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So Trump Loses. What Happens Then?

Joe Biden’s arrival in the Oval Office won’t alter one mega-fact: Donald Trump will hand him a monstrous economic mess.

By Rajan Menon / Reposted with permission from

Donald Trump isn’t just inside the heads of his Trumpster base; he’s long been a consuming obsession among those yearning for his defeat in November. With barely more than a week to go before the election of our lifetime, those given to nail biting as a response to anxiety have by now gnawed ourselves down to the quick. And many have found other ways to manage (or mismanage) their apprehensions through compulsive rituals, which only ratchet up the angst of the moment, among them nonstop poll tracking, endless “what if” doomsday-scenario conversations with friends, and repeated refrigerator raids.

As one of those doomsday types, let me briefly suggest a few of the commonplace dystopian possibilities for November. Trump gets the majority of the votes cast in person on November 3rd. A Pew Research Center survey found that 60% of those supporting the president intend to vote that way on Election Day compared to 23% of Biden supporters; and a Washington Post-University of Maryland poll likewise revealed a sizable difference between Republicans and Democrats, though not as large. He does, however, lose handily after all mail-in and absentee ballots are counted. Once every ballot is finally tabulated, Biden prevails in the popular vote and ekes out a win in the Electoral College. The president, however, having convinced his faithful that voting by mail will result in industrial-scale fraud (unless he wins, of course), proclaims that he — and “the American people” — have been robbed by the establishment. On cue, outraged Trumpsters, some of them armed, take to the streets. Chaos, even violence, ensues. The president’s army of lawyers frenetically file court briefs contesting the election results and feverishly await a future Supreme Court decision, Mitch McConnell having helpfully rammed through Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to produce a 6-3 conservative majority (including three Trump-appointed Supremes) that will likely favor him in any disputed election case.

Or the vote tally shows that Trump didn’t prevail in pivotal states, but in state legislatures with Republican majorities, local GOP leaders appoint electors from their party anyway, defying the popular will without violating Article II, Section I, of the Constitution, which doesn’t flat-out prohibit such a stratagem. That was one possibility Barton Gellman explored in his bombshell Atlantic piece on the gambits Trump could use to snatch victory (of a sort) from the jaws of a Biden victory. Then there are the sundry wag-the-dog plots, including a desperate Trump trying to generate a pre-election rally-around-the-flag effect by starting a war with Iran — precisely what, in 2011, he predicted Barack Obama would do to boost his chances for reelection.

And that, of course, is just part of a long list of nightmarish possibilities. Whatever your most dreaded outcome, dwelling on it doesn’t make for happiness or even ephemeral relief. Ultimately, it’s not under your control. Besides, no one knows what will happen, and some prominent pundits have dismissed such apocalyptic soothsaying with assurances that the system will work the way it’s supposed to and foil Trumpian malfeasance. Here’s hoping.

In the meantime, let’s summon what passes for optimism these days. Imagine that none of the alarmist denouements materializes. Biden wins the popular vote tally and the Electoral College. The GOP’s leaders discover that they do, in fact, have backbones (or at least the instinct for political survival), refusing to echo Trump’s rants about rigging. The president rages but then does go, unquietly, into the night.

Most of my friends on the left assume that a new dawn would then emerge. In some respects, it indeed will. Biden won’t be a serial liar. That’s no small matter. By the middle of this year, Trump had made false or misleading pronouncements of one sort or another more than 20,000 times since becoming president. Nor will we have a president who winks and nods at far-right groups or racist “militias,” nor one who blasts a governor — instead of expressing shock and solidarity — soon after the FBI foils a plot by right-wing extremists to kidnap her for taking steps to suppress the coronavirus. We won’t have a president who repeatedly intimates that he will remain in office even if he loses the election. We won’t have a president who can’t bring himself to appeal to Americans to display their patriotism through the simple act of donning masks to protect others (and themselves) from Covid-19. And we won’t have a president who lacks the compassion to express sorrow over the 225,000 Americans (and rising) who have been killed by that disease, or enough respect for science and professional expertise, to say nothing of humility, to refrain from declaring, as his own experts squirm, that warm weather will cause the virus to vanish miraculously or that injections of disinfectant will destroy it.

And these, of course, won’t be minor victories. Still, Joe Biden’s arrival in the Oval Office won’t alter one mega-fact: Donald Trump will hand him a monstrous economic mess. Worse, in the almost three months between November 3rd and January 20th, rest assured that he will dedicate himself to making it even bigger.

