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Mark Fiore: Dems Funding MAGA: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Democratic PACs and campaigns have been lending their financial support to far-right MAGA candidates. In the unpredictable era of Trumpist politics, this seems like a huge gamble to me.

After President Biden called out Trump supporters and politicians for undermining democracy, the MAGA set was shocked (shocked, I say!) that he dare attack them with such partisan vigor. Never mind that they really are undermining democracy. Regardless, most Republicans and a good number of beltway reporters thought Biden went a little too far in his “Battle for the Soul of America” speech.

The president rightly called out the autocratic, anti-democratic cancer that is in the Republican Party and has spread through our nation. Unfortunately, at the same time Biden was delivering his powerful (albeit creepily lighted) speech at Independence Hall, Democratic PACs and campaigns were lending their financial support to far-right MAGA candidates — generally with television ads that attacked the more moderate Republican candidate or drew attention to the Trumpist bona fides of the crazier candidate

The logic among some Democrats (including Sen. Chuck Schumer’s PAC), is that if the right wing Trumpist candidates win the Republican primaries, they will be easier for Democrats to beat in the general election. Tactically, I hope they’re right, because a good number of far-right candidates have won, in part thanks to the support of Democrats.

In the unpredictable era of Trumpist politics, this seems like a huge gamble to me. And even if this strategy does work, it still doesn’t pass the smell test to have Democratic organizations lending their support to election deniers, conspiracy theorists and authoritarians.

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  1. The only way that extreme right Democrats can look reasonable is by having even more extreme opponents, even if they have to manufacture them. Unfortunately for Democrats, their perfidity has become completely obvious. I wouldn’t vote for one of these despicable, evil people even if God asked me.

  2. This twisted approach typifies the minds of the neoliberal elite like Schumer’s.. And starkly pronounces their propensity to say one thing and do another – the “other” favoring pro corporate and the upper socioeconomic class and their own families at the sacrifice of meeting real needs of the 99%. Strengthen women’s right to decide about their own pregnancy?$15 Minimum wage for all? Significant reduction in drug prices? Significant educational debt forgiveness? Strengthen social security? Prohibit private equity from Medicare? From the this:” he has embraced the industry’s free-market, deregulatory agenda more than almost any other Democrat in Congress, even backing some measures now blamed for contributing to the financial crisis.”

    1. There is no “99%,” and I’m pretty sure the bourgeoisie know this by now, 26 years into their war on the poor.

  3. Democrats had stripped those left jobless of their fundamental human rights (UN’s UDHR) to food and shelter while Joe Biden focuses on provoking nuclear world war, and people still fret about (some vague concepts of) democracy? What do you even mean, when you say that word? A “battle for the soul of America?” Are they freaking serious? What “soul?”

    1. Exactly right DH, America lost it’s soul a long time ago.

      Now, the Gods of Fate have decided to drive mad those they will destroy.

      America is a bloated and rotting corpse.

    2. Well, they may be seriously trying to snow the public. Do they believe a word of it themselves? I rather doubt it. I doubt Biden even believes there is a human soul, and what he could possibly mean to convey by “soul of America” is beyond me.

  4. You have to question this tactic. While I understand I think there can be a better use for those funds, like turning out the vote.

        Hey Mav;

        I deeply appreciate your analytical and thoughtful posts. But not this stuff where you seem to speak down to us lessers as if we cannot see. It’s also reminiscent of Beatnik and Gen X goth despair–give up; life has no meaning, ennui.

        Why then did the people who really were slaves register and run for office? Why the ’60s civil rights activism even at the risk of death? How about the wage slaves who dared to form labor unions? Were they all just ignorant fools?

        The elite has always feared what they called “levelling” back when the country was founded. They can count; we peasant nobodies vastly outnumber them. Best keep us distracted by war and deeply fearing each other lest we unite in common cause. If that isn’t enough, there’s always insisting nothing ever changes because nothing can be done.

    1. Who are you gonna turn the vote out for when 3rd parties and real progressives are banned using corporate funding and bought judges?

