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America, Land of the Dying? Alarming Study Shows US Killing Its Own Population

Researchers find that the nation had become an outlier among other rich countries in mortality rates long before the pandemic – and that Americans are dying younger than their peers abroad.

David from Washington, DC, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

By Lynn Parramore / Institute for New Economic Thinking

With its economic and military might, America is hard to beat on technological wonders, space exploration, and top-notch universities. But when it comes to health, a fundamental prerequisite to a fulfilling life, the US isn’t delivering and hasn’t been for a long time. Researchers now find that the big picture of health failings is even graver than we already knew.

Piles of studies have called attention to the fact that in the country ranking number one in healthcare spending per capita, people are living shorter lives, feeling more depressed, and are more likely to skip treatment due to cost than in many developed nations. In a performance ranking of 11 high-income countries compiled by the Commonwealth Fund in 2021, the American healthcare system came in dead last, with the worst outcomes of any of the nations studied.

“The only wealth is life,” wrote the nineteenth-century critic John Ruskin. Recent research indicates that America may be rich in dollars, but getting poorer in ways that matter most.

In a stunning new report, “Missing Americans: Early Death in the United States, 1933-2021,” Boston University professor of global health and epidemiology Jacob Bor and colleagues pored over data from the CDC and a global mortality database. During the period investigated, they compared U.S. mortality rates with those of Canada, Japan, and 16 Western European countries. How many American lives would have been saved each year, asked the researchers, if U.S. mortality rates had matched those of other wealthy nations?

A staggering number, is the answer.

Millions Gone Missing

According to the researchers, the U.S. started out of the gate in 1933 as a global health frontrunner, showing a significant advantage in mortality rates over the peer countries studied. But starting in the 1970s, something went awry. Overall, Americans began to die at higher rates than their peers, a trend that grew steadily and picked up steam in the 2000s.

By the year 2019, the number of annual “excess deaths” had reached a stunning 656,353. Bor and his colleagues refer to these people who died as “missing Americans” — the friends, family members, and colleagues who would still be with us if only modern U.S. healthcare and social policy lived up to their early promise.

Consider, the figure of 656,353 missing Americans is the number of excess deaths just in the year 2019 alone. In a single year, we lost – needlessly – more than the population of Detroit, Las Vegas, or Baltimore. More than Atlanta and Miami combined. And this was before the pandemic. In 2021, the number of missing Americans swelled to 1,092,293 – a whole lot more than you could put on milk cartons. Even worse: half of them were under age 65.

Bor and his fellow researchers found that on average, not only were there more Americans dying relative to their peers abroad, the deaths were becoming younger.

These are human beings who didn’t have to leave us. People who had children, elders, and neighbors to look after. Contributions to make. Love and laughter to share. The researchers found a haunting way to help us envision the profound depth of the tragedy. Based on the age at which Americans succumbed and the number of years they could have been expected to live had they been born in Finland, Spain, Japan, or the other countries studied, Bor and colleagues tabulate that in a single year, 2021, America sustained 25 million years of life lost.

Again, the figure of 25 million years of life lost is only for the year 2021. In 2022, as even more people die at 60 instead of 80, millions more future years of life will never be lived. The coronavirus is supposed to prey most viciously on the elderly, but in America, people still in their working years have been dropping away at higher rates during the pandemic than in peer nations – as they have been for years. Unsurprisingly, Black and Native Americans make up a disproportionate share of those vanished years and lives.

What changed?

Why, in a country with so much to spend – and so much spent on medical care – are so many lives being cut short? How did we start out so well and end up so badly?

Bor notes that the American mortality advantage in the late 1930s and 1940s was impacted by the high death rates in peer countries due to WWII and that the disadvantage of much of Europe and Japan likely continued for about a decade after the war because of the widespread devastation. But he also points to several other factors that probably helped Americans live longer up into the 1950s, such as the relative strength of organized labor and consequent rising wages, plus the large public investments that helped boost the middle class, like the GI bill and the promotion of high home ownership (with the caveat that these advantages were primarily available to White Americans).

Bor observes that the later period of American mortality advantage was likely bolstered by President Johnson’s War on Poverty and the marked expansion of the safety net by Medicare and Medicaid, as well as the racial integration of hospitals in 1963 and environmental regulation which made water and air healthier. “All of these programs and policies took some of the gains that occurred in the 1950s and expanded them so that it wasn’t just people with middle-class incomes and White people who had access to the determinants of a healthy, long life,” he explains.

