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Biden Faces Backlash at Summit of Americas for Excluding Countries

The US didn't invite Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua to Summit of Americas.

By David DeCamp /

President Biden tried to bring a message of unity to the Sumit of the Americas in Los Angeles on Thursday, but he faced criticism from Latin American leaders for not inviting certain countries.

The US didn’t invite Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba, prompting Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to boycott the summit, although he did send his foreign minister to represent Mexico. The leaders of Antigua and Barbuda, Bolivia, Guatemala, and Honduras followed López Obrador in not attending the event.

Shortly after Biden delivered remarks on Thursday, Belize’s Prime Minister John Briceno harshly criticized the US for not inviting some countries. “This summit belongs to all of the Americas — it is therefore inexcusable that there are countries of the Americas that are not here, and the power of the summit is diminished by their absence,” he said.

Briceno also slammed the US blockade on Cuba as an “affront to humanity” and called for it to be lifted. “In fact, it is un-American. The time has come, Mr. President, to lift the blockade,” he said to Biden.

U.S. President Joe Biden, Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro, Colombia’s President Ivan Duque and other heads of delegation

Argentine President Alberto Fernandez joined Briceno in criticizing the summit. “We definitely would have wished for a different Summit of the Americas,” he said. “The silence of those who are absent is calling to us.”

Speaking later in the day, Biden tried to brush off the criticism. “Notwithstanding some of the disagreements relating to participation, on the substantive matters what I heard was almost uniformity,” he said.

The idea of the summit was for the US to use it as an opportunity to counter Chinese influence in Latin America. “We want to make sure our closest neighbors have a real choice between the debt trap development that has become … more and more common in the region,” Biden said in a reference to China.

The US often accuses China of so-called “debt-trap diplomacy” and discourages other countries from doing business with Beijing. But as the disagreements over the guest list demonstrated, the US policy of isolating and sanctioning governments that don’t fall in line is damaging US credibility in the region and around the globe.

David DeCamp

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  1. Bravo to the integrity of those countries of the Americas to yearn for wholeness, so much so they told the truth to Biden. It’s an embarrassment to have one’s own country not acknowledge how important it was to all of the Americas that everyone in “the Americas” be included. Biden cheapened himself and our nation by being off-hand about it. Amlo deepened my respect by his standing by his friends and risk alienating the “heads” of the USA. It’s an embarrassment and shameful that monied, influential x-Cuban Floridians succeed in cowing a whole string of USA presidents, including Mr. Biden, into shafting Cuba, and doing so cruelly. How many decades has it been since the USA had a President who by his actions demonstrated he cared about people – his own and those beyond his borders?

  2. the us sends the imf to debt-trap other countries, and almost all of the monies ‘loaned’ goes directly into the pockets of those as corrupt as we are, then we swoop in and steal every resource (including labor). we install our puppets as heads of state (immediately after if not before sending in the imf). the people receive no real, enduring benefit.

    the chinese ‘debt-trap’ other countries by building them up in order to have better partners. they create roads, high-speed trains, water and sewage systems. they BUY resources, and know it’s better to have thriving friends with money than to have impoverished ‘friends’ who are only ‘friends’ because of the guns to their heads. ‘friends’ who can’t be trusted because they dream of throwing our boot off their neck.

    the world would be a better place were we to behave more like those awful, awful chinese…

    1. @V.
      While the Chinese are not as bad as the U.S. in that regard, they’re far from being saints. The world would be much better off if there were no nation states and there were far fewer humans living a lot more simply & naturally. Chinese “development” is doing as much to destroy the planet as anything.

      1. agreed! but the reality is that there are ‘too many’ people and development won’t stop until a stop is forced by catastrophe. but at least the chinese aren’t continually committing war crimes (and other crimes against humanity) in order to advance their interests. most of the world is dreaming of the day they can dance on our grave.

      2. @V.
        I agree, though humans could voluntarily change things if they changed their attitudes toward life. If the U.S. isn’t the most hated country in the world, it should be.

      3. You may get your wish if there’s a nuclear war that does not totally exterminate humanity.
        In fact, that’s the only way open to your “Utopia.”
        What’s actually needed is not some reversion to hunter-gatherer society, but a world government.
        That will take time.
        The main thing standing in the way is the US.
        Once the main obstacle is cleared, the nations will have the opportunity to collaborate, absent the main instigator of conflict and division.

      4. @BabaYaga
        Nuclear war couldn’t be further from my wish. I advocate for the Earth and all life here, not extinguishment of it by things like nuclear war.

        Lowering human population is done by birth control and abortion, not by killing people (for both moral and practical reasons). Human overpopulation is the biggest problem on the planet, and it harms nonhumans far more than humans, though it affects humans quite a bit too.

        We certainly do need to return to hunting & gathering for food, though it will take thousands of years to get there. Agriculture is extremely ecologically harmful, and is also totally immoral. The only plants or animals that humans should be killing are those they eat, and killing native plants to plant crops is both totally immoral and ecologically destructive. On top of that, agriculture is what caused human overpopulation in the first place.

