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Chris Hedges : America Has the Tinder to Ignite Social Uprising

The ScheerPost columnist and Pulitzer winning journalist speaks to the host of "The Jimmy Dore Show" about the storming of the Capitol and what it says about American culture.


  1. Even though I believe that Trump was on a roll,I do agree with many things you have said. One thing I don’t believe is that socialized medicine is great. I don’t know what country you lived in in Europe. What side of that town or city you lived in. I will tell you that I have distant relatives that live in Italy and it is not great! One died when he was on a list for a pacemaker. His wife was bleeding for two years. She was on a list for a hysterectomy ! If you call that great, somethings wrong with
    You! But I have voted for Nader several times in my life, so that we could agree on. Have a great day.

    1. Many people in the U.S. can NEVER have those procedures because they can’t afford insurance or the care.

    2. Carol A. DiMaggio: My mom got into the hospital immediately with no delay whatsoever. I think you are searching for instances I don’t even believe because I was there. Most Americans it seems to me are scared of whatever is called socialist & yet seem to be comfortable with the violence & injustices of the far-right & corporate power. Does that make any sense at all? You know most Europeans are mind boggled at this sort of thinking. They express this in htier comments. I understand them. This country is the only industrialized country that does not have socialized medicine & the establishment continues to feed unfounded fear propaganda until people believe the nonsense they are fed & continue to bully a social justice movement. I think it boils down to racial discrimination, I really do–“as long as I have health coverage the hell with the next person” sort of thinking. The health insurance business is hideous here–drugs cost a fortune sometimes, people die for lack of medical care. What are you really scared of? Is it justice or basic rights for all people? We take care of our own people in Europe & Canada & Australia, why don’t you? One British asked me regarding our lack of medicine for all, “Aren’t you Americans ashamed of yourselves?” I answered, “they just don’t get it.” Read some of the comments anywhere (YouTube, FB) from Europeans–they simply cannot wrap their minds around how this country lacks these sorts of basic human rights. How about Canada? or Germany, or other countries as examples that could possibly stand as a much better example of socialized medicine which should be part of a social justice movement rather than what I think are either huge fear exaggerations or lies, or some injustices from some remote village. Here, you don’t get treatment if you don’t have money. “Many people in the U.S. can NEVER have those procedures because they can’t afford insurance or the care.”

      1. Very well stated, Nadia. I’m in Canada, and agree completely with your points.

        One thing, though: paragraphing is almost as nice as universal healthcare, IMO.


    3. I lived in a small town outside of Rome and got the best medical treatment, including emergency treatment, that I’ve ever had, hands down.

      I’ve had several friends (3) get sent home from ER departments in the US only to die upon returning home, having been misdiagnosed.

    4. Carol, perhaps using Italy is a weak example of public healthcare, especially in the context of the United States. If you want an accurate assessment you can look to the records of the OECD, the club of affluent countries. There you will find that, despite having higher spending on healthcare on a per capita basis, the United States regularly places near the bottom on health outcomes. It’s top drawer healthcare for some and lousy outcomes for most. Compare longevity, live births, disease, pretty much anything.

    5. I live in a country with Universal Health Care. I live in Canada. Are you aware that Canadians live on average almost 4 years longer than our American counterparts. I married an American, who now lives here. He was lucky and he had a pretty good plan through his employer. However, it still cost him almost $1000 as premium, had cap on coverage, had large deductible. Here he has had a heart attack, aortic valve replacement with double by pass, two femoral popliteal bypasses. He just got out of the hospital after 9 weeks, much of it in intensive care. It costs us virtually nothing. No premium, no deductible, no limits, no nothing. Universal health care is also much cheaper than what America pays now. About half the cost per person. It’s called single payer, which limits what Doctor’s can charge. eg. appendectomy with gross perforation and peritonitis – $451.50, appendectomy $336.60. The surgeon then submits this claim to the Province (Ontario in this case). One system.

  2. Saw this video the day it posted. Jimmy and Chris are arguably the two strongest voices on the anti-establishment Left. Chris with his sermonic power and Jimmy with his unbridled rage. And the latter’s rage is legitimate; Jimmy once said on his show that due to our shitty healthcare system, the Medical Industrial Complex bankrupted him and his wife, as he has some kind of spinal problems. And I know from experience, and as Socrates knew, when the spine is compromised your health overall health follows.

    Chris is exactly right re AOC. She’s been a fraud from day-1. I’m not sure of any meaningful legislation she’s been responsible for passing. Only thing she’s ever done is the sit-in at Pelosi’s office soon after she got there, which was tacky and theatrical. But tangible results, I’m not sure she’s produced any.

    I fully expect Nina Turner, if elected, to almost immediately bend the knee to Mama Bear.

    Like someone on Twitter said when replying to one of AOC’s tweets (paraphrase): “Stop tweeting. Get to work.”

    1. I would once have agreed with you of the importance of Chris Hedges as a voice for the Left. I can no longer say that. He now works for RT, which is a Russian State Media outlet controlled by Vladimir Putin and his regime. RT’s editor in chief has claimed it to be like a Defense Ministry waging war against the entire Western World. Under Putin this would be in promotion of anti-Socialist, proto fascist Capitalism. RT has also been accused of spreading intentionally false information. Case in point: Hedges here infers that the Capitol rioters were of the Rust Belt working classes. They were not. They were largely Petit-Bourgeois Born Again Christians from the South. Once inside the Senate Chamber they held a group prayer. The ‘Maga Shaman’ complained that he must have organic food in jail. Others came from TX in a private jet. These were haters of Socialism, calling Biden a Radical Communist. Hedges knows this. What these people were largely afraid of was Socialism, and minorities gaining political power. Here, Hedges and Dore go on to say how AOC is a total fake, falling into line with having to disparage a Progressive Minority elected recently to Congress. One could, on the surface be fooled into believing Hedges and Dore are Progressive voices in America, until these glaring falsehoods reveal themselves. Indicating the possibility that they are both nothing of the kind.

      1. That whole RT / Putin thing is laughable, Scott.

        Here in Canada, I’ve been watching our national broadcaster, the CBC, for decades. The federal government set it up in the early 20th century, and it in no meaningful way is propagandistic.

        You Yanks should get over your suspicion of government-run entities…

      2. Wow! That’s quite a story you’re telling there. There isn’t much shade between your ravings and those of Hillary Clinton, lately on display in her “podcast,” in which the old dowager and war-monger (and arch-capitalist, don’t you know) wanted to know if Trump was on the phone with Satan himself (Putin) during the White Riot. Like the White rioters and toy revolutionaries who got their thirty seconds, you are genuinely confused, hoodwinked by the very people you think are on your side (the Democrats and the Permanent State, which includes the “Intelligence” “Community”). As far as hating “Socialism,” I guess you missed the destruction of Bernie Sanders and, well, the entire Dem Party primary fiasco and everything else leading up to Cracker Joe’s selection. If there’s ONE thing both Parties hate, that’s socialism. Especially the Dems. They’d rather be called child murderers than Socialists.

      3. Agreed! Bernie Sanders, AOC, Katie Porter, the squad – they are speaking truth to power and to and for reasonable Americans, creating a leftist populist movement that might save us from the right wing one. Don’t help the right wing undermine them!

  3. As always, Chris Hedges nails it! I have an aversion to the ‘entertainment’ style delivery of Jimmy dore..
    (fabulous google AI bot will not let me write his last name…three times I try to change Core to Core …and yes it does it again…well done ! Here’s a banana you useless fascist monkey…
    I have to agree with Chris…Biden is a fascist who refuses healthcare for the citizens of his own country…
    He is on the extreme right of the scale in the same place as those open carry Repubs….so yes.. We definitely do not live in a democracy….I reflect on that after reading an excellent piece on JFK in Covert Action bulletin …how different American imperial foreign policy would have looked after one or two terms of a Kennedy administration….but this is the way these fascists work…they are cowardly and will shoot you in the back or bomb you from 10,000 feet…
    Good luck to us all!

    1. Biden is just a politician in noman’s land (weak politician yes, but no, he’s not fascist) & won because America was frightened by moderate lefties like Bernie. The left and any socialized medicine portrayed as “socialism” has been demonized by the establishment & this soup was easily fed to frightened & ignorant people who see this sort of democratic socialism enjoyed by Europeans as the coming of some sort of South American dictatorship. In my opinion, Americans will never enjoy what Europeans take for granted or even Canadians. Chris opens your mind to see the entire picture–that which I didn’t see myself. I didn’t like the idea of Twitter or FB censoring Trump BECAUSE if all the horror he was in essence & said was acceptable to the establishment & people, then we need to come to terms with the reality of the establishment–not anoint Twitter or FB as an unqualified high priest & executioner to fix America. Both parties are miserable failures.

  4. Where are the other “journalists” discussing the roots of the rage, the anomie? Nowhere, of course. Chris sets a standard of honesty that’s nearly impossible to find elsewhere. Jimmy is blatantly genuine and his preferred guests and whose writing he refers to —Chris Hedges, Glenn Greenwald, and Matt Taibbi—define his perspective as not only truly left but also truly populist, a rarity.

    The rage is real, not only from the right, but also from those of us on the real left. In other words, the populist movement that recognizes its enslavement by the Mussolini-style Fascism of big-corporate and inept-government, in other words the feudalism of the celebrity elite.

    Thanks to both Chris & Jimmy for this clarity about the dominant neoliberal narrative and its ongoing volition to enslave anyone in the 99%.

  5. Hedges falls into the false equivalency trap between the republicans and democrats, no doubt that dems under Clinton and Obama were no more than con lite, but to say that yet ignore in detail or brush over dumpster’s record with all too familiar revelations of his sordid character and not mention the 100s of Federalist Society judges that even the lowly dems under Biden won’t nominate, the passage of the mother of all tax cuts that furthered the wealth of the morbidly wealthy and corporations exceeding anything the dems would do, the gutting of protections of our air and water, and etc , and then follow this up with pity the trump supporters claptrap; nobody can understand them, as if all of them are meth heads, or victims of neo-liberal policies, etc, w/out mentioning that almost half are well to do and some just simply racