Election 2020 Press Release

Bernie Endorses Six Progressive Congressional Candidates

Five are candidates of color, one is running for Senate and the other are in House races
On June 9, Sanders endorsed Charles Booker (US Senate, Kentucky), Jamaal Bowman (NY-16), Cori Bush (Missouri-01), Mondaire Jones (NY-17), Samelys Lopez (NU-15) and Mike Siegel (TX-10).

By Bernie Sanders

From the beginning, I’ve always said that our campaign was not about Bernie Sanders. It was not about simply electing a president, but about building a movement to transform America.

One of the ways we must continue building that movement is by electing progressives at all levels of government. Because the truth is, real change never happens from the top on down. It happens from the bottom on up.

Today I am proud to endorse six candidates for Congress, and a lot of them have primaries coming up very soon. If you can afford to right now, I hope you will consider making a contribution to their campaigns.


Charles Booker is running for the U.S. Senate in Kentucky, where Mitch McConnell is currently up for re-election. Charles is a member of the Kentucky House of Representatives and has picked up a lot of momentum in recent weeks. As Louisville has become an epicenter of national tragedy and protests due to the police murders of Breonna Taylor and David McAtee, Charles has shown leadership by showing up on the frontlines. He was an endorser of our campaign for president and supports progressive policies such as criminal justice reform, Medicare for All, and getting big money out of politics.

Samelys López is a community organizer running for the U.S. House in New York’s 15th District. She worked with Housing Justice for All, a statewide coalition that secured historic tenant rent reforms in New York State. Her leadership has been instrumental in building a community-led grassroots political movement in the Bronx, and now she is ready to fight for our progressive values in Congress. She is currently being outspent by her opponents, which is why your contribution will make a big difference in her race.

Jamaal Bowman is a public school teacher and principal in the Bronx who is running for the U.S. House in New York’s 16th District to unseat a 16-term incumbent Democrat. Jamaal understands that low-income families are locked out of opportunity and a decent life due to a system that is rigged to benefit the wealthy. In Congress he will lead the fight for investing in our public schools, ending mass incarceration, and addressing the housing crisis. He is someone we can trust to be a powerful advocate for a progressive agenda in Congress.

Mondaire Jones is a progressive community leader running for the U.S. House in New York’s 17th District. His campaign platform aligns with many of the same issues that were at the center of our campaign for president, including Medicare for All, a $15 minimum wage, and criminal justice reform. As an attorney, he has led efforts to win justice for vulnerable communities through litigation and public policy. If elected to Congress, he’ll fight for bold, progressive policies that help working people.

Mike Siegel is a civil rights attorney and former public school teacher who is running for the U.S. House in Texas’s 10th District. His race is an important opportunity to not only elect a progressive to Congress, but also flip a seat from red to blue. He is running a people-powered campaign that doesn’t rely on support from corporate PACs because he knows that huge corporations use their money and influence to rig our government and economy to their benefit. After spending his career fighting to give everyone a fair shot at success, he is now ready to take that fight to Congress.

Cori Bush is a nurse and community activist running for the U.S. House in Missouri’s 1st District. She emerged as a leader while working on the frontlines of the Ferguson movement as a protester, clergy member, medic, and victim of police assault. Now she is continuing the bold fight for justice because she knows what it’s like to live paycheck to paycheck and be burdened with student and medical debt. Cori is someone we can count on to stand with working people and provide true representation for our movement in Congress.

Here is the truth: if we want to build a political revolution to transform this country, it can’t be up to one candidate, one campaign, or one election. It is going to take all of us.

In order to continue our struggle for economic justice, social justice, racial justice and environmental justice, we must come together to elect candidates who will fight for a progressive agenda.

I understand if your financial situation does not allow you to make a contribution today. That is okay. But if you can afford it, these are some excellent candidates who could use your support.

Split a $500 contribution today between six progressive candidates for Congress and our campaign.

Thank you for adding your contribution. We are in an unprecedented moment in American history, and now more than ever we must stand together in the fight for justice.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders