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DHS ‘Disinformation’ Board Put on ‘Pause’ After Backlash

Nina Jankowicz has resigned from her role as head of the board
Washington, DC – April 28 : Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas speaks during a House Committee on the Judiciary Hearing titled Oversight of the Department of Homeland Security on Capitol Hill on Thursday, April 28, 2022 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

By Dave DeCamp / Antiwar.com

The Biden administration has put plans for a controversial “disinformation” board under the Department of Homeland Security on “pause” after the board’s formation caused a widespread backlash, The Washington Post reported on Wednesday.

The report said that Nina Jankowicz, a so-called “disinformation expert” who was appointed to head the board, has resigned from the DHS. Jankowicz has previously worked as a “disinformation fellow” at the Wilson Center and advised the Ukrainian government. 

The report included a picture of Jankowicz working in a press room at Volodymyr Zelensky’s campaign headquarters in 2019 in Ukraine. Jankowicz had also previously worked at the National Democracy Institute, a US-government-funded NGO, where she oversaw Russia and Belarus programs.

The Post report framed Jankowicz and the DHS board as victims of coordinated “right-wing attacks” on the internet. But Americans from across the political spectrum had raised concerns about the US government creating a disinformation board, likening it to the Ministry of Truth in George Orwell’s 1984.

What exactly the role of the board would be is not clear. The DHS said it was created to counter “disinformation” with a focus on immigration and Russia, but it’s not clear what sort of authority it would have.

Jankowicz has come under fire for her previous statements and political views, including her questioning the authenticity of the Hunter Biden laptop story published by The New York Post in October 2020, right before the November presidential election.

The Hunter Biden story was censored by Twitter, and former US intelligence officials claimed it was Russian disinformation, something then-candidate Biden repeated on the debate stage with President Trump. But it has since been confirmed that the laptop story was authentic.

Dave DeCamp

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      1. No paywall, wiz kid. You just have to reclick it, by hitting the back button. Get a life. Covert Action Magazine is having a fund drive. Typical of many alternative venues. Crawl back under your rock. BUt here, if Scheer Post runs it

        In any war, the first casualty is truth. Here are the biggest lies:

        1. “Ukraine is a democracy”
        Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky banned all opposition parties and banned the use of Russian as a second state language. Why did he violate his 2019 campaign promise to stop the genocidal killing of thousands in Donbas, even though they voted for him? Did he lie because neo-Nazis threatened to kill him if he did not do what they wanted? [1] Or is he afraid of the CIA, which has assassinated other leaders, making him their puppet? Are we to trust the judgment of a man who demands a no-fly zone which could cause a global nuclear holocaust? Zelensky oversees torture and assassination of political dissenters.[2]

        2. “National sovereignty is sacred”
        When Idi Amin perpetrated genocide in Uganda, the UN violated Ugandan sovereignty to stop it. When Ukraine perpetrated genocide in Donbas and planned to escalate, Russia stopped it. [3] The U.S. violated Cuba’s sovereignty to take the planet to the edge of nuclear holocaust. The U.S. has violated lots of sovereignties in recent wars, killing millions. Given Ukraine’s genocide of a national minority, Ukraine’s sovereignty should not be respected.

        3. “Putin is a war criminal”
        If he is a war criminal for causing the deaths of civilians, what do we call Ukraine killing 10,000 civilians in Donbas since 2014? [4] Is anyone calling Zelensky a war criminal? Millions killed by the U.S. in other recent wars is hundreds of times worse. Calling Putin a war criminal stops Biden from negotiating with him with the excuse “one cannot talk to war criminals.” That makes it very difficult to stop this war. Evidently, the U.S. wants this war to continue to the last Ukrainian. The plan of the Rand Corporation is to “quagmire” Russia just like the U.S. bankrupted the USSR by starting the al-Qaeda opposition in Afghanistan.

        4. “The world condemns Russia’s invasion”
        Actually most of the world does not, including China, India, most of Africa, Israel, half of Latin America and many other countries. The two largest political parties in Russia do not oppose Russia’s intervention, the second largest party being the Communist Party.

