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The Chris Hedges Report Podcast: Historian Paul Street on the Bankrupt Liberalism and Gilded Absurdities of the Democratic Party

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What are we to make of a Democratic Party that has embraces an election strategy that includes demobilizing the majority working-class non-Republican electorate; legitimizing right-wing agendas and narratives; seeks bipartisan cooperation with right-wing politicians such as Liz Cheney; refuses to attack archaic minority rule institutions including the Electoral College and the Senate filibuster; repeatedly backs down from hauling Donald Trump into court and funds far-right Republican candidates in this year’s primary elections, repeating the disastrous Hillary Clinton campaign’s “Pied Piper” ploy of promoting the supposedly “more beatable” Trump in the 2016 Republican presidential primaries? Why is the Democratic Party lavishly funding Trump stooges such as John Gibbs, a former Trump administration official who claimed that Joe Biden’s 2020 victory was “mathematically impossible,” by giving his campaign $ 425,000 dollars, investing more money in one pro-Gibbs television ad than Gibbs raised for his campaign? Why do they see the stoking of fascist fire as an effective campaign strategy? Even The New York Times has called the tactic of funding far right pro-Trump candidates a “Cynical Low for the Democratic Party.” Joining me to discuss what is taking place on our bizarre political landscape as we head towards the mid-term elections – elections the cultist Trump Republic Party looks set to win – is the historian Paul Street. Paul has taught at numerous Chicago-area universities and is the author of This Happened Here: Neoliberals, Amerikaners, and the Trumping of America (New York: Routledge, 2021).  He also writes regularly for Counterpunch.

Chris Hedges
Chris Hedges

Chris Hedges is a Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist who was a foreign correspondent for fifteen years for The New York Times, where he served as the Middle East Bureau Chief and Balkan Bureau Chief for the paper. He previously worked overseas for The Dallas Morning NewsThe Christian Science Monitor, and NPR. He is the host of show The Chris Hedges Report.


  1. No comments? To comment on Hedges site you gotta pay – pay to say, pay to play – pay, pay, pay

    And there is no transcript here, or there – which I find really necessary to try to comment specifically on a particular post – instead of just engaging in what amounts to the routine “down with Capitalism, up with Socialism” stuff which saturates so much of “lefty” or “progressive” discourse – I have heard it all, over and over particularly from Street and Hedges – CP leaves no room for comment, nor even a way to reach this author – as I have done via e-mail for several of their other authors which has resulted on a couple of occasions in meaningful dialogue – have never gotten a reply from any author to a question, comment, etc. addressed to them even here. Does Hedges have a “contact” one can use that one doesn’t have to pay for?
    We the “audience”, the readers, apparently are not considered important enough or relevant enough to respond to – only to be preached to, when many of us are, and have been, for some time, aware of the points of view, the issues, the facts presented – no place for our input – so I comment here with “input”, on the lack of ability to input on just about every other site or every other author …
    There are few sites indeed that I will pay to play on – and now i will donate to yours, as I should have done earlier, because you 1) don’t require it 2) you provide a good variety of authors along with the opportunity to comment on their posts here, where one can nowhere else …

    1. good—-street is consistently reactionary and shallow–this is expected from the bunny punch porridge makers

      1. Hey Gilligan: I keep seeing you here with nothing honest to say. I think Scheer is being generous to you by not banning you entirely. Street and I correspond, and I can say he is a straight shooter. You’re the shallow reactionary. What your food reference means is anyone’s guess; but coherence isn’t your strong suit, either.

    2. SH, I hear ya. I exchange with Paul Street, and he is an honest guy. Hedges, I wouldn’t bother. I was at a demonstration in Oakland where black block broke a few windows. Hedges apparently was there too, and said it was Antifa trashing all of downtown Oakland. He lied, period; and did so in a way that validated fascist BS. Hedges is one of those curious people who is great 90% of the time and horrible the other 10%. St Clair has slipped so bad that his percentages are reversed. He hustles neoliberal propaganda in the guise of leftism to the point of sounding less rational than some of the trumpers he decries. Many left pubbies have sacrificed their integrity. We are shooting ourselves in the foot.

      1. how feminized are you Petey? you have zero confidence so you censor…”the least reproach offends amerikans—the slightest sharp sting of truth turns them fierce”. Tocqueville
        “the amerikan lib/progressive wants to preserve the essence of the past the conservative wants more and more progress; the European radical wants to hasten the transformation of the future, the European conservative wants to preserve the essence of the past”. Geoffrey Gorer
        I suspect you have never lived in a civilized nation

  2. They oligarchy ( what many call the Right Wing, has been planning all of this , the day Roosevelt died, and they don’t intend to give a damn about the “people”. The only way is for the American people to wake up and act en masse! People here in Mexico understand the situation there, better than most Americans do!!!

  3. It Didn’t Start with Trump: The Decades-Long Saga of How the GOP Went Crazy

    The modern Republican Party has always exploited and encouraged extremism.

    … Since the 1950s, the GOP has repeatedly mined fear, resentment, prejudice, and grievance and played to extremist forces so the party could win elections. Trump assembling white supremacists, neo-Nazis, Christian nationalists, QAnoners, and others who formed a violent terrorist mob on January 6 is only the most flagrant manifestation of the tried-and-true GOP tactic to court kooks and bigots. It’s an ugly and shameful history that has led the Party of Lincoln, founded in 1854 to oppose the extension of slavery, to the Party of Trump, which capitalizes on racism and assaults democracy…

    David Corn

  4. “The Democratic National Committee on Saturday voted unanimously to pass a resolution urging President Joe Biden to release activist Leonard Peltier from prison ― a sign of the growing momentum to remedy what many consider a decadeslong stain on the nation’s criminal justice system.

    DNC members passed the measure on a voice vote, calling on Biden to grant clemency to Peltier. The measure was part of a package of resolutions that sailed through during a DNC general session.”

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