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Kansas Votes Overwhelmingly to Protect Abortion

Kansans have overwhelmingly voted to protect abortion rights in their state. This is a huge rejection of the anti-democratic Dobbs decision by the tyrannical Supreme Court.

By Tatiana Cozzarelli / Left Voice

Kansans have voted to protect abortion rights in their state. Yes, Kansas — the deep red state where Trump won by more than 15 percentage points last election cycle has voted to protect abortion rights. In fact, Kansas has a history of violence against abortion providers, including the murder of abortion doctor George Tiller in 2009.

But the vote wasn’t even close. At the time of publishing, the vote was roughly 60% in favor of abortion rights and 40% against. It was overwhelmingly in favor of protecting abortion rights in the state, with a huge voter turnout and by a wide margin. 

Amidst the dystopian chaos that is the post-Roe world, legislators in Kansas tried to slip one past Kansans, holding a referendum in the middle of the summer, during a mostly Republican primary, in an effort to capture a repeal of the state’s constitutional protection for the right to abortion in a low-turnout event. Repeal would have all but certainly ensured that right-wing politicians in the state legislature, with a Republican supermajority, would follow in the footsteps of neighboring states and enact a near-total ban on abortion. 

The result in Kansas is a manifestation of the public opinion polls. Most people, Republican and Democrat alike, do not agree with full bans on abortion. Most people in the United States believe that Roe v. Wade should have been upheld. 

This is a rejection of the anti-democratic ruling by the Supreme Court — and it’s a rejection by a surprisingly large number of voters. In fact, people waited hours in line, some late into the night and after polls officially closed, in order to vote. While this was also a primary for candidates, many came out only to vote to defend abortion rights — since registered voters who are “unaffiliated,” who made up a major component of the massive turnout, were not eligible to vote for any candidates running as Democrats or Republicans. 

In many of Kansas’ neighboring states, abortion has been banned. There are already complete bans in seven states, six week bans in four states, and bans after 15 weeks in two states. Many states don’t even include exceptions for rape and incest. The results have been horrifying. A 10-year-old who was raped was forced to leave Ohio for an abortion in Indiana, and her doctor has been consistantly attacked by the right-wing media and politicians. People unable to access healthcare for their miscarriages have been forced into dangerous and painful situations. 

Even with tonight’s outcome, though, many restrictions remain in place in Kansas. There is a 24-hour waiting period, parental consent laws, a mandatory ultrasound, and more. Further, clinics in Kansas have been overcrowded, with long waits for patients as a result of the influx from other states. This vote is a powerful first step to abortion access in Kansas, but this is a far cry from the free, safe, and legal abortions that are a basic right of anyone who can get pregnant. 

The vote in Kansas highlights once again that the Supreme Court decision in Dobbs is an undemocratic and illegitimate assault on the bodily autonomy of half of the country. While our basic rights should not be put up to votes, when that does happen we see that an overwhelming majority of people don’t want a ban on abortion. Even in conservative states, the majority of people recognize that abortion is necessary healthcare.

There is much more work to do. Despite the fact that the majority of people are on our side, the national organizations with the funds and organizational infrastructure to mobilize millions of people have refused to do much of anything. Planned Parenthood’s disgraceful position has been to choose the most anti-abortion readings of very ambiguous laws and preemptively close clinics, fearing prosecution. But, again, the truth is that the majority of people are with us. The Democrats know it and will, without a doubt, use abortion rights to mobilize people to the polls in November with more false promises to defend our rights — something they’ve failed to do ever since Roe was decided in 1973.

It’s imperative that we build a movement independent from the Democrats — a movement that takes the streets to demand the right to free, legal, and safe abortions, and a federal law that enshrines that right into law. We need a movement that organizes this overwhelming majority to shut it down, in our workplaces, and in the streets. 

Kansas shows that the majority is with us. Now let’s get organized and mobilized across the entire country.

Tatiana Cozzarelli

Tatiana is a former middle school teacher and current Urban Education PhD student at CUNY.


  1. Tatiana, You made some grievous factual errors. First, if nothing else, the vote in Kansas is Not a “rejection” of the SCOTUS decision, it is an affirmation of it. SCOTUS said, let the states decide. And Kansas did! So what is your problem with democracy? Second, how is it that you claim that Kansans rejected the anti democratic ruling when their vote to protect abortion is in fact an affirmation of democracy? Then you said a large number of voters stood in lines into the night doing what voters do: democracy in action! And third, the 10 year old was not forced into Indiana for an abortion. Ohio law allows abortion in her circumstance.

    There is nothing unusual or cruel about Kansas’ restrictions on abortion. Given the profound consequences of abortion, that another life is also at stake, society has an interest in assuring that the mother is fully informed, unlike the vaccine mandates.

    “Anyone” can get pregnant? LOL!!!!! Guess you haven’t heard that only females can do that.