        Our difference stems from the fact that we want different things. You’re looking at this from a strictly human perspective, while I’m looking at it from the perspective of the Earth and all the life here, of which humans are just one of tens of millions of species, and an ecologically totally unimportant one at that.

  3. The US, through “private lenders” has often involved itself in creating debt traps for nations in our hemisphere. We are guilty of every one of crimes we accuse others of. If there is anything exceptional at all about the US it is it’s brazen hypocrisy.

    Also, sadly, Biden is proving himself an incompetent tool of reactionary policies day after day. As voters we will have exceptionally bad choices in the coming presidential election.

  4. US is isolated in international arena because of support for Ukrainian provocation and fueling this senseless proxy war war.

    Sanctions against Russia failed. 100+ countries in the world ignored Western Sanctions as they began trading with Russia in Ruble or Yuan. Russia doubled their export revenues since last year. Ruble skyrocketed forcing Russian CB to lower interest rates to pre war levels and still Ruble is near two year high. The month to month Inflation in Russia hit zero in May mostly due to collapse of price of oil in domestic market. The modest drop in Russian nominal GDP of 5% year on year is not because of war expenditures, or rise import prices or economic collapse but solely because of stoppage of output of western own industries due to sanctions. All those industries focused primarily on domestic markets will be nationalized and production restored by September 2022.

    Aeroflot, flagship Russian airlines entered partnerships with other airlines so today any Russians can buy a ticket from Moscow and with one stop or two , even without changing of airplanes go anywhere they want including Europe and US via Turkey Saudi Arabia or Israel or India or China. Ban on aircraft parts was already circumvented by lease and swap agreements where partnered Chinese airliners or leasing companies would purchase Russian planes to be serviced and repurchase or lease back by Russia. Sanctioning China for that would mean suicide for Boeing and Airbus as it would boost local Chinese and Russian production of Sukhoi 100 and others.

    Only useful idiots in EU suffer while US still imports Russian coal and oil in .. Rubles..

    The west politically alienated all alternative sources of energy as well as OPEC+ cartel that showed a finger to Biden by not increasing but lowering overall cartel output due to… alleged technical reasons despite SA acceleration of new small additional capabilities.

    Oil price is going up as proclaimed by Bloomberg experts.

    And if Israel, as they already plan to attack Iran, bomb Iranian nuclear facilities price of oil could hit $250 or more which translates in at least $15 per gallon in US destroying US economy while fueling super inflation FED won’t do nothing about as they exist to save bankrupt financial markets.

    Biden was allowed nothing to prevent Hedge Fund led takeover and destruction of shale oil production that served as global low oil price setting for a decade,

    He was allowed nothing to bring Iranian or Venezuelan crude oil production capacities to the market, in contrary he doubled down on suicidal for people in the west politics of belligerence and ideological confrontation.

    Latest fiasco and slap in the face of Biden was OAS meeting in LA where AMLO boycotted Biden for exclusion of full fledged members of OAS from meeting, members like Nicaragua or Venezuela Biden was just begging for more oil and threatened with invasion if they allow for Russian Navy and Air Force bases on their territories.

    The decisions Russians took as a response to building permanent US military bases in Poland and Baltic States.

    Biden as much as Dubya and Obama were puppets of western global ruling oligarchy who are engaged in fierce competition with eastern oligarchy that resulted in many proxy wars worldwide including war in Ukraine. Trump was the first puppet that openly showed that he was not allowed to implement any of his, however wrong they might have been, policies of dialogue and deal based international cooperation as he stated in inaugural speech.

    Biden is not allowed to have his own policies as well and hence Dems will be crashed in November as economic collapse and super inflation kicks in. In recent meetings with FED he reiterated that he won’t t lift a finger to help ordinary people to decrease inflation or prevent deep recession. Bloomberg choir of presstitutes proclaimed in unison that inflation will be fought by.. demand destruction meaning pauperization and starvation of people amid economic depression.

    Today Americans explicitly see for themselves that none of political puppets have any power or care.

  5. I agree with the comment so far, so thanks to those writers. I need not repeat their thoughts. I do have a question. How did the US have the power to “not invite” countries that won’t obey its demands? How did the US control who attended? Why didn’t the excluded countries just attend anyway? Anybody know more about this than I?

    1. RR. They refused entry visas for delegates from Venezuela and Nicaragua. As Biden did that OAS leadership should have canceled the meeting in LA and move it elsewhere, but most of OAS states are US puppets taking orders from DC.

  6. As far as I can tell, the main purpose of the OAS is to prevent socialist government who won’t tolerate U.S. imperialism from taking power in the Americas south of the U.S. border. That’s the only thing that Biden and the U.S. want to have unity about here.

  7. Debt-trap – LOL! Given that the US, through the World Bank and IMF has been the agent of that “debt-trap”, it’s pretty funny that he blames China – but that’s just par for the course – make a mess, then blame somebody else. Hillary lost, blame the Russians, Trump lost, blame the fixed voting machines from – Venezuela?

    Not to mention the huge debt trap that engulfs many here in this country – thanks to – our home grown institutions, esp the banks. As they say, it takes one to know one – and all Biden has to do is look in the mirror to see a country with perhaps the biggest debt trap of all …. but Americans never look in the mirror, except to put on their make-up …

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