlings trying to perceive it!

    Plus I share issues in this Google document I send t many so please see and I’d like to share your work?

    Have you seem MEERreflection.com, Dr Ye and Emeritus Prof Guy McPherson did a nice analysis showing nothing else is more efficient then this!

    I see much abuse behind other alternatives!

    Plus see more of what I share as I just decided recently to chart detail of these manufactures and I want to support them w/empathy and not allow them to take any more energy from any of us, rather stop toxic and recycle tools to create life saving tools! Creating good energy-jobs and ending these scars from continuing! let me know and I will address this url if I may, sharing more of what to come. Do you have an archive where I could have access and what do you charge to take research of yours and I will do this once we create w/techs our archive-message bards and intro of all this, but yes also now working w/few Gov heads anytime I can show them facts it would be great help! vs me not having time to research it all my self, especially when these bank errors are something else and I keep resolving them, but I want to share this work I speak of!

    Please see, it crude but it sets path for archive once I get budget together for techs, etc., plus I try to address sharing skilled when there are issues hurting so many that are corrupt, like COVID toxic vaccines and all mandates, UN Security-social medias-NATO-US GOV corrupt – totally fragmented pushing sales for defense industry;s and blaming RU for Ukraine, when I like UNAC and share on doc below Scott Ritters take on Ukraine. And I did not know the history as I told leaders on twitter and Kremlin that no one is listening why do they keep thinking UN is together, but now this link of Scottw/UNAC conversation of Ukraine, will share history showing in 1945 the Security Counsel made it so all country’s equal, yet US takes over, but no more RU and China are going back to the original. But I also added my lengthy take that I still am ashamed of how UN acts now, as well policy have to be updated not for ward codes etc. or war laws but to end all weapons of war and mind sets wanting them, as we support them from being manufactured!

    Showing detail of above as well more in people’s resonating ability to understand ecologically, we must all prioritize human life on earth and the critters we depend on to do their part to keep us alive, showing more detail of time sensitive issues and it is not just climate change it is scars that keep happening and suffering is long over due to address and stop!!!


    Peace is real if we organize and share it! Even MEER project I just ask the guys to debate and compare with this issue that others believe is more real, that passed it on to me, but I yet to see it but will! Bt we want good science common sense discussion so we all have a direction to share in or we have a conversation to define, so we all can mindfully act!!


    Thank you for what you all do and I appreciate your work! I look forward to working more with you!
    kara j lincoln

    1. Clearly, you represent the very much failed peace industrial complex that, for over 100 years, has done little more than navel gaze, self-promote and drum up billions from supporters who are constantly misguided by pitiful petition drives and online fund-raisers.

      Outfits like UNAC, Answer Coalition, Veterans for Peace, World Beyond War and many others continue to piss in the wind as Nero accompanies them on violin. I have had direct, personal experience w those outfits I name and know their game.

      It never ceases to amaze me that one of the preeminent environmental outfits- that brings in billions in support for their campaigns NEVER as much as breathes a word about what the lumbering, wasteful military machine has done/is doing to our natural world by its use of toxic chemicals, dangerous minerals and petroleum products would call itself GREENPEACE.

      The irony nowadays is almost too much to bear.

      1. @B Caracciolo
        I worked for Greenpeace for a couple of years in the 1980s. I was also a campaigner with Earth First! at that time, and it struck me how much more conservative Greenpeace was, even though it was considered radical. I too have some big disagreements with Greenpeace — Sea Shepherd Society is much better if you want a good group for ocean and marine life advocacy — but they do some very good work also. I wouldn’t give them money because they’re too conservative and over the past decade or so they’ve gotten off track by expanding into social issues, but neither do I think they deserve condemnation.

      2. Thank you all for heart of matter being pissed! I not skilled here but we all have energy and we all can redirect it, I don’t have experience w/any of these groups, my head touched them and then was into my preoccupation and then got here!

        Putting together detailed organized list to me helps? To many of us are fragmenting! To understand helps us at least not to support a product or service and be clear to share more of what is real!

