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On Contact: Taibbi and Hedges on the Media Landscape

On Chris Hedges' show, On Contact, the host speaks with journalist and author Matt Taibbi about the rapidly disintegrating media landscape and its consequences.

On Chris Hedges’ RT show, On Contact, the host speaks with journalist and author Matt Taibbi about the rapidly disintegrating media landscape and its consequences.


  1. I didn’t catch why they thought they did it. Why did e.g. NYTimes self-immolate as a news source? Hedges muttered something about fear. Fear of what?

    IMHO it is the publisher’s ego trip. He has great power so he wants to use it. He wants his power to be seen. Power corrupts to the point of self-destruction, and is likely to take us with it. Do we want to be joined with the owning class in a suicide pact? How will we get out of it?

    1. The NYT was seeing multi-million dollar losses. They went propaganda and showed a 55 million (?) profit.

      1. Wow! So money is everything now. It’s not just the Style section. The newsroom is the same. The Grey Lady decided to be a whore.

    2. I didn’t catch why they thought they did it. Why did e.g. NYTimes self-immolate as a news source? Hedges muttered something about fear. Fear of what?

      IMHO it is the publisher’s ego trip. He has great power so he wants to use it. He wants his power to be seen. Power corrupts to the point of self-destruction, and is likely to take us with it. Do we want to be joined with the owning class in a suicide pact? How will we get out of it?

      I think you answered your own question. The self-destruction by power-corruption is nearly complete, explaining why nothing’s coherent. It’s become crystal clear to me. Since power corrupts absolutely, there is only one option for humanity: total reversal and elimination of the pursuit of concentrated power, across society, from the individual to the institution. It’s easy in that our policy becomes complete, whole. But it’s a challenge because it is a monumental task requiring the utmost effort of all people. But this is ok. Because there’s no other option. The status quo of covilization is a cyclic catastrophe of epic proportions, and it’s time, it’s always been time, to move beyond that, toward the one thing that makes utmost sense, beyond measure. We all know what that is: Total positivity. Total faith in humanity. It takes utmost courage, poersistence, all virtues, by all, for all. Time to get moving. We’re leaving all this negativity behind. All of it. No more corrution of the positive with the negative. No more mixed bags of deception/trickery, bait-n-switch, shell games, tail wagging the dog, cart before the horse, etc, etc, ad nauseam. No more garbage in garbage out. No more parasite master. No more authority. No more domination/submission, reward/punishment, duty/obligation, labels/judgments, guilt/shame, fault/blame. No more negative. Instead, the universal reign of free will. Our purpose is to serve life with total positivity, to participate with nature in order-building. Our positivity is total, to maintain momentum, stability, at our peak potential. Must I illustrate the benefits? They are monumental.

      1. Sorry. It didn’t allow me to edit my post. I meant to delete your comment that I pasted in because it would not show me your comment while composing.

    3. I believe Hedges said that it is because “The Times” is hemorrhaging money. They are afraid of going bankrupt, so they’re doing what they can to preserve a shrinking audience.

  2. News, so called, has always been nationalistic. When it moved from radio to television, with the obligatory pretty anchor people, “news” moved into entertainment-ideology.

    Now, with the electronic privileging of immediacy, ideology has become party-affiliated propaganda, the flashier the better.

    The NY Times is a party to this no matter its customary self-righteousness.

  3. Considering we are only two days before one of the most fateful presidential elections in living memory, what, pray tell, does it say about a media outlet that devotes more space to texts concerning a mediocre populist blogger who threw a temper tantrum resignation on the pretext that his editors asked him to change some demagogic details in a submitted article because they did not want to publish a pro-Trump propaganda (in the favorite Neo Progressive form of anti-liberal conspiracy theory), than to the aforementioned event?

    If Hedges, Taibbi, Greenwald and other Neo Progressive demagogues and propaganda buffs are what’s left of the left then we are truly in a post truth era, where ‘alternative facts’ roam free, and the most important facts of our lives, such as the looming choice between fascist m@r@n and a democratic revival opportunity, are overshadowed by delusional, self-congratulatory, naval-gazing nonsense and trivia.

    1. LOL … Yer a hoot cowboy …

      Your comments always bear the hallmarks of ‘training’. Do you think that folks here, folks who read Robert Scheer’s blog, are impressed?

      Well … I am … You just don’t sound like a run-of-the-mill troll. You sound like a trained-specialist Troll.

      Are you paid to do this, or just a ‘volunteer’?

      1. You are neither funny, profound or interesting as you seem to pride yourself (anyone spewing “this fascinating discussion between people I hold in very high esteem” on anything said at the Russian propaganda outlet by the likes of Hedges or Taibbi is little more than a cult follower, and not the brightest).

        The truth needs no financiers!

      2. Many thanks to nHaramati for her or his comments. It is a special sort of person , I s’pose, who enjoys hanging out where she or he can deliberately irritate the most possible people.

        One wonders what these types of people’s motives could be? If they were not assigned to this as a ‘duty’, if they are not operatives, what kind of person would do this just to entertain themselves?

        Doesn’t matter, My hat is off to good citizen nHaramati. She or he is highly skilled at being a disgusting troll. (No one, on ANY side, likes a troll). People with this degree of skill are often trained to do this.

    2. You drank the Koolaid about Trump and other matters. Trump is the result of problems that most of the media is not talking about, and another, possibly worse version will come along–or civil war–if those problems are not addressed very soon.

  4. Well … The most interesting and informative aspect of this video, (a time-saving transcript sure would be nice, reading is so much faster than talking), the most interesting aspect of this fascinating discussion between people I hold in very high esteem, is how perspective shapes cognition, and even perception itself.

    They’re both earnestly discussing the attributes of ‘the trees’, and they seem to be too close to their subject to ‘see’ the forest.

    It’s in their attribution of motive that the naïveté of their analyses is exposed. Mr. Taibbi declares that he cannot understand why the perfectly nice corporate media execs he’s schmoozed with won’t just act like we were taught they should. There’s a big demand, he points out, for actual objective ‘news’. Why don’t they exploit that lucrative market?

    He thinks they (Mass Media) are being foolish, and are not exploiting a lucrative market for objective information, simply because they don’t properly perceive its value to them, and when he ‘sits in their offices’, earnestly trying to ‘splain it all to them, the big meanies just won’t listen. “I don’t understand”, Mr Taibbi tells us. (C’mon, man … It’s not really complicated).

    Mr Hedges interjects that he thinks it’s just because they’re losing money, and are in a panic about that.

    Well … Mr Hedges analyses of The Enemy’s psychological profile is often brilliantly perceptive, but in this case, I don’t think he’s yet delved the reasons for their fear. Fear is indeed in The Enemy’s eyes, (and we should greatly fear that), but it’s over MUCH more than merely the Mass Media corporations’ profit margins. (Complete financial disaster for the Sulzberger Family might mean they would have to struggle to get by (somehow) on a measly few hundred million).

    C’mon … These guys know far too much to remain this naive.

    The Enemy did not garner so much power by being stupid. The means of communication are the means of power. The Enemy is ruthless and cunning. It set about, in an organized way, to gain centralized control over Mass Media. (Slick-Willie Clinton, same fella rammed NAFTA down our throats, and repealed Glass-Steagel, also signed the Tele Act of ’96, allowing implosive centralization of ownership, and doing away with the Public Interest mandate altogether. This is the same Regime, the Obama-Clintonista Democratic Party Machine, that is now so desperate to recapture the White House, to forestall their own prosecution for their obvious crimes against our nation.)

    These gentlemen are staring this ‘demon’ in the face, but not really ‘seeing’ it. The NY Post story being buried is an act of fear and desperation. The Enemy has shown its naked face. And dangerous fear indeed glows hot from demon eyes. The Enemy would NOT have done this were it not DESPERATE !

    They fear disgrace and dishonor. They fear di8sempowerment. C’mon, boys, they fear fracking PRISON!

    They DID it. They’re a gang of Arky/Chicago thugs. It’s the legacy of Capone. (It fascinated Machiavelli). They’re a gang of thugs who used the power of government, while entrusted with office, against their political rivals. C’mon … Nixon just hired some local hoods. Obama used the fracking FBI, and the full enforcement power of the US Judiciary, to spy on his political opponents, in order to gain political power.

    That’s EXACTLY what Capone would do. Hit ’em with the biggest club within reach. The FISA warrant is the ‘smoking gun’. It was fraudulent, and its very use comprised a crime that was obviously premeditated, at the highest level, as Hillary was being briefed to assume command.

    These experienced people, (Hedges and Taibbi), these two men who have had an ‘inside view’ of Mass Media, nonetheless have not yet conceptualized the degree of intently applied control being exerted over Mass Media. The motives of those in control, the motives of The Enemy, extend in scope far beyond the near term ‘bottom line’ of a few corporations.

    Mr. Hedges and Mr. Taibbi at least are perceptive enough that when slapped across the face with a stinky dead fish, they do realize that something VERY important has happened. But they don’t seem to yet fully understand the full meaning and import of their own deductions. They have only just arrived at the deductions (apparently) and have not yet used them as premises on which to build further reasoning.

    These people, these alt-media ‘stars’, (“people like us”, Mr Taibbi says, naming Greenwald and other alt- media ‘glitterati’ now being treated so roughly by their big meany bully bosses, these growing cadres of our most talented journalists), are ALL being expelled from Mass Media, for the ‘crime’ of being actual ‘journalists’.

    Journalism, as a scientific ‘discipline’, (worthy of being taught as such in the Halls of the nation’s Academy), objective journalism, guided by the base principles of scientific skepticism and objectivity, is now much more than merely not being practiced in American Mass Media, it is VERBOTEN! from our nation’s Mass Media.

    Mr. Taibbi should try to understand that those suits in the fancy offices high up above the NY canyons are just the hired help. They do the bidding of their stockholders. A handful of major ‘positions’ own controlling blocks, in the handful of corporations that own ALL our nation’s Mass Media.

    If Eisenberg doesn’t do what Bezos demands, you think Bezos is then helpless, with no recourse? When The Syndicate meets, those who sit down don’t ‘come heavy’, but only because they don’t have to. They are ALL well-armed, and they ALL understand that.

    C’mon guys … Bezos is business partner (fer crissakes) with the CIA. He bought WaPo within days of his sweetheart handshake deal with the fracking CI fracking A.

    Direct control by ownership is only one aspect of Mass Media control. Extensive control can also be exerted through metering the flow of advertising dollars.

    Anyway … I have confidence that when Mr. Hedges and Mr Taibbi go on to apply their brilliant deductions as premises for further reasoning, (as they think their way into this), they will eventually become aware that all the trees, all together, comprise something else entirely than just an ‘bunch of trees’.

    1. You remind me if this Nationalist troll I have the displeasure of working with. He can’t stop talking about the wonders of everything rightist and stupid.

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