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Weapons Contractors Destroy Lives While Reading Fairy Tales To Children

By Lee Camp / MintPress News

A UN report recently revealed that at least 11,000 children have been killed or maimed in the US-backed War in Yemen.

At the same time, the weapons contractors that helped create this massacre are reading fairy tales to British children!

You probably already know that, as reported by Alex Kane for In These Times in 2019, “Saudi Arabia, one of the world’s richest countries, has been bombing Yemen, the fifth-poorest nation in the world, since 2015—with support from the United States.”

Does Saudi Arabia even need the U.S. to destroy the 5th poorest country in the world?

It’s equivalent to Barry Bonds in his steroidal prime playing baseball against your asthmatic, cross-eyed five-year-old cousin. But then he stops to call in Mark Maguire, at his juiciest, to hold the kid down. Can you tell I haven’t watched baseball since 1999?

Kane continues, “…the United States has put its military might behind the Saudi-led coalition, waging a war without congressional authorization. That war has devastated Yemen’s infrastructure, destroyed or damaged more than half of Yemen’s health facilities…”

The war has killed and injured tens of thousands of Yemenis and displaced millions. Of course, famine and disease, also caused by the war, have also killed far more than the officially counted “tens of thousands” who met their end from U.S.-sponsored violence.

This is insanity! And Yemen is just a small part of the story.

According to Brown University’s Cost of War project, “The U.S. post-9/11 wars have forcibly displaced at least 37 million people in and from Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, the Philippines, Libya, and Syria.”

Thirty-seven million displaced is the low estimate! A lot of people are getting very rich from this endless assault on the people of Yemen.

“The war in Yemen has been particularly lucrative for General Dynamics, Boeing and Raytheon, which have received hundreds of millions of dollars in Saudi weapons deals,” reports Kane.

But let’s not leave out the British war profiteers – the most polite of the merchants of death.

Dan Sabbagh of The Guardian reported in 2020 that “BAE Systems sold £15bn worth of arms to Saudis during Yemen assault.” That number is two years old. It’s many billions higher now.

BAE Systems doesn’t want us to only think of them as serial murderers. According to their Public Relations Department, they are also interested in reading fairy tales to children.

I’ve had fever nightmares involving clowns wearing eyepatches and involuntary Brazilian waxing that weren’t nearly as terrifying as that story time!

First, I assume that guy is being held at a black site with a cheese grater pointed at his gonads.

Second, why do we need the military to read fairy tales to children?

Hi kids, I’ve chalked up 35 kills over the past two years, many of them children, just like you. Now settle in because I’m getting ready to read you the original shooting script for the film ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre.’ The part of the chainsaw will be played by this bile-stained sock puppet – which once held my neighbor’s foot.”

Third, this series of children’s story time videos is paid for and branded by BAE systems.

So they sell weapons of death and they have a side-hustle reading fairy tales to toddlers. Something tells me story time is not the real money maker in that scenario.

<strong>Lee Camp</strong>
Lee Camp

Lee Camp is the host of the hit comedy news show “Redacted Tonight.” His new book “Bullet Points and Punch Lines” is available at LeeCampBook.com and his stand-up comedy special can be streamed for free at LeeCampAmerican.com.

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