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Maj. Danny Sjursen and Oliver Stone Discuss ‘Patriotic Dissent’ (Video)

The author of "Patriotic Dissent: America in the Age of Endless War" spoke with filmmaker and author Oliver Stone at the 14th annual Heyday Harvest.


  1. The People can only succeed if they unite…freaks and all. The liberal populists are there. When will the conservative populists drop their defense of the faux (empire, patriotism, capitalism, religion, etc) and join the liberal populists?


    That conspiracies are everywhere, both real and imagined, is unsurprising given the grotesquely misshapen world in which we live.
    Climate change is moving much more swiftly and destructively than scientists anticipated.
    Which means that humans, plants and animals are perishing rapidly and the human-occupied world—the Holocene epoch—is dying before our eyes.
    World’s end will invoke mania, the filthiest of cruelties, and, naturally, conspiracies.

    Why, for example, are narcotic substances such as ketamine, psilocybin, LSD, cannabis, MDMA, cocaine, and even opioids such as heroin, suddenly socially admissible, or at least no longer criminalized?
    Did Big Pharma meet in a high-ceilinged, air conditioned suite with a handful of trillionaires and two or three non-cognitively impaired Trump appointees and decide to decriminalize substances which just five or six years before were subject to lengthy imprisonment.
    And what does Big Pharma get out of it?

    Big Pharma gets a fast track to the billion-dollar production of each of these substances, as happened with benzodiazepines and so-called medical opioids.
    And the trillionaire conspiracists, along with the war-mongering government, ensures a youthful public that is not just distracted and hors-de-combat with technology and massive student debt, but with lovely, disorienting, suddenly legal drugs.

    Orwell in 1984 envisioned the future as the “boot on the face”; whereas Huxley in Brave New World prophesied the narcotic distraction of “Soma,” while the official world genocides and amasses ever greater wealth.
    What we are witnessing as our world in pain winds down are both.

    1. While I respect and generally agree with your comments., particularly on climate and ecocide, I must make one exception. And that is your lumping together so-called “recreational” drugs, regardless of source or pharmacology (and yes, I’m a molecular biologist, so I must try to educate). First, those that are manufactured vs those that occur in Nature sans human manipulation. Cannabis and psilocybin fit that “by nature profile,” the rest don’t (heroin included, but not opium which you omit). Moreover, the pharmacologies are vastly different, and the fact that you omit ethyl alcohol among drugs you term “disorienting” is revealing. For example, cocaine overdrives excitatory [E] neurotransmitter brain systems. Opioids and alcohol, in fact, overdrive inhibitory [I] neurotransmitter brain systems. Sequelae: Neurological imbalance with severe side-effects, including addiction. Cannabis stimulates the endocannabinoid system, which is a fine-tuning feedback synaptic modulator at both E and I brain systems, hence no imbalance. I’ll leave the pharmacology there. Alcohol is far more dangerous to both brain, liver, and basic metabolism. These are scientific findings, not speculation.

      Then there’s my personal experience — a stroke in my Forties and 20 succeeding years of severe chronic sub-occipital headache. If you believe that using Cannabis to ameliorate that headache is more disorienting than a crushing headache itself —CHRONICALLY (every day without respite)— then I’m afraid you’re misconstruing at leat my experience. And of course I was given opioids, but I used Cannabis to get rid of them, and continue to use it to clear, not cloud, my cognition (under a state medical cannabis initiative). Medicinal uses of Cannabis and plant Cannabinoids is real and has real scientific underpinnings. And I detest both the greed-driven corporate control of the situation, as well as the push to legalize it for “recreation”, so in that sense, we’re in agreement. And while I detest the rush to market and over-hyping of CBD, the clinical fact is that it is now part of the therapeutic pharmacology for seizure disorders; existing and far more side-effect-prone drugs assist 70% of seizure-disorder patients. CBD helps much of the other 30%. A little bit of nuanced thinking in in order.

      The problem with these plant-based remedies ( long employed by aboriginals) is that corporate criminals have seized the entirety of the situation, for example PR-pushing CBD for numerous fictitious maladies, and salivating at the profits from recreational THC. (As you frame it: “Big Pharma gets a fast track to the billion-dollar production of each of these substances”.) But as broken as our healthcare system is, to deny medicinal uses for cannabinoids and psilocybin is almost as unscientific as denying climate change and ecocide. Clearly, I have no solution, except personally to grow my own plants —without herbicides or insecticides. To address the more global situation is to address the perils of Brave New World. And we’re all in deep merda on that front.

    2. Right on Blackorpheus!This ridiculous belief that substance abuse(magic pill) will you somehow cure all of our problems is toxic(and yes I support medical marijuana).All non medical related addictions are an attempt to fill a hole in your soul.Having strong social support is needed to heal.Our dog eat dog materialistic society does not supply positive social interaction and drugs are not a substitute.

  3. Was gonna thank you on the Useful Idiots page, but over there the share’s invisible to me now. It’s not quite a day late yet, so still right time to hear Oliver. Thanks so much for this airing (it comes over the air for me).

  4. Powerful testimony by Mr. Stone about why there is no “Peace Party”. Thank you Danny.

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