  5. This is not the first time the Democrats have promoted far-right Republican candidates . In 2016 both parties took their campaign plans from the same Israeli think tank . They surely are now, following Israel’s advice , again . In MSMedia , after the 2016 election , I read an article devoted to describing the Republican plans and they unabashedly wrote they’d come from an Israeli think tank . The language , elevating the Israeli -chosen Republican candidates they referred to as “ pied piper “ ones , were the same , and the language exactly the same , as the 2016 Democratic Party emails we read in Wikileaks . Donald Trump was one of the Israeli-chosen “ pied pipers “ that the Democrats promoted . He was supposed to be so awful that Hillary would win . So thinking it risky to repeat the same Israeli tactics is silly ! The most extreme Republican candidates are desired by Israel. And that is the point . And Democrats are apparently fine with that , why else would they chose the same script ?

  6. The Democratic Party has revealed itself as a launderer of Oligarch slush funds. They take their usual cut off the top as funds pass through. Donors knew where this fictive illicit money would go before they gave it to the Democrats. This is how the bankrolling of the Nazi Party looked in the Weimar Republic. And if we examine Putin’s methods we find he also funds his potential rival sock puppets with money donated by allied Oligarchs (or maybe extorted from them). In the USA moneyed interests are more in charge than almost anywhere else. The gap between the ultra rich and the rest causes malfunctions more than anywhere else. The voice of need is ridiculed and muzzled . Money manipulating elites need violent militias and Nazism to keep their stranglehold under failed state conditions. They have to ramp up fear and revulsion lest the leverage of the People’s needs comes into play. Yes, “The only thing we have to fear…, is fear itself. ” (Did FDR really comprehend the message?)

  7. Who are you gonna turn the vote out for when 3rd parties and real progressives are banned using corporate funding and bought judges?


    Whether or not FDR was fully aware of the implications of his words, he was right: do not succumb to stampeding fear. Thinking is first to be flattened along with the ability to see any way out.

    Right wing agitators are great at this. Recent research has shown the rank and file right is deathly afraid of what they believe is a conspiratorial left out to get them. Why else would people wear camo and brandish weapons in public if they didn’t feel overwhelmed and impotent? Even the bigots–if they were secure in who they are, why the intense need to demean others?

    The centrist Dems, who long ago abandoned the New Deal, have also found fear useful. Simply point at MAGA; no scarier picture for the intellectual elite than masses of functionally illiterate, ugly clothes wearing, riled up shot gun toters. Of course no reason to ever listen to these minimum wage nobodies.

    The neolib-neocon cabal keeps the fear ramped up. Your problems are all because of those bad people over there. If you don’t keep the donations coming in to our party, THEY might win! Also a convenient reason as to why our party never is able to really change anything for the better. It’s them. Stay scared, hear?

    The only thing either party and their media allies have to offer is fear.

  9. “voting is to abdicate your power”. JP Sartre: ‘Elections: A Trap for Fools’
    “there is no functioning democracy in america–it is really an oligarchy….” jimmy Carter
    like North Korea—“a procedural republic”. Michael Sandel
    “inverted totalitarianism”. Sheldon Wolin
    “the East German Stasi could only have dreamed of having a police state like USA”. Thomas Drake
    “military dictatorship”. c wright Mills

  10. This would be laughable, were it not playing out in real time.

    Our unlucky descendants will crack joyless jokes about how evolution performed a u-turn for our generation.

    Modern day Mussolini’s like Trump aren’t ushered into office accidentally…. Our duopoly’s binary red/blue burlesque is deliberately orchestrated by a media intent on transforming the ENTIRE republic, quite literally into halfwits.

  11. Well, one thing it means is the end to even plausible finger wagging on the part of the usual crowd about people not voting, or not voting for Democrats.

    If the Democrats themselves are not serious about their screeching about “the end of democracy (!!!!!)”, even to the point of funding the very fascists they screech about, why should any finger-wagee be serious about their losing political power?

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