The motivation? Sheer spite for having been put in the position — we know that he will never accept any responsibility for his defeat — of facing what, for him, may be more unbearable than death itself: losing. The gargantuan challenge of putting the economy back on the rails while also battling the pandemic would be hard enough for any new president without the lame-duck commander-in-chief and Senate Republicans sabotaging his efforts before he even begins. The long stretch between Election Day and Inauguration Day will provide Donald Trump ample time to take his revenge on a people who will have forsaken, in his opinion, the best president ever.

More on Trump’s vengeance, but first, let’s take stock of what awaits Biden should he win in November.

Our Covid-Ravaged Economy

To say that we are, in some respects, experiencing the biggest economic disaster since the Great Depression of the 1930s is anything but hyperbole. The statistics make that clear. The economy had contracted at a staggering annual rate of 31.4% during the second quarter of this pandemic year. During the 2007-2009 Great Recession, unemployment, at its height, was 10%. This year’s high point, in April, was 14.7%. Over the spring, 40 million jobs disappeared, eviscerating all gains made during the two pre-pandemic years.

There were, however, some relatively recent signs of a rebound. The Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank’s survey of economic forecasters, released in mid-August, yielded an estimate of a 19.1% expansion for the third quarter of 2020. But that optimism came in the wake of Congress passing the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, on March 27th, which pumped about $2.2 trillion into the economy. The slowdown in job growth between July and September suggests that its salutary effects may be petering out. Even with that uptick, the economy remains in far worse shape than before the virus started romping through the landscape.

However, while useful, aggregate figures obscure stark variations in how the pain produced by a Covid-19 economy has been felt across different parts of American society. No, we aren’t all in this together, if by “together” you mean anything remotely resembling equalized distress. A Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) release, for instance, reveals that September’s 7.9% nationwide unemployment rate hit some groups far harder than others.

The jobless rate for whites dropped to 7%, but for Hispanics it was 10.3%, for African Americans 12.1%. Furthermore, high-skill, high-wage workers have gotten off far more lightly than those whose jobs can’t be done from home, including restaurant servers and cooks, construction workers, meatpackers, housecleaners, agricultural laborers, subway, bus, and taxi drivers, first responders, and retail and hotel staff, among others. For workers like them, essential public health precautions, whether “social distancing” or stay-at-home decrees, haven’t just been an inconvenience. They have proven economically devastating. These are the Americans who are struggling hardest to buy food and pay the rent.

[Spencer Platt/Getty Images]

More than 25 million of them fall in the lowest 20% of the earnings scale and — no surprise here — have, at best, the most meager savings. According to the Fed’s calculations, of the bottom 25% of Americans, only 11% have what they require for at least six months of basic expenses and less than 17% for at least three. Yes, unemployment insurance helps, but depending on the state, it covers just 30% to 50% of lost wages. Moreover, there’s no telling when, or whether, such workers will be rehired or find new jobs that pay at least as much. The data on long-term unemployment isn’t encouraging. The BLS reports that, in September, 2.4 million workers had been unemployed for 27 weeks or more, another 4.9 million for 15 to 27 weeks.

These disparities and the steps the Fed has taken, including keeping interest rates low and buying treasury bills, mortgage-backed securities, and corporate bonds, help explain why high stock prices and massive economic suffering have coexisted, however incongruously, during the pandemic. The problem with bull markets, however, is that they don’t bring direct gains to the chunk of American society that’s been hurt the most.

Nearly half of American households own no stock at all, according to the Federal Reserve Bank, even if you count pension and 401k plans or Individual Retirement Accounts — and for black and Hispanic families the numbers are 69% and 72%, respectively. Furthermore, the wealthiest 10% of households own 84% of all stock.

Trump preens when the stock market soars, as he did on April 10th, when 16 million Americans had just filed for unemployment. Tweets trumpeting “the biggest Stock Market increase since 1974” were cold comfort for Americans who could no longer count on paychecks.

The Signs of Suffering

Even such numbers don’t fully reveal the ways in which prolonged joblessness has upended lives. To get a glimpse of that, consider how low-income workers, contending with extended unemployment, have struggled to pay for two basic necessities: housing and food.

Reuters reported in late July that Americans already owed $21.5 billion in back rent. Worse yet, 17.3 million of the country’s 44 million renter households couldn’t afford to pay the landlord and faced possible eviction. A fifth of all renters had made only partial payments that month or hadn’t paid anything. Again, not surprisingly, some were in more trouble than others. In September, 12% of whites owed back rent compared to 25% of African Americans, 24% of Asians, and 22% of Latinos. A May Census Bureau survey revealed that nearly 45% of African Americans and Hispanics but “only” 20% of whites had little or no confidence in their ability to make their June rent payments. (Households with kids were in an even bigger bind.)

