1. The caption above is more chilling than the image for it’s obvious profound truth to those with eyes to see it, but both together are more powerful still.

    I have always seen the dollar sign as TWO stripes through the S, and the image – and message delivery – could be a tiny bit better if that were used, and better still if the older, civil war era version was used, where the bottom of the U in U.S. that makes up the symbol (it’s an overlaid capital U and S, after all) used. …Just suggestions for the future.

    1. Thanks for that, Art, but I was simply going for a dollar symbol that read, at a glance, similar to a swastika.

  2. It seems to me there should be two graphics, the other one with a donkey head and Biden mouth.

    To acknowledge one without acknowledging the other at this point is at best disingenuous and at worst intentionally divisive.

    This country is done. It’s over. People just don’t realize it yet. But they will…..

    1. Under No Complaints, you wrote:

      “The blood is going to flow. Oh boy is the blood going to flow. The winds of chaos are upon us.”

      …Given THIS comment (that is, given the two comments taken together), one might get the idea YOU are one who is either looking to help the blood start flowing OR are at least looking forward to it.

      Please help your average reader understand that that’s not what you intend! … What DO you intend? “done?” “over?” And “blood going to flow”?

      1. Art, chaos doesn’t need a bit of help from me.

        I have have been shouting at the top of my lungs for DECADES to wake the zombie sheep up. It was a futile endeavor.

        As I have stated in numerous previous comments…so much so that I am sure that a few and definitely the moderator are likely absolutely sick of it, our society has gone insane. It has happened slowly over decades….our entire culture, our society, our leaders are lost in illusion and delusion and totally incapable of critical thought or moral action.

        And yes the blood is going to flow….literally and figuratively in a hundred different ways. It will likely consume me in the process. It gives me no joy. But it does piss me off a bit….

      2. Thanks for replying JustAMaverick.

        It’s my perception that what your comments reflect is / are what the Main Stream Media is projecting and NOT the actual reality – not what MOST of us who are We The People instead of the oligarchs / ultra-rich and their henchmen (which includes the MSM).

        Sure, there are far too of us many who buy into the noise. But “out in the real world” most people are far too busy fending off neo-liberalism and neo-conservatism … and oligarchic rule that’s intentionally put us all (damned near all) in economic uncertainty.

        Turn your set off, don’t read the Main Stream, reject all the noise and perhaps, if you have to consume media, focus on the few voices – and, happily there are some! – that share _genuine_ news and analysis, not hype.

        I can think of several high-quality sources, including many writers at The Sheerer Post, and also KPFA radio and the Pacifica Network, which broadcasts coast-to-coast AND which live-stream their radio broadcast so anyone with an internet connection can listen in. … And these are just two.

        There’s an old but still sometimes useful web page out there sharing with us what the enemies of the Main Stream Media are, and while some are dungheaps, there are some real gems to be found. That page is here:


        There’s an effort afoot to update it and make it more useful on-going, but, well, pandemic, etc…

    2. Criticism of a particular party that is exhibiting specific characteristics unique to itself without commenting on what’s reprehensible about the opposing party is not disingenuous. It’s merely an attempt by an artist to focus on a detail that a broader criticism of power in general would miss.

  3. This kind of stupid hyperbolie, seems to be the fallout from the DNCIA’s low rated mini series, on the FBI-staged January 6th PSYOP. It sure would be nice if the $hitLibs would wake up a little bit, about this kind of obvious manipulation of their Lizard Brains.

    There is only ONE party of any consequence in this country…the MONOPARTY. You know, the one where Liz Cheney and Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Shumer and Mitch McConnell get together with megadonors, to promote Global Monopolar Hegemonic Empire.

    These people hate the populace – and therefore fear and despise any kind of populism, or popular uprisings. If questioning the ‘sanctity’ of American Elections* is now considered “Treason”… Then how did $hillary Clinton and Keith Olberman get away with that crime, from 2016-2020? Criminalization of protest, is part of the plan… What’s shocking, is watching otherwise intelligent and well-meaning $hitLibs buy-in and then sell that.