Yet even during the period of relative mortality advantages, America’s inequality and structural racism likely held back the country’s longevity record from being as good as it could have been. Older populations in the U.S. have tended to have better mortality outcomes relative to peer countries than younger groups. Bor cites the fact that Americans have to reach the age of 65 before benefits like universal health care kick in as negatively impacting younger peoples’ life expectancy. This age-related trend shifted somewhat from 1980 to 2000, but the researchers found that in the 2000s, the age-related mortality picture is clear: the story of the U.S. disadvantage is primarily about people under 65 dying at higher rates than in peer countries.

The year when America’s overall mortality numbers diverged from other wealthy nations is 1980, according to the researchers’ findings. If the name Ronald Reagan comes to mind, you’re not alone: Bor notes that a Twitter discussion of the team’s work has homed in on this association. However, he emphasizes that the story is more complicated than one man’s presidency and its attendant policy changes, citing multiple factors such as the rise in opioid-related deaths in the 2000s, as well as increasing deaths due to obesity, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome. Gun violence has also increased America’s relative death toll.

In considering the widening gap between the US and peer countries in the 2000s, Bor points to the work of Princeton economists Anne Case and Angus Deaton on “deaths of despair” – the term for lives lost to preventable causes like suicide, drug overdose, and alcoholism. Researchers like sociologist Shannon Monnat, who has studied the opioid crisis, have built upon this work, trying to understand why these deaths occur so frequently in the US.

Bor mentions the combined stressors of economic dislocation due to globalization and the loss of jobs and economic opportunity in some parts of the country, especially among those lacking college degrees, and the social implications of these trends, such as increasing numbers of men without jobs who are no longer considered husband material and thus lose the social support that comes with marriage. Compounding the problem, in Bor’s view, is “the failure of our politics to address it, or to even see it coming – and this was happening under both George W. Bush and Obama.”

As Bor and his researchers note, inequality is surely a big part of the picture. In 2017, economist Peter Temin described how America began to diverge into what are essentially two separate nations in the 1970s. One nation – around 20% of the total population — boasts college educations, good jobs, and access to quality healthcare. The other nation, where the 80% majority resides, is stuck with low wages, insecure jobs, fewer education opportunities, and unaffordable and inadequate healthcare. These are the people getting sicker and dying younger than they used to. Temin observes that the US economic structure now looks a lot more like that of a developing nation than a wealthy superpower, which may help explain why the country’s mortality rates as a whole can’t compete with peer countries where such bifurcation is less pronounced. Thomas Ferguson, Director of Research at the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET), has studied America’s increasing turn to money-driven politics, which has resulted in public-minded policies giving way to free market-driven policies that do not consider the needs of the majority.

These two worlds, the high-income and low-wage sectors, interact less and less, which might explain why many affluent Americans, including the doctors who attend them, are unaware of how dire the country’s overall health record has become or how many are dying young compared to peer nations.

But the low-wage world knows something about it first-hand. The Covid crisis has illustrated how many Americans are not simply ignored, but placed directly in harm’s way — expected to sacrifice their very lives for the benefit of the affluent. This attitude was succinctly expressed by Dan Patrick, lieutenant governor of Texas, as the pandemic raged: “There are more important things than living,” he stated. Like an economy that mostly benefits the few?

Bor acknowledges the need to discuss policies that would help the U.S. turn around its dismal mortality record, but he believes that the first step is to make the public aware of the urgency of the situation. Even he, an epidemiologist, has been taken aback by what he and his colleagues found. “What surprised me in this research is how huge the number of missing Americans is, and how little a part of our public conversation… I am sure if you did a survey, people would have no idea of the scale of excess mortality in the U.S. We’re just way behind.”

A turn for the worse?

Unfortunately, if America was a patient, the doctor would likely be predicting a turn for the worse.

For starters, the nation’s pandemic response has been widely criticized, with data showing clearly that the U.S. record in saving people from the ravages of the virus is below average in the world and among the worst among developed and high-income nations. That’s certainly not helping the mortality crisis.

In the broader view, the fracturing of the country into a dual economy is not improving. To add further stress, Peter Temin has illuminated in his most recent book that racial disparities in the U.S. economy appear to be getting worse, not better.

Unbridled capitalism is not good for life expectancy. For example, the increasing move of private equity into healthcare since the 1980s in the US has alarmed many experts, as INET has highlighted in research by Eileen Appelbaum and Rosemary Batt, and also in work by Thomas Ferguson, Paul Jorgensen, and Jie Chen on private equity’s political contributions. A series of articles on the pressure put on emergency rooms by private equity to cut costs has further illuminated the danger to American lives from this rapacious part of the financial sector, which squeezes ever-steeper profits from human bodies.