The rent crunch also varied depending on a worker’s education, a reliable predictor of earnings. Workers with high school diplomas earned only 60% as much as workers who had graduated from college and only 50% of those with a master’s degree. And the more education workers had, the less likely they were to be laid off. Between February and August, 2.5% of employees with college degrees lost their jobs compared to nearly 11% of those who hadn’t attended college.

Those, then, are the Americans most likely to be at risk of eviction. Yes, the federal government, states, and cities have issued rent moratoriums, but the protections in them varied considerably and, by August, they had ended in 24 of the 43 states that enacted them; nor did they release renters from future obligations to pay what they owe, sometimes with penalties. In addition, eviction stays haven’t stopped landlords nationwide from taking thousands of delinquent renters to court and even, depending on state laws, seeking to evict them. The courts are clogged with such cases. Eventually, millions of renters could face what a BBC report called a potential “avalanche” of evictions.

Nor have homeowners been safe. The CARES Act did include provisions to protect some of them, offering those with federal-backed mortgages the possibility of six-month payment deferrals, potential six-month extensions of that, and the possibility of negotiating affordable payment plans thereafter. In many cases, however, that “forbearance” initiative hasn’t worked as intended. Often, homeowners didn’t know about it or weren’t aware that they had to file a formal request with their lenders to qualify or got the run around when they tried to do so. Still, mortgage forbearance helped millions, but it expires in March 2021 when many homeowners could still be jobless or have new jobs that don’t pay as well. Just how desperate such people will be depends, of course, on how strongly Covid-19 resurges, what future shutdowns it produces, and when it will truly subside.

Meanwhile, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association, the residential mortgage delinquency rate hit 8.22% as the second quarter of 2020 ended, the highest since 2014. Meanwhile, between June and July, mortgage payments overdue 90 or more days increased by 20% to a total unseen since 2010. True, we’re not yet headed for defaults and foreclosures on the scale of the Great Recession of 2007-2008, but that’s a very high bar.

As for hunger, a September Census Bureau survey reports that 10.5% of adults, or 23 million people, stated that household members weren’t getting enough to eat. That’s a sharp increase from the 3.7% in a Department of Agriculture survey for 2019. In July, the Wall Street Journal reported, 12% of adults said their families didn’t have enough food (compared to 10% in May). A fifth of them lacked the money to feed their kids adequately, a three-percent increase from May. Recent food-insecurity estimates for households with children range from 27.5% to 29.5%.

Meanwhile, enrollments in the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (known until 2008 as the Food Stamp Program) grew by 17% between February and May, forcing the government to increase its funding. Food banks, overwhelmed by demand, are pleading for money and volunteers. In August, a mile-long line of cars formed outside a food bank in Dallas, one of many such poignant scenes in cities across the country since the pandemic struck.

What Happens After the Election?

For those who have lost their jobs, the CARES Act provided $600 a week to supplement unemployment benefits, as well as a one-time payment of $1,250 per adult and $2,400 for married couples. That stipend, though, ended on July 31st when the Republican Senate balked at renewing it. In August, by executive order, the president directed the Federal Emergency Management Agency to step in with three weeks of $300 payments, which were extended for another three. That, however, was half what they would have received had the CARES supplement been extended and, by October, most states had used up the Trump allotments.

In the ongoing congressional negotiations over prolonging supplemental benefits and other assistance, President Trump engaged, only to disengage. With a September ABC News/IPSOS voter survey showing that just 35% of the public approved of his handling of the pandemic, and Joe Biden having opened a double-digit lead in many polls, the president suddenly offered a $1.8 trillion version of the CARES Act, only to encounter massive blowback from his own party.

And that’s where we are as the election looms. If Trump loses (and accepts the loss), he will hand Joe Biden an economic disaster of the first order that he’s made infinitely worse by belittling mask-wearing and social distancing, disregarding and undercutting his administration’s own medical experts, peddling absurd nostrums, and offering rosy but baseless prognostications. And between November 3rd, Election Day, and January 20th, Inauguration Day, expect — hard as it might be to imagine — an angrier, more vengeful Trump.

For now, as his prospects for victory seem to dim, he has good reason to push for, or at least be seen as favoring, additional aid, but here’s a guarantee: if he loses in November, he won’t just moan about election rigging, he’ll also lose all interest in providing more help to millions of Americans at the edge of penury and despair. Vindictiveness, not sympathy, will be his response, even to his base, for whom he clearly has a barely secret disdain. So accept this guarantee, as well: between those two dates, whatever he does will be meant to undermine the incoming Biden administration. That includes working to make the climb as steep as possible for the rival he’s depicted as a semi-senile incompetent. He will want only one thing: to see his successor fail.

Once Trump formally hands over the presidency — assuming his every maneuver to retain power flops — he’ll work to portray any measure the new administration adopts to corral the virus he helped let loose and to aid those in need as profligacy, and as “socialism” and governmental overreach imperiling freedom. Last guarantee: he won’t waste a minute getting his wrecking operation underway, while “his” party will posture as the paragon of financial rectitude. It won’t matter that Republican administrations have racked up the biggest budget deficits in our history. They, too, will ferociously resist Biden’s efforts to help millions of struggling Americans.

And think of all of this, assuming Biden wins, as the “good news.”

Rajan Menon

Rajan Menon, a TomDispatch regular, is the Anne and Bernard Spitzer Professor of International Relations at the Powell School, City College of New York, senior research fellow at Columbia University’s Saltzman Institute of War and Peace Studies, and a non-resident fellow at the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft. His latest book is The Conceit of Humanitarian Intervention.


  1. Ahh …. Good.

    Professor Rajan Menon is one of Colonel Bacevich’s finest. The Colonel is commanding officer of the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft. His wages are paid by Charles Koch and George Soros, and other such powerful forces. QI has seemingly assembled much of the Obama-Clintonista Democratic Party Machine brain trust. Once they were bank-rolled by the Big Boys, Koch and Soros, a couple of Baron Oligarchs who are among those that take their seats when the Ruling Syndicate meets, the money has poured in from the underling dukes. duchesses, lords, and ladies.

    It’s been Kaching! Kaching!, over at QI, since Colonel Bacevich opened QI’s brand new bank accounts, just a few months ago, by depositing generous checks signed by the nation’s most powerful ruling Baron Oligarchs.

    Within months QI has assembled the Obama-Clintonista Democratic Party Machine’s (DPM’s) Ivy-league brain trust, the upper crust of the nation’s best and brightest. What’s the starting salary for a QI “Resident Fellow”? How about for its “Senior Fellows”? What do they take to the bank on Friday?

    Within months, Colonel Bacevich was able to assemble a staff of 55 of the DPM’s best and brightest under the QI banner, each with a long glowing bio after her or his name, recounting their glories won, in Ivy festooned Academia, Government, Finance, and, the key QI identifying characteristic, in senior positions in the DPM Juggernaut Machine that is so desperate to win this election that their spokespeople, including key people at QI, have openly threatened a response by the US Military, (who are already being moved into position), should any of the people the DPM identifies as ‘The Deplorables’, rise up to resist the DPM seizing power through a staged ‘disputed’ election, followed by an intricately planned Mass Media Coup, backed up by the Iron Fist of the US Military if need be?

    Let’s do recognize that Dr. Menon is ‘just a stringer’ at QI, not one of their paid staff brains. At least that’s what I think “non-resident fellow” means in plain talk. It seems a bit curious, though I guess we should have expected, that when he holds forth in TomDispatch he does not mention his chair on the Council on Foreign Relations.

    When the representatives of the Syndicated Baron Oligarchs who rule over us meet, Dr. Menon pulls up a chair. He’s VERY proud of being a CFR “member”, so proud that in his City College bio he cites it twice. (Only a friend will tell you when you have lipstick on your teeth, or bad breath, good Dr. Menon).

    But when addressing the ‘liberal’ wing of the broad spectrum of forces the DPM Juggernaut has assembled, (from Never Trump repubs, to antifa/BLM goons, they’re ALL on the Soros/DPM payroll), our good Dr. Menon neglects to even mention that when the nest of slithering vipers meets, to decide, as representing the Barons who rule over us, (with no consideration, at ALL, for the interests of the US Common People), our nation’s foreign policy, Dr. Menon is exceedingly proud of the CFR role he plays. But with he’s wearing his CFR ‘hat’, he ducks his head if any ‘liberals’ might spot him’?

    Okey doke then … Interesting …

    I don’t know what a stringer makes at QI. (By the word?) Let’s just recognize that behind the chest full of ribbons and laurels he wears, Dr. Rajon Menon speaks on behalf of the forces of the DPM Juggernaut, as represented by his commission with the QI Regiment, under the command of Colonel Bacevich.

