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Gift Idea: A Book That Explains Trump to Your Kids

A cute yet educational counterpoint to the intolerance and cruelty coming down from the top.
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Excerpted from a children’s book written by Jeff Durston and illustrated by Hannah Howerton

There’s been an unexpected shake-up in the fruit nation, and an angry orange wants to send away all the imperfect fruit. Will the fruit learn to appreciate their differences, or will they have to say goodbye to the misshapen apples, overripe mangoes and wrinkly raisins? Sound familiar…? 

Told in clever rhyme, Make America Grape Again gives parents a way to talk to their children about the Trump presidency and the values that are now part of the national conversation in a way that feels straightforward, and yet also playful and humorous. The story is a celebration of diversity, and it will have both grownups and kids laughing while they root for a common winner; for inclusion over intolerance and fairness over injustice. Buy Make America Grape Again for your favorite kiddo, parent, grandparent, or misguided Republican friend who needs a coffee table book. 

The author’s social media handle is @grapeagainbook and their website is (or people can get it on Amazon if they want to give a chunk of the money to Bezos). Excerpted here are pages 7 through 11, in slideshow, above, and stack, below.

[Full disclosure: This site earns no money from sale of the book. We just like it.]

But it doesn’t end there! To find out what happens, check out!

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  1. narcissism—self loathing, antagonism, grandiosity….only stressed chaotic peoples obsess about their leaders….amerikans treated FDR and JFK like a traitor, except immigrants as Gorer observed….in 1974 the marxian social philosopher Richard Sennet, now teaches at Cambridge, described the amerikan obsession w JFK’s money and sex life as “mobilized narcissism, passivity, ideological senility”—amerikans far more narcissistic today per Konrath, Twenge/Campbell, Grijalva, etc…he wrote in 1974, “amerikans prefer to obsess over 1 disgraced leader after another rather than addressing social forces”. Ostrogorski, the acknowledged founder of modern political sociology found the tonly in the USA were political parties devoid of principles—except money, as did Tocqueville. he wrote, “of all peoples in an advanced stage of economic civilization amerikans r least accessible to long views, always and everywhere in a hurry to get rich they give no thought to remote consequences, they see only present advantages…amerikans do not remember, they do not feel–amerikans live in a materialist dream”….obvious—as Bakunin wrote, “the emphasis on economic arrangements is criminal short sightedness”

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