Meanwhile, as the health of Americans is deteriorating, the Supreme Court attacks environmental regulation, gun protections, and delivers a shocking blow to women’s health. If U.S. programs and policies of the 1960s expanded upon the gains that occurred in the 1950s, then many of those in the 2020s are doing the opposite – they are intensifying the failures of past decades.

“It’s one of the tragic ironies of our era,” says Bor. “Populations that have seen some of the worst trends in health outcomes over the last 40 years are electing leaders who will further exacerbate those trends through policies that are inimical to public health – whether that’s a failure to expand Medicaid, failure to regulate guns, or abortion restrictions that will lead to negative short-term and long-term health consequences for women.”

All of this points to the uncomfortable reality that US democracy is not functioning as it should. When elected officials do not reflect the will of the people, which surely, at a most basic level, is to live, then something has gone badly wrong. “The thing that I find most frustrating is that you’d expect in a democracy that the political system would respond when there’s a mass health crisis, when peoples’ material realities have been in decline,” says Bor. “What you see is exactly the opposite. It seems very bleak but then you think, gosh, there has to be an opportunity for a new politics here.”

Lynn Parramore
Lynn Parramore

Lynn Parramore is Senior Research Analyst at the Institute for New Economic Thinking. A cultural theorist who studies the intersection of culture and economics, she is Contributing Editor at AlterNet, where she received the Bill Moyers/Schumann Foundation fellowship in journalism for 2012. She is also a frequent contributor to Reuters, Al Jazeera, Salon, Huffington Post, and other outlets. Her first book of cultural history, Reading the Sphinx (Palgrave Macmillan) was named a “Notable Scholarly Book for 2008” by the Chronicle of Higher Education. A web entrepreneur, Parramore is co-founder of the Next New Deal (formerly New Deal 2.0) blog of the Roosevelt Institute, where she served as media fellow from 2009-2011, and she is also co-founder of, and founding editor of Parramore received her doctorate from New York University in 2007. She has taught writing and semiotics at NYU and has collaborated with some of the country’s leading economists her ebooks, including “Corporations for the 99%” with William Lazonick and “New Economic Visions” with Gar Alperovitz. In 2011, she co-edited a key documentary book on the Occupy movement: The 99%: How the Occupy Movement is Changing America.


  1. This kind of evil becomes unavoidable when the people of the marketplace trade with the use of debt based currency and nothing but. The cannibalization for the standard of living sets the stage for all manner of degradation.

  2. Is this really a surprise to anyone living in America? We are just a bunch of pawns in this world run by the fucking elite few…

  3. While this article does not mention food, bad food and a heavy meat diet in the U.S. is partly responsible for the massive increase in diabetes, heart disease, strokes, cancer, overweight and more. But Big Pharma can sell you a pill for that…

  4. When a society is based upon the evil notion that profits matter more than people, this is what you get. Many dead people. To avoid this, you have to say that Lives Matter more than Profits.

    So, to borrow from the Declaration of Independence, let’s ask the question, is this form of government effecting the Safety and Happiness of the People?

    People don’t seem very Happy? And as to Safety, there is a massive pile of millions of corpses, all approved by both pro-death parties and the government is leading the world into Global Nuclear War, while telling everyone to freeze and starve, so ‘Are we Safe?’

  5. Your new politics is not allowed Lynn Parramore. In the not too far future you will be getting a knock on your door in the middle of the night for merely suggesting it.

    In America when you are no longer a profit source and a means of exploitation, those who rule would prefer if you simply die, as quickly as possible as not to negatively effect their bottom line in any way.

    Of course a slave cannot do anything about being a slave, until they realize….that they are a slave.

    You are a slave.

    1. You’re the slave to your own conspiracy.

      We’re all free to trade without the single minded use of debt (fiat currency) which will then enhance their bottom-line more so than anything in recorded history.

      You’re been enslaved by debt based thinking. Turn the page. It’s a natural part of the process.

      1. Please, educate yourself on Modern Monetary Theory (MMT). Your gaffes are showing. Debt is not a synonym for fiat currency.
        And, whatever you may have heard about MMT, it is an empirical study of the monetary systems of countries with a fiat currency. MMT isn’t something you “do.” It’s not something that you “implement.”
        You can watch Macro’n’Cheese, The Rogue Scholar, or Real Progressives on YouTube to learn what it really says. Also, Stephanie Kelton and Pavlina Tcherneva have some great videos on YouTube about it.

