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Scott Ritter Joins The Grayzone to Discuss Ukraine’s Counter-Offensive, Russia’s Next Move

Military expert and former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter joins The Grayzone's Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate live to discuss.


  1. Excellent! Thanx for posting this! It will be interesting to see if Scott is right – hope you will post updates …

    US media – no mention of “kill list”, gee, I wonder why ..

  2. This is very informative/the best. I’m a former US marine/naval aviator and Koran veteran who flew formation with Soviet Mig-17s along the Kamchatka peninsula.

  3. What a bullshitter Ritter has become. He begins by saying unequivocally that Bucha’s dead were “slaughtered” by Ukrainians. Then, after some ridiculously light pushback from the hosts, he says he was only saying “we can’t be dismissive of the possibility” they were killed by Ukrainians. Lol.

    Serious people should have stopped listening to Ritter, who got the Iraq War right, in February, when he predicted Russian victory in a week. Then he tried to play off the failed Kyiv campaign as a fake out, a feint by Russia to divert attention from “phase 2,” per the real Russian objectives in the East. Now, as things seems to be going Ukraine’s way, he claims that the war between Russia and Ukraine is over, Russia won! Now Russia is simply fighting NATO in Ukraine. That NATO has completely taken over the fight in Ukraine. He offer fuck-support for this claim. But the host chime in with a clip of two grunt mercenaries speaking American English. Oh yeah, that proves it.

    Ritter’s is Russia’s chief English language cheerleader.

    1. rendall farcical—Russian troops 190,000 vs 700,000 skies fully achieving all objectives—rendy expert twitter warrior after humilited by taliban

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