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Doctor’s Orders: ‘Do Not Extradite Assange’

More than 300 Doctors For Assange have written to Home Secretary Priti Patel to not make the U.K. “complicit in the slow-motion execution” of Julian Assange.

By Doctors for Assange / Consortium News

Ahead of the U.K. Home Secretary’s decision on whether to extradite Julian Assange to the United States, a group of more than 300 doctors representing 35 countries have told Priti Patel that approving his extradition would be “medically and ethically unacceptable”.

In an open letter sent to the Home Secretary on Friday June 10, and copied to British Prime Minster Boris Johnson, the Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice Robert Buckland, the Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and the Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong, the doctors draw attention to the fact that Assange suffered a “mini stroke” in October 2021. They note:

“Predictably, Mr Assange’s health has since continued to deteriorate in your custody. In October 2021 Mr. Assange suffered a ‘mini-stroke’… This dramatic deterioration of Mr Assange’s health has not yet been considered in his extradition proceedings. The US assurances accepted by the High Court, therefore, which would form the basis of any extradition approval, are founded upon outdated medical information, rendering them obsolete.”

The doctors charge that any extradition under these circumstances would constitute negligence. They write:

“Under conditions in which the UK legal system has failed to take Mr Assange’s current health status into account, no valid decision regarding his extradition may be made, by yourself or anyone else. Should he come to harm in the US under these circumstances it is you, Home Secretary, who will be left holding the responsibility for that negligent outcome.”

In their letter the group reminds the Home Secretary that they first wrote to her on Friday 22 November 2019, expressing their serious concerns about Julian Assange’s deteriorating health.

Those concerns were subsequently borne out by the testimony of expert witnesses in court during Assange’s extradition proceedings, which led to the denial of his extradition by the original judge on health grounds. That decision was later overturned by a higher court, which referred the decision to Priti Patel in light of US assurances that Julian Assange would not be treated inhumanely.

The doctors write:

“The subsequent ‘assurances’ of the United States government, that Mr Assange would not be treated inhumanly, are worthless given their record ofpursuit, persecution and plotted murder of Mr Assange in retaliation for his public interest journalism.”

They conclude:

“Home Secretary, in making your decision as to extradition, do not make yourself, your government, and your country complicit in the slow-motion execution of this award-winning journalist, arguably the foremost publisher of our time. Do not extradite Julian Assange; free him.”

Julian Assange remains in High Security Belmarsh Prison awaiting Priti Patel’s decision, which is due any day.

Doctors for Assange

We are a group of doctors from around the world that formed in October 2019 to voice our serious concerns about the health of Julian Assange and to condemn the violations of his right to be free from torture, right to health, and right to doctor-patient confidentiality.


  1. As I wrote to the NYT’s Charles Blow:

    Yes, Charles.

    Paul Krugman and Mohamed El-Erian are both experts on what is called ‘Political Economics’, which should truthfully address the two key factors of “we the American people’s Political and Economic interests” with respect to anything deserving the name of ’small-d’ democracy.

    The cancerous problem now, since 1944, is simply that the first non-violent coup d’état in America occurred at the DNC Convention when the OSS, and DNC, conspired to physically ‘block’ FDR’s brilliant socialist VP, Henry Wallace, from taking the podium when Wallace had a favorability of over 60% from the Convention Floor.

    This was the first strike in turning America into a global EMPIRE, which the inept vacuous haberdasher and pawn of the Empire, Harry Truman, allowed to happen. While Republican President, Ike Eisenhower, reported the existence of the MIC in 1961, the next usurpation by Empire in 1963 was the first violent coup d’état in America by the National Security State, which un-Truman’s deceit enabled.

    The following actions by Nixon, and then Reagan’s inane claim to have collapsed the Soviet “Evil Empire” (weren’t they all, Ronnie?) and cemented all subsequent acts of an entrenched cancerous EMPIRE over the past eleven ‘least worst voting cycles’ to “Bye Bye Byeden”, the “Empire’s Got You Now”.

    How the hell could this “Quiet American” Empire be anything but an EMPIRE when America has the highest GINI Coefficient of Wealth Inequality in the World, and it’s people are dying?

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Seriously, you think the authorities are going to listen? If they were open to debate, Assange would’ve been released long ago.

  3. The imprisonment of Julian Assange is the single most evil assault on Free Speech and Freedom of the Press ever, and a High Crime against Humanity. It clarifies the truth that we are controlled by a Fascist Corporate elite who seek total domination of humanity, and will stop at nothing to achieve it. We must eliminate these people who are preventing humanity from achieving its potential, and to expose the full extent of their heinous crimes. The people of the world want him freed, so why is he not free? Because there is no Democracy in a world where SECRECY prevails and secret societies control the people.

  4. I am a retired clinical psychologist who worked in the California prison system for 20 years including at the California Medical Center, our main psychiatric/medical center. I cannot emphasize enough the danger to Julian Assange if he is sent to the United States instead of being set free. His physical and psychological condition will rapidly worsen, especially since he will most likely be put in high security (solitary confinement) which is a form of psychological torture.

  5. Free Julian Assange Now.

    “Without a Free Press, there can be No Democracy”
    Thomas Jefferson

  6. Does anyone really think that world leaders give a damn about Julian Assange’s health? I’m glad that the doctors wrote this letter, but I can’t imagine it having any effect.

  7. Chris Hedges mentioned before after visiting with Julian Assange at Belmarsh prison that Assange was being treated with multiple doses of the anti- psychotic medication (drug) quetapine. There is more over at Erowid about this chemical but it appears to have been heavily censored on the website if you notice there is extensive articles on other chemical concoctions besides but not this one (quetapine). It is well known by mental health sufferers what anti psychotic drugs do to the mind but persons of this nature are usually unable to articulate the symptoms to a professional as conscience is mostly periods of absent thought dullness paranoia inwardness defeat self blame mental blocks negativity daily mental relapses and a host of other outcomes despite occasional moments of clarity positivity or unhappiness. These are usually features of these types of medicine. You can safely say that Assange isn’t just being physically confined at Belmarsh but he is being subjected to mental torture as a result of being subjected to those drugs. We do not really see how distressing this is for him as we only see what we are being presented by the media and that includes mainstream or alternative media . Those doctors are putting him through a torturous hell with medical quackery and we will never know how Julian really is. Free the man. It will only be a small victory because if he is still subjected to this medical torture after his release he will just feel the same as when he was locked away.

  8. Bless the Docs , but i think it would suit the US just fine if he died in Belmarsh.
    It will be interesting to see what Patel does – but I understand that unless she frees him, there will be more potential court proceedings before he is actually shipped out … I think the outcome would be the same if he stays in Belmarsh or comes to the US ..

  9. Aus of course remains totally oblivious and disinterested. It’s marvellous how we just keep trucking just as though we really are a country…

  10. My prescription is to turn Julian Assange loose. He did us a service in informing us what our masters are doing to us. That’s what independent journalism is supposed to do.

  11. Someone I read described the Nuremburg trials as the “guilty convicting the guilty”. When I was young I didn’t understand, what would our side be guilty of. War crimes were reserved for them. The Nuremburg trials set precedent “no one can blame “I was just taking orders”. Assange blew the lid off that American myth! American soldiers commit war crimes all the time as ordered! Assange should be up for a Nobel piece prize ! Instead telling truth to power gets one silenced and put in jail! Orwell world is closing in from all sides as we watch the “Boot on Assange’s human face” squeeze down harder and harder! Who knew men like Obama would have their foot in the boot!

  12. Julian deserves compensation for damages and WikiLeaks deserves reparations. The entire prosecution is justice inverted. It’s like the Spanish Inquisition is a weekly show from the BBC with America all abuzz.

    1. 300 physicians in support of Julian Assange? My understanding was that it would take at least 500 physicians to even budge the indomitably cruel Priti Patel’s capacious derriere from her favorite (bespoke, of course) easy chair.

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