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Three Lessons From Pelosi’s Visit to Taiwan

Nancy Pelosi shakes hands with Vice President of the Legislative Yuan Tsai Chi-chang in Taipei. Office of U.S. House Speaker, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

By Huáyǔ Think Tank (华语智库)

Editor’s Note: This article was distributed by a Chinese government accepted source, but we believe it is worthy of a wider audience because it provides documentation of important ongoing dialogue within top circles in China unavailable elsewhere.

Pelosi, riding late into the night, came after all, and her arrival made me see through 3 things.

The first thing: Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, than the U.S. bombing of our embassy in Yugoslavia, the South China Sea collision, much more serious, much more in the face. Must, know the shame and courage!

This Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan was a provocation to me by playing the explicit card despite my repeated stern representations and serious warnings, and it happened in spite of the PLA’s repeated drills shouted to the hilt, especially after our top leader’s telephone communication with Biden still happened.

What does this mean? Simply put, it means that we are not deterred. In other words, our forces and actions are still not enough of a deterrent to the United States.

The U.S. bombing of our embassy in Yugoslavia, the South China Sea collision, although, very disgusted us, but, he is sneaky dry, in the end, at least the United States still apologized.

And this time, the U.S. was just too wild to ignore my warnings. It’s kind of like the Korean War when I warned the U.S. before I sent troops and the U.S. didn’t take it seriously.

Bombing my embassy and crashing my plane in the South China Sea, these are not yet called my core interests, while the Taiwan issue, we have always been as the most important core interests to deal with.

This time, the old demon woman dares to scamper to Taiwan, we need to calm down in addition to anger, more need to know the shame and courage.

The second thing: Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan effectively tells us to stop having the illusion that the United States will not dare to go to direct war with China over the Taiwan issue. It is necessary, in advance, to prepare the strength to single out the 17 countries of the U.S. alliance like the resistance against the U.S. in Korea.

In the earliest days, many so-called network strategy gurus said that China and the United States could not go to war directly because there was too much trade between China and the United States, China owned too much U.S. national debt, and economic and trade between the two sides was the “ballast” to prevent the deterioration of Sino-U.S. relations. With the overall intensification of the game between China and the United States, few people are now saying this.

But after the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the United States did not directly send troops to the war, and many network celebrities said that the United States is afraid of direct war with the nuclear powers, saying that the United States does not dare to go hard to Russia, or even ask to go hard to Iran, North Korea, so, more afraid to go directly to war with China.

I can only say that such a judgment is very dangerous and will only paralyze ourselves.

Russia is completely different from today’s China, especially the future China, and the Americans see very clearly that China is the only country in the world that has the potential to challenge the United States on all fronts. Iran, North Korea, not to mention.

It is not that the Americans are afraid of Russia, Iran and North Korea by not moving them directly. Simply put, do not care to fight with this group of countries.

As the Americans themselves have said, their only real adversary is China.

We often say, whoever moves my core interests, I will do whatever it takes to fight with them. So by the same token, in the eyes of the Americans, whoever moves his core interests, he will also fight with them.

So, what is the most important core interest in the eyes of the Americans? It is his hegemony.

Seeing this, it is clear that the US will only become more nakedly provocative against China in the future. And it will be joined by a group of American followers. For example, on the issue of Pelosi’s visit to the Taiwan Strait, the foreign ministers of Britain and Germany, all of whom are explicitly going to follow up to support the United States, and the former defense minister of Japan has already visited Taiwan ahead of Pelosi.

The third thing: Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, this time not yet a fight, but to see that there is less and less hope for peaceful reunification. Must wake up, armed reunification is the king of the road that works.

Over the course of history, Taiwan has been returned to the motherland eight times, but not once was it reunified peacefully, or at least forced to return by the threat of force.

And now, the Taiwan issue has the United States as its greatest scourge and obstacle.

As the strategic game between China and the United States deepens in all directions and escalates to a higher level, it can already be judged that the Americans are unlikely to watch us unify peacefully.

Therefore, it must be seen that the longer time passes, the chances of peaceful reunification tend to zero. We need time to accumulate strength, but it is more difficult to see dialectically and uniformly that time has passed.

Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan tells us that the solution to the Taiwan issue ultimately depends on the hand of force, and can no longer be delayed. Otherwise, it will drag out hope, or at least drag out more difficult!

Besides, we need a landmark event to move from rich to strong! What aircraft carrier launch, the dragon dive, Chang’e to the moon, space station construction, etc., are not enough to support us a “strong” word!

This “strong” word, we must take from the Americans!


  1. Reading this, I had a sudden fantasy of a relatively small number of corporatized military-industrial-media-digital-armament sociopaths as the USA “deciders” pushing a nuclear war with China just as they compulsively continually mess up our water, land, air, health and lives to remain dollar fat and power dominant. Their being hollow hearted, self-absorbed, inflated, lost in the power complex and viewing us as objects to manipulate, make money from or dispatch, we cannot assume our experiences of life and our very liveliness and loves hold any meaning to them. Foreign to them is soul. Since they have demonstrated having zero horror at the planetary wreckage they’ve committed, why would we ever think anything other than nuclear is in their minds? As long as we all remain docile,passive, and divided,that is.

  2. My background in political science at student of indiana university east political science dept. I first consider president Abraham Lincoln sending government official to China and shortly later Chinese sent to USA to build Rail Road from California. Labor population was in demand. Let me restate that with correction, cheap labor was required after 14th, 15th amendment to dissolve slavery though prisons became new legal source for slavery.

    1994 gave USA NAFTA to destroy workers’ unions and transplant jobs to 3rd world (including China).

    It wasn’t long ago that TPP (trans pacific partnership) was hot debate here. Remember Don the Con gave us Ukraine and Russia (Russia and China connected via NGO). Lots and lots to point out for non scheer political advisor but maybe I’m just a naive concerned human.

  3. USA military may have realized that it needs to defeat countries with financial weapons mostly and not risk troops as much as possible.
    Use of Swift, sanctions and trade restrictions are extremely effective against Russia now.
    Also, if and when Russia is worn down and not able to fight, it will be ripe for a Coup. If an anti China regime is installed, funded, bribed to be in power in the Kremlin then China is cornered…. Totally. This is not far fetched as these geo political events occurred in history.

    With hostile troops return to the Russian eastern front, it would tie up a lot of PLA resources. Japan is easy to use to pressure the north front, and British India always need no convincing to have incidents that require more PLA presence in the Himalayas.
    Balochistan terrorists already are causing troubles and Pakistan is unstable, near collapse. So any sapoys and terrorists in Iron Brothers and Kashmir areas will be a tremendous problem for PLA.
    But don’t tell China, they do not fully comprehend their potential problems.
    Their future largely depends on Russia, Putin’s success / lack of success.
    Looks like we win another cold war.

    1. mcmaghh again lies—you lost Cold War…now Russia no longer burdened by poor unproductive former Soviet states…..Christopherr Lasch correct–“america requires a stupefied population”…as USA is in hard recession—Russian GDP increases, balance of trade all nations increases—even EU now in recession has removed many sanctions desperate to pay Russia in rubles…China economy already eclipsed USA—it is you that comprehend nothing…”americans have been liars and braggarts for 3 centuries…aMericans live in a thicket of illusions—they demand illusions about themselves”. Daniel Boorstin
      Japan is impotent—dependent upon Russian gas oil…USA cannot challenge Russia or China—because you lose all wars you project your failures and insecurities on civilized societies—expected from a racist—only coup possible in USA—inRussia Putin 81% approval, in China Xi–85% approval—in USA senile veg 38%—only dumbocracy in US police state—enjoy cesspool—#1 mental illness, violent crime non violent crime rape per capita all nations—-‘Dark Ages america’. Morris Berman

      1. The US is on a course of war with.China because.they.have no.choice.The combination.of economic failure Climate Change and the degree.of.political corruption and the rise.of the US as per the Supreme Court have brought reality to.the US.The Empires days are numbered So we start a war with China So what if billions die.Capitalism Ober alles.

  4. China now declares war if US attempts to make Taiwan independent nation….americans unteachable believed Russia would not denazify Ukraine—now gulf leaders ignore phone calls from US prez….the paper tiger is burning

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