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Scott Ritter: Live-Action Role Play in Ukraine

Malcolm Nance, Dennis Diaz and Willy Joseph Cancel: Their experiences — one fatal — offer a sobering view of Americans in the International Legion of the Territorial Defense of Ukraine.
Airsoft player. (UNHchabo, CC BY 2.5, Wikimedia Commons)

By Scott Ritter / Consortium News

It was — literally — a made-for-television moment. A former U.S. Navy chief petty officer turned cable news pundit, dressed in a fresh out-of-the-box camouflage uniform replete with body armor and magazine pouches, wearing matching camouflage helmet and gloves, and cradling an automatic rifle, stared into the camera and announced “I am here to help this country [Ukraine] fight what is essentially a war of extermination.”

With a Ukrainian flag on his left shoulder, and a U.S. flag emblazoned on his body armor, the man, Malcolm Nance, declared that “This is an existential war, and Russia has brought it to these people and is mass murdering civilians.”

A day before, Nance had tweeted a black-and-white photograph of himself, similarly clad, announcing “I’m DONE talking.”

Nance spent 20 years in the U.S. Navy as a cryptologic technician, interpretive (CTI), specializing in the Arabic language, and has turned his career into a thing of legend, so much so that when he speaks of his journey from news desk to Ukraine, it almost sounds convincing.

“Ukraine announced that there was an international force on Feb. 27,” Nance told one reporter, 

“and I started looking into it on Feb. 28 … I called the Ukrainian embassy in Washington, and I said: ‘Hey, I want an appointment.’ They were a little slow, so I just went down there and put in my application. The guy asked if I had combat experience and I said ‘Yep.’ Then he looked at my application and said, ‘You’re on the team.’”

Just like that.

But the hype doesn’t match the reality. Although he sports a combat action ribbon on the lapel of his coat jacket (when not attired in full combat regalia), Nance has never actually participated in ground combat operations, according to a serviceman who served with him. His “combat” experience was limited to providing linguistic support onboard a U.S. Navy ship off the coast of Beirut in 1983. Important work, but not combat.

Despite this resume enhancement, Nance was — according to Nance — a natural for recruitment by Ukraine. In the days before the Russian invasion, Nance was in Ukraine, reporting for MSNBC.

But being Malcolm Nance, he claimed to be doing so much more. “I spent a month in Ukraine,” Nance recalled, “driving around, mapping out the Russian order of battle, driving up and down the highways and analyzing where the invasion routes would come and go. So I knew the country backward and forwards by the time of the invasion.”

(It might be time to remind the reader that Nance’s Navy specialism in Arabic gave him neither the training nor the experience to conduct the kind of battlefield intelligence preparation that he described.)

The Ukrainians know this. So why would they take on a 61-year old Arabic linguist whose physical presence on any battlefield would be seen as a detriment?

‘Not an Infantry Guy’

Malcolm Nancie in 2019. (USC Price, Flickr)

“I’m not an infantry guy,” Nance is quick to admit. However, 

“combat isn’t about being a murdering, Seal Team Six assassin; it’s mainly about precision, accurate fire, selective fire, keeping people calm, getting on the line and moving forward.”

None of which are skill sets in Nance’s real-life resume.

Despite his larger-than-life televised send-off, and his proclivity for dressing and acting like an aging LARP (live action role play) warrior on a weekend airsoft reenactment, Nance’s real-world duties mimic those he was performing with MSNBC.

“Right now, part of my duty is to the press,” Nance admitted during a recent interview

“They [the Ukrainians] were well aware that I was a high-level asset. So, instead of putting me out on the line, I’m in a safe house talking to people like you.”

Today, Nance is little more than a poorly paid newsroom producer (the Ukrainians pay him and other Legionnaires $600 per month). “I get up at 4 and what I do is I read, I read the news. I try to feel the battlefront based on Ukrainian news and reporting. And then I look at expert analysis from the previous night in the West.”

But he is always hopeful for some action. 

“No matter where I am, no matter what I’m doing, I constantly check my gear. If I’m in a safe house on a press junket, like I am now, I go over all of my gear. I reorganize my pack. I assume that I will have to take everything, get up and run with it or move to a forward location.”

This would all be pathetic if it were not irresponsibly dangerous.

Nance fronts for the International Legion of the Territorial Defense of Ukraine, which he describes as “a branch of the Ukrainian army.”

According to Nance, the International Legion is “an organized combat element with contracts signed by the Ukrainian army. We are paid by the Ukrainian army and get a Geneva convention ID card.”

And the mission of the International Brigade? Simply put, per Nance, if a Ukrainian unit is “on the line and they need more reinforcement, they will get a legion unit to give them more manpower.”

Dennis Diaz

Dennis Diaz enlisted in the U.S. Marines in 2000. He was deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq, before being honorably discharged in 2004.

In early March, Diaz, an entrepreneur and former 2020 candidate for U.S. president from Waterbury, Connecticut, now 39 and the father of four, volunteered to serve in the International Legion.

“I’m ready to roll,” he told local media before leaving the U.S. “Whatever I have to bring, I’m going to pack it up and we’re going to take care of business.”

His age and obvious lack of physical conditioning did not seem to be an obstacle for the one-time combat Marine. “War,” he told the press, “is 90 percent mental, 10 percent physical.”

Diaz says he has a lot to offer Ukraine. “I have a lot of military experience,” he said, “I did go to Iraq and Afghanistan … I have some flight experience. Also, I was field artillery in the Marine Corps. Also, I’ve got some experience driving tanks. Enough to be a valuable asset to Ukraine.”

According to his Tik Tok page, Diaz spent some $2,700 of his own money purchasing uniforms and field equipment, including a flak vest and helmet, to take with him to Ukraine. 

But by late March, Diaz was still in the U.S., waiting further instructions from the Ukrainian embassy. He never made the trip. 

The Ukrainians, it seemed, had cooled to the idea of Americans fighting for the International Legion. Where once they were welcoming (“Foreigners willing to defend Ukraine and world order as part of the International Legion of Territorial Defense of Ukraine, I invite you to contact foreign diplomatic missions of Ukraine in your respective countries,” the Ukrainian foreign minister tweeted in early March), by the end of March the Ukrainian embassy stopped publicly commenting on U.S. applications.