      2. I tutor economists on the salient points of debt-free transactions within eCommerce.
        MMT can be interest free but the status of whether it is debt free comes down to the genesis of how the currency is created. MMT is still derived from thin air. There is no tangible debt-free asset that it is fixed to and becomes callable in the way of gold or any other precious monetary metal. MMT is simply the “tickler” for market consciousness as we get closer to a market driven answer, an answer that is not introduced by fiat.

        Interest free is not synonymous with debt-free. The medium is still debt based and come from the apex of classical power.

        The apex of classical power is a dangerous place rank with temptation and like a light to moths in what it attracts. It’s incumbent of the free market to create a “rounder world”.

        Debt-free money can only be created by the free market, is priced by the free market and distributed by the free market.

    2. No, they don’t want you to die quickly. There are two states that the pharmaceutical industry hates: healthy and dead. There’s no profit to be made from either one of them.
      What they want is for you to have a long, lingering illness. Dying is optional.

    3. The earlier.people die especially.if not givinglabor anymore to the Capitalist maw the more profit for the Masters of Mankind.If you die sooner rather then later they do not have to feed,house you or provide like a Capitalist scam to hike the cost of human values.

  6. USA is not capitalist—it is feudalism without the civilizing benefits. this shallow essay fails in every way to address the peculiarities of the American national character that produces the lamented 3rd world outcomes ,mentioned

    1. —> USA is not capitalist—it is feudalism

      That’s what the people have chosen decided on. If this was not the case, why do they continue to use state generated IOU’s to conduct all of their transactions when they have the option to use their own debt-free market based medium ?

      1. “free market” is a canard…”Tsarist Russia is far more free and just than America where corporations rule and robbery and thievery is made official”. Vissaron Belinsky. George Simmel took the same position 60 years later.
        this shallow essay ignores the fundamental puritanism of americans; “busy busy numb–americans cannot feel themselves alive unless they feel themselves busy—america is a vast goo of meaningless stimulation:”
        Le Corbosier observed: “americans love machines more than people”
        Erich Fromm: “americans worship gadgets”
        “only in america do people act like machines are treated like machines and only in USA are machine metaphors used to describe human behavior”. Geoffrey Gorer
        this comports w values…”as one digs deeper into the national character of americans one sees they have sought the value of everything in this world according to the answer to a single question: how much money will it bring in? Tocqueville
        “americans are farcical when it comes to money and force majeure—the 2 things they worship..” Gore Vidal
        “the double symbolism americans assign to money is considered paradoxical to Europeans”. Geoffrey Gorer
        there are many other peculiarities that regard cultural peculiarities that are qualitative and have nothing to do with rigged shallow data but regard the national character—the inert torpor and passivity –innerdirected narcissism, “in america the citizen has been transformed into a client, the worker into a consumer…in america equality means money”. Christopher Lasch….”the american world view is nihilism with a happy ending”. Alan Bloom…”the problem with americans is not Orwellian”: it is huxleyan—americans love their oppression”. Neil postman
        Marxists consider language to reflect values….Lakoff finds that only in USA isa ruthless capitalist an entrepreneur and only inn USA is advice money—a tip and only americans transform money into time—they spend it, afford, waste, budget invest in time…he also perceives that only americans use a business term to refer to they lovers; in USA LOVE is business—he refers to “partner”

      2. It’s a canard because consumers of the marketplace have chosen it to be a canard on the basis that the whole society has become a bunch of debt-dealers who distribute IOU’s (fiat currency) and then blame others for the economic and monetary fallout that breeds chaos.

        Need proof ? When is the last time you recall that you or someone else conducted an agreed upon fair trade without the use of legal tender ? This problem CAN be solved but only as a function of the will and actions of the marketplace.

        The upside is that we have a market driven solution where government can step aside and still benefit.

        What’s in your wallet ???

  7. 1) There is a statement: “Austerity Kills.” Neoliberal austerity is what is being practiced by Congress and these studies show that it is true.
    2) I am (not) surviving on Social Security and Disability, and I have said before that I live in a third-world country, inside of the larger society. Currently, I am homeless and living in a van.
    3) There is a chance for a new politics. Watch How to Start a Revolution DVD documentary (it’s not what you think) and read From Dictatorship to Democracy, the book by the late Dr Gene Sharp.

    1. 1) There is a statement: “Austerity Kills.” Neoliberal austerity is what is being practiced by Congress and these studies show that it is true.

      The austerity is true. Are you blaming government, unjustly ?

      The austerity is being practiced by the free market where , unlike government, the free market can create , price and distribute its own sovereign DEBT-FREE medium. Th is is off limits to governments and their central banks.

      It’s the free market and only the free market that holds an answer for achieving sustainable real economic growth on the back of adding debt-free trades into the existing mix.

      1. free market opposes civilization innovation and freedom—your slogans are farcical…you are devoid of any comprehension of political economy….growth is irrelevant except for the richest 10%

    2. To Susan,
      We have been able to start a “new politics” for decades – we are running out of time but it’s never too late to start – 3rd parties, get rid of the duopoly that’s been running things for too long – that is at the heart of most of our ills …

      1. There is no top-down solution, only a solution that rises from the free market.
        What is needed cannot be implemented from the classical apex of power. To attempt one is an exercise of chasing windmills.

        We must be as wise as serpents, yet as gentle as doves.

  8. The comments thus far are accurate. We live in a suicidal country in every way imaginable.

  9. When was it decided that human embodiment must persist for as long as medically possible? This article is simply putting a price tag on the experience of human life ( we spend more on life care, and get less in return ). Perhaps we Americans have a distorted concept of death, as well as a taboo against knowing who we are to begin with. More is not always better, and death is often as much a gift as life.

    1. Daniel your smoking some really really good stuff. I could shred your argument to ribbons a hundred different ways, but what would be the point……right.

    2. many thinkers have written about the peculiar american fear of death—Christopher Lasch, Morris Berman, Geoffrey Gorer, Erich Fromm, Alan Bloom—most recently a Chinese general

  10. Impossible to guess if this is more ignorant or intentional misdirection to have excess deaths as the central issue and flippin sweep the past 18 months as mega Black Swan events into the same bucket is profound incompetence at best.

    Unbelievable there’s not one note about soaring rates of excess deaths with mRNA “Investigational Medical Products” the term from Pfizer FOIA they w FDA wanted sealed for 75 years. Take a gander in their own words a bigger criminal enterprise than Blackrock & Blackwarer combines sure let’s go with blind faith in safe-effective mantra ffs! PfizerFOIA Public Archive

    Nothing says informed consent like mandates for classified medical treatment. Not one chart reference in our world data to graphs so stunning in all cause mortality spikes w jab mandates even Big Bird can see it easily. This in face of public information pouring out of other countries and Big insurance eye popping results.
    Srsly missed it?
    Lincoln National, insurance company, fifth-largest life insurance company in US, reports a 163% increase in death benefits paid out under its group life insurance policies in 2021; why? COVID vaccine?

    The Hill Jun 17, 2022 · Company cites “non-pandemic-related morbidity” and “unusual claims adjustments” in explanation of losses from group life insurance business: Stock falling, replaces CEO.

    Five months after breaking the story of the CEO of One America insurance company saying deaths among working people ages 18-64 were up 40% in the third quarter of 2021, I can report that a much larger life insurance company, Lincoln National, reported a 163% increase in death benefits paid out under its group life

    WSJ Feb 23, 2022 — More surprisingly, many saw a jump in other death claims, too. Industry executives and actuaries believe many of these other fatalities

    As good as Victoria Nuland’s takes on Ukraine.

      1. Pamela can answer for herself, but the massive increase in recent non-Covid related deaths could not be due to other vaccines that have been around “forever” (and several had rough beginnings but have done well to protect most school kids.)
        The well-meaning stupidity/ cupidity of our Federal Public Health officials (Public Health should be administered by the states, by the Tenth Amendment) has led to a horrible Covid response, as noted by the author. SE Asia, Japan and Australia/ New Zealand kept Covid out for a year and a half, but are dealing with it now (the mRNA spike protein vaccines which were glorified as 200-fold protective against death, actually seem about 5- to 20-fold protective from death; Singapore week-to-week reported outcomes during Covid). As Danish researchers showed from Pfizer’s and Moderna’s Emergency Authorization clinical trials, the mRNA had no statistically significant protection against Covid death (no doubt why the FDA wanted to hold that data for 75 years). Of course vaccine monotherapy is not the only possible reason for recent excess deaths (delayed treatment, deaths of despair, general government incompetence may enter in). Of course the article is looking at the degradation of life in the US since Reagan. (While I agree with women’s choice as well as Covid vaccine choice, was odd to bring up abortion rights repeatedly; the best years for America’s health were when abortion was illegal.)
        Privatization of utilities, transportation, medical care, and proliferation of insurance scams have not served America well.

      2. I am opposed to mandated medical treatments, censorship of doctors, industry funded regulators and NGOs treated like Gods and their rigged clinical trials that are supposed to protect public health but hide serious side effects by destroying placebo group and claiming long term safety with short term results. Also opposed to political claims of support for “my body my choice” when they only want medical freedom to cover my crotch

  11. Viva Capitalism!! The all knowing, all seeing, all loving free market shall have all the answers and we are being lovingly guided and led by the wisest people on the planet who have ever lived . . . almost.