        Giving us clarity is a start so cooperatively we figure it out!

        My plan is to accumulate notes here in such a manor, so please don’t think I preoccupy myself w/those groups, they are earthing’s attracting me, but it go me here?

        In one sense you are right the Aerosol Masking Effect aka Global Diming info brought to surface more that Nature Bats’ Last, talks and now more even if Google it, is participating in giving us time! As in if all went cold turkey of fossil fuels, earth would get warmer!

        I’m not giving up, there is a way and I know I yet to be experienced, but will continue to seek it! Don’t let it bum ya out, lets live until we dead! Vs be dead yet to be buried!

        Peace be with you + let’s keep working it please!
        lov, kara

  6. The US is the main driver of a world-wide arms race that diverts enormous resources to self-destructive “investments.” As it says — it leads the world in these arts of murder and destruction. And everyone else has to constantly try to catch up.

    So the environmental destruction is spread all over the pmanet as nations keep running after the most advanced homicidally-enabled nation on earth.

    All of this at a time when climate change and pollution relentlessly destroys species, a including our own.

  7. This article looks at a very complex issue with many contributing factors, and attempts to isolate a degree of blame attributable to the US military. This is useful if you are looking for a scapegoat, but not very helpful if you are looking for a corse of corrective action (if one exist).
    An alternative is acceptance. We as a species are the cause of climate chaos, our success as “the dominant organism” is casting a large shadow, and naturally we can not simply make that go away keeping a situation of “overshoot” intact.

    1. @Daniel Brooks
      Not only is your response nonsensical (we can make human destruction of the natural environment “go away keeping a situation of ‘overshoot’ intact”?), but it is a BS deflection. The U.S. military is the biggest polluter in the world, and there’s nothing “complex” about this clear and obvious fact. You’re correct that human burning of fossil fuels is the cause of this problem, and that goes way beyond the military. But your response sounds like something from the Pentagon or its disinformation organization.

  8. If the Biden administration succeeds at lying us into a catastrophic nuclear world war, you won’t have to worry about environmental deterioration anymore. If Biden fails, we’ll probably have another decade of liberals shouting “DO SOMETHING!” from their car windows.

  9. Every sound ecological aspiration is corrupted by the MIC. And yet conventional political process nor any ololgy, left or right , carries the authority to redress the situation. What else is there?

    “For individuals prepared to think deeper then ever before and reflect carefully, with the intellectual integrity to shake off both their theological and secular prejudices, who can escape the limitations of ‘conventional wisdom and explore outside the cultural box, are able to stand against the tides of tribal, peer, group think, and all fashionable thought and spin, who
    have the humility and moral courage to accept correction and learn
    something new, who will TEST, discover and confirm this new insight for
    themselves, an intellectual, spiritual and moral revolution is under way;
    where the once impossible becomes inevitable, by the most radical, potent,
    political, Non Violent Direct Action never even imagined plausible
    until now. One able to advance the highest aspirations of human idealism
    and which cultural curators and gatekeepers, entrenched elites, religious
    institution, social media, big tech and MSM filters, bureaucratic control, nor the modern corporate/national security, surveillance state can corrupt, commodify, dilute, stop nor interfere with. Even if they dare try.”

    1. I’m in, and that is what i work for as a mam earth woman
      It is real, we just hve to organize to share vs repeat and do nothing!

      Nice post Robert!
      Thank you!
      lov, kara

  10. Old news updated for the coming climate crisis ‘solutions’ – brought to you by the MIC. Save the earth? Get rid of the MIC.

  11. Good article, but you lost me when you mentioned wind and solar as obvious benefits for planetary renewal. Wind and solar run entirely on fossil fuel inputs. They’re just another way for capitalists to act like they’re doing something helpful when all they’re doing is making more money and destroying more habitat. Green technology will not save the day. God knows what will.

    1. @Angela Nolan
      The only real solution to environmental and ecological problems is to live simply and naturally, and in a lot smaller numbers. All else, like solar and wind, are false solutions that attempt to protect lifestyles, not the Earth or the life on it.

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