    The Democrats, exactly like the Republicans, use abortion for both fund raising and for driving people to the polls. Why on earth would Dems actually want to solve abortion when it’s been so successful as a political football. You are not terribly sophisticated in your understanding of politics, dear. But then, I see you’re an Ed.D. candidate. Oh my.

  2. It goes to show, when dealing with animate life matters, and actually living, the reason of sanity has ‘bled-through’ in the state of Kansas!

    Permitting pregnancies to be interrupted up to 22 weeks, with a twenty-four-hour waiting period and mandatory parental consent for children (if one is fortunate enough even to have both a mother and a father) is a good decision.
    It appears that there are enough of those, still around, and of sound mind in religiously, fundamentally conservative Kansas, for rational decisions to be taken, and prevail, where democracy had been buried alive only two short years ago by ‘D.J.’ Trump, the Pied Piper to the pie-eyed of the country.
    It took only 39 days or so – just over five weeks, far less even than the twenty-two recommended for the waiting period for the children of the poisoned pregnancy in the state of Kansas, before it elected to self-terminate.

    Hopefully, in this day and age – dare one even be so bold as to have hope, that henceforth D.J.’s projections for his rebirth in 2024 will bleed through and abort, leaving the entire country, at last, finally rid of, and beginning to grasp the true facts, and be permitted to begin to grow up, and be all it can be without the perpetual interventions of weapons of mass destruction constantly dashing its soul against the rocks.

    Contrary to diverse religions’ doctrine, we are NOT all born sinners, having to repent for the lifetime we have on the planet we are alive on, before being freed from the malign authority of the powers that be – whomever they be, in actuality – promoting eternal life after death, in the biblical myth of heaven!
    When, oh when, do we begin to deal with the reality that is, for all of us today, and every day from here on, on this living Earth, rather than dwell in the house of delusion and fantasy.

    Hope is that this opinion is in harmony with a majority, and getting through to those alive in the real world; more conscious than they were yesterday?

      1. So, “democracy condemned Socrates to death and elected Hitler”. Really!

        It might be a good idea if you read up, and got the facts straight a little more on recent factual history, than going back millennia (469–399 B.C.E.) to Socrates, before mouthing off.

        A synopsis of the actual facts is that “President Hindenburg (democratically elected with a 56% majority) appointed Hitler as Chancellor (Prime Minister) of Germany in January 1933. Upon Hindenburg’s death in 1934, Hitler de facto (usurped) the presidency, which he (autocratically – his first dictatorial act) combined with the chancellorship to become the Führer und Reichskanzler.”
        Trumps extra-congressional maneuver, on January 6th 2021 wasn’t as successful!

        A ‘Slick Willie’ associate, you are, plus a self-satisfied self-promoter. Nice touch!
        “Those who are called Slick Willies are cunning and deceptive people who are superficially appealing and polished, but who are shallow and glib, and able to deftly execute convincing arguments that favor the con man and defrauds the mark.” In this instance, those who unquestioningly accept your bullshit.

        As down to earth as it can be stated!

  3. Tyrannical huh? I call this the democratic process. We are are REPUBLIC of States, not a unilateral federal government. The court found the issue unconstitutional, hence the STATES HAVE THE RIGHT to put it to the vote of THEIR CITIZENS.

    1. Bishop, I don’t think I’ve ever read a more contorted version of the facts than the author of this post wrote! “Tyranny “? No, it was an affirmation of exactly what we know about polling of Americans on abortion: huge majorities understand the need for legal and regulated abortion. I wish she’d respond to our criticism, but I suspect she knows she blew her analysis and has slunk away somewhere.

  4. I’ve got news for Tatiana Cozzarelli that I hope she takes the time to digest, because her misunderstanding of how the system works is a “force of ignorance” multiplier. The vote in Kansas is not, “… a rejection of the anti-democratic ruling by the Supreme Court.” The pro-abortion referendum vote in Kansas is in fact an affirmation of the SCOTUS ruling.

    The Court removed the Federal protection in, “substantive due process implied in the 14th” in favor of the legislative power of each state, for reasons that can be reasonably argued either way as they include a complex review of US history. (I disagree with Alito.) But it has to be defended – the Court certainly ruled in favor of democracy – in the form of the voting will of each state’s citizen’s elected legislatures, rather than overruling that obviously democratic process for a poorly articulated Federal protection. To say otherwise is to infer you didn’t read the Court decision, don’t understand applicable Constitutional law & precedent, or separation of powers, or perhaps are overwhelmed by bias.

    If people turn out to vote for the Kansas state legislature, ie actually exercise the democratic power we see in this primary, then just like the primary they will own the legislature & the day with respect to abortion in Kansas.

    The country was originally created, for better or worse, as a republic. A republic is a union of states, not a democracy. This happened because there was sufficient disunity between the states to prevent a union otherwise – the colonials did not want a democracy, they understood democracy to be tyranny of the majority. Democracy condemned Socrates to death and elected Hitler.