    It is amazing the stamina people have for this societal and economic mediocrity.

    1. There is no free market when all we circulate is debt based IOU’s. It’s not possible as per economic laws.
      We need some monetary “Yang with our Yin” as a market driven process toward completion.

      This market driven process has begun, make no mistake. Be happy.

    2. “americans unable to comprehend markets accept ‘free enterprise’ as a religion”. Geoffrey Gorer

  12. Government intervention in the form of employer health insurance and Medicare has helped destroy the healthcare systems.

  13. But, the trend is clear for our type of Capitalism in that the weak suffer and die but, the rich and powerful will get more and more.
    The silver lining is Social Security is becoming less of a problem if large amounts of people die before 65.
    Trouble is that we spend far greater on wars and M I complex than for old folks.

    Maybe early dying is the result of too many overseas wars causing a boomerang /butterfly effect.
    Maybe it is because Nature does not like whatever we are doing, compared to other countries.
    Or just Karma, destiny, fate, fortuitousness.
    Heavy ( deadly) is the crown (costs) for our Empire.. .. Apologies to Shakespeare.

    Fortunately, thousands of incoming Latinx will keep low Population levels from being a problem, just other problems.

    1. You’re defining a debt based paradigm ,not free markets. If you have any doubt about what I’m saying, just look in your wallet as to what you circulate to others. Are you part of the problem or the solution in that case ?

    2. The JPM in 2017 prepared, comprehensive report about US economy and society in following decade (2017-2027) paid by wealthy ME clients.

      One of questions that the report addressed was potential insolvency of US social security and entire private/public pension system amid what was feared dramatic increase of over 65 US population placing unsustainable pressure on US pension funds especially after 2007-2011 financial system collapse and losses of some pension funds up to 50% and record payments from US pension insurance scheme.

      Astonishingly none of JPM experts worried about supposed by MSM upcoming pension crisis in US despite fragility of the system and diminishing investment returns and engagement in speculative ventures unable to cover costs and financial obligations.

      It was because they pointed out development of new generational population gap expressed by solid trend of consistently equal or higher mortality rates of 45-65 y.o. than 65-85 y.o. which process would eliminate large number of eligible pension applicants or recipients so drastically that in fact there is no danger of systemic insolvency and hence no drastic fiscal reforms are actually needed.

      This JPM population gap the author calls missing Americans that contributed most to “years to live” lost in last three decades.

      Among many reasons for such gap they cited overall destabilization of labor market by volatile relocation of capital, outsourcing and resulting socioeconomic de cohesion and mass psychological depression, development of new technologies that effectively eliminated large part of older 50+ workers from workforce and Wall Street created failed corporate health insurance expanding in 1980s and 1990s resulting in restricting access to medical care while ratcheting up costs.

      Honesty of the report is refreshing and prophetic especially today.

      Numerous studies over last three decades put number of US deaths of preventable diseases to up to one million a year.

      In years 2020-22 this gap somewhat narrowed but still by increasing both 45-65 y.o. and 65-85 y.o. groups all causes mortality rate beyond expected for those group long term trends.

      The effective denial of medical and social care in last two years under guise of fighting Covid as well as experimental protocols and failed mass mitigation efforts including Covid vaccinations were major contributors to increased excess mortality in 2021 among both groups.

      In 2022 this gap will only widen and US will continue “missing” people that are effectively killed by death panels of US healthcare system, self instigated socioeconomic crises and government policies capitalist class strictly controls.

      1. Real economic growth is the answer to all the observed threats and dysfunction. Real growth can now only take place with the introduction of debt-free transactions coming from the marketplace where the stage was set decades ago.

      2. Real economic growth is the answer to all the observed threats and dysfunction. Real growth can now only take place with the introduction of debt-free transactions coming from the marketplace where the stage was set for the free market decades ago.

        Who knew ?

        The consumer has now been given the monetary stage but it looks to me that Americans simply fell asleep after that door was opened to them by Executive order on Dec 31, 1974. See Executive Order 11825, a doorway to peace and prosperity.

        Note that the 1974 date was only AFTER the fixed price peg on gold had been dissolved , thus relinquishing that management to the marketplace.

    1. Loren, yep. You are very correct.
      Hardly anyone protests or speaks up about the deadly mega droughts all around the globe.
      Rivers and lakes are at record low levels such that generating hydro is at risk.
      Maybe if lack of water was the scary enemy, not China/Russia, maybe the politicians will spend billion$$ for desalination and water technology.
      Nato and G7 will be almost doubling military budget but in the meanwhile most people will suffer lack of clean water.
      Crops in Western America are withering and wildfires are Rampant, and without sufficient water levels, hydro power will be difficult….. Same scenario for many areas around the world.
      Sometimes, the constant wars is what is required to reduce population to the availability of the planet’s resources. What good is top notch military or number 1 economy when Nature does do give you clear water??
      Nature has solutions/ reactions to anything we humans do.

      1. The threats can only be managed and solved by market based approaches from the perspective of capability, efficiency and costs. Debt will not accomplish anything but a larger crisis.

      2. mcmaugh farcical—reply below—your intentional lies suggest you are either CIA or Soros—-Russia has entirely humiliated USA…you spastic beliefs about China, etc only believed by 7 year old—as French economist Jacque Sapir demonstrates Russia most important self sufficient economy on earth…”due to import substitution Russia is entirely self sufficient: they produce everything except disney films and Italian handbags”. Michael Hudson….while Russia has a positive balance of trade w all nations, the reverse is true w USA—expect american disintegration and collapse before 2030—johan galtung

      3. Those environmental issues (and others) can only follow the essential remodeling of the monetary model which is a process that is now market driven and underway.

        —>>> maybe the politicians will spend billion$$ for desalination and water technology.

        Won’t happen and cannot be done at present. It’s unaffordable and also keeps us on the same karmic wheel that we’ve been on for decades.

        REAL economic growth is what will make these large scale social projects feasible and affordable.
        The precursor for real economic growth is a shift in consumer habits toward the use of debt-free transactions for how we all buy things. That will move the goal-posts.

  14. While media seem unaware of it, we’re 26 years into the Democrats’ war on the poor, during which job losses well surpassed job gains (most notably, loss of family-supporting mfg. jobs). We have an est. 10 million jobless, with little or no incomes, and govt. admits that’s an undercount. As reported by the UN, the life expectancy of the US poor fell below that of every developed nation. I would suggest that this could be a factor in overall US health statistics.

  15. Lynn Parramore shows that she is a feckless obfuscator when she says toward the end of this article that the uncomfotable truth is that democracy isn’t functioning as it should. Does this woman understand that there is no such thing as democracy when you live in a capitalist system where for profit is top billing over for people. She ends the article with the typical naive, pseudo left nonsense by quoting Professor Jacob Bor, who says, he’s frustrated that in a democracy he would expect a political system to respond if there is a health crisis. Does Professor Bor teach at Boston University, or the University of Unicorns and Fairies? Has he been hiding in Disney’s Space Mountain for the last two and half years? What he fails to realize is that there is no political system in this country, there is only the economic system of capitalism where the working class are wage slaves and cannon fodder for the ruling classes amusement, where the rule of law protects only those who can afford to manipulate those laws, where endless wars for freedom and democracy is the gift that keeps on giving, and the said capitalist economy is the only reason for the decline in life expectancy because there is profit in making people sick and creating working class anomie.
    It is so tiresome to read these bush shakers like Parramore who use their pens like a stick and rattle up the branches of the bush of truth but dare not enter. Who gives voice to a bourgeois Professor who calls for a “new politics “ which he knows full well will be the same old, tiresome
    “ politics “ of capitalist economics but with a face lift.
    This author will not dive in the bush and tell you the only way forward is through the rising up of the global working class to overthrow capitalism and its antiquated bedfellow, nationalism. for a socialist society, a society with the dictatorship of that global working class who control the means and distribution of all wealth. She will not tell you that a real, true democracy is a socialist ideal…for, of, and by the people. She, along with Professor Bor will though, continue to shake that bush gently and tell us all that there is a “ new politics,” a kinder, gentler capitalism with altruistic oligarchs and political leaders who legislate for the will of the masses.


    As actual cannon fodder during those wars that enrich the few. Who of course urge patriotism while none of their kids are sacrificed.

    As economic cannon fodder, a slower way of death. Where the econ system devastates communities and destroys ecosystems , extracting their value and tossing aside whatever the exploiters consider useless.

    When I worked in the engine rooms of ships, we had good medical benefits because of our unions. However, it’s like many industrial jobs. After a couple of decades of wear and tear on our bodies plus absorbing all sorts of dubious chemicals, many of us blue collar workers don’t live very long past retirement.

    The air supply to various machinery, often worth millions of dollars, was filtered. The air we breathed? Nope. As I used to say about that: “well, what’s another dead peasant?” My co-workers would nod in agreement.

  17. The US has the strongest military in the world, so it is very strong on the outside. But on the inside it is very sick, feeding on itself, and becoming a hollow shell.

    1. US military incompetent—defeated by everyone from vietcong-to taliban….China 3+ million, India 3+ million. Russia 1.2 million–800,000 reserves….USA: 470,000 and now 77% military age not qualified…today both Chinese and Russian hypersonic cannot be defended…Us wastes money on WW2 carriers that are both expensive and irrelevant today

      1. Hold on giligan, America is now astoundingly out smarting and out intelligencing the supposedly grand chess masters of Russia, who are bogged downed against a 3rd rate military.
        And best of all, America is now, beyond belief, out manuvering and out strategize China, who could be great big trouble.
        If, when Russia is defeated, anti China puppets will be in power and many battalions of troops will return to borders of Russia far east, as was before Putin.
        India will easily be paid to increase friction in the Himalayas borders. Balochistan terrorism will be funded and armed to diminish China’s BRI in Pakistan.
        Burma is already toppling, and easy pickings to block China’s access to Bay of Burma /Bengal.
        Surrounded by hostile forces on all borders, China’s PLA can not easily focus on Taiwan.
        Our’ incompetent ‘military is on verge of defeating Russia and checkmate / neuter China, not because we are brilliant but mostly due to Russia/China’s greater incompetence.
        Who knew?? That are our foes are dumber??

  18. Very nicely written article.
    Perhaps we should look carefully on side effects of consuming heavily edited GMO foods? or carrying cellphones and exposing our brains to EMFs? There are so many factors in modern world that affect our health big time. But as you know huge multi billion dollar industries will silence anyone who stands in their path. So we should protect ourselves as we can.

  19. “What you see is exactly the opposite. It seems very bleak but then you think, gosh, there has to be an opportunity for a new politics here.”

    I’m afraid not. The commitment to the current system is unanimous and belligerent – among those possessed of anything approaching a say. It’s even worse among those assigned to enforcing the system’s demands.
    As Michel Foucault states in “The Birth of Biopolitics,” the state exists exclusively for itself. He defines biopolitics as the politics of life… but it soon becomes apparent that he really means the politics of the direction and employment of life, of human life (in addition to all those species (sick) below).

    Unfortunately, most people cannot, dare not, imagine. It does not compute. Even Dr. Bor, whose work I deeply appreciate, is over the edge for even fantasizing about the possibility of another kind of politics.

    1. Foucault and deleuze—described by Marxists as “Neo-con philosophers” are wrong…Hegel, Durkheim, Simmel, Stalin, Mao ,Bahktin Berdayaev Gramsci Tonnes, Herder, Schleimacher, Gadamer etc are sensitive to cultural values, how laws reflect those values—the angloshere laws values radically different from S America, Europe…”the limits of your language are the limits of your world”. Wittgenstein….Marxist dismiss all of anglophone philosophy as “a defense of technocratic capitalism”—-“Weber’s—protestant work ethic has been transformed into narcissism in USA”. Richard Sennet

  20. Yes, Michael G is talking gibberish and tossing word salad. All forms of money are, always, were and always will be a form of credit/debt. Because money is nothing but transferable, negotiable, tradeable credit/debt.

    His mixture with the mythical, logically impossible “free market” and its private debt is a new form of craziness, even more illogical than usual. Private debt, which is what his “debt-free money” is – is more onerous on the debtor than state debt, which we call dollar bills, money, currency. His “debt free money” is more like the debt that the ordinary person has, like credit card bills. So this word game of redefinition is even stranger than the usual ones.

    Read the actual MMTers – their books and articles – if you want to understand money and macroeconomics. Also other creditary economists like Geoffrey Ingham or the late Alain Parguez, who basically belong to the same movement. There are legions of people out there who say they have the really true truth. They don’t.

  21. Things will not get any better until the root of the problem is eliminated. The system of rule by wealth will never give up its power without a major coordinated effort by the 98%. We must end our legalized system of bribery or continue to see quality of life decline. Be active!

    1. We can attempt to do so by maintaining our use of their IOU’s or we can do so while ALSO using our own sovereign money as permitted by law debt-free.

      If we choose the former, we may as well chase windmills !

  22. mcmaugh farcical—you prefer fake news obviously …130,000 Russian troops have humiliated USA—700,000 anglo funded/trained troops retreating each week…unlike you I prefer truth to lies….sanctions have made ruble strongest currency and increased the Russian reserve fund by 65$ billion euros since 1 march 2022…now 25% of ukie territory permanently liberated—nearl no Russian casualties—1000+ ukies weekly

    1. You don’t know any of that to be true. It’s not possible. You’re also relying on third part reporting of some sort.

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