    The Establishment hates Trump – because he has poor internal filtering/editing mechanisms. He says the quiet parts out loud… Like when he said we were in Syria to steal the oil. Blinken, Sullivan, Rice, and Nuland’s NeoCon/NeoLib clique within the Brandon Regime don’t disagree with doing that… they just disagree with admitting that’s what we’re really doing.

    And then there was the time that Trump suggested that NATO was an anachronism that should be ended… That’s where he truly crossed the “red lines” of our Imperialist Monoparty rulers. It seems like he didn’t really understand that the purpose of NATO, is to advance American unipolar hegemonic goals. We see it now in Ukraine… It’s too bad that Zelensky DIDN’T give him the dirt, on the Biden Crime Family’s shady CIA dealings in Ukraine, with Cofer Black, and the Banderite Nazis. One can see why Vindman assigned the role of “Whistleblower”, to Eric Ciarramella, a family friend of Congressman Schiff.

    * https://blackboxvoting.org/proof-of-fraud/

    1. To be effective in communicating, I advise you leave the grade-middle-high school noise behind. All it does is tune people out who you’d probably like to reach.

      As for voting integrity, it’s absolutely the case that a very significant fraction of voting in the USA is not secure and it’s also obvious that it’s not secure on purpose.

      It’s also the case that the cheating isn’t ONLY with the actual ballots cast, but also with who gets to vote – these issues ARE coupled together but you left the second one out.

      We’ll have sound voting in the USA when everyone who wants to vote can vote and when everyone’s vote is counted – and REPORTED – correctly.

      However, addressing these issues by that ill-conceived attack on the Capital can never succeed and only serves to make people angry and more divided. Whoever thought it was a good idea is it best a terrible strategist, and at worst an evil / criminal screwball.

      As for Trump…. well… Let’s be honest: The USA hasn’t had a competent president since LBJ and a GOOD president since JFK, with the one exception of Carter who was (is!) good but not effectual (and not because of his own skills but because of “TPTB,” but that’s another dialogue). So sure, you happen to like the terrible president Trump better than the terrible president Biden. -shrug- Whatever. That’s no reason to foment yet more division.

      How about changing from a rhetoric of division to one of unity; We, The People _are_ under assault from the ultra-rich and, since long before the foundation of this nation (the USA), “always have been.” Somehow we got a bit lucky with SOME parts of the U.S.’s foundation. But one shouldn’t overlook that it wasn’t exactly democratic upon inception.

      The issue the ultra-rich have now is that we’ve fought-for and gained to many genuine rights and liberties now for them to suppress us in the ways that they have in the deeper past. However, these can and are slipping away and our collective disunity is the fundamental cause.

      YOU can help do something about that!

      1. Art I haven’t watched TV or Mainstream news for decades.

        I see with clear and unblemished eyes.

        What I see, is a horror show of complete insanity.

      2. Have you ever seen what a REAL “attack on the capital” looks like? The US engineers those at their pleasure – if you need a example of it, there’s Kiev in 2014, and Bolivia, more recently.

        Instead, in this case the Feds executed a deliberate ‘stand down’ order – while other Feds posing at Trumpies, egged on the crowd. Ray Epps and “Jayden X” are two readily apparent examples. https://thegrayzone.com/2021/01/12/chaos-agent-right-wing-us-Capitol-riot-black-lives-matter/

        The cops let the protestors into the building, to stop two Senators (Criz amd Jordan, I believe) from raising legitimate questions about several States that look to have been flipped. After the staged events and provocations, they could no loger maintain that posture, apparently. The Maricopa County audit was fruitful in that it showed how insecure the systems are, and how officials accessed them improperly – illegally – and then tried to destroy the evidence.

