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Women of the World Call for Peace

These women are all leading in a new way, showing us a pathway forward to peace and disarmament. They are calling on us to awaken and join together to eliminate nuclear weapons from the face of the Earth.

Presented on May 10th, 2022, by Women Transforming Our Nuclear Legacy, a coalition of the women leaders and activists from around the world call for peace in Ukraine and and an end to the threat of nuclear war. 

Born out of an American-Russian Women’s Dialogue and Peacebuilding Initiative founded just over a year ago, the group started with the goal of improving US-Russia relations, reducing tensions, averting a nuclear war, and working together for the disarmament and elimination of nuclear weapons.

Over the last year, they wrote multiple open letters published in both countries calling for peace. Their most recent open letter, published a week before the Russian invasion of Ukraine link stood with Ukraine calling for peace. They have issued an appeal for peace in Ukraine calling for an immediate ceasefire “to stop the killing, bloodshed, and immense human suffering.”



Mairead Corrigan Maguire is a Nobel Peace Laureate and Co-founder of Peace People, Northern Ireland. Mairead was the aunt of three Maguire children who died as a result of being hit by an Irish Republican Army getaway car after its driver was shot by a British soldier. She responded to the violence facing her family and community by organizing massive peace demonstrations appealing for an end to the bloodshed and a nonviolent solution to the conflict. Mairead was awarded the l976 Nobel Peace Prize for her courageous efforts in co-founding a movement to help bring about peace and end the violence arising out of the ethnic political conflict in Northern Ireland. Since receiving the award, she has dedicated her life to promoting peace and disarmament, both in Northern Ireland and around the world.  

Dr. Paula Garb is a Senior Fellow at the Center for Peacemaking Practice at George Mason University. For the past twenty-eight years, Dr. Garb has facilitated citizen dialogues and taught peaceful problem-solving skills in conflict zones of the South Caucasus and to gang intervention workers in Southern California. She also taught mediation and conflict resolution at the University of California, Irvine for twenty-five years.  Dr. Garb serves on the board of UCI’s Center for Citizen Peacebuilding which she co-founded and co-directed for twenty years. She has also published numerous books and journal articles on peacebuilding. 

Ambassador Elayne Whyte Gomez is a diplomat and academic who previously served as the Ambassador from Costa Rica to the United Nations in Geneva. In 2017, Ambassador Whyte presided over the UN Conference that negotiated and adopted the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.  Facing extraordinary time pressure, and, at times, contentious debate, Ambassador Whyte facilitated the adoption of this landmark agreement by a vote of 122 nations in favor, one against, and one abstention. Among her many accomplishments, she is also the first woman and the youngest person ever to serve as vice minister of Foreign Affairs in Costa Rica. 

Cynthia Lazaroff is the Senior Creative Producer for US-Russia Relations: The Quest for Stability, a seven-part multimedia documentary produced with philanthropic support from the Carnegie Corporation of New York. Over the past forty years, Cynthia has been engaged in Track II and 1.5 diplomacy with Russia and the former Soviet Union. Cynthia is the Founder & Director of Women Transforming Our Nuclear Legacy & NuclearWakeUpCall.Earth.


  1. Keep in mind that the Biden administration clearly wants war, and 58% of women voters identify as Democrats.

    1. The Biden administration is not American women. They may have voted for Dems because in a 2 party system it seems like their only chance for getting ahead as women but they sure didn’t vote for war!

      1. “Getting ahead “is a very unfortunate phrase.
        It’s a trigger for extreme individualism.
        Hillary Clinton has a classism problem common to privileged
        women. For her, getting ahead seems a code phrase for leaving losers behind. These “lucky women” seem to copy the worst male behavior.
        I’ll leave the conclusions to you.

  2. Noble cause or hypocrisy.

    Quote from open letter February 15,2022

    “ At this perilous juncture, rather than allocate blame, we should be seeking 21st century alternatives to senseless military conflicts and wasteful spending on war. It is a time to redefine security so that women, families, and our children, can live in peace.”

    Is this for real? Is it not Orwellian, forgetting the past? What resulted from non assigning blame when it is warranted? More the same perpetrators judging their victims. Why in Nuremberg blame was assigned instead of asking Nazis to join kumbaya to workout some nice little peace.

    As I wrote before if those women of WTONL are located in US they should not call to stop war in Ukraine unless they acknowledge that this is a war between Russia and US and as US citizens they should demand that US immediately stop fueling this war by spending taxpayers money to provoke nuclear war with Russia.

    If as they are located in Russia and they claim that it is a war between Russia and Ukraine then they should write open letters to Putin or join hundreds of protests of Russian intervention in Ukraine that are being held for months, many including women brutally suppressed by police, all fully covered by western media and Russian internal media also western censured RT.