        5. “Putin has threatened to use nuclear weapons”
        Russia has the same policy as the U.S. On March 22, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Russia would only use nuclear weapons if its very existence were threatened, Tass news agency reported. [5] Russia had a “no first use” policy until the U.S. refused to do the same, so Russia dropped it. U.S. presidents have threatened to use nuclear weapons several times since the end of WWII against countries not a threat to the U.S. [6]

        6. “With his back against the wall, Putin will resort to chemical warfare, just like in Syria”
        Russia did not use chemical weapons in Syria. Russia negotiated Syrian stockpiles to be destroyed or removed. The chemical attacks in Syria were done by rebels supported by Saudi Arabia and the U.S. [7] If anyone has their back against the wall, it is the Ukrainians and neo-Nazis who are trained in false-flag tactics by the CIA. Like in Syria, the U.S. media are falsely blaming the Russians with no evidence whatsoever. Like in Syria, any chemicals released in Ukraine will probably be the work of opponents of Russia to blame Russia.

        The U.S. gave Iraq chemical weapons which were used to kill thousands of Kurds and Iranians in 1982-83 before stockpiles were destroyed by Iraq. The U.S. is the chemical killer, not Russia which prevented it. History is full of U.S. false flags. [8]

        7. “Putin may resort to biological warfare”
        While this charge was propagated by media during the second week of March, since the embarrassing revelation that the Pentagon funded labs in Ukraine, nothing more has been said about it in the media. It was first reported by the U.S. that hazardous specimens had to be destroyed lest they fall into the hands of Russians; later, it was reported that specimens were not dangerous at all, so as not to incriminate the U.S. Which was it? Any false-flag release of pathogens by Ukraine to blame Russia is now probably precluded. The Pentagon is guilty of funding gain-of-function virus research in China after it was banned in the U.S., posing a possible lab release of COVID-19. The U.S. is the bio-killer using a U.S. Army strain of anthrax in October 2001, not Russia.

        8. “Russia is targeting civilians in Ukraine”
        According to Newsweek, “Putin is not intentionally attacking civilians…Over the course of almost four weeks, missiles fired at Kyiv have been scarce…The destruction is only a small fraction of what is possible.” [9] The alleged massacre of civilians in Bucha, prompting Biden to accuse Putin of war crimes, was perpetrated by Ukrainians who were “cleansing” the town of presumed collaborators after Russian troops had left days before. [10]

        9. “Russia will make false-flag attacks”
        There is no evidence that Russia attacked targets and blamed Ukraine. On the contrary, seven days prior to Russia’s incursion, the OSCE Monitoring Mission gave evidence of a Ukrainian false-flag attack on a kindergarten to blame Donbas separatists. [11] None were killed, but Ukrainian shelling of Donetsk increased 100-fold over the next four days, leading to Russia’s incursion to stop it. [12] The attacks on a maternity ward, apartments and concert hall may have been false-flag attacks, staged events, or situations where civilians were held hostage by combatants. It was reported that one maternity ward had Ukrainian snipers shooting from there. Residents of Mariupol who got out testified that Ukrainian combatants were preventing civilians from escaping through the humanitarian corridor in order to use them as human shields.[13]

        10. “If Putin prevails in Ukraine, he will attack NATO countries next”
        That is patently ridiculous because Russia is already over-extended and not able to attack anyone else. Russia also does not want a nuclear war. Russia’s goal is to protect Donbas, get recognition of Crimea, de-Nazify Ukraine and prevent nuclear missiles close to Russia’s border. By exaggerating Putin’s goals instead of negotiating these goals, the U.S. is prolonging the war and provoking the destruction of Ukraine.

        11. “Russia is threatening nuclear power plants”
        Russian soldiers were ordered to “guard and control” these plants to prevent inadvertent or deliberate damage. Photos showed Ukrainians fired the first shot, destroying a Russian tank, whereupon a second tank returned fire. A training building was damaged in the exchange. The fires were not near the reactors. The electricity for cooling was never turned off. But the hype was spun to scare the crap out of Europe so as to get their intervention into the Ukraine war.[14]

        12. “Russia’s invasion threatens the whole world”
        If Russia succeeds in keeping U.S. nuclear missiles from being positioned in Ukraine seven minutes’ flight to Moscow, Russia will be doing humanity a big favor. Just as U.S. ICBM fixed missiles are on hair-trigger alert with “launch them or lose them” orders with no cancellations after launch possible, missiles in Ukraine would increase the chance of accident or miscalculation with little warning time to verify. Doomsday would be on pins and needles. That should scare the crap out of everyone. India had an accidental missile launch in March that landed in nuclear-armed Pakistan with no warhead. [15] Putin warned in 2019 that any incoming missile would be presumed to be nuclear, requiring a retaliatory launch by Russia before the incoming missile hit so Russia’s deterrent force would not be destroyed. [16]

        The U.S. and NATO are threatening the planet, not Russia. Here are the facts:

        President Reagan rejected President Gorbachev’s offer to give up deployment of a “Star Wars” missile defense system in space as a condition for both countries to eliminate all their nuclear weapons.

        President Clinton refused President Putin’s offer to cut our massive nuclear arsenals to 1,500 bombs each, and to call on all of the other nuclear-armed states to negotiate the elimination of all nuclear weapons, in exchange for the U.S. not placing missile sites in Romania.

        President George W. Bush walked out of the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty and put a missile base in Romania. President Trump placed another missile base in Poland.

        President Bush in 2008 and President Obama in 2014 blocked any discussion of Russian and Chinese proposals for a space weapons ban in the consensus-bound UN Committee for Disarmament in Geneva.

        President Obama rejected President Putin’s offer to negotiate a treaty to ban cyber war.

        President Trump pulled the U.S. out of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty.

        From President Clinton through President Biden, the U.S. has never ratified the 1992 Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, while Russia ratified it.

        Click to access: “Nuclear Posture Review” by Veterans for Peace. (January 2022)

        Should there be any question that it is the U.S., not Russia, that is not only threatening the world, but is threatening the entire human race for all eternity?

        13. “The U.S. has a ‘free press’ while Russia’s news is controlled”
        U.S. news outlets are owned by Wall Street billionaire oligarchs who give so-called journalists the script to report, making TV reporters paid actors who know where their bread is buttered. The U.S. media have proven to be more dangerous and warlike than the Pentagon, as shown in past U.S. wars (Vietnam, Iraq, Syria, Gaza, Yemen, Afghanistan). Now these billionaires are censoring social media, so we are censored in doing personal research. The U.S. has shut down Russian media like Tass and Russia Today (RT) to prevent Americans from hearing the other side and making up our own minds who is lying and who is telling the truth. What is the U.S. afraid of if they are telling the truth? According to Carl Bernstein, Pulitzer Prize journalist, the CIA has captured The New York Times and The Washington Post:

        14. “Russia is planning cyber attacks on the U.S.”
        Russia remains open for dialogue and cooperation on information security with all states, and the United States is not an exception,” the Kremlin’s Andrey Krutskikh told Newsweek. “Moscow’s vision of such a multilateral cyber scheme includes a set of obligations not to use ICTs as a weapon.” A potentially key meeting was in April when Krutskikh sought to work with Washington in the digital realm. [17]

        15. “Russia is killing children.”
        The numbers are being exaggerated like all the other exaggerations by Ukraine to get NATO into the war. Any child deaths are accidental, not like the deliberate murder of children by the U.S. and Israel. When Madeleine Albright was asked if the half million children starved to death in Iraq from U.S. sanctions were worth it, she answered “yes.” [18] During Israel’s 2014 “Operation Protective Edge,” Israeli military forces killed 2,200 Palestinians, more than 80% of whom were civilians, and nearly one-quarter of whom were children.[19]

        16. “Russia may use tactical nuclear weapons.”
        Russia could have flattened Kyiv with conventional explosives, but did not, so why would they use nuclear weapons?

        Trying to de-Nazify Ukraine, Zelensky knows the biggest threat against him—and from what had always been prohibiting him from complying with the Minsk II accords. “The Nazis had always made clear that they’d kill him if he did any such thing.”

        “In recent days, the number and intensity of shelling on the territory of the Republics by the Ukrainian army has sharply increased. The units of the People’s Militia are forced to constantly suppress the firing points of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in order to prevent the death of the civilian population.” P

        The map below shows two-thirds of Donbas was occupied by Kyiv forces before the Russian rescue mission on February 24, 2022. The line of conflict between the blue and brown areas indicates a third of the population of Donbas was in the target zone, suffering 10,000 civilian casualties. ↑

        President Vladimir Putin ordered Russia’s nuclear forces to be put on high alert. U.S. nuclear missiles have been on hair-trigger for decades. In line with the order, Russia’s defense ministry said on February 28 that its nuclear missile forces and Northern and Pacific fleets had been placed on enhanced combat duty, the Interfax news agency reported. United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres said on March 14: “The prospect of nuclear conflict, once unthinkable, is now back within the realm of possibility.” Since most Americans seem to have been oblivious to this existential threat, perhaps Putin did us a favor to remind us of the need for universal nuclear disarmament, which the U.S., not Russia, has been sabotaging. ↑

        The United States threatened to use nuclear weapons in Korea, Vietnam, China, Russia and Afghanistan after dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
        when did US consider using nuclear weaons? – Search (bing.com) ↑

        Weapons inspector refutes U.S. Syria chemical claims

        Weapons Inspector Refutes U.S. Syria Chemical Claims – Consortium News ↑

        History of U.S. false flags for war:
        1. Sinking of U.S. battleship Maine in 1898 to start war against Spain for Cuba, Guam, Puerto Rico and genocide in Philippines.
        2. Deliberately sending the Lusitania to be sunk in war zone despite warnings, creating a preext for the U.S. entry into WWI.
        3. “Operation Northwoods” conspiracy proposed by U.S. Joint Chiefs to JFK to crash U.S. plane and blame Cuba.
        4. Assassination of JFK by deep state cabal, blaming alleged communist despite evidence of the real gunman.
        5. Since 9/11, tons of evidence suggest it was an inside job by Dick Cheney and Saudi Royal Bandar bin Sultan.
        6. One month after 9/11, anthrax from a U.S. Army lab with letter falsely blaming Islamic zealot stampeded war. ↑

        Putin’s Bombers Could Devastate Ukraine but He’s Holding Back. Here’s why – Newsweek



        Ukraine attacked a kindergarten, blaming Donbas separatists.

        Report of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE)

        The Monitoring Mission’s report on the kindergarten incident:
        “On 17 February, the Mission followed up on reports of damage to a working kindergarten in the north-western part of Stanytsia Luhanska (government-controlled, 16km north-east of Luhansk), located about 4.5km north-west of the north-western edge of the disengagement area near Stanytsia Luhanska.”

        Comment by munitions expert:

        “So the kindergarten was 4.5 kilometers inside Ukrainian-held territory. The monitors were denied access to the site by Ukrainian authorities and were only able to see it from a distance (very suspicious). Also suspicious is that the mission was told that “20 children had been in the kindergarten at the time of the incident but reported no injuries.” Really? An artillery shell bursts through a classroom wall, and no one was injured? More likely, they had been warned to get out ahead of time and evacuated before the shell was fired.

        “But there is no doubt whatsoever about how far away the tank (or artillery piece) was. The impact was dead on, and not from a descending shell. And the surrounding buildings mean that whoever fired at the kindergarten was situated in that very small open space right next to it. And we know it was a dummy shell, because of the unbroken windows. If there had been an explosion, they would have been shattered. Someone took deliberate aim from only a few hundred yards away and carefully fired a single shot on a flat trajectory. They probably weren’t interested in causing “collateral damage,” but just wanted a propaganda photo. How convenient that the damage was to a kindergarten and not to one or another of the anonymous buildings surrounding it.” ↑

        The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE)
        reports each day on the security situation with daily reports:


        Wed., Feb. 16 number of explosions: 5 in Donetsk and 71 in Luhansk = 76

        Thurs., Feb. 17 Kindergarten hit by Ukraine’s false-flag attack

        Thurs., Feb. 17 number of explosions: 128 in Donetsk and 188 in Luhansk = 316

        Fri., Feb. 18 number of explosions: 135 in Donetsk and 519 in Luhansk = 654

        Sat., Feb. 19 number of explosions: 553 in Donetsk and 860 in Luhansk = 1,413

        (An increase in Kyiv’s shelling of Donbas by a factor of 20 within four days of kindergarten false flag) ↑


        Increasingly, Ukrainians are confronting an uncomfortable truth: The military’s understandable impulse to defend against Russian attacks could be putting civilians in the crosshairs. Virtually every neighborhood in most cities has become militarized, some more than others, making them potential targets for Russian forces trying to take out Ukrainian defenses.

        “If there is military equipment there and [the Russians] are saying we are launching at this military equipment, it undermines an assertion that they are attacking intentionally civilian objects and civilians,” said Richard Weir, a researcher in Human Rights Watch’s crisis and conflict division, who is working in Ukraine.

        “Over the past month, Washington Post journalists have witnessed Ukrainian antitank rockets, antiaircraft guns and armored personnel carriers placed near apartment buildings. . . Every day, it’s like this,” said Lubov Bura, 73, standing outside the apartment building where she lived that was destroyed two weeks ago.”

        The Ukrainian military has “a responsibility under international law” to remove their forces and equipment from civilian-populated areas, and if that is not possible, to move civilians out of those areas, Weir said. “If they don’t do that, that is a violation of the laws of war,” he added. “Because what they are doing is they are putting civilians at risk. Because all that military equipment are legitimate targets.

        “Ukraine cannot use civilian neighborhoods as ‘human shields,’” said Schabas, adding that he was not suggesting this is what is happening.