The primary reason for this newfound publicity shyness appears to be the poor performance of the International Legion during its first combat experiences, fighting Russian troops in the Kiev suburb of Irpin in mid-March.

Haphazard Approach

The haphazard approach to recruitment was the norm, it seemed, for the entire intake and training processes associated with the legion.

Potential recruits made their own way to Poland, from where they were told to head to the western Ukrainian city of Lvov. The candidate legionnaires were then taken to Livorov, a military camp outside Lvov, where they were subjected to a rudimentary selection process that sought to separate those with and without combat experience.

Those with combat experience were issued weapons and ammunition and sent straight to the front, where they were integrated with Ukrainian Territorial Defense Units. Those without were given a rudimentary four-week basic training course.

The first group of “combat tested” legionnaires were sent to Irpin, where they were tasked with conducting a “hasty defense” against a Russian attack.

While the Ukrainians held, the performance of the legion was “uneven,” resulting in many of the newly minted legionnaires being unceremoniously released from service and sent home. The lackluster performance of the legion had become a domestic political issue, prompting the Ukrainian government to halt recruitment due in large part to the lack of weapons and the lack of military experience.

Some legionnaires, however, were asked to stay, including a four-man team led by a veteran U.S. Army combat engineer with two deployments to Afghanistan named Cameron Van Camp.

Willy Joseph Cancel

One of the Americans under Van Camp’s charge was a 22-year-old former U.S. Marine named Willy Joseph Cancel.

Cancel had enlisted in the Maines in 2017, where he underwent basic training before being trained as an infantryman. Cancel never saw combat and was given a bad conduct discharge. In 2020 he was given a bad conduct discharge from the Marines after serving five months in jail for disobeying a direct order. Upon being discharged, Cancel got married, had a son, and gained employment as a corrections officer in Tennessee.

For whatever reason, Cancel, after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, left his job and his family and, on March 12, at his own expense, flew to Warsaw, Poland, where he met up with Van Camp. 

Together the two Americans travelled to Ukraine, where they were sent directly to the front lines in Kiev due to their status as “combat veterans.” though Cancel n ever served in a combat zone.)

Embellishment appeared to be the name of the game with the Americans and the legion; according to Van Camp, he and Cancel were sent to Irpin to assist the Ukrainian military in counter-battery and “sniper” operations, even though neither of them had ever been trained in these highly specialized military occupations, something that would have been painfully obvious to anyone involved.

In any event, Van Camp was able to keep his four-man team in the legion following the post-Irpin “purge” and subsequently his unit saw combat in southern Ukraine, fighting in Kherson and Nikolaev. It was here, sometime in late April, that Cancel lost his life; his remains were not recovered from the battlefield.

Van Camp and the other Americans who had fought with Cancel left Ukraine in early May to bring the deceased former Marines’ belongings home and to speak with Cancel’s widow and family.

Cancel’s presence on the battlefield raises numerous questions about the screening process used by the International Legion.

One of the easiest ways to check the relevant military experience of a U.S. veteran is through an examination of his or her DD 214, or record of service, a copy of which is provided to every veteran upon discharge.

Cancel’s DD-214 would not only have shown that he lacked any combat experience, but that he had not been trained in any relevant combat arms skill set other than basic infantryman — especially sniper or counter-battery operations. Moreover, his bad conduct discharge would have been a red flag for any professional military organization.

Cancel’s death on the front line as part of the International Legion directly contradicted the legion’s own stated standards. 

“What we want is for people to come that have already been in the line of fire,” a corporal in the International Legion who was responsible for training declared

Americans, however, could apparently pass themselves as having what the corporal called “concrete combat experience,” making them “very attractive candidates” for the legion.

This inability to effectively screen genuine combat veterans from LARPers points to a lack of professionalism on the part of the International Legion.

A Canadian who had travelled to Ukraine to help train the Territorial Defense Force in urban combat said he wasn’t impressed by what he had seen; with recruits lacking experience, equipment and proper motivation. In true LARP fashion, they seemed only interested in gaining what the Canadian described as “quick combat exposure.”

“I think that the international legion was something that was conceived to be a propaganda tool to push forward the message that this is the world against [Russian President Vladimir] Putin and that they’re fighting for more than just Ukraine,” the Canadian said. “They don’t have the infrastructure, or the time, to really properly do any sort of international unit.”

This message should be heard by anyone who might be caught up in the “romance” of fighting side-by-side with the Ukrainian army against the Russian invader. It should be used to counter the propaganda being generated by over-the-hill want-to-be heroes like Nance. It would have been useful for aging veterans such as Diaz before they spent nearly $3,000 outfitting themselves for a war in which they were never going to participate.

But, most importantly, it should have been heard by Cancel and his family, so that he could have been dissuaded from embarking on his one-way journey of personal redemption.

Scott Ritter

Scott Ritter is a former U.S. Marine Corps intelligence officer who served in the former Soviet Union implementing arms control treaties, in the Persian Gulf during Operation Desert Storm and in Iraq overseeing the disarmament of WMD.


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    As a teacher for, well, starting 1983 (college) and earlier, as a dive master, I have seen this Western society, USA, turn into a chronic illness embedded, allergy-prone, nervous tick ladden society. K12, rotten, and the Republicans and Democrats are occupying all 8 circles of Dante’s hell. Or should be. Or will be.

    Armchair warriors everywhere. Nanny state. Patriarchal Punks. Toxic macho masculinity. Women running MIC and State Department. Metro Sexuals who with a flip of a switch or move of a mouse, are bandits and murderers.

    For a different take, truth:

    Strategic Culture Foundation

    For anyone who has been seriously following the conflict in Ukraine it is obvious that Western governments and media have been a total travesty in what they are claiming about that country.

    The Western news media were made to look like laughing stocks this week with the evacuation of civilians from the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol, the Black Sea port city in southern Ukraine.

    Not just laughing stocks, but actually proponents of deceitful war propaganda. This should be a matter of excruciatingly deep shame for the Western media and indeed the basis for future prosecution over war crimes complicity.

    Up to 100 civilians were released from the sprawling industrial factory and taken into care by Russian forces in conjunction with United Nations rescue officials and the International Red Cross. Their testimonies flatly contradict the claims that were being blared by Western news media for several weeks.

    Amplifying the narrative of the NATO-backed Kiev regime, the Western media had been making out that the civilians were voluntarily in the Azovstal plant to help defend it along with Ukrainian soldiers. The Russian military surrounding the factory was said to be besieging the site and threatening the safety of civilians.

    However, it turns out, based on their own testimonies, that the civilians were being held hostage as human shields by the Ukrainian combatants. While the Western media had been extolling the “heroic” defenders of the Azovstal factory, it has now become apparent that these “heroes” were grossly violating laws of war by systematically using non-combatants as human sandbags to deter a Russian assault.

    We should not be surprised by the criminal and degenerate conduct. For the “brave defenders” at the Azovstal plant that the Western media have been eulogizing are none other than the Nazi-affiliated Azov battalion. These militants are the frontline troops of the Ukrainian armed forces. They have been trained and armed by NATO powers, including the United States, Britain, Canada, and Poland. There is speculation that there may even be NATO special forces still holed up in the steel plant along with their Azov battalion charges.

    It remains to be seen what the residual 1,000 militants in the factory will do now that their siege is finally doomed. One of the fighters even put out a bizarre appeal this week to SpaceX billionaire Elon Musk to help mediate their escape. How appropriate for the weird times we live in!

    Contrary to Western media claims, the Ukrainian forces have been routinely using schools, hospitals, residential apartments, and other civilian centers as cover for fighting against Russian troops.

    The sudden fall-off in Western media coverage this week is in stark contrast to the near-hysterical saturation reporting in previous weeks when it was being claimed that the Ukrainian port city was cruelly besieged by Russian forces. Consumers of Western media were led to believe that Russia’s military was about to perpetrate a heinous crime of mass murder. The hysteria being generated is part of the manufacturing of consent from the public for Western governments to funnel taxpayer money and military aid to prop up the Kiev regime. This week, the Biden administration is set to send a $40 billion military aid package to the Kiev regime; this largesse is while one million Americans have died from the Covid-19 pandemic.

    1. Paul+Haeder,
      Perectly stated. You may want to join substack yourself. Rob

      1. Well, Rob, the revolution will not be Substacked, or Scheer Posted or Mint Pressed or Dissident Voiced. I get how this little playground here works (the comments secion). But if you really look holitically at these articles and then look at the commentators, Rob, you see it’s the usual suspects, the same stuff, almost controlled oppositional thinking. Then, you have the asininely commentators, like this ” arvo ” soapboxing their insipid know-it-all lecturing verbosity to the commentators individually as if this is a real public debate forum, real engagement, and real discourse. It’s a sort of collective madness.

        Most of the things coming out on Scheer Post are old news, barely scratching the surface junk writing, and most things stated are fundementally still tied to America the Great mentality. Yep, there are many criticism of AmeriKKKa here, but the systems that run this shit hole have done their magic on both “liberals” and “conservatives.” This country is in a nutshell, nutty beyond belief.

        We need daily reframing almost everything, and we need to mix the bag up, and we need writers who are way outside the lane. Most of the stuff accepted these days still have to follow old style rhetorical crap.

        But, alas, Rob, it’s in the water, in mommy’s uterus, that counts. All those EDC’s, brother, you know, the big story. And the wet bulb temps rising. Ground temperatures in India at 142 F. Potable water, going going gone. You know, important issues. But we are left to fight like red ants in a black ants nest. The elites and many of those writing for Scheer Post, or those that are aggregated here, well, they are in a word, not part of any revolutionary mettle.

        Oh, not the Handmaid’s Tale. The Pretty in Pink Tale. Feminized boys? You betcha. ZioLensky is just one of a million of them:

        Shanna H. Swan, Ph.D., a leading environmental and reproductive epidemiologist and professor of environmental medicine and public health at the Icahn school of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City, examines the role of environmental toxins in reproductive health.

        In 1992, researchers published data showing the quality of sperm counts in men had been cut nearly in half over the previous 50 years. According to this study:1

        “Linear regression of data weighted by number of men in each study showed a significant decrease in mean sperm count from 113 x 10(6)/ml in 1940 to 66 x 10(6)/ml in 1990 and in seminal volume from 3.40 ml to 2.75 ml, indicating an even more pronounced decrease in sperm production than expressed by the decline in sperm density …

        As male fertility is to some extent correlated with sperm count the results may reflect an overall reduction in male fertility. The biological significance of these changes is emphasized by a concomitant increase in the incidence of genitourinary abnormalities such as testicular cancer and possibly also cryptorchidism and hypospadias, suggesting a growing impact of factors with serious effects on male gonadal function.”

        Are Humans Going Extinct?

        Swan was initially skeptical, but she decided to look into it some more. To her amazement, after reviewing each of the 60 studies included in that 1992 analysis, she could find nothing to indicate that the finding was a fluke. It was the most stable trend she’d ever come across, and she spent the next 20 years investigating why human reproduction is plummeting.

        In 2017, she published a systematic review and meta-regression analysis2 showing a 50% to 60% drop in total sperm count among men in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand between 1973 and 2011. Overall, men in these countries had a 52.4% decline in sperm concentration and a 59.3% decline in total sperm count (sperm concentration multiplied by the total volume of an ejaculate).

        Swan refers to this shocking 39-year decline as “the 1% effect,” meaning the cumulative effect that an annual change of just 1% has over time. Testosterone has also declined in tandem with lower sperm counts, while miscarriage rates among women and erectile dysfunction among men have been steadily rising.

        If these trends continue, and there’s no indication that they won’t, in the not-so-distant future, we’ll be looking at a male population that is completely infertile. At that point, the human population will become extinct. Along the way, however, we’ll be facing a number of other pressing problems.

        What’s the Cause?
        According to Swan, there are likely a whole host of factors contributing to this reproductive calamity. We can, however, rule out genetics, because the decline in sperm count is simply too rapid. A 50% decline in just two generations cannot be explained by genetics.

        That leaves us with environmental causes. Environmental causes can be broadly divided into two broad categories: Lifestyle and chemicals. Lifestyle factors that negatively impact fertility include:

        Binge drinking
        On the chemical side, we know that a great number of chemicals can impact fertility either directly or indirectly, but the most concerning class are endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs).3 EDCs disrupt hormones, including sex hormones necessary for reproductive function.

        Many EDCs will mimic hormones, effectively taking their place. But, of course, the chemical doesn’t function the way the natural hormone does, so whatever that hormone controls won’t function well either. As explained in the 2019 report, “Male Infertility and Environmental Factors”:4

        “Classically the EDCs bind to the androgen or estrogen receptor triggering an agonist or antagonist action. These in turn lead to increased or decreased gene expression of sex-specific genes.

        In addition, EDCs act on steroidogenic enzymes and the metabolism of hormones, for example, inhibit the activity of 5-α reductase, which is the most important enzyme in the production of dihydrotestosterone and hence the regulation of the masculinization of the external genitalia and the prostate.

        Furthermore, P450 enzymes in the liver that metabolize steroid hormones may be affected. In animal models EDCs affect hormone receptor levels. In addition to the effect on hormone action, animal experiments suggest that EDCs may also result in epigenetic changes and miRNA levels.”

        Swan suspects EDCs are a primary culprit in infertility, in part because we’re surrounded by them every day of our lives. We’re exposed to them through our food, water, personal care products, furniture, building materials, plastics and much more.

        In Utero Exposure to EDCs Can Drive Down Fertility

        The most vulnerable time of a person’s life is in utero. This is when the building blocks for your reproductive system are laid down, and exposure to EDCs at this time can wreak havoc with a child’s adult reproductive capacity. Since the fetus shares the mother’s body, everything the mother is exposed to, the fetus is exposed to.

        As explained in the video, a boy’s reproductive system is dependent on a certain level of testosterone for proper development. If the testosterone level is too low, his reproductive system will be impaired to some degree. In short, without sufficient testosterone, the boy’s reproductive system will “default” to female. He will be feminized, or as Swan describes it, “incompletely masculinized.”

        Phthalates Are in Everybody

        Swan was tipped off to investigate phthalates by a chemist at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, who noted that these EDCs have been found in everybody, including pregnant women.

        Animal studies have shown that when a pregnant mother is fed phthalates in early pregnancy, her male offspring will have smaller and less developed reproductive organs.

        Specifically, phthalates have been shown to disrupt the reproductive development of males, because they lower testosterone levels and incomplete male development in animals has now become so prevalent, there’s even a name for it: phthalate syndrome.

        Animal studies have shown that when a pregnant mother is fed phthalates in early pregnancy, her male offspring will have smaller and less developed reproductive organs. His testicles may not be descended, his penis may be smaller, and his anogenital distance (the distance between the anus and the genitals) tends to be shorter.

        Swan was the first to study the anogenital distance in human male infants, and was able to confirm phthalate syndrome is occurring in humans as well. Boys born of women with high levels of phthalic metabolites in their urine — specifically those that lower testosterone — had phthalate syndrome, and the severity was dose-dependent.

        Swan then replicated the study with another set of mothers and their babies, and found the same result. The next question then is, does a shorter anogenital distance result in lower sperm count? According to Swan, boys with a short anogenital distance are more likely to have reproductive defects such as undescended testicles and defects of the penis. He’s also more likely to develop testicular cancer at an earlier age than normal, and he’s more likely to be sub-fertile.

        So, it is her professional conclusion that phthalate exposure in utero is “undoubtedly part of the explanation of the decrease in sperm count and fertility.” Phthalates and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) have also been linked to reduced bone mineral density in male teens,5 which could have significant implications later in life.

      2. Paul+Haeder,
        Fascinating stuff. I read, oh, maybe ten or fifteen years ago, a study which concluded that at some future point, women would no longer need men at all to reproduce. Yesterday, I listened to a talk by Yuval Noah Harari about this century, was not impressed (after all, he’s Klaus Schwab’s advisor), but did like the idea of humanity’s eventual extinction. We will become extinct, I predict, fairly quickly, because there are so many ways to accomplish this feat, probably by combinations of: Climate change, Nuclear War entering into a fifth season of endless ice and darkness, Out-of-control viruses, Fire, Famine, Flood, Starvation. Shortly, mainly due to climate change, there will be a billion people on the move trying to escape the devastation; they will find no place to go, or to be welcomed anywhere. We are on the edge of the beginning of the end. People say it’s reversable, but it’s not. It’s almost a relief to accept the eventuality of this doom. Therefore, since I am a naturally cheerful person, I will do what I can to love family and friends, live in the moment and not dwell too much on what will become of the children. Just hope floral and fauna last enough to survive.

      3. @Rob Roy
        The problems with humans becoming extinct because of what we’ve done to the Earth and all the life here is that we’re taking a lot of other, totally innocent species and ecosystems with us, and that we’ll be leaving a lot of toxic crap behind that will pollute even more and worse without human management (nuclear power & waste, etc.). Other than that, good riddance!

      4. Ahh, I have been pepper sprayed protesting clear cuts here in Oregon, arrested in Arizona for protesting a telescope on a sacred mountain, Mt. Graham, whose real name is, Nnee biyati’.

        I am a member of Center for Biological DIversity and naturalist with the American Cetacean Society, and I have been a diver around the world, and I have written about some of that destruction. Been trained at UBC, Vancouver, in sustainability.

        Lots of green porn — greenwashing is passe.

