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Biden Doubles Down on Defending Taiwan From Potential Chinese Invasion

President Biden says he doesn't encourage Taiwanese independence but also says US forces would defend the island in the case of a Chinese invasion.
Screenshot of Biden’s 60 Minutes interview.

By SP Staff / Original to ScheerPost

Note to Readers: This is a revised version of a story posted earlier today.

During an interview broadcasted Sunday on CBS News’s “60 Minutes” program, President Joe Biden doubled down on his hawkish foreign policy approach in East Asia stating that US forces would be used to defend Taiwan in the case of a Chinese invasion.

When interviewer Scott Pelley asked the president to specify that this would be a different scenario than Ukraine, this time with actual troops on the ground, Biden answered with an unequivocal “yes.” 

Biden’s comments are the latest—following Nancy Pelosi’s Washington-opposed trip to Taipei—to undermine longstanding US policy towards Taiwan. The 1979 Taiwan Relations Act, which establishes Washington will help Taiwan defend itself through defensive and economic support, does not promise to provide troops or participate in war.

During a trip to Japan in May, Biden took the same hawkish stance towards China, describing a hypothetical US defense of the island as a “commitment we made.”

White House spokespeople have had to walk back several of Biden’s comments regarding Taiwan, including his comments in Japan and from the recent 60 Minutes interview.

“The president has said this before, including in Tokyo earlier this year. He also made clear then that our Taiwan policy hasn’t changed. That remains true,” a spokesperson said.

Despite Biden’s claim that Washington doesn’t encourage Taiwanese independence and remains committed to the One-China policy, the president continues to follow a historic pattern of arms support for the island. Just this month, the US State Department approved a $1.1 billion sale of weapons to Taiwan followed by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s approval to push forward legislation that would grant an additional $4.5 billion over four years to Taiwan.

Al Jazeera writes: “China claims Taiwan as a province that must be ‘reunified’ with the mainland, by force if necessary, and has accused the US of disrupting regional stability and encouraging Taiwanese separatism.”

Matthew Kroenig, deputy director of the Atlantic Council’s Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security, called Biden’s stance “crystal clear” and told Al Jazeera: 

“As long as he is president, US policy is to defend Taiwan. This is the right policy as it contributes to the deterrence of China and helps to guide US military planning. I do think America has the stomach for that fight. Hitler and imperial Japan bet that America didn’t have the stomach for a fight in the run-up to WWII. How did that turn out for them? Washington has a huge strategic interest in maintaining peace and stability, and a free and open order, in the Indo-Pacific.”


  1. If I was a Christian I would be thinking that Biden just might be the Anti-Christ.

    Since I’m not I just think of him as a demented psychopath.

    1. The Dems know their jobs are on the line. Taiwan makes the perfect photo op for the upcoming presidential election and there’s nothing Americans love more than a “Tough on (fill in the blank) agenda.

  2. You have to ask the American people–would they risk their lives and the possibility of WWIII to fight for an island thousands of miles away which has no bearing on their security and well-being? The answer is a resounding NO.

    1. Well actually, the “American people” have been all too willing, too often, to “fight …. thousands of miles away (in a country) which has no bearing on their security and well-being.”

      Our political duopoly is forever eager to fight any war which makes its eyes light up at the prospect of $$$$ for the MIC which funds them, and trashes any 3rd Party which runs on a platform of peace – sadly the American people refuse to vote for such a Party, so it is rather clear that the American people who put those folks in Office haven’t tired of war ….

    2. Ya, David, there must be some polls to ask ordinary people if they want to die for an island they know nothing about, and don’t really care about. It is extremely important to get an accurate feel for another costly Asia war. Ordinary Americans have more than enough problems these days and need no war like the disaster of Vietnam again. Usually the M S media cons the public to support any, all wars except Vietnam War’s backlash was from drafted white kids that were killed without any good rationale. The Resounding NO has no influence on our war mongering politicians and jingo media, as their careers depend on constant war. Only Scheerpost, Tom Dispatch, John Pilger, and those types dare to oppose war.

  3. Notably, Biden came into office rattling his war sabers against first Russia, then China, back and forth. Playing John Wayne, provoking two of the three world nuclear superpowers. How do you think this will all turn out?

  4. Pelosi is now interfering in Armenia-another “color revolution” to bring US style democracy ie Washington rules to annoy an enemy the USA has insisted is evil.