        “In other militarized neighborhoods, residents also expressed concern about hearing outgoing rockets and artillery. “It’s scary,” said Ludmila Kramerenko. “It happens three or four times a day.” ↑

        The caption under the third photo in the link below says that Ukraine forces fired the first shot. Russians retaliated only after one of their tanks was destroyed. Hence, Ukraine forces started a battle at the nuclear power plant, which was not very smart. https://www.npr.org/2022/03/11/1085427380/ukraine-nuclear-power-plant-zaporizhzhia?utm_campaign=wp_the_daily_202&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter&wpisrc=nl_daily202



        See “As Biden Puts U.S. on Alert, Russia Seeks Talks to Help Prevent Cyber War” in Newsweek Magazine. Vladimir Putin had drawn up a four-point proposal for cooperation on cybersecurity in September 2020, one that in many ways echoed the arms control treaties of the Cold War era.
        The main tenets of the plan involved creating a “full-scale bilateral and regular interagency dialogue on key questions” of cybersecurity, communicating through existing bodies dealing with nuclear and computer readiness. It also included the establishment of new rules of the road mirroring U.S.-Soviet agreements on avoiding maritime incidents while securing mutual “guarantees of non-intervention into internal affairs of each other.” By Tom O’Connor, March 22, 2022. https://www.newsweek.com/biden-puts-us-alert-russia-seeks-talks-help-prevent-cyber-war-1690673

        Then-Secretary of State Madeleine Albright’s quote, calmly asserting that U.S. policy objectives were worth the sacrifice of half a million Arab children.

        Israel’s 2014 “Operation Protective Edge,” when Israeli military forces killed 2,200 Palestinians, nearly one-quarter of them children and more than 80 percent civilians.

      2. Like many others I don’t have the means to give financial support to Covert Action Magazine and I too had problems bypassing the funding button and getting to the article – however, it was made clear by CAM that one could access the article for free, and I managed to do that. The point I would like to make is that these people at CAM put in far more time and effort to address the gargantuan problems we face, than do these individuals who tell them to “feck off” – for they are the ones who should go forth and multiply.

      3. To Paul+Haeder,
        You are in big, big trouble. Have you not heard that it is a violation of the Espionage Act to tell the truth about US war crimes? If you don’t believe me, just ask Julian Assange. If you disappear, I promise that some of us will look for you. We’ll start in Gitmo, Langley and some of the (shh, it’s secret) dark sites. But if you are swimmin’ with the fishes, there is nothing we can do.

        Terrific catalog of some of the more egregious US crimes, which are ongoing. Is there any chance that the fools in Washington will put an end to their Ukrainian folly? I don’t think that their blind arrogance will allow them to do so, but would like to be wrong.

    2. You need to stand back and take a good long look at yourself -Paul+Haeder- in the mirror before you go asking people to crawl under a rock. By asking me to crawl under a rock you are suggesting that I am inferior to you but of course you are always going to be superior to everyone else cos you are American and even know how to write large blocks of texts to overshadow everyone else’s input. Pipe down mofo.

  1. More fraud from the Empire of Lies. Nothing to see here. Move on and don’t ask questions.

  2. Come on Russia, take out the Finns, now?

    Or, again, negotiating is not in the EU anymore, and USA and Klanada, and Aussie Penal Colony, none there!

    Nordic NATO Expansion or NATO Implosion?
    by Peter Koenig / May 18th, 2022

    On May 16 2022, Finland and Sweden decided to become members of NATO.

    Not only is this totally against the 1991 US / NATO promise to then Russian President Gorbachev, that “NATO will not move an inch eastward from Berlin”. Then total NATO members were 14, two in the Americas – US and Canada – and 12 in Europe. By late 1990’s, expansion started rapidly and today NATO counts 30 members, 28 in Europe and the same two in the Americas. Most of the new ones are East of Berlin.

    Finland shares a 1,340 km border with Russia. Thus, as a NATO country, it would become another real threat for Moscow. Also, during WWII, Finland allied with Nazi-Germany fighting the Soviet Union, when the USSR lost some 27 million people, soldiers and civilians. Finland does not have a clean record vis-à-vis Russia.

    On the other hand, Sweden shares no border with Russia and has not been at war with Russia in 300 years. Sweden, like Finland, has not been threatened at all by Russia. So, Sweden teaming up with Finland against Russia – there is something quite weird going on. A country does not overnight seek or make an enemy when there was absolutely not a minimum threat from the “assumed” enemy. What’s going on?

    Given the circumstances of these two “neutral” countries suddenly changing from “neutral” to “aggressive” against Russia, there must have other reasons than Russia attacking Ukraine. Both of these countries know exactly the background for the Russian war on Ukraine.

