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‘Redacted Tonight’: Scheer & Camp on the Fall of American Journalism, China, and the Economy

They also discuss anti-China sentiment, the two-party political system, the state of the economy, Trump's election, Russiagate, and more.

Comic and activist Lee Camp hosts Robert Scheer on his show, “Redacted Tonight.”

From the show’s promo: “Robert Scheer is a veteran journalist with a legacy of fearless reporting on the US Empire. Lee interviews Scheer in this special episode of VIP. They discuss the anti-China sentiment in the US, the fanfare of the two party political system, the state of the US economy and how it contributed to Trump’s victory, the insane size of the military industrial complex, Russiagate, and more. Natalie McGill reveals the origins of the US Pledge of Allegiance. It evolved from a salute to the flag from a Civil War veteran, to a children’s magazines attempt to get kids pumped about Christopher Columbus, to a patriotic group’s jingoistic push to strengthen nationalism.”

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