        Certainly preventing people from voting is a problem – but both parties do it routinely. The NY City Board of Elections copped a plea after disenfranchising about 1/4 Million Sanders supporters in 2016. But that’s hardly the way that Fractional Vote Counting software does it. With that, turnout and disenfranchisement levels are largely irrelevant. https://tdmsresearch.com/2020/03/09/california-2020-democratic-party-primary/ If you can orchestrate a 5 point flip, without leaving any evidence (accessible to a plaintiff) – you can control outcomes 95%+ of the time.

        I’m sorry that you haven’t clued in to the KAYFABE ‘works’ being pulled on you. I’m sorry that you’re so gullible as to buy all the MSDNCIA and CNN narratives about January first… But I know left journalists who were there – and what we saw on the screens hardly reflected the reality of the protestors who were there to speak out – just like we should have been, in 2000 and 2004, when those elections were stolen.

        As for communication strategies…spare me your ‘concern trolling’. Not everyone is looking for reasons to ignore or dismiss.

    2. All true, Another World, but some commentary requires the parameters of criticism be narrowed a bit more than all your comment encompasses. Stoking derision along racial lines, class lines, gender lines, etc., the way that the current Trump Republicans are doubling down on is what has turned the GOP into a uniquely rogue cultural movement that deserves ridicule.

      1. I don’t deny that, but I don’t think that is only source of division right now, or even the greatest danger facing us.

        We’re CURRENTLY supporting ACTUAL NAZIS, in Ukraine (real ones, not just people whose politics we disdain, domestically), and Jihadists in Syria and Xinjiang…And we’re doing that in the name of Global Monopolar Hegemonic Empire. At the same time – anyone who tries to point this out is being targeted for truly Totalitarian censorship, here in the USA – by the Biden gang, their Ukrainian/CIA Ministry of Truth, our ‘5 Eyes’ and the cooperative Big Tech and Corporatist Technocratic partners.

        Remember the “Trump Vaccine” that Biden and Kop-Mala weren’t going to even take? What changed – except who was enforcing them, as a Nuremberg crime, and a Depopulation experiment?
        While it certainly isn’t a universal or invariable truth… nonetheless, some folks in that party that I never would have previously considered giving a single vote, are bravely speaking up. Senator Ron Johnson, for instance – held a briefing from actual whistleblowers – who provided undeniable receipts, from the DMED system, showing the unacceptable levels of death and injury from the unsafe and ineffective, Experimental Gene Therapy injections. The truth is emerging, not just from more accurate records keeping in the UK, parts of Canada, and Israel – but now leaked internal discussions from their health bureaucracy… The cover-ups prive the crimes. https://rokfin.com/stream/22405/Steve-Kirsch-Exclusive-Israeli-Health-Ministry-Covid-CoverUp-TLAV-Tuesday-Dr-Ealy

        I think you’re really a smart and funny cartoonist…but I’d love it if we could get that energy punching up on behalf of humanity. Liz Cheney vs. Biden or Kop-Mala is a clear win for the Empire. As a Peace and Freedom supporter (in theory) I’d love it our real problems were just coming from the reactionary (populist) right. No such luck. Pelosi is as hawkish as any Republican, whether we’re talking about Taiwan, Ukraine/Russia, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba, etc.. Wearing Kenté cloth, and using preferred pronouns doesn’t cost the system a dime, and it divides people – so she does that… But we have much bigger problems – that can never be discussed.

    3. no reply option on your comment below…
      I observed a few things while watching Jan 6;
      1. why was it televised – I don’t recall the electoral college vote being covered live, only reported on the evening news.
      2. which trumpers would be wearing red hats, face shields, and masks, as well as being young white males in good physical condition. I specifically remember the one who help boost the one of first person thru a window
      3. convenient camera angles – what a coincidence
      4. the video record sort of disappeared and only snippets were to be found later for public review
      5. the stand down was especially obvious since NBC interviewed the DC mayor in regard to any trouble that might happen due to the Trump rally and she assured Mr. Holt that everything was prepared.

      it was all rather silly and the trumpers were all suckers who probably had some meth sprinkled on them to react so stupidly

      so much hate – what a waste

      1. Don’t forget all the talk about “guns” and “armed insurrection”, “worse than the Civil War”. Trumpers are the elements of society most likely to be armed, and perhaps have CCW permits, too … Did they all forget to bring their guns to the revolution? The only one shot was a protestor, by a cop. Despite all the talk about deaths, it seems like all the others were health related, or entirely unrelated.