    Also they should empathize that It is first responsibility of Ukrainian peace activists to demand from their own government to stop the war in Ukraine immediately, to stop suffering including stopping pain and deaths of people in Donbas who suffered eight years of terror of Nazi Kiev regime and demand to negotiate equitable peace with Russia.

    If WNOTL lived in reality they would have known that most of real Ukrainian peace activists had no chance to protest as they are being hunted down online and physically kidnapped, tortured in most cases even before they could attempt any protest of this war, accused of treason threatened with death, persecuted and prosecuted. Many in hiding afraid for their lives.

    WNOTL is awfully silent about them immersed in their illusions of peace and nuke free Disneyland.

    Those protests in Russia had more influence than empty letters, appeals to .. nobody, on how Russia conducts its special operations in Ukraine, with more care about Ukrainian civilians, civilian infrastructure and Russian soldiers, always open to negotiations consistently refused by Kiev regime on advice of US leadership who fuels hatred and send weapons of death.

    Unfortunately Ukrainian voices for peace, those who want Kiev regime to stop complete disregard of human lives of its own citizens taken hostage as human shields in violation of Geneva conventions are suppressed and cannot be heard in Kiev or Brussels or in DC.

    Why WTONL won’t write open letters to defend persecuted fellow fighters for nuclear peace and disarmament in Ukraine including ending western supplies of weaponry.

    Or May be condemn women Ukrainian Nazi stormtroopers who thrown red liquid in face of ambassador of nuclear superpower.

    Or May be they would be interested to do the same to US ambassador for invasion of Iraq or Syria or Afghanistan or such criminal disrespect in violation of Vienna convention would bring us closer not further from nuclear war.

    May be this anti war group WTONL would give voice to those activists in America and show equal concern and solidarity with Ukrainian peace activists terrorized and totally gagged in Ukraine as well as those beaten by police in Russia. They both want the same. But that wouldn’t be nice.

    Conveniently created a year ago when Ukraine-Russia tensions increased amid Kiev regime ultimate rejections of Minsk Agreements and return to aggressive attacks on Donbas, WTONL “forgot” to tell the US government to stop war and illegal invasion of Syria where they are confronted with Russian military force invited by UN recognized legitimate Syrian government or loading Taiwan with weapons just to name few conflicts that can escalate confrontation among nuclear powers.

    WTONL and other peace organizations must realize that the best and in many cases the only way to stop wars is to prevent them. So at least try to prevent them by assigning blame when blame is due.

    This Ukrainian war that started in 2014 could have been easily prevented by US if US government stopped organizing and financing illegal coup that by force removed duly elected Ukrainian President whose majority supporters among population and elected officials in Donbas and Crimea rejected illegal coup leadership in Kiev and demanded democratic autonomy or in Crimea, already autonomous region, independence.

    Instead of negotiations for peace Kiev regime unleashed eight year war against their own citizens in Kharkov, Simferopol, Odessa and Donbas with support of US and NATO members.

    Completely Ignoring reality of war refusing to assign blame WTONL may just become pawns in deceitful and cruel US imperial politics run by insidiously by neocons.

    The naïveté of those WTONL peace activists is appaling.

    1. @Kalen
      “Why in Nuremberg blame was assigned instead of asking Nazis to join kumbaya to workout some nice little peace.”

      Actually, getting people to change is far superior to killing or imprisoning them, for both moral and practical reasons. The problem is that all animals need some constraints on their behaviors or they do horrible things because they can act with impunity. It’s the reason that grizzlies are so ornery (no animal in nature is capable of restraining their behavior) and kill you if you stop feeding them (once you start feeding them, they feel entitled to the food until they’re full). Humans have the capability to rise above this by evolving mentally and spiritually, but only a small fraction of 1% have chosen this path.

  3. Look ahead and ignore the chips where they fall.
    Protect current advantages.
    Don’t cry over spilled blood.
    Creative destruction stimulates prosperity.
    Winners write history.

    1. @Red Hornet
      This is a reply to your response to J. Poier. Fully agree! The current brand of “feminism” is nothing but a toxic mimic of legitimate feminism. Real feminism isn’t about being like men, competing with men, or anything like that. Instead, it’s about recognizing the FACT that women are fully equal to men while being very different in some ways. What the toxic mimic does is actually DEVALUE what women do naturally and force them to, as you put it, mimic the worst in male behaviors. But even if they were mimicking the best of male behaviors, that would still be wrong. They should just be female, and that alone should be valued every bit as much as being male. (Biologically, you could easily make the case that male humans are expendable, because only one male is required for reproduction, while multiple females are required for that. But that’s another issue, and some of us radical environmentalists have said it mainly as a joke and to try to take some of the macho jerks down a few notches.)

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