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Hundreds of Demonstrations Planned as Trump Moves to Steal Election

The president's false victory claim could be met with more than 500 protests.
“We’re gonna have to do this,” said Alexandria Villaseñor, founder of youth-led advocacy group Earth Uprising. “We need the world to help us.” (Image: Protect the Results)

By Jake Johnson / Common Dreams

As the nightmare scenario many have been warning about for months came true early Wednesday with President Donald Trump’s false declaration of victory, advocacy organizations behind the “Protect the Results” coalition reaffirmed that they are prepared to mobilize across the United States as the nation teeters on the edge of a constitutional crisis.

If the coalition decides to officially activate the mass protests in response to Trump’s false victory claim, more than 500 demonstrations are scheduled to take place Wednesday afternoon as the vote count continues, with a trio of key battlegrounds—Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania—at the center of the nation’s attention. The coalition is expected to meet early Wednesday to decide whether to greenlight the wave of demonstrations.

In a speech from the White House early Wednesday with millions of votes left to count, President Donald Trump did what the coalition of more than 130 advocacy groups, labor unions, and environmental organizations has long feared he would: Falsely declared outright victory, baselessly cried voter fraud in key states that may not ultimately turn out in his favor if all ballots are counted, and threatened to turn to the U.S. Supreme Court to help him stop the vote count.

“We expected Trump and Republicans to try every trick in the book to cling to power,” advocacy group Indivisible, one of the original founders of the “Protect the Results” coalition, tweeted early Wednesday. “That’s why we’re ready to mobilize. Join the movement to stop a constitutional crisis.”

“We’re gonna have to do this,” said Alexandria Villaseñor, founder of youth-led advocacy group Earth Uprising. “We need the world to help us.”

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  1. And here we go again… No one is “stealing the election.” We spent years detailing how the “New Democrat Party” was pushing people away. They split apart their own voting base, mainly by class, and then their Russiagate scheme drove even more voters away, making today’s Democrats too dangerous to vote for. Yet, whatever remains of the party loyalists simply cannot conceive of the possibility that we don’t all march in lockstep behind them. This is because every step of the way, they have refused to listen to anything except the echoes of their own voices.

  2. Did any ever doubt that the Hysterical Mob Left would be the first to take to the streets?

    130 ‘organizations’? How many exists on begging donations, and how many would not exist if not for a key ‘grant’ from a key funder? I’m sure no scholar … Has the Left, historically speaking, ever before, in all History, so foolishly and completely served the priorities of its own Enemy?

    “We must divide and rule”, saith The Ruling Syndicate. “Oh goody, we’ll help” the idiot Left answers. And they’re all, every Social Warrior Executive Director of a Leftist 501(c) corporation among them, so dog-gone excited to be ‘on stage’, (after so long in obscurity), that they just can’t be bothered right now to look down the road to maybe anticipate what might be coming.

    It pains me to see such good and passionate ‘troops’, possessed of such strong and noble spirit, so poorly led to slaughter. When Noble Spirit crosses a key line and becomes Righteousness, it may prosper for a time, but its own hypocrisy will undermine it completely in the end.

  3. If we’ve witnessed 10 million media articles written over the years comparing the behavior of two contestants to an authoritarian throne, we could witness another 50 million in the years ahead. A they would all repeat the same authoritarian strategy: To camouflage the real alternative with yet another distracting focus upon a miniscule difference between policies of two contestants. Miniscule difference, meaning it won’t matter in the big scheme of things in terms of improving the quality of life of individuals, all of humanity. It won’t matter, thus everything will remain mostly the same, which is absolutely horrific today compared to our peak potential to thrive. What is our peak potential to thrive?

    We ask this question for very good reason. As a mental exercise, why don’t we give it some thought? Why would we ask one another to consider investigating our peak potential to thrive?

    Could there be a good reason for us to consider this question? Could there be a good reason for us to ask one another to participate in such an execise? Hmm.

    Do we discover a possibility of a thread of unconventional wisdom in posing this question? Can we perhaps detect a little bit of RISK in considering the question of where our peak potential to thrive might be, umm perhaps very much distant from our quality of life today?

    A li’l bit o’a risk? Maybe we are programmed to consider it FOOLISH to take time out from, umm, shopping for our next SUV to think about our peak potential. Taking a minute to consider that our peak potential to perform, our peak potential to induce logically, our peak potential to create positive paths, our peak potential to build mental connections, relations, causality? Our peak potential to discover, understand, appreciate, integrate, and cooperate with nature? Our peak potential to support nature’s process of order-building? Our peak potential for mutual aid, for faith in humanity, for focus on the meaning of life, our purpose, the wholeness of our collective worldview, a solid context for the process of understanding what is going on in the world around us?

    And then who’s going to manage our global society? Umm we the people? Are we ready to take over the task? When will we be ready? When will I set my stop watch? When will we break our addiction to the plunder-cookies?

    1. Poetic. Well said. Eloquent. But of what practical value? At some point we have to move past our mourning throes, our lament for delusions either stripped away or abandoned? Sharing the pain of loss is a necessary step, I s’pose, but the next step oughta’ follow right along.

      We gotta start sorting out the ‘facts on the ground’.

  4. the voter fraud –vote by mail–is dimocrats, not GOP…more CD lies
    mail voting is not permitted in civilized nations except for remote locations

  5. And now the sober pronouncement: We are headed for a constitutional crisis.
    Count the times we’ve heard the meaningless phrase: constitutional crisis.
    About as often as we hear or read the word “existential.” Neither phrase signifies anything, of course.

    1. Uhh … Let’s not let our powers of reason cross the bounds of Reason.

      Words have meaning. Humanity’s ‘existence’ is very immediately at stake.

      A much deeper concept altogether than mere loyalty to an outdated Constitution that only serves the interests of Ruling Elites over those of the Common People.

      Guns will settle this ‘crisis’. The only questions are who will firew them, and how many will die. First Blood has already been drawn, and (predictably..sigh) each side blames the other, and thus each side feels ‘righteous’. People are heavily armed. A ‘situation’ could hardly be more immediately dangerous.

      Granted .. as Humanity faces its fate, its very ‘existence’ at stake, the word ‘existential’ is going to be heard much more often than some would like.

      We are already WAY past the capacity of the US Constitution. The very people who wrote the document allowed that without periodic “revolutions” by the Common People, against established authority, (should the latter seem to be entrenching itself in power), would be necessary.

      It is impossible to imagine that the men, walking on their stinky human ‘feet of clay’, who wrought the US Constitution, would be horrified to imagine government forces shooting down people in the streets.

      Once we get to that point, (gee .. which way? … ahead or behind?) … Once two clear sides have ‘polarized’, each of them fully armed with the full righteousness of religious zeal … And with guns as well … Uhh .. Such niceties as ‘the constitution’ have pretty much been at least suspended, if not permanently canceled.

      Who can command the most guns?

      Turn the question around every which way we can. Who will the citizen bearing arms obey? Who will the ‘troops’, whether military or police, obey?

      C’mon, folks … The Great Wheel of History turns upon us. There is no escape. This electiomn is a clown circus. No unbiased moral authority exists in our nation that can possibly have guarded tens of millions of mailed in ballots from tampering.

      C’mon … The side with the best liars and cheaters win? That’s what the clown circus of American Democracy (all genuflect) has come to?

      The Black Kettle pointing at the ‘evil’ Black Pots, and condemning them as such (as evil) for being black, is not a public posture that ‘wins friends and influences people’.

      Understanding that simple riddle, (oh ..I didn’t mention it was a ‘riddle’, did I?), is the key to reaching our common objectives.

      The Constitution is growing ever smaller in the rear view mirror. As it recedes, we turn to face the road rushing at us, and we ‘see’ that this is a life and death struggle for all Humanity.

      Humanity’s fate is dead ahead, rushing at us. Our ‘existence’ will be decided.

      And both sides are bristling in righteous zeal. And all sides are heavily armed.


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