    The facts of the QI Case, (for any trying to keep up here), are self-evident. (Search: Colonel Wilkerson WBUR, and ‘ditto’ Quincy Institute). This is an arm of the DPM Juggernaut that has already put in motion contingency plans to use the US Military to seize power should disputed election conditions make the nation’s Common People feel such outrage, to confront such Tyranny, that they would rise from their homes, and bearing arms, as is their RIGHT, to oppose Tyranny, that they would rise in just armed resistance against DPM Military Tyranny … Colonel Wilkerson assures us that the DPM, through his New 7th, (TIP), under his dashing command, has plans IN PLACE, to use the US Military to gun down any US citizens who would rise bearing arms against the DPM’s seizure of power..

    But wait … There’s more … They’re not even trying to keep it secret … The DPM’s hired guns, their ‘liaison officers’, (shall we call them), like the dashing cavalry officer, (and Senior Fellow, or something, at QI), Colonel Larry Boy Wilkerson, have already PUBLICLY ANNOUNCED that they have plans in place to deploy US Troops, on US soil, against US citizens.

    Colonel Wilkerson has PUBLICLY recounted, as a high-ranking DPM officer, (the Colonel’s portfolio seems to include facilitating/coordinating communications between the DPM and the US Military), and presumably in his newly appointed command of the New 7th Cavalry, the DPM-created-and-financed Transfer Integrity Project, ole Blood an’ Guts Larry is all set to gun them Deplorables down.

    What does TIP do? What is the good Colonel Wilkerson’s assigned mission for his New 7th? how shall he pursue a warrior’s glory? (Hey … Don’t listen to me. Do the research. Search: Lawrence Wilkerson WBUR. There are TWO interviews. Together is where their meaning lies).

    Colonel Wilkerson’s New 7th is riding point as the DPM Juggernaut comes down the track, right at us. Sabers are sheathed, but at their sides. Their carbines are tucked under their saddles. The officers carry pistols.

    As Colonel Larry rides ahead to keep the tracks clear, he’s telling one and all that should any rise to resist the DPM, the US Military will be deployed to gun them down, if necessary, and he’s telling us we should fear as many as 280 million guns, in the hands of what the good Colonel calls ‘Trumps forces’, in public, but many among his New 7th Regiment call The Deplorables.

    Well … C’mon folks … This is an old OLD story. It has so often been told. It does NOT ‘end well’. EVER!

    C’mon, Dr. Menon … Enough of the City College hoighty-toity … Sorry … not impressed. CFR, eh? THAT is certainly impressive.

    And you come to tell folks, out here among the filth and rabble, where no one wears much in the way of ‘ribbons and laurels’, (’cause there ain’t none t’ be had), that the DPM Holy Crusade Force is planning for various scenarios, but you never think to mention your employers’ threats to deploy the US Military against US citizens bearing arms?

    Hmm … Do they call you ‘Chameleon’ Rajon when the drinks get to flowing, and songs are sung?

    Can you answer three questions, Dr. Menon?

    1) What unbiased authority does the DPM pretend exists in our nation, that could possibly store, move, guard, and eventually (supposedly) count, thousands upon thousands of pallets of tens upon tens of millions of paper ballots? Once dropped into a collection box, what is the chain of authority and responsibility for these truckloads upon truckloads of paper? How many times will each ballot be loaded onto or off a truck? By whom? Anything ever ‘fall off a truck’ in your neck a’ the woods?

    Does the DPM require, (command?), that the Common People must makes ourselves into complete idiots, lapping up any foul smelling gruel you throw down like it was tender meat, or the freshest crust of bread?

    (I guess somehow that could be construed as all one question, LOL … since the same answer is all wrapped up in every question).

    2) Isn’t the DPM’s clearly stated threat to use the US Military against US citizens, on US soil, proof enough of the Common People’s JUST fears of YOUR Tyranny? (DPM Tyranny)?

    3) Isn’t the DPM’s Iron Heeled Juggernaut so desperate to win back power, (so desperate that they would threaten the US Common People with a bloodbath if any resist), because they fear prosecution for their crimes while in office, should Trump win another term, and thus have the opportunity set ole PitBull Giuliani loose on these crooks for what they did. (C’mon, folks… Nixon just hired some two bit hoods. Under the Obama Regime, the DPM used the fracking FBI, and the US Judiciary. The FISA warrant is the smoking gun).