        Blah Blah Blah,

        Try Matthew Ehret

        In 1975, an influential Stanford biologist named Paul Ehrlich (author of the misanthropic 1968 Population Bomb) stated that in his view, humanity’s acquisition of fusion energy was “like giving an idiot child a machine gun”. Ehrlich’s views were shared widely among the peculiar sect of scientists that have come to be known as neo-Malthusians. Ehrlich’s colleague John Holdren ruminated that developing fusion energy was undesirable because it would only enflame mankind’s “pave the planet and paint it green’ mentality.”

        Third Industrial Revolution author and fringe activist-turned-international climate advisor to the UN named Jeremy Rifkind stated “the prospect of cheap fusion energy is the worst thing that could happen to the planet.”

        Across the many voices of this neo-Malthusian landscape, the mantra has been the same: fusion energy is always 30-40 years away and since the world will boil over long before this day arrives anyway, why bother dreaming about it when we could start covering the globe with solar panels now in order to de-carbonize society and stop the new Armageddon?

        Today’s Green New Deal and G7 Green anti-BRI vision have at their heart this profound misanthropic view of humanity weaved into their programming. While many are attracted to the concept of a clean earth, the consequences of global decarbonization to pre-industrial levels as outlined by modern technocrats will be the unfortunate, albeit planned kill off of a large proportion of the world population… unless clean and abundant nuclear power with a focus on both fission and fusion processes drive that global energy transition.

        Unfortunately, the power of the Pygmalion effect runs strong amongst today’s breed of Malthusian ideologue.

        As soon as a Malthusian attains a position of economic or scientific policy influence, these ideologues loose no time in sabotaging government support for all energy programs which would render their abiding faith in “human overpopulation” irrelevant and wrong.

        Holdren himself lost no time in cancelling the few dwindling U.S. fusion research initiatives during his time running U.S. Science Policy under Barak Obama. But Holdren was merely following on a long tradition of sabotage.

        Take for instance the slashing of fusion power research begun under the Trilateral Commission controlled Presidency of Jimmy Carter which has continued unabated until the present day.

      5. @Paul+Haeder
        I was an Earth First! campaigner in the mid 1980s and also worked for Greenpeace. I got arrested with Earth First! a bunch of times, including protesting uranium mining in the Grand Canyon (outside of the park). I’m also a member of CBD, and had a major role in convincing them to make overpopulation one of their issues. Did you know that CBD was started by Earth First!ers from New Mexico and Arizona? It’s the most effective environmental group in the country. I never had any interest in SCUBA diving, but I’ve sailed and snorkeled on coral reefs in the Florida Keys, Tahiti, and Hawaii. In the latter two, the reefs were mostly dead, which was really depressing. That said, we totally disagree about the remainder of your comments.

        First and foremost, the problem is not our source of artificial energy, it’s that we create it in the first place. The idea that humans can live unnaturally without doing great harm to the Earth and all the life here is childish, to put it mildly. ALL sources of artificial energy create environmental and ecological harms/destruction and kill nonhumans, no exceptions. Read Deep Green Lies by Derrick Jensen, the leading environmental author and advocate of our time, to get the details.

        Second, Dr. Paul Ehrlich was right about everything in his book except for his foolish predictions. There are far too many variables and too many unknowns to predict things like that, and it’s a fool’s errand to do so. But human overpopulation is the biggest ecological problem on the planet, and is one of the twin physical roots of all environmental and ecological problems (the other being overconsumption, including consuming things we shouldn’t be, like fossil fuels, trees, and farmed meat). I could give you a long list of how and why overpopulation is such a big and bad problem, but suffice to say that there are so many people on Earth that the other species have nowhere to live.

        Third, fixing environmental and ecological problems isn’t going to happen overnight. It is not at all misanthropic to revert to living pre-industrially, but it would take 150-200 years to do so, and human population must be reduced to no more than one billion in order to avoid starvation due to lack of artificial fertilizer (one of the worst things ever invented, because it caused a large population explosion on an already grossly overpopulated planet).

        Fourth, the Green New Deal is a scam (see above). Its advocates are fighting for their lifestyles, not fighting for life.

        Fifth, screw anything nuclear, this is just more human destruction of the planet. Have you ever seen a uranium mine? Not to mention all the radioactivity that’s released by extracting uranium from below the Earth where it belongs.

        You mistake being biocentric or ecocentric, and/or being a deep ecologist, with being misanthropic. We don’t wish humans any harm, we just want them to stop killing the planet. Sure, some people hate the human race because of what it’s done and is still doing to the Earth, but most of us just want to stop the killing and destruction, not harm or kill humans. We need to change human attitudes toward life and thereby their behaviors and lifestyles, and that would work infinitely better than misanthropy.

    2. @Paul+Haeder
      The western propaganda and lies regarding this war are shockingly extreme. Lies and propaganda in war are the norm, and the U.S. is easily the most propagandized country on the planet. But the propaganda regarding this situation takes even those facts to another level. The propaganda has otherwise clear-thinking people saying things like, “I read from “independent” sources that Russia has been [fill in the blank, but always something shockingly horrible about killing civilians and destroying Ukrainian infrastructure]” when in fact those sources are not independent, and the information was nothing but lies & propaganda. Hermann Goering was more right than I realized.

    3. You are hijacking the comment narrative by posting such long diatribes, and much of what you write does not pertain to the topic of the article.

      1. Miatadon- What, a dinosaur shaped like a Mazda?
        The subtextual implication is that Malcolm Nance and other war adventurers may be sexually impaired because of chemical exposures and irresponsible lifestyles. One thing Paul+Haeder did not examine was the likelihood of organic mental impairment. Miatadon doesn’t have to read all these posts in detail, and so the role of thought policing is superfluous. They have some Moderators anyway. One thing people discover as they explore history and science is that every issue exists in a web of interaction. What one or another public intellectual deems significant is idiosyncratic, but can also be educational for our audience. But some people have been conditioned to reject idle curiosity and unprogrammed learning, even going to the extreme of ridiculing smart kids in school. Let’s keep it fluid at Scheerpost.