    While war should, under all circumstances, be avoided and replaced by negotiations, one cannot ignore Russia’s worries -– preoccupations enhanced by the fact that many proposals for negotiations advanced by Russia before the war were rejected by Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy. Likewise, after the beginning of the armed conflict, proposal for Peace Talks, notably by Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov were, though first accepted, then rejected, which made Mr. Lavrov assume that Mr. Zelenskyy is not his sovereign own man, but follows instructions. See his interview with Al Arabia media.

    Could it be, or is it highly probable, that both Finland and Sweden were coerced by Washington, and likely by Europe / NATO to decide and ask for immediate NATO membership? Sweden, because of the North Sea, where Russia has a dominant presence?


  3. Good. It’s bad enough that we have to do regular battle with our own so-called security services and are restricted in what we can read or write.

  4. The National Endowment for Democracy is a CIA spinoff that subverts governments abroad on behalf of American interests.

    1. Thank you for flagging that up, Stewart. I would add that the Soros funded NED provided financial support for A30B which by the way was a private militia brought in by MCain, Nuland, Pyatt and Graham during Maidan 2014 and has since been conveniently rebranded as Azov Regiment as an integral part of the Ukrainian Military. If there be any ‘good news’ amongst the tide of bad engulfing us at the moment, it is the fact that the Russians have succeeded in purging the Azovstal industrial complex of the residue of Azov Nazis that were holed up there. I ran a Zoom webinar here in London on 16th March and my friend Ray McGovern joined the forum. He imparted some information that I would like to share with all of you. With regard to the MICIMATT (Military – Industrial – Congressional – Media -Academia – Think-Tank complex) , we need to target the discrete components of this architecture of Atlanticist Global Dominance and through infiltration, work towards a metamorphosis from “endless warfare” to more humanist objectives based on plurality rather than singularity. It is clear from reading all the contributions in what we have salvaged of a free press, immune from any of the mischief of the “disinformation legislators” , that we have the intellectual means at our disposal to awaken, even those who at currently in danger of being commandeered into this cabal of neo-fascist collaboration, into considering the imperative for the systemic transformation that is crucial if we are to prevent those who are pathologically driven towards usurping all power for their vile objective – the global dominance by white supremacy ideologues. There are many targets for our attention, just one being the think-tank CNAS which, through a series of war games they have conducted in one of their ‘seminars’, has recently outlined plans for a USA/NATO war in China in 2027 involving pre-emptive nuclear strikes, one of which is designed to wipe out the entire Chinese naval assets within 5 hours. Plans have already been drawn up to conduct this exercise from NATO bases in Taiwan. Therefore, in light of all this, which Putin, Lavrov and Peskov are already aware of, it is hardly surprising that China and Russia have been drawn even closer together to counter the menace of the world’s foremost rogue state. As Assange stated clearly, the tax-payers of the USA, European Union and United Kingdom are having their money funnelled into the military industrial laundromat to be washed out into the coffers of the likes of Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grunman, Raytheon and others. So, think about that, and I will share the joke that Ray McGovern told us at the end of our meeting last Monday – “What happens if Boris Johnson fails to keep up with the monthly payments to his exorcist ? Quite simple – he gets repossessed”

  5. I thought we already had a Ministry of Truth. Why do we need another one?

  6. It is not for a government to ‘counter disinformation’ in this way.

    A government ‘counters disinformation’ by publishing true information.

    The public, exercising free speech, right to assembly, free thought and free communications then looks at all the information available and selects the good from the bad.

    That’s life. Intelligent life. Normal life. That democracy is supposed to enhance and protect.

    The supposition of govts that want to have ‘ministries of truth’ is that none of that applies.

    Instead they suppose a field of cabbages that gets painted by the first spew of words that hits them.

    And their role as the govt is to oversee this field of cabbages and ensure it gets uniformly in the approved colour of the day.

    In short; they’re insane. To be kind we could say they’re intellectually challenged in the pusillanimous fashion of the day. Or: to be kindest of all: they’re children and they know not what they do.

    And hark: they’ve children we voted into office and who we’re supposed to be overseeing constantly. They’re our ‘children’.

  7. Could it be that in the USA people are waking up to the fascist take-over of all institutions that helped them fight for basic human rights?