        The Trumpers were USED. DHS and the FBI were talking to Congress about Domestic Violent Extremism, back in the Spring of 2020. That’s when the second “Domestic PATRIOT ACT” was being written. The motion, by incoming “The [FRAUD] Squad” member Cori Bush, to punish the populist right Republicans (allegedly for participating in January 6th) – was submitted to Congress the day before, on January 5th. Likewise the Bill paying for repairs to the Capitol for damages done on January 6th, was submitted in advance. And that same bill made the Capitol Hill Police – a NATIONAL Police Force, with a much larger budget, and under the direct command and control of Congress, not the Executive branch. Of course AOCIA and “The Squad” were all for it – BLM sympathies not withstanding.

        When we see Joe Biden with Marines flanking him, doing his best Totalitarian “leader” act, inverting reality in front Independence Hall, painted blood red with light projectors, I wonder where all of my “ANTIFA”(scist) peeps and the rest of the Democrats are, while we watch the transformation of our country, into something more extreme than even the Trump Regime.

  4. Wow. You’ve got some issues fish. Not being in middle school any longer, guess I’ll have to unsubscribe, tired of the steady shit being published constantly just to get an occasional gem from Hedges. Unsub.

  5. The Republicans have little to no redeeming qualities. The foolish Trump supporters mainly get their info from ultra-Zionist War-propaganda sites like Breitbart News, Gateway Pundit, etc etc.. Truth be told, the MAGA right aren’t even all that supportive of Putin or Russia. They are very pro-Empire and dislike any kind of Multi-polarity. They are not really different from the shitlib Biden voters.

    1. The shitlib Biden voters are different in this way: they are less likely to rely on antiquated notions of prejudice based on race, gender, or sexual orientation to advance their political agenda. I have to say, that’s something.

  6. Much ado about nothing! Come on, please, bloody civil war? The real enemy of We the People is the banks, Wall Street, Hedge Funds, pension funds being lost at the capital casino, etc, Damn people, get a grip and fight the real enemy, the US establishment in government and business. What a God damned waste of space this is!

    1. Don’t disagree that the real problem – or at least the problem most likely to kill us all – resides in the commodification of everything and how politics exist only to enable the retail industrial complex. That said, there are other manifestations of injustice in the shitstorm that deserve our vitriol without suggesting a misfire at the larger target.

    2. I dare say the first part of your sentence declaring who the Real Enemy of The People is is on the mark if less than succinct (simply, the ultra-rich), while the second part (or maybe it was intended as a separate sentence starting at “Damn?”) goes astray, naming a number of tools instead of just perpetrators.

      We should ALL remember (or realize, if we don’t already recognize it) that government is just a tool. Sure, _individuals_ within government are surely our collective enemy (that some misguided souls think are fighting for us), but the government itself is The People’s ONLY tool to fend off the ultra-rich! THAT is why THEY insist on controlling it, lest it control them! It’s OUR job to see that they don’t.

      Perhaps it’s a good time to point out that only about half those who can register to vote are, and of those registered, only about half vote regularly, and of those (the mostly-voting citizens), about half vote R and half Dem, thus creating the FALSE illusion we are “about equally divided.” IF, HOWEVER, all those who are registered who don’t vote, and all those who aren’t but could register got registered, AND IF all these previously non-voters voted EXCLUSIVELY for non-R, non-D candidates – it almost doesn’t matter WHO! Hell, YOU vote for Foghorn Leghorn and I’ll vote for Bugs Bunny! – there would be a political revolution virtually overnight in the USA, all WITHOUT having people march in the streets and without ANYONE getting killed (at least we hope not!)…

      Something to think about, eh?

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