      2. Ahh, shucks, thanks. It’s all connnected!

        Here, an amazing group of three women interview, about the prairie dog, the grasslands =

        Derrick Jensen and this is Resistance Radio on the Progressive Radio Network. My guests today are Stephany Seay, Deanna Meyer, and Lierre Keith. Stephany Seay is the media coordinator with the Montana-based Buffalo Field Campaign, the only group working in the field, in the courts, and in the policy arena in defense of the country’s last wild migratory buffalo, the Yellowstone population. Deanna Meyer is a long time environmental activist and is a member of Deep Green Resistance and is also the founder and executive director of Prairie Protection Colorado. Meyer’s work currently centers on the protection and preservation of prairie dog communities up and down Colorado’s Front Range. Lierre Keith is a radical feminist activist and author of “The Vegetarian Myth: Food, Justice, and Sustainability.”

      3. @Paul+Haeder
        Derrick Jensen and Lierre Keith are founders of Deep Green Resistance, the only national radical environmental group left that I know of. I don’t at all agree with Keith’s position that humans are carnivores or that we should eat a lot of meat — she’s the opposite of fanatic vegans in that she’s a fanatic meat-eater, and claims that she has a medical condition that requires her to eat a lot of meat — but these people are generally spot on and right on in their environmental positions and commentaries.

      4. Do you ever just shut up? Like I said, I have nothing in my bones that would even consider what you have to say about this little nuance here, and that big nuance there. I don’t need a tired lecture. I know a shit load of stuff, and telling me about the history of deep green resistence is foolish. You actually probably suspect that if I said I taught Jensen’s work, and had students listen to his interviews, and, shoot, that was Spokane and Pullman . . . so , duh, he spoke at one of the colleges where I taught, and where he matriculated, EWU, that I might have a deep understanding of Keith and Jensen’s deep green resistence? And, duh, we talked and I wrote a journalism piece on that interview. What a piece of human stain needler you are . . . I am starting to suspect that you might be Jeff the . . . . Well, fill in the blank. I’ll just turn off notifications for follow up comments by email. My bad!

      5. @Paul+Haeder
        So you’re back to being unjustifiably rude and insulting. I shouldn’t have tried to interact with you again, MY bad. I won’t comment on any of your posts again.

        And BTW, you call OTHER people misanthropes? I’ve never interacted with such a mean-spirited person.

      6. Oh, you just have to have the last word, and you will, Jeff. This is it for you, the worldly guy, me, the most mean-spirited person you have met? Or interacted with? This is interaction, grandstanding on Sheared Off Post?

        Bizarre. As I told Rob Roy (and, let’s see, five people who have reached out to me over the months to talk with me via phone, yikes, not seeing me at all as a misanthrope = proof in my actions, bud, ; ) these platforms are juicy places to see exactly how shallow or self-important or both the people who read pretty superficial stuff at Sheared Off Post are. Bitchy, grammar cops, gotcha dudes, needlers.

        But I am the worst you’ve interacted with? Whew. You have lived a very bubble boy life. Oh, shoot, you will get the last word, I am sure.

        Shoot, maybe Israel is your mothership, so forget about the South Pacific!

      7. Thank you. Thank you. I can’t thank you enough for sending Derrick Jensen. I heard him a few years ago give one of the most amazing talks I’veever heard. This interview is powerful, too, don’t you agree. Once you hear facts that these women impart, you can never unhear this profound knowledge. The sheer ugliness of what the WHO and Bill Gates are doing with agriculture should make us all sick and do everything possible to stop it. But are people like that capable of switching course? Can they learn how destructive they are. I’ve given up on humans ever doing the right things to avoid extinction. So just hope when we’re gone, plant and animal life can restore the earth. They are superior to humans anyway.

      8. Yeah, and the key is Native principles, Native voices. So, there are millions of “natives” worldwide who are small holder farmers, who are keepers of seeds, who just want sustainable lives, clean lives, food and husbandry, in some cases. The entire agro-ecology movement, but then Buffalo Commons, all of it, including Y2Y, and, alas, until we line the people up who are actively killing us, truly, and I guess, you don’t want the Che solution to these murderers and rapists, so, then, what? Reducation camps for 3,000 billionaires and 37 million millionaires?

        But again, Jensen is really about Native American principles. Amazing the power of the prairie dogs’ story. Amazing. And, it’s all connected. You know, elephant pouchin is down, and alas, what is replacing elephant tusks for those insane fake medicianl reasons? Giant clams, and, guess what? They are going extinct in the Philipines. Imagine, ripping up coral reef sections for these amazing animals, again, for what? Fake viagra crap.

        Then, how much water is used and contaiminated for tar sands, fracking? All of the contaiminents? Shoot, the systems under capitalism and industrial ag have destroyed planet and people. Now, human waste, that is the sludge-ifcation of the land. Imagine that, sludge, inluding pig waste sludge, sprayed on land, dumped on land, and of course, what is spread on land ends up in the water.

        This is capitalism — capitalizing on every single system to extract every micro penny out of every nanosecond of our blinking awake lives and our REM lives at night.

        Jensen is great, but again, scaling up. BUffal Field Campaign, amazing people too.

        I interviewed, the writer of, Against the Grain: How Agriculture Has Hijacked Civilization Paperback – Richard Manning. Yep, an amazing thinker, and, alas, we had French garlic bread, some red wine and a few slices of tofu for me and fish for him. In Spokane. We have wonderful researchers and detailers of the fabric of how we got here, but then, we are still trapped, no? Hydrocarbons to run the radio station where I interviewed him, and the same to get him to Spokane, and that was not a 100 mile diet we were celebrating with.

        Scaling up, and, alas, getting ride of several millions of people who are Mengele, Goebbels, Bernays, BlackRockStonians, Goldman and Sach, well, you get the picture.

        Of course, there are billionaires who believe that if with a magic wand all their wealth was redistributed to the 80 percent, well, in five years, they say, they’d get it all back because we dumb masses, us goyim, would just waste it on the things they know they would be able to hawk us –fast food, Holly-Dirt, pharma, cars, lifestyle choices, et. Planned and perceived obsolesence. These are Mad Men and Mad Women on Crack. The elites believe we, the masses, are dumb as hell, animals, ready for more consumer junk, that they, the elite, former billionaires, will then just ramp up, and, alas, back to owning the world in five years. That’s just a mellow version of what they have in store for us, the 80 Percenters.

