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How UK’s Intelligence Services Target Dissident Academics

Dissident antiwar UK academics Piers Robinson and David Miller tell Max Blumenthal how they were targeted by the British intelligence services and its media proxies.


  1. Salute to Max and the Grayzone.

    Wait till they implement digital currencies and can turn us off with the flick of a switch.

  2. It’s a shame there aren’t Indy Media in the UK doing investigative journalism and asking unwanted questions to power, be that the political, military, and intelligence establishments. Paul “shill” Mason has to target you lot across the ocean to get his kicks because the supposedly “anti-establishment” lefty media are pretty tame in comparison.
    Keep up the great work there at the Grayzone & thank you.

  3. The primary purpose underlying the creation of a British version of the East German Stasi, State Security Police is to impede discovery of their civil service criminality. Specifically designed to silence any criticism. No surprise here.

  4. Max, this was an excellent program, but I want to take this opportunity to comment on something else: your take on Covid-19. I saw the video of you leading a rally about the abuses of freedom under the Covid-19 restrictions and was deeply disturbed by your blanket pronouncements, which were half right and half wrong. While the situation may have been an opportunity to increase censorship of diverse viewpoints on the internet, the need for strong, mass public health measures was very real and not a plot. You are really not at all well informed about the science behind the issues–the need for immediate quarantine measures, mask wearing, and universal vaccine mandates. The US has had one of the highest death rates in the world because of the cult of individualism in the US and inability to cooperate on collective solutions that are sometimes required. Poor public health institutions at the local, state, and federal levels in the US are another reason for the high death toll. Also, Obama had set up a committee to coordinate preparedness plans for inevitable viral outbreaks, but Trump disbanded the committee. Trump, in turn, failed to take intelligent leadership, which led to confusion about the facts about the virus and how to deal with it, leading to a breakdown of public trust. In Canada, we had regular reports and commentary by doctors and scientists who work in hospitals, universities, and public health departments. It is insane to believe, as some do, that all of these professionals are co-opted by some global conspiracy. Max, there are real conspiracies, as you well know, and then there are crazy ones. I have a sister-in-law who believed that the vaccines were a conspiracy to kill off every one who had a shot within one year. I’ve had my third booster and am alive and well and healthy. I would be happy to have a reply from you.

    1. Joell I would respectfully assert that it is not Max who is mistaken, but instead it is you. The entire system is corrupted top to bottom, the virus was created in a US funded lab(s), they lied about everything right down the line and viciously abused your trust. It is you that needs to re-evaluate.

    2. “The US has (NOT) had one of the highest death rates in the world” from COVID-19 infections.
      It has THE highest death rate, by far and away, of all the countries in the world.
      Dare one mention China, without further rattling your nit-picking feathers, which has 4 x the population of the US (1.320 billion) yet has had below 5,250 deaths, in total, while the US with 330 million people has had over 1.02 million deaths over the duration of the pandemic so far, ?
      Do the math, and only then talk about the so called humanitarian benefits of the democratic Wests political malfeasance, conducted within its leading, not so superstructure, in comparison to that of ‘authoritarian’ China.

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