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Best of ‘Scheer Intelligence’ 2020: Chomsky, Abdullah, Prins, and More

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Black Lives Matter protests, and the 2020 general election, Robert Scheer and the “Scheer Intelligence” team made sure to bring you progressive perspectives from a wide range of distinguished voices including Noam Chomsky, Melina Abdullah, Nomi Prins, Oliver Stone, and many more, to grapple with a crisis-ridden year and offer hopeful visions for the future. As a new year begins, join us to reflect on the year that upended global assumptions about everything from race to health care and listen to ten of the most popular “Scheer Intelligence” episodes from 2020. For more episodes, click here or subscribe on:  Apple / Spotify / Google Play .

Noam Chomsky: America Has Built a Global Dystopia

In a two-part interview, Robert Scheer meets renowned thinker Noam Chomsky for the first time to discuss world politics. Listen to part 1, in which the two discuss U.S. empire, and part 2 to hear their exchange on Israel and electoralism.

Melina Abdullah: The Powerful Past, Present and Future of Black Lives Matter

As Black Lives Matter protests swept the globe, the movement’s co-founder came on “Scheer Intelligence” to talk about its roots and her hopes for the coming years. Listen to the full conversation between Melina Abdullah and Robert Scheer here.

Stone & Sjursen: The Unbearable Violence of Being American

Generations of U.S. soldiers have been funneled through unwinnable wars. Some come home with an urgent new perspective to share. Listen to Oscar-winning film director Oliver Stone and journalist Maj. Danny Sjursen share theirs as veterans from America’s failed wars here.

Sarah Holt: A Global Look at the Virus That Upended the World

As the world grappled with the coronavirus pandemic, the filmmaker’s NOVA documentary, “Decoding Covid-19,” offered a hopeful account of the international cooperation that has stemmed from the deadly crisis. Listen to the full conversation between Sarah Holt and Robert Scheer here.

Tariq Ali: The Plot to Discredit and Destroy Julian Assange

A day after dozens of doctors around the world released a statement about their mounting concerns regarding the WikiLeaks founder’s health as he’s detained in a U.K. prison, Robert Scheer spoke with Tariq Ali, a renowned British journalist and co-editor of the recent collection of essays, “In Defense of Julian Assange.” Listen to the full conversation here.

Nomi Prins: Big Banks Got the Sweetest Deal from the Covid-19 Bailouts

The banking expert explains why Congress’ first coronavirus stimulus bill was a boon for Wall Street and not the small businesses that needed it most. Listen to the full conversation between Nomi Prins and Robert Scheer here.

Lee Camp: Harnessing Humor to Unveil America’s Ugliest Truths

It’s getting harder and harder to find reasons to laugh, but not for Lee Camp. Although things may look bleaker than ever, the political comedian tells Robert Scheer about his plans to dismantle systems of oppression with a molotov cocktail filled with facts and some good old fashioned laughter. Listen to the full conversation here.

Janet Yang, movie producer

Janet Yang: The Power and Pain of Being Asian American During the Coronavirus Crisis

The legendary film producer of “The Joy Luck Club” joined Robert Scheer early into the pandemic to talk about about the appalling onslaught of racism people of Asian descent were facing. Yang, who was born in the U.S. , notes the difference between the discrimination she faced her whole life and the terrifying shape racism took as COVID-19 spread. Listen to the full conversation here.

Dennis Kucinich on the Real Reason the Blue Wave Never Materialized

Shortly after the 2020 general election that failed to meet Democrats’ high expectations, the former Ohio congressman and mayor of Cleveland joined Robert Scheer to talk about what the Democratic Party keeps getting wrong. Listen to the full conversation between Dennis Kucinich and Scheer here.

Robert Scheer: Coronavirus Has Already Transformed America, for Better and for Worse

In a special edition of “Scheer Intelligence,” host Robert Scheer becomes the guest as filmmaker Stephen French asks for the journalist’s take on the unprecedented crisis. Listen to the full conversation here.

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