    1. To Michael+Fagnant,
      I would like to think that the people are finally waking up but, after a half century of observing them in an ignorant torpor, I am not willing to bet on anything other than their continued ignorance and foolishness. They buy the Empire of Lies’ propaganda every time. Observe them as the majority wave their Ukrainian flags and scream for more war in Ukraine rather than demand that the Country which orchestrated the war (the US) settle the issues peacefully. Remember that they are doing this after (much too late) learning that the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya. Yemen, Somalia, etc. were all sold based on blatant lies. I would not be a nickel on the people doing anything but buying whatever pack of lies Washington chooses to tell them.

  8. Just read your article – clicked on the link for the NDI – clicked on the link for board members – and amongst this lot was none other than Madeline K Albright – need I say more. . . .

  9. Thank goodness, but stay alert. What’s happening is beyond the imagination, just like the documentary on Netflix called Our Father, where a fertility doctor used his own semen 96 times, without his patients knowledge, so he has 96 biological children all white, plus two with his wife. Incredible and evil and you can’t tell me the democratic posturing is real at this point. Too many failed promises and the unwillingness to use the power of the presidency.

  10. So, there’s some fear of the populace after all. Maybe they were afraid we were going to get the guillotines out. Good riddance to these liars, propagandists, and censors, though I have no doubt they’ll be back.

  11. Backlash-Pause-Relax-Resume. Don’t breathe such a sigh of relief as to think the thought police are done with us. The DHS itself should be scrapped, along with the rest of the state’s reign of terror. To live free requires more than occasional backlash to the permanent war waged upon us.

    1. @niko
      Agreed! I was appalled when they created that police state agency, totally illegitimate.

  12. The problem with ANY disinformation so-called EXPERT, is simply that the expert is not an expert, and will use judgment to create his/her own disinformation subject to challenge. The government then becomes all powerful and can immediately brand people as terrorists if they speak in terms unfavorable to the Democratic Party or any party presently in control. This obviously is Fascism, and Totalitarianism, and violative of the First Amendment to the Constitution. Nothing is said of protecting Constitutional rights, and Fascism’s standard bearer, Barach Obama has come out and said the 1st Amendment must give way in certain cases. I say, NO NO NO, it never gives way under any circumstances because when it does, the people lose complete control. Okay? We must protect our own rights because our Government will not, Government is NOT your friend, and does NOT have your back. It does want you to die for its causes in WAR however, and NO Democratic government by, of and for the people, can never separate itself from the will of the people as ours has because then it ceases to be Democracy and becomes FASCIST, Just like the NAZI’s. And Obama and his cohorts are banking on the fact that we will not remember our history and will suffer its recurrence.

    1. @Edward W Case
      While I agree with your attitude on this issue, I strongly disagree that there should never be exceptions to First Amendment protections. Well before this latest round of censorship, exceptions had been carved out. For example, it’s illegal to threaten someone with violence, and you can be successfully sued for publishing provable lies that cause someone financial harm. All rules need exceptions, and the First Amendment is no exception. 🙂

      Additionally, there are more important things than free speech, like the environment and preventing wars. Freedom of speech pales in importance to those issues.

      1. So, ‘environmental issues are more important than free speech ?’ Tell that to Stephen Donziger

      2. @bernie holland
        No idea what you’re talking about. Stephen Donziger’s cases have nothing to do with free speech. Donziger was attacked by Chevron , illegitimately using the corrupt court system, because he won a multi-billion dollar environmental lawsuit against Chevron.

        The environment is infinitely more important than free speech. First and foremost, the environment is LIFE, which is more important than everything else put together. Not just human life, all life. You think the trees or the lions give a damn about human speech? Neither do the land, air, water, sky, etc. Second, there is no speech without life. Screw up the environment and there’s no speech. So both morally and logistically, the environment trumps speech every time.


    Beyond bizarre–that elected leaders of an alleged republic/democracy could ever think this is okay. A decision by Democrats yet–the same who insist that threats to our freedom and Constitutional rights are all the fault of nefarious Republicans.

    The right wingers may be onto something with their deep distrust of government. Although for them, that seldom extends to questioning military policies or war propaganda.

    The funniest aspect of all of this horror is right wing (and often enough, left wing) belief in conspiracies. Sure, they exist. Every interest group is one, including the ones we like.

    But why, if huge organizations like corporations and governments are such obvious snafus, would we assume conspiracies work? Who exactly, or what cabal, knows precisely how to control everything? Why the assumption any of this makes sense?

    It’s because of people who need a sense of power, of being in control, that these draconian measures are attempted. Their intense fear they’re not really as powerful as they want to believe and are desperate to have us believe. As the old folk tale has it, no clothes.

    1. @Rafi Simonton
      But that’s how they get power: they convince people that they have it. They’ll never stop promoting this delusion as long as most people give them power by believing that they’re powerful. And BTW, NO ONE is in control, despite delusions to the contrary.

  14. Not only governments but corporate fake news factories are engaged in black propaganda lies dipped in innuendos and euphemism.

    Ukrainian nationalized government run media use full spectrum of psychological warfare to control population and maintain favorable public opinion.

    For example media claims of “successfully” preventing something that was never gonna happen, calling army retreat or withdrawal as out-maneuvering of enemy, calling surrender and imprisonment of troops as extrication or evacuation home, attributing friendly forces actions to enemy if morally questionable or criminal, treating unrelated to combat enemy failures, accidents as covert operations’ successes, reporting of issuing orders to non-existing forces or to justify battlefield reality forcefully imposed by enemy as supposedly deliberate prearranged tactical command and control decisions like redefining, changing or ending missions and calling it victory, mission accomplished with combat medals awarded to heroic soldiers or creating narratives where all or most causalities cased by enemy are civilians while all victims of friendly armed forces are enemy combatants.

    This is called programmatic disinformation warfare.

    Consider formerly “esteemed”Reuters disinformation warfare and its Daily Black propaganda to be swallowed with black coffee:

    “ KYIV/SLATYNE, Ukraine, May 20 (Reuters) – Ukraine’s industrial Donbas region, the focus of recent Russian offensives, has been destroyed, President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said.. Russia has intensified its offensive and assault operations in Donetsk, the General Staff of Ukraine’s Armed Forces said.

    Five civilians were killed in Donetsk on Thursday, according to regional [Ukrainian] governor Pavlo Kyrylenko. “The enemy [Russia and LDPR] is destroying all civil infrastructure even in places relatively far from the front line,” he told local television.

    Reuters could not immediately verify the information. Moscow denies targeting civilians.”

    What? Reuters could not verify that for last eight years Donetsk was and is under control of DPR and continuously under UAF artillery shelling as reported for years by western backed OECD. And that recent terrorist shelling of civilian areas of Donetsk is nothing but continuation of eight year terror that killed thousands of Donetsk residents.

    Moreover Reuters could not pull AFU maps that show that Donetsk is not located relatively far away from frontlines but just two miles from ruins of Donetsk Prokofiev International Airport controlled by DPR in small settlement of Pieski controlled by AFU and Nazis since 2014.

    For all the people Zelensky and Kyrylenko know Ukraine geography also because they both visited the AFU positions in Piesky just in 2021.

    For Reuters reporter to repeat all those factual easily verifiable lies is nothing but engaging in psychological warfare against.. not Russians or Ukrainians who know their geography but primarily against ignorant west.

    1. and of course, if you want the “geography lesson” call for Liz Truss

    2. Get real. I’d say that old Zionist Project, WTC, oh, what a huge media cover-up:


      Academic Corruption, the Israel Lobby, and 9/11

      Why I have resigned from my emeritus status at the University of Sussex!

      Smart guy,


      Interview with Kees van der Pijl, Professor Emeritus, School of Global Studies, University of Sussex, on the state of the world today, the new Cold War, Trump, Brexit and post-neoliberal capitalism. Part of the BITS Symposium, December 2016.

      Oh, cry for me, Larry Silverstein.


      Good one,

      *Interview originally posted April 1st, 2022 on geopoliticsandempire.com and not on PentagonTube due to having been suspended with 2 strikes. We were also recently banned from PentagonPal as well as had podcasts removed from Spotify.*

      Dan Kovalik sees a shift away from the United States and the West, and a shift toward the East, primarily Russia and China. The Ukraine invasion marks the dramatic beginning of the Multipolar World. Moscow clearly saw the U.S. was intent on destroying Russia (e.g. RAND whitepapers). The media today are war-time propagandists and those who question the narrative are cancelled and lose their jobs. The U.S. Empire is collapsing and sanctions are speeding that up. Latin America is defying Uncle Sam and telling the U.S. to go pound salt, meanwhile looking for development assistance from China.



  15. We live in Orwellian times, the main difference from Orwell’s prediction being that the most successful State practitioner of psyops and mind control is NOT Russia but is the US empire. Just as in “1984”, where the actual function of the ministry of Truth was to TELL lies and OPPOSE the truth, the actual function of the US DHS “disinformation board” would be to SPREAD disinformation and OPPOSE the truth.
    Putin correctly called the USA “an empire of lies”.
    Orwell said that speaking truth in an empire of lies was an act of treason.
    Who has committed the greatest act of treason? Julian Assange. He is being punished accordingly by the empire of lies.

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