Essay Nico Dacumos

Call for POC Solidarity: Wealth Is Inherently Built on the Suffering of Others

Do not make the mistake of projecting your rage at 'rioters', rage at the system that created the NECESSITY for riots.

By Nico Dacumos

[Eds. Note: This social media post, by an Oakland educator and chef from San Diego, is reposted here with permission of the author.]

Honestly all of you all brown/non-Black people crying about small businesses being vandalized, burned, looted right now have me heated. Last year I had a burgeoning food business and was dreaming of my own brick and mortar building. If I had my own spot and my dream had been destroyed due to “riots,” yes I would be heartbroken and angry, but I would not make the mistake of projecting my feelings at “rioters,” I would be raging at the system that created the NECESSITY for riots.

We’ve been experiencing a pandemic. Black and Brown working class people are largely unemployed and broke or are the ones dying because they are forced to work or be locked up or homeless together. Young people in hoods all over this country are watching their parents and grandparents die while our governments do NOTHING.

And top of it all now they are STILL being harassed and harmed by police and racists.

IT’S ALREADY BEEN BAD BEFORE COVID. If you are not also outraged by the state of this world I don’t know what to say to you.

This is just another way your anti-Blackness and anti-poor beliefs are showing.

There is no good way to be involved in business, in this economy, in capitalism because it is made to abuse and kill the majority so a few can be rich.

Stop thinking there is any such thing as a normal successful life under conditions where people are killed and forced to live horrible, deprived lives so you can be a model minority and live a First World fantasy.

Your “success” is on the backs of exploited people no matter your color. If you are not trying to figure out how to support this rebellion you are just as bad as the white racists. Seriously. The only path to a just world is one where the United States no longer exists. This is too radical for many of you, I suppose, but it is my truth by all that is sacred and on all my ancestors who walk with me on my path.

Our ancestors are not the same. How many of you are still being led and counseled by scared and traumatized ancestors who have not ascended? Where are your warriors who killed Magellan, who fought to the death against every attempt to take your land, rape your children and loved ones?

Check your magic, check your lineage. Reject the ones who hold you to these curses of white supremacy and capitalism and send them to the light.