    Stalin or Hitler? A jackboot is a jackboot. The steel hob-nailed heels are all sharp and cruel against any human cheek.

    A bullet is a bullet. From some crazed Antifa/BLM Goon, or from some alt-right stooge. Sounds like hot lead and warn blood t’ ole Caliban.

    Are such sad times upon us?

    A pox on any who would raise weapons against their fellow citizens. The Enemy is The Syndicate. BOTH the Left AND the Right, are on their payroll.

    It’s NOT that complicated, folks. It’s Three Card Monte. The pea turns up as ‘they’ want it to. If you’re not running the game, or working for whoever is, then YOU are ‘the mark’.

    And the ONLY way to win, the ONLY fracking way, is not to play.


    R Zwarich
    Bent Birch Farm
    63 Webber Rd
    Brookfield, MA 01506
    774 449-8030

  2. I don’t think this election will produce any good news, unless there is enough chaos to force the system change we need, not just the same or new faces in high places. Neither of these candidates are of the people; their platforms are not what the people want and need. Both candidates are liars of one sort or another and have and will use the office of the president to enrich themselves and their families. Trump inherited a sick America of wars, kids in cages, mass incarceration, systemic racism, a widening wealth gap, homelessness, pedophilia, mass surveillance–an American nightmare he made worse. Regardless of who wins on November 3, the people lose.

    1. I fear there will be chaos regardless of who gets elected. And it won’t be any kind of revolution; just more civil war in the streets. Only change we’ll get will be of the worse kind.

      Chris Hedges has said multiple times that tyrannies collapse when the security apparatuses (police, military) turn on the leadership and stop shooting the people. True. But considering how warped America is, if that happens it’ll be if, by dumb blind luck, we actually get good leaders installed who might actually be trying to pass positive policies, and those revolting against said leaders are the typical deranged fascists. Then and only then is when the police, et al, will turn on our leaders. I have zero faith in anything good coming out of America right now. I’m sick of hope.

      But yes, you’re exactly right; no matter if it’s Biden or Trump, Americans lose.

      1. It’s a shame that our good citizen Marble Rye’s spirit has been so brutalized that she or he curses hope itself.

        Not only that, poor Marble Rye is so confused that she or he thinks that it is ‘good leaders’ we should look to in these times of trial, and that it is the Common People, our fellow citizens we must fear.

    2. Ahh … Good Citizen … Look not to the Demon Chaos for anything ‘good’. ‘Chaos’ is when every demon in every human heart is set free. ‘Good’ does not follow from Chaos. Good follows from Good Order.

      Are we not capable of Good Order?

      Do not embrace Despair, good citizen Ms. Humprey. Remember that Good Spirit has not yet even ‘taken the field’.

      The time has not yet come. When it does, believe me, YOU will know.

      When Good Spirit takes the field, we will take it by storm.


  3. When I hear the word “system,” I reach for my gun. Separation of powers, impartial judiciary, fair elections, electoral college . . .
    All shams. How many times, from Mueller’s nothing burger investigation to now, have we heard the phrase “constitutional crisis?” Meanwhile the beleaguered country has been in an ongoing crisis with no viable political relief.

    1. One has to ask … Has BlackOrpeus not yet found BlackNeo?

      Surely The Oracle does not envision violence as the solution to the riddle? You hear a word, good citizen, and you reflexively “reach for your gun”?

      Methinks The Oracle sez, good BlackOrpheus, that people who should be allies must first stop being enemies.

      Our nation’s black folks have been duped into hating white folks. The entire Marionette Left has been duped into hating everyone alive now for all of History’s sins.

      These folks are allowing our cunning Enemy to control them, to own their own spirits, and, of course, their minds as well. (Our superstitions, legends, and beliefs say that God allows us to be ‘free’. But “own the heart, and the mind will follow” is a lesson The Devil learned early on).

      Our Enemy is few in number, even though IMMENSELY powerful. The Enemy rules by cunning alone. The Enemy’s victims are wallowing in misery, and in the severely emotionally addled state of people groveling in the mire, competing for scraps with vicious snarl and snap of fang, they turn viciously on one another, rather than on The Enemy that keeps them ALL in the mire.

