1. More blood drops splashed or squirted – or both – back at the sides (above / below the window?) would have been appropriate!

    1. Ha! I had a lot more blood splattered here and there, but decided that the business made the read of the cartoon too cacophonous. Also liked to imagine that the facilities manager made sure that all the blood was mopped up so America would still be able to hold on to the illusion that it was open and inviting!

      1. To my mind THIS is a compelling point you make:

        “…imagine that the facilities manager made sure that all the blood was mopped up so America would still be able to hold on to the illusion that it was open and inviting!”

        Your other reason? -meh-

        But, nice job either way; I wasn’t complaining, only seeing, I gather, what you originally did!

  2. The blood is going to flow. Oh boy is the blood going to flow. The winds of chaos are upon us.

    1. Apparently you haven’t noticed, JAM; the blood is ALREADY flowing, and has been for some time. The problem is, only one faction is armed and prone to violence.

      (Well, you COULD argue it’s TWO factions that happen to have similar goals but for completely different reasons: 1) The misguided folks who have bought into a certain kind of propaganda and THINK they’re fighting for freedom, and; 2) the authoritarians who thank the would-be freedom-fighters for their ignorance of the actual situation.)

  3. more evidence amerikan liberals despise freedom and justice; in Europe and South amerika only the right wing advocates for gun restrictions–no different than the nazis in Germany—good comparison to amerikan progressives

    1. Giligan, three points:

      1) Not American Liberals, American NEO-Liberals and there’s one heck of a HUGE difference, sort of like American Conservatives and American NEO-Conservatives; both of the NEO- groups are fundamentally on the same side (that of the ultra-rich) while both of the others are fundamentally on the same side, too (We, The People). And;

      2) No reason to bring Progressives into this; there are VERY few on the scene in the USA today with any national presence; the ultra-rich’s worst fear is Progressives in power, which is why they use their media to slander Progressives. Remember, Progressives gave us the 8 hour work day, the 5 day work week, a minimum wage (even though it’s FAR too low today), and SO Much More that’s taken for granted today. And;

      3) You’re wrong about Europe. As a native-born New Orleanian, I’ve been lucky enough to spend over 4.5 years traveling all over Europe (mostly western Europe, but some into the east), and I’ve made a point to stay in various places for many weeks at a time and speak German good enough to be confused for being from Frankfurt and good enough French to get slapped by a beautiful French woman (though my Louisiana French is not thought well of by Parisians). And I can ASSURE from broad exposure to Europe, your assessment of Europe is completely wrong; VERY few Europeans even think much about guns at all, and EVERYONE is pretty skeptical about a need to own one. The very idea of political violence is extraordinarily rare and their version of “political violence” is farmers driving tractors onto major roads and stuff like that.

      There are always exceptions, but, again, they’re rare.

      I recommend you lay off the propaganda.

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