      9. Paul+Haeder,
        Truer words never spoken. I have known for a long time humans are driving themselves into extinction. My “hope” is that it’s sooner rather than later so that the plants and animals can restore their habitat and live in peace. What good (overall) can humans claim?

      10. @Rob Roy
        Humans could have been a shining light on this planet if they had focused on expanding their consciousness, and on empathy and wisdom. Instead they focused on intellect, ego, materialism, and artificially and very harmfully manipulating the physical/natural world. Humans should touch the physical/natural world except to the extent needed to survive. Our minds are our strength, but humans have used them in a very perverted, destructive, and evil way.

      11. @Rob Roy
        Sorry, that should read, “Humans NOT should touch the physical/natural world …”


  3. When it comes to boots on the ground, no one knows more than Scott Ritter. Always appreciate the inside knowledge. Thanks.

  4. wow! a whole ‘article’ dedicated to keep folks from joining the Ukrainians in battle against a brutal invader! yer paymasters , oh Scott, must be in dire straits to direct ye to write this!
    what, da special military campaign not so special anymore?
    do look up how Scott ritter shilled before the war, explaining eloquently why russia would NEVER invade – then look at his comments in the first days of the war, when he eloquently explained how the Ukrainians did not stand a chance and the war would be over in a week, only to later eloquently explain how any time now, massive amounts of Ukrainian soldiers would surrender…. don’t take me word for it, go on youtube and find out that, starting even BEFORE this stupid war, so far EVERY SINGLE PREDICTION SCOTT MADE WAS PATENTLY FALSE….. so he IS a reliable source insofar as if ye assume the opposite of his predictions to come true, he is truly reliable that way.
    why sheerpost sees a need to give him a forum, though, eludes me….

    1. Sadly but not unexpectedly this is not the only thing that eludes you.

      Like for example concept of Scott Ritter’s free speech rights as you yourself specialize in bullying others for having contrarian to yours opinions.

      In addition another fact that eluded you is that 600,000 strong AFU facing 240,000 of allied Russian forces cowardly, in first ten days of conflict, took ethnic Russians fellow Ukrainian citizens hostage and without any fight withdrew to cities under protection of human shields in violation of Geneva Convention.

      A clearly criminal act, not heroic act in defense of population as you insinuate.

      The Mariupol “heroic” defense is also a myth concocted to cover a criminal decisions of Nazi Kiev regime leadership that in fact not helped but endangered overall Ukraine defense capability by presiding over slaughter of over 14,000 best fighting force in Ukraine solely for propaganda purposes by rejecting AFU commanders request of evacuation of AFU and Nazi Azov forces from Mariupol and moving them to other vital and defensible positions in the country before it was fully encircled in mid March 2022. Now Russians are taking 60+ years old grandpas as AFU POWs as young wisely fled this to EU and Russia.

      As Nazis in Azovstal are surrendering as I write we will know soon details of horrible fate Zelensky, who never fought in his live, prepared for his soldiers.

      And please spare us your future recitations of what eludes you this is not reading and comprehension class.

    2. AMEN. This is all 100% verifiable by simply watching Lee Camp’s interview with Ritter on YT posted March 7th, 2022. Even on March 7th Ritter was claiming that Russia had been acting with one hand tied behind its back and that great care was being taken to avoid civilian causalities.

  5. I don’t understand why you think any of this admittedly stupid shit, should be of any interest to anyone for any reason? A second article devoted solely to this clown? Why?

  6. If Sweden and Finland want to become NATO members, I would like, without being too dramatic or throwing war glamor, to guarantee their safety, in the period from application to admission and add that they do not have to rush when I guarantee.

    1. I am sorry for Scandinavians who while neutral were of neither threat to Russia nor Russia was of any threat do them of course unless they joined NATO and then they will become a target.

      Finns committed horrible war crime against Soviet civilians in WWII by invading Russia to support their friends, German Nazis invaders, for sole purpose to help with total blockade of food to the city of Leningrad (Sant Petersburg, Russia) and shelling of the only road namely Ladoga lake passage for Leningrad defense supplies making them effectively co-responsible for 1,500,000 civilians deaths in two years of siege. Soviets forgave them and offered friendship and cooperation instead. Fins took it and became neutral and prosperous.

      Militarily Sweden and Finland are easy to defend and difficult to conquer (look up geography) with costs of trying far exceeding any potential benefit as it shows with just 300 tanks and APC (Ukraine had over 2000) and 30k of permanent military they have both combined to cover huge land masses.

      Simply there is not much terrain to use them on marshes and thousands of lakes and streams or in case of Sweden mountains. All in extreme cold and snow most of the year.

      The only possible role of Sweden and Finland in NATO is not defensive one as not much help from NATO soldiers would ever be needed but strictly offensive as a great place to deploy nukes to target heartland of Russia military industrial complex and vital strategic military bases in the Arctic north including strategic nuclear submarine bases in Murmansk region and heavily industrial regions northeast of Moscow.

      Norway was recruited to NATO early and solely as to allow close NATO monitoring of those Soviet military areas and track Soviet submarines but they are not enough and geographical insufficient to stage nuclear attack on Russia.

      Why they are doing it? they had good thing going for decades, highest standard of living thanks to cheap Russian energy and status as a front state with full support in the west including EU , a place of international diplomacy and respect of both sides.

      But all of that started to rotten after dismantling of Soviet Union when they blatantly took side of Islamic terrorists from Chechnya and elsewhere in Middle East including ISIS fighters. Now Turkey is opposing the deal exactly for the reason of Finland supporting terrorism in MENA in last two decades.

      One of causes one could be looking at is who’s Finish prime minister Sanna Martin. She graduated from WEF young leadership program and has, as many in EU, close ties to western MIC and she just doing bidding for them by enslaving Finns in astronomical unpayable military spending debt spiral.