    People who give up life in less densely-populated areas for what is offered in a megalopolis seem to believe that their concrete jungles should naturally dominate the whole national culture because of their numbers. It’s apparent that, given the power, people in democracy loving NYC would (ironically) completely trample the lives of people in rural Kansas or like places. They think they are smarter and better, which is plainly cultural bigotry (maybe it’s just the dirty air). The republic however is a clever balancing act and certainly not a simple democracy. Thank the non-existent gods.

    P.S. don’t bother with anti-rights insults, I am pro abortion and have paid for a number of them for women & girls who came to me simply because they knew I would cover the cost.

  5. The people we elect don’t do what we elect them to do and don’t vote how the people want them to vote. Things turn out very differently when the people are well informed on an issue and get to decide. I was hoping this would happen. Good job, people of Kansas!!!

    1. The Democrats have been promising to codify Roe vs Wade for years (including Joe Biden in his second debate with Bernie “the first thing I’ll do when, if elected is :
      youtube.com/watch?v=w8-d2vyWn-A (at 1:10:45 or so).
      This was only a campaign issue that MUST be kept alive, not solved, just like Immigration. Both parties do this, but the Democrats are more blatant (like their funding of the WORST GOP candidates).

      Scheerpost recently had an article stating that, while Ginburg was in favor of access to abortion, she thought Roe vs Wade was poorly decided and that state legislatures should have been involved.
      SCOTUS has rectified this, and likely most states will follow Kansas in allowing abortions, at least for health of the mother, and rape and incest. There will be some dispute by state over late-term, viable fetus abortions and parental permission. Most agree that abortions should be “safe, legal and rare” as the Clintons maintained; “by rare, I mean RARE” as Hillary said.
      Poor women need access not just to transport to pro-choice states, but funds for their abortions. The Hyde Amendment that bars federal funding should also be overturned by SCOTUS and sent to the states allowing discretionary use of federal funding.
      The federal government has done quite a lot of over-reach of the Tenth Amendment in the last three years without much mention from SCOTUS, politicians or the State Media. Public Health is an authority of the states Constitutionally by default. Having the CDC control a rent moratorium was illegal (and deadbeat renters have led to an explosion in rent costs for ALL renters); having OSHA force a Covid vaccine mandate onto people with failed vaccines that don’t prevent infection nor transmission of SARS-CoV2 was over-turned by SCOTUS (but only one Justice mentioned the Tenth Amendment). Public Health as with abortion should be relegated back to the states. The CDC should be an advisory body only, as with the WHO. Due largely to incompetence in the Covid response, the US’s Covid death rate is among the highest in the world, and the number of Covid victims is highest.
      No one in Government is ever held responsible/ accountable for their mistakes.

    2. ? What are you talking about? Who is your “we?” The legislatures that prevent abortion are voting as their constituents want them to vote, that’s the rub in all this, and that is what the SCOTUS decided is most important. This referendum in Kansas was to allow the legislature of Kansas to override a provision of their state constitution that enshrines abortion as a right. They still have the freedom to regulate abortion, which I believe stands at 25 weeks there.

  6. Conservatives want to be assured that when they rape a child, the fruit of their efforts will be secure.

    Temporarily embarrassed child rapists, most of them. All but the actual child rapists.

  7. all marxists aware libs more fascist than GOP—the ruling class dims will lose congress this year and either trump or desantis will he prez in 2024

    1. Quoting Dominico Losurdo “Scratch a Liberal and you will find a Fascist underneath”?

      “Fascist” is just a perjorative flung about by stupid people these days. In Mussolini’s view fascism is exactly what the US is these days in a bipartisan way: Corporatism. “Socialism for the Rich, Capitalism for the Poor.”

  8. I want the nation’s MSM to launch an all out universal campaign to educate the nation of the dark money spider web, which extends from small town USA to big city, to State Governments across the USA, in order to subject all governmental policy to the whim of the extreme right wing. This web has been built slowly over time, progressing rapidly since Reagan was elected as POTUS. Without realizing the plan of action, in many cases, Republican lawmakers & city organizations (now Dems have caught on too) have been under the influence of BIG DARK MONIED interests like the KOCHs. The legislation DARK MONEY has been able to achieve has made it EASY for law after law to be written in favor of the CON. The CON is meant to control our nation’s politics, & disadvantage everyone but the top tier money in this country-the powerful. One way or another, they plan to complete the takeover throughout Justice (Judges), Governors, Senators, House Reps, Police, local business. Nonprofits and shell companies may give unlimited amounts of money to super PACs. Tip of the iceberg: https://www.opensecrets.org/dark-money/basics
    Example: https://reclaimtheamericandream.org/brief-disclose/
    We need to REMOVE DARK MONEY FROM POWER! Overturning Citizens United may not even be on the table for discussion any more.
    What’s it going to take to get these teams of power mongers out of our way, so we can get on with making improvements for The PEOPLE? “Things turn out very differently when the people are well informed on an issue and get to decide.”

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