Argentina Chris Hedges Military Torture Video

The Chris Hedges Report: Journalism and Argentina’s Dirty War

In the late 1970s and 1980s, Argentina's civic-military dictatorship disappeared over 30,000 people, using death squads trained by the US as part of the now infamous Operation Condor.


  1. Chris:

    Please share this blurb for Robert Scheer:

    Ralph Cates Joe Biden Must Expand the Supreme Court Now
    The president has the power to expand the Supreme Court. Franklin Roosevelt tried it in 1936 and faced a major backlash.
    That won’t happen now. A massive majority of the public is ready for democratic action to take on the Roe versus Wade and other attacks by this Supreme Court.
    President Biden must add three justices to restore democracy to the United States. Barack Obama and two Progressives would be a very good start to balance the court.
    Ralph Cates @ralphcates @ralphlcates @the-renaissance-of-hope
    Ralph L Cates’s new book The Renaissance of Hope: Creating the Green New Deal will be out shortly in perfect bind hardbacks and ebooks.

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