      People of Scandinavia better demand direct referendum on ascension to NATO before they give up their precious and profitable neutrality, sovereignty and their prosperity enriching Western MIC oligarchy.

  7. Those cheering for “Ukraine” are cheering for the slaughter of Ukrainians (and others)

  8. Finally Azovstal surrenders. Bloodshed ends. This Nazi defeat should be recognized as another unnecessarily bloody step to peace in Ukraine.

    Today Zelensky finally rescinded his previous cruel order to fight Russians to death in Azovstal industrial complex equipped with huge nuclear shelter in the city of Mariupol liberated by Donetsk Peoples republic militia and RF armed forces already over a month ago.

    As a result of DPR and RF negotiations Azov commander laid down the arms and surrendered as they wanted to do so themselves for last 6 weeks but were rebutted by Zelensky who solely for propaganda reasons sacrificed 14,000- 16,000 dead of best NATO trained and equipped military forces Ukraine ever had in hopeless and unnecessary fight and by that dramatically betrayed and weaken overall Ukrainian defense capabilities.

    Russian allies lost about 1500 dead and about thousand of wounded in almost three months of fighting for Mariupol.

    Defense of Mariupol was complete fiasco from military point of view as Scott Ritter early pointed out as Russia over a month ago opened strategic land bridge to Crimea via liberated in early April city of Volnovakhia and by that Mariupol long ago lost its strategic significance while in the same time Russian allied forces operating in Mariupol were reduced from 40,000 in March to 5,000 today while the rest went for R&R, rearmed and were reassigned.

    No Zelensky’s tactical or strategic victory here either.

    Now using his usual Orwellian euphemisms and innuendos Zelensky like Hitler hypocritically gave order to his defeated, now non existent Mariupol army of dead and wounded to.. save lives he himself cowardly sacrificed by his own fatal decisions.

    Hauling hundreds of disarmed, cuffed, defeated Nazis to DPR prisons and the rest to POW camps Zelensky euphemistically called “evacuation” hoping that they will be released in a swap with just few dozens brutally tortured or dead Russian/LDPR soldiers. Western MSM repeated those lies.

    In last few weeks pain, suffering and deaths of Nazi troops as well as many NATO intelligence officers effectively commanding the defense of Mariupol were simply meaningless and are on conscience of NATO and their Kiev puppets.

    Numerous unsuccessful attempts by so called heroic Azov leadership to cowardly abandon their wounded brothers in arms and flee back to Kiev to get their victory parade told it all and brutally exposed how pathetic those little Azov Ubermensch really are.

    So called “heroes” of Mariupol command group are responsible for this tragic failure as they did nothing regroup to effectively diminish Russian capabilities as was their duty but instead chose to turn Mariupol into a military fortress and cowardly hide behind hostages; ethnic Russian residents of Mariupol they openly hated and set their “defense” tactic aimed solely on maximizing civilians casualties and destruction of civilian infrastructure violating Geneva convention showing themselves as war criminals.

    What does this defeat mean? It means that Zelensky presidency is about to be terminated unless his US body guard unit let him flee Ukraine. But the threat is not coming from Russia but from thousands surviving outraged Nazis of Azov Brigade fighters for whom order to surrender symbolic Nazi stronghold in Azovstal amounts to treason and betrayal as they fought hard because they were lied to by Zelensky for many weeks that rescue, a counterattack is coming to liberate them imminently while not even one such attempt was never made.

    The UkrainianNazis are simply a death cult living of myths of heroic battles they won no matter what sacrifice they themselves and others suffer and this utter, senseless easily avoidable defeat in Mariupol destroyed they myth of perceived infallibility and divine blessing among Nazi supporters and spells coming end of Nazi movement in Ukraine as dominant force.

    Ignorance of Ukrainian Nazis about Nazi ideology makes all of that ridiculous as those who died in losing battle are not heroes but cowards, nether righteous nor worthy as truly worthy heroes would have won the battle with help from divine intervention of flying Valkiries who never showed up in Mariupol. I didn’t make this stuff up Nazis did.

    Cowardice, deceit, cruelty and lies to friends as much to enemies are the weapons of Nazi controlled NATO Kiev vassals who refused to defend interests of Ukrainian people in political, diplomatic, economic and most of all military spheres and instead decided to sacrifice Ukraine basic right to existence among nations for thievery, personal monetary gains and phony tutelage under NATO powers.

    And because of NATO genocidal warmongering policies vs Ukraine and Russia we all in the west suffer.

  9. Ritter is a valuable popular public thinker on US policy and realpolitik. However this piece is small potatoes on Ritter’s otherwise large plate. Willy Cancel’s foolishness is a net win, as there are now a few hundred inmates in Tennessee who are rid of one violence-prone nutcase who would have been policing and making more miserable their incarcerated lives.

    I suggest Ritter delve into a troublesome subject nearer & dearer to his own heart – the tragedy of the all enlistment military in the USA.

    The enlistee military is one of the bigger sleight-of-hand tricks pulled by the evil magicians in the government in living memory. A military complex gets caught by it’s honest citizenry and real journalists practicing vast crime in a place named Vietnam, thus exposing that it cannot be trusted to apply billions in taxes to geopolitics. The combined power of public outrage and skilled press grinds the whole process to a halt, right down to Gerald Ford ending selective service enlistment in May 1975! The democracy worked like it was supposed to work! It end the most egregious and expensive wrong a nation can commit, it stopped a wrongheaded war of choice! Hurrah! Now everybody learns the lesson and the nation moves forward BETTER OFF FOR IT! Right? No, wrong.

    Alas the guys in the military complex are as persistent as rats gnawing wood. The analysts at Rand review the weaknesses of that pesky democratic process and find a solution – the all enlistee military! Viola! Not only will soldiers be lured with incentives, but the supply chain for them will be privatized! Win-win! Just a few tweaks ready the nation – pollute the youth of the nation with drugs, drive credulous workers into straitjacket mortgages so they are too busy working to complain, lock in the upper classes with vast defense spending. Build a military edifice that can be ignored by opponents, embraced by investors and used by losers looking for work! Most important, advertise! Support the Troops!

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