      It’s been “going on for 10,000 years”. Keep them groveling in the mire, and keep them slashing/gnashing fangs at each other’s throats. They draw each other’s blood, and then Vengeance owns them. There are people walking around our streets whose blood hatred is rooted in events that happened 150 years ago, (and more). “Winter of ’65. We was hungry. The kids was barely alive. When spring came, Richmond had fell. It was a time I remember O so WELL …”

      What do we think Sherman did on his march to the sea? He had read Caesar. He had learned well. What does every army do when set loose to ‘rape and pillage’ a defenseless population? Babies were skewered on sabres, as the cavalry ravaged and raped, and burned, and killed.

      V for Vendetta? Slash quickly, from behind a pretentious mask, and let the red lifeblood splatter and flow freely?

      Which violent fantasy is BlackOrpheus’ favorite, (as he “reaches for his gun”)?

      Maybe if we stopped hating and irrationally demonizing our fellow countrymen and countrywomen, other among our nation’s yeoman folks would stop hating us back? Ya s’pose?

      Reach for your gun? You know that the people YOU hate have most of the guns? (70%, Colonel Doctor Larry Wilkerson sez).

      Is hating really our best strategy? Vengeance? Vendetta? Blood must flow until scores are even? Are they EVER ‘even’?

      Stick people’s noses in dead people’s shit? Do we really think that teaches them anything besides enmity for those sticking their noses in someone ELSE’S shit? Does BlackOrpheus known the colloquialism ‘GFY’? Does BlackOrpheus know how many stout full-grown men, well armed, many of them trained warriors, (real life ‘rambos’), hate him back when he pours his self-serving hatred on them?

      In Old Sicily, whole generations of women lived their lives without husbands, because all the young men, of every village, had all killed one another in tribal Vengeance, in Vendetta, in Violence. Did any find Victory? Victims only derive therefrom. (Same latin root” ‘victa’). Did any tribe’s vanguard Vanquish?

      What comes from Violence, but ever more violence?

      Though IMMENSELY powerful, The Enemy are few. It would not even require violence to EASILY defeat them. Moral Authority will be enough.

      Only the Truth can save us. But Truth has no Desire. Surely Orpheii of EVERY color know this. The Truth stands contentedly alone. It is beyond even patience. It does not wait at ALL! On any power, on any force, and most certainly not on any mere human.

      Truth does not care what happens, but like some omnipotent ‘god’, it keeps a perfect record of every event and deed.

      Only the Truth has the power to defeat The Enemy we face. The Truth will NOT serve us at ALL, however, unless we faithfully serve the Truth.

      Here’s a slice of truth that I stumbled across along the way, (purty good chance I mighta’ been ‘a few beers gone’ at the time):

      People who should be allies must first stop being enemies.


  4. This article sounds like the DNC’s playbook as to why they won’t be able to help Americans after the elections. I can already hear the excuses, “Trump spent all of the money, sorry America we can’t do more stimulus, we’re going to need more austerity instead.”

    1. They’ve already signaled as much, Scott. Here is an excerpt from a Jacobin article from August 20:

      Former Delaware Sen. Ted Kaufman, a Biden confidant who succeeded him in the Senate, predicted during a Wall Street Journal Newsmakers Live interview Tuesday that a large increase in federal spending would be difficult to achieve in 2021.

      “When we get in, the pantry is going to be bare,” said Mr. Kaufman, who is leading Mr. Biden’s transition team. “When you see what Trump’s done to the deficit…forget about Covid-19, all the deficits that he built with the incredible tax cuts. So we’re going to be limited.”

      This is what America gets when it insists on lesser-evil voting. Hope Chomsky’s happy.

      1. Take heart! good citizen Marble Rye. Be not so dour. There is hope in your own very ‘awakening’.

        One of my own favorite lessons I learned from ole Charlie Dickens. ole Charlie told this tale, see … In a single sleep, in a single night’s disturbing dreams, old Scrooge awakened into a New Spirit.

        Was ole Charlie really just an old fool? The love in every family is as passionate as that in every other, among the weak, just as among the powerful.

        Awakening CAN happen. Haven’t YOU awakened, good citizen? Haven’t I? Haven’t others? Look around us. WE are, perhaps, MOST of the nation. (We are, at least, enough to form into a critical mass, and to be mutually self-aware).

        As these crazed hysterical Mobs, the Obama-Clintonista nakedly Fascist DPM, and Trumpty-Dumpty, (and all of his men) play ‘game of thrones’ against one-another, let’s try to remember that Good Spirit has not yet even ‘taken the field’.

        The time will come, good citizen. Good Spirit WILL ‘take the field’.

        When that time comes, all who are ‘awake’ will know it. First the hackles will tickle … then a shiver will reverberate from scalp tp toenails. You will feel the very crackle in the air. YOU, good citizen, will KNOW when the time has come.