  5. biden is lying—if this is Biden….if China wanted to embargo Taiwan with their formidable Navy US would never intervene—China will wait— when US empire crumbles in the next 5-8 years Taiwan will be reabsorbed

  6. A long time the 50s.there was a TV.shown.starring.William Bendix called “The.Life of Reilly”.His famous line.was What a revolting development this is”.That about sums.up.the predicament the human.race and are in now.

  7. The American voting public is summed up in quite clearly in Charles Baudelaire vs “l’Heautontimoroumenos” (Self Tormentor)
    Je suis la plaie et le couteau!
    Je suis le soufflet et la joue!
    Je suis les members et la roue,
    Et la victime et le bourreau!
    I am the wound and the knife!
    I am the slap and the cheek!
    I am the dismembered limb and the wheel,
    And the victim and the executioner!

  8. And what pray, brothers and sisters, is supposed to be wrong with defending the right of the people of Taiwan to be free of the domination of a vicious authoritarian government that would treat them as violently as it is treating the people of Hong Kong in violation of its own promise of “One country, two systems”?

    Too many people who read “Scheerpost” like authoritarian governments.

    1. Maybe you should ask black folks, the indigenous folks, Hispanic folks separated at the border and migrant workers, along with Iraqis, Afghans and a host of others to numerous to mention what it’s like living under American authoritarian rule.
      Socrates comment on democracy, ” you can be ruled by one tyrant or ten thousand tyrants”. Ask those folks I mentioned what it feels like to be ruled by ten thousand. You should consider your own authoritarian rulers.

      1. Both-sides-ism does not cut it.
        You do not address the issue Mr Feffer raises in his piece: Russia should not emulate North Korea.

      2. puritanical americans cannot create a democracy so they destroy civilized nations—liberal democracy is a sham that produces idiots that despise freedom and justice–perceived by Illiyin, Hertzen, Wilfredo Pareto Karl Manheim, AntonioGramsci, Gorky, Plato, Nietzsche, Berdayaev, Robert Michel, etc—wow Marxists, A anarchists, liberals, conservatives all agree: who would have known

    2. hillbilly zimmer immoral shallow cannot live in a civilized nation and she believes she can tell Russians how to live—hysterical

    3. in your uncivilized nation no universal health or free medicine, no state paid mandatory maternity leave, no free university education, all existing in china, Russia Hungary Cuba—–vast poverty homelessness in USA–none in China–93% own habitat with low mortgage, nearly no property tax—you have none of this–dumbocracy in amerika–in Russia 89% own habitat no mortgage–free medicine universal health, longest mandatory paid maternity leave, free university education, 13% income tax execept for rich, nearly no property tax except for rentals…wow you prefer “anti-authoritarian childishness!

    4. What that logic, the southern states here in the “United” States should be an independent nation even though they lost the civil war. Same thing with China and Taiwan. I think you need to re-read your history while re-thinking your argument which doesn’t stand up to historical facts. If the US hadn’t intervened in the late 40s, Taiwan would have never existed, and we all wouldn’t be facing WWIII brought to us all by the Democrat madman, Joe Biden!

    5. As you question who reads here: I have studied at least 100 serious works of non-fiction history of geopolitics and military affairs, including numbers on US practices and policies with regard to Asia and other nations. I am not getting my information from Scheerpost, but I do occasionally read here, very often posting strong criticisms of the articles. Ok?

      You for your part do not offer any thinking comment whatsoever. But you do parrot cheaply manufactured talking points created by establishment/finance class interest groups who have an ongoing project of hegemony across the world, whereby their financial interests are paramount.

      The reason the US is a horse kicking the stall about Taiwan is because Wall St and London banks have hundreds of billions of dollars at stake, and because of Taiwan’s militarily useful location, not because of some nonsense about treatment of people who live there. Freedom my ass, this is about guns and money.

      It is the height of credulity and flag worship to conclude that the US, who decimated North Korea, paid for the French colonial project in Vietnam in the 50s then took over & murdered a million Vietnamese, who has straight-up overthrown governments from Hawaii to Italy to Greece to Nicaragua to Chile to Cuba, who has turned the Mideast upside down killing hundreds of thousands, who has armed endless right wing dictators, who runs torture & detention camps outside of the country to avoid US courts, is going to blow a few $trillion dollars sinking ships in the South China Sea over an increment of “freedom” for Chinese people living off the coast of China. You cannot be that naive. Or can you?

      What you need to see happen is for Canada to come close to a position that is anti-US. Then you’d lose your government so fast it would make your head spin, and maybe wake up.

  9. Who knows the real truth, other than the arms industry profits from saber rattling. Meanwhile, other industries that depend on Chinese goods, medical, tech are in the background still trading w/China. Aggression is what kind of alchemy?

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