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Zelensky Calls on West to Ban Russian Travelers, Says ‘Whole Population’ of Russia Is Responsible for the War

Russia denounced Zelensky's demand as irrational.
President.gov.ua, CC BY 4.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

By Dave DeCamp / Antiwar.com

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Monday said the “whole population” of Russia is responsible for the war in Ukraine and called on Western nations to ban all Russian travelers as a punishment.

“Whichever kind of Russian … make them go to Russia,” Zelensky told The Washington Post. “They’ll understand then. They’ll say, ‘This [war] has nothing to do with us. The whole population can’t be held responsible, can it?’ It can. The population picked this government and they’re not fighting it, not arguing with it, not shouting at it.”

Zelensky claimed that the West banning Russian travelers was the only way to prevent Russia from annexing Ukrainian territory. Russian-installed officials in the Russian-controlled Ukrainian territories of Kherson and Zaporizhzhia have said they are planning to hold referendums to join the Russian Federation.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken has warned the US would respond if Russia annexed Ukrainian territory, but it’s not clear what that response could be as the US has already imposed so many sanctions on Moscow.

Zelensky said the current sanctions regime was “weak” compared with banning all Russians from traveling and a total embargo on Russian energy, which would send global oil prices skyrocketing. Russian airlines have already been banned from flying over most of Europe and North America, but a blanket ban on Russian travel hasn’t been implemented.

Russia responded to Zelensky’s comments on Tuesday, condemning them as irrational. “The irrationality of his thinking in this case is off the scale,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. “This can only be seen extremely negatively. Any attempt to isolate Russia or Russians is a process that has no prospects.”

Dave DeCamp

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  1. Next: a global ban on and total destruction of all store of Russian Dressing on the planet.

    1. They already banned a tree planted by Ivan Turgenev from a European tree contest.

  2. Zelensky’s demands are the ravings of an absolute power drunk, Vogue magazine buffoon dictator wannabe who should be ignored. He should simply agree to PUTIN’S reasonable demand that UKRAINE Remain neutral and end the UNWINNABLE PROXY WAR in what is now a failed state.

    1. ZE is less a buffoon than a figurehead—-all decisions not his but Blinken decides

  3. Zelensky is on very shaky ground talking about the effectiveness of Russian ‘democracy’.

    He really must realize that – to be blunt – the entire wold economy, let alone world with nuclear war, is worth much more than his country, which ahs already received an astonishing level of support. I understand his panic. He’s increasingly seeing the likely outcome – a rump Ukraine with no (or only one) port, Odesa. If he’s very lucky. And all the manufacturing is in the East – precisely Russia’s target.

  4. Russia has upended the immoral USA “rules based order”; denazification in ukieland will persist until USA surrenders

    1. Why would a Jewish man, Zelensky, have neo-nazi supporters? Fascists, yes, and this appeals to the US. The nazi angle is just a popular (and classically illogical) meme among the politically confused. In defiance of all logic, we’re seeing a surge of anti-Jewish racism among the same people who are railing against “Ukrainian nazis,”

      1. Your thinking is simplistic and your conclusion totally wrong. The Ukraine is Nazi central and Zelensky a Jew, is in bed with them. Get outside your bubble and do a little investigating outside of the western media….the truth is out there if you want to see it. But you probably don’t. It requires effort and thinking for yourself.

      2. you ever live in ukraine—almost as anti-semitic as USA…poroshenko was a disaster—-there were no choices except porky, disgraced timoshenko and ze

  5. I agree with Peskov. This comedian Zelensky rose to be president of Ukraine with the backing of Ihor Valeriyovych Kolomoyskyi, an alleged criminal oligarch.

    I suppose this fact is of little importance to the imperialist U.S. quest to maintain its once unipolar hegemony over the world. Something I view as criminal in itself.

  6. This Zelensky is such a pestilence….he needs to give one thought to Ukraine’s military people and civilians and end this war. He and “JoeBiden” could end it today, if they chose to do so, after inciting it in the first place. So sickening.

  7. Why in the hell would anyone listen to this wanna be dictator?
    His delusions are beyond comprehension much less reality.
    He’s going rogue filled with hubris just like USrael. He feels like he can mouth off to the world the fucking narcissist.

    But like every puppet we prop up his mouth will be roaring
    and those that he rails at (like the psychotic he is) will know that his support is waning. Why? Because if he turned around there would be no one there.

    Then we will see that he is a coward playing army.
    He’s coated in the blood off thousands. I believe he doesn’t give a shit as long as his self aggrandizement stays fresh.

    When as historically always happens, he has overstayed his welcome suddenly he will be assassinated by The CIA. They have already said as much.

    As we all know when they say they are ‘worried’ about his ‘well being’ it means his days are numbered. That he is in the US crosshairs and inevitably they will blame Russia and who knows China.

    We are simply sadistic apathetic irresponsible non-respectful pricks and babies. I wish we weren’t of course. I really love Maduro and Ortega.

    Their vision of the world is something selfish fucking Amerikkka could never abide much less perpetrate and certainly not support.

    To be ‘right’ the Oligarchs are driving us collectively right into the abyss. We are fucked. Because the only thing that will stop our idiocy and entitlement is a nuclear war.

    That is how fucking sick we are.

    I have nothing but unending respect for Eva Bartlett. Her Passion her heart her caring her love for people is so fucking admirable.

    She’s the shit and indomitable. Nothing stops her. Even when the lunatics in Ukraine have the balls to put her on their hit list.

    Peace to all.
    Keep watching Multipolarista and Grayzone and Richard Medhurst and stay aware of the truth. There are other left poddies that are also well worth listening to. Empire Files, Mint Press etc.

    I will take understanding of reality and accept it far more than propaganda and putting my head up my own ass.

    Out for now.

    Never stop fighting for what else can we do?

  8. That Zelensky’s days are numbered is no secret, and if this report is accurate, I’d say it’s no surprise that he seems to be growing increasingly paranoid. Zelensky’s vision of himself as a dominant world leader was out of sync with reality from the start.

  9. If it would serve to clarify the Russian people that they are ultimately responsible for the atrocious crimes of their leaders than it is a good call.

    1. fascist gone astray aligns herself w ukrop nazi regime; no surprise you are nazi

    2. @Democracy Gone Astray

      No it wouldn’t…also is extremely unfair! US and UK done plenty of atrocious crimes in the past and still doing…just in case you’re forgot it!LoL

  10. since 22 February 35% of Ukrainians that have fled Russian denazification have emigrated to Russia

  11. The drug addled, t-shirt wearing, corrupt ex comedian who harbours nazis in the Azov battalion and has banned all opposition parties & the free press calls for all Russians to be banned from travel.

    You couldn’t make this stuff up. I’m sure, in the proxy war, that is is Ukraine, the woke & corrupt West will fight to the last Ukranian.

    Poor Ukranians citizens, taken & treated for the saps that they are,

  12. if zelensky is correct it is irrelevant—ukies losing more territory each week—counter-offensive impossible since local populations despise nazi ukie troops….ze and his elites selling US weapons to ISIS and buying villas in Monaco Beverly Hills mansions—if MacGregor is correct, both Odessa and Kharkov will be liberated next 5 months…per ukrop polls ze enjoys 30% approval as of last week

  13. Scheer again exposes his racist Russophobia —well documented on truth dig. and now by referencing an article fabricated by perhaps the most notorious russophobe in the entire angloshere–Luke harding

  14. Zelensky the greatest political and military leader of our age! The sainted Ukrainian Nation incapable of corruption or atrocity, the cause is holy blessed by god, they are the forever victim against the godless Russian hordes. This is what our western media and clueless governments want us to believe as this conflict grinds to it inevitable conclusion the total discrediting of western leadership and media and a new world order no longer controlled by Washington and London. Good riddance!

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