        When Good Spirit takes the field, we will take it by storm.


  5. only an ignorant narcissist writes this drivel—US is ravaged by Covid stupidity, not a virus. to pretend that Biden is not marginally worse that trump suggests that this technician that serves power has zero understanding….no context here only lies

    1. Such a pity … sigh … This is what we stupid humans do. For some reason, (unrevealed, but there IS a motive deeper down), good citizen Yuri thinks it serves whatever cause he advocates to make even people who agree with him regard HIM with disgust.

      The first words out of such people’s mouths will always be to hurl her or his own feces. This is what wqe human apews do, by our Nature. People like poor pathetic Yuri will sling a personal insult, as preface to anything else she or he has to say.

      Is our good citizen Yuri familiar with the colloquialism, “GFY”?

      Does the good citizen know how many stout men wish Yuri were standing in front of them right NOW, so’s they could spit on his shoe, and smile, just t’ see what ole Yuri’d do next?

      C’mon, man … Drop the act, (fer crissakes). It’s pathetic … You’re a MUCH better man than this, good citizen Yuri. That much is easy enough to see.


  6. Presidents are usually re-elected, and we wasted enough years trying to educate (middle class) liberals about that deep, growing split in the former Dem voting base. Every day, Biden specifies that he is only interested in (whatever remains of) the middle class. And as pointed out over the last four years, the Democrats’ reckless Russiagate scheme only drove more voters away.

    1. “The Democrats’ Russiagate scheme” was so much more than a mere ‘scheme’. It was a CRIME, good citizen. It included, and empowered high crimes, amounting to Treason, against our nation.

      C’mon … follow along … It ain’t that hard. The Obama Regime, with Hillary being briefed to assume command, plotted a criminal strategy, rooted in self-aware Big Lies, to maintain their own lucrative Gravy Train.

      They DID it! Forensics has already identified their prints all over the ‘smoking gun’. Gunpowder residue is all over their hands. Yea … They sure deserve their day in court, but it’ll likely be a short trial, (unless ole Arky Bill gets t’ goin’ on an’ on about what ‘is’ means).

      They DID it! They were crooks, and if there is ANY such thing as ‘justice’ in our nation, then those folks gots t’ pay for their crimes against our nation.

      THAT is why the DPM, the Obama-Clintonista Democratic Party Machine, is so desperate to seize power that the Iron Heel Syndicate has been forced to stand, fully revealed, in every Public Square. Freedom of speech itself now no longer exists in America. The Syndicate has repealed the First Amendment. Next, they have their sights on the Second.

      C’mon, folks … This ain’t rocket science. The Enemy are few in number, (even if those few have IMMENSE power).

      C’mon, folks is just folks. Noam Chomsky has just shown us how stupid even the most brilliant among us can be.

      Can we not become self-aware with a laugh, rather than a surge of self-revulsion? The Human comedy is tragic. It takes two masks to represent the Human Condition.

      Folks is just folks … We’re ALL, every man-jack and woman-jill a’ breathin’, just poor dumb humans. We all screw up, somehow or another, ’bout half the time.

      If our Republic will ever exist again, (I have my doubts; I think we have to build something completely new), then the Obama Regime must be brought to face Justice for its crimes against our nation.

      Let us, in Gracious Spirit, pardon them in advance, but we MUST prosecute them. We will allow them to live out their lives in whatever ‘peace’ they can find with their Public DisHonor and DisGrace, but we cannot allow them to gloat over us, over the Common People, in demon Pride, Greed, and raw deadly Lust.

      RussiaGate, in all its DEADLY plots, has been, and continues to be, much more than a ‘scheme’. It is a Criminal Conspiracy that has now become an intricately planned DPM Coup, that is ALREADY being executed.


  7. Caliban is a willing fool, but I’m NOT waiting for Dr. Menon’s reply. (He received my comments by email, to his City College box, but I haven’t as yet heard back).

    The Council on Foreign Relations does not yet deign to respond to the groveling masses.

    They WILL respond to Caliban. Watch and see.

    A potion? Hot metal? William Wallace, legend tells us, was torn limb from limb by four stout horses, “after his privy parts were cut off”, (as specified in his written sentence of punishment). Sir Bruce had cowered in shame, and his cowardly betrayal was the brave man’s undoing. But wait, did Sir Bruce not rise from his shame, like Saul from the road’s dust and rubble?

    Watch and see.


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