1. Why would you want to continue the use of the name Karen and reinforce it in this way? No one’s name should become the symbol for a personality type. My name is Karen and so this cartoon is offensive, not the message, but just the use of my name in this generalized way.


      Hey Karen;
      I get your comment is meant as its own subtle satire.

      After all, the name used here isn’t part of the put-down of the upper middle class elite whose interests are the only ones the Dem hierarchy cares about. Elinor or Emily or Brooke or Bradford would have worked, too.

      Instead it’s Karen. But rather than the unfortunately all too common use as a synonym for a crude white racist busybody yelling in the streets, it’s someone seated and calm. Therefore thoughtful.

      As a cliche negative, Karens are intensely self-centered and only their comfort counts. What upsets them, like the wrong color face in their neighborhood or behavior they don’t approve of or opinions they don’t like, should be of utmost importance for everyone.

      Since you said the message of the cartoon isn’t offensive, you must approve of it. To raise the issue of Karen in this contest certainly makes us aware of how the cliche negative is so very unwarranted.

      Well done!

      1. I agree with what the cartoonist is saying, not the message, so please don’t put words in my mouth.

    2. Karen, your taking offense at this reminded me of Charlie Hebdo. Not the violence and murder, but the root emotion is the same.

  2. I think Bernie was our last chance to have a president that was not picked by the rich.
    I will not vote for Biden or Trump.

      1. bernie was cornered and outgunned by the private entity ran by the corporate criminal DNC
        at least he talks the talk to remind the everyone

  3. Karen;
    I know what you mean. My name is David and it greatly offends me whenever I hear mention of Da’ Vinci’s statue of David.

    1. David;

      Especially offensive since it’s a double put-down. The famous statue was by Michelangelo, so they’re implying you aren’t worth a real comparison. Is your comment another brilliant subtle satire, one that reinforces my take on Karen? {see above ;- )}

    2. I will say this, I was working for a natural gas company and I lend myself for a fraudulent operation not knowing that what I was doing was fraud and the company must of paid someone to try and mow me down with a car and kill me, how did the company know I told them, like I said I did not know what I was doing was wrong. That is how fucken evil the fossil fuel is…. I know I’m being vague and that is deliberately you never know who is reading this I just want to express the evilness of fossil fuel

    3. I’m pretty sure it was Michelangelo…and umbrage most Dave’s aim at Mickey was the terse editing he issued that statue’s nether-bits.

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