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Lee Camp: How the US & UK Stopped Peace Deal in Ukraine

By Lee Camp / Behind The Headlines

Lee Camp proves that NATO and the U.S. want their proxy war in Ukraine to be fought to the last Ukrainian. A new report shows that Russia and Ukraine had negotiated a peace deal in April. However, as Camp explains, NATO wasn’t ready for peace so they intervened to stop it. Now, after months of grueling conflict, Ukrainian forces have suffered catastrophic losses and their friends in NATO are pushing them to face worse.

Lee Camp
Lee Camp

Lee Camp is the host of the hit comedy news show “Redacted Tonight.” His new book “Bullet Points and Punch Lines” is available at LeeCampBook.com and his stand-up comedy special can be streamed for free at LeeCampAmerican.com.


  1. As stated, since 2017 and even more recently, there have been plans announced to use conditional loans to privatize the State enterprises in Ukraine. This has been a standard process used by the US and supported by the IMF and WB and well described in the books by John Perkins, Confessions of an Economic Hitman. The recent speech by Zalenskyy with the NYSE is an attempt to accelerate the privatization but with a Ukraine face-saving perspective.

    1. Wouldn’t it be a hoot is these ‘business genius’ types had to actually support themselves instead of stealing from other people? What if they had to grow (or hunt) their own food? Suppose they had to repair their own car? Think they could build their own house?

      ‘Bankers’ are some of the most most destructive leeches in human society.

  2. Good Afternoon Mr. Camp:

    I just tried to get your show, Redacted Tonight, on You Tube. And it said your show is on shown in this country. What’s up with this? It appears your “news” show has been redacted from America.
    Please let me know what is going on!

    1. Naturally Lee Camps show.is detacted.The US and UK can ‘t let people know the truth about their Imperialistic.designs and plans The Queen is dead.but the show goes on.

  3. There is 0 credible corroborating support for the the title’s conspiratorial BS claim.


    In addition, the fact that the reason for Putin’s tantrum in Crimea, the eastern Ukrainian provinces, the attempt to conquer Kiev and the push to disconnect Ukraine from power sources and Black Sea access is not mentioned at all, namely the Ukrainian democratic removal of a pro-Russian president because he cowered to Putin’s bribes (several Billion $) to reject an Ukrainian Parliamentarian vote in favor of economic ties to the EU, is both an indication of the Russian propaganda source for the alleged treaty, AND the Russian subterfuge in disguising its real, and only acceptable goal – the complete subjugation of Ukraine to its will!

    1. You do bang away like a broken storm door slamming in the wind. And you make about as much sense. Another tiring Juvenile Username Guy.

    2. Well youre right, there is not much seperating Putin and the US ideologically, they both want the same for the Ukrainian people. Subjugation for making profits.

  4. The constant reappearance of full monitor-wide, out-of-focus images of Lee Camp screwing up his face, accompanied by urine-colored text headlines, are why I recently removed Mint Press News from my bundle of home tabs in my browser.

    Please, somebody, tell Mint Press to cut out the visually shrill graphics and blurred photo work. It’s like having to step over a foot-tall dog turd to enter a restaurant, you won’t, you just walk on by.

    1. Accusing MintPress of being New Wave:
      How 60ish of you.
      Lee does the same things as Rodney Dangerfield, Flip Wilson and Jackie Gleason. It’s as old as court jestering. The only thing changed is the subject matter. But Lee may be near wearing a hole in it, just like Stephen Colbert has done. Russell Brand has taken the same schtick a little farther and has made himself a Brand-Brand. Will it last? No. But nothing else will either.

  5. I tried entering Lee Camp’s site but was told that it doesn’t play in my country….Switzerland.
    Anyone understand why?

  6. What is wrong with Biden is he crazy/stupid/blind? doesn’t he care about those people in Ukraine? Or is profit his only motive too? .Insanity!!!!

  7. The Ukraine-Russia proxy war is 2 wars in one. Russia was enticed into the special operation against Nato and G7. The tactics worked perfectly and Russian military is now neutered, worn down and requires 2 generations to rebuild. China is in a lose-lose position. No matter what, China can not win. Russian failure proves Taiwan is also capable of defeating an invasion and Nato has more evidence and motivation to battle China. If China does help Russia, not likely, the West will apply tremendous amount of sanctions– even more than the growing sanctions now. USA is embolden by their Ukraine success and their enthusiasm for war will humiliate China who does not relish a war. American number 2 goal is to destroy Russian army, a job well done ;number 1 goal is to destroy China’s economy which seems on track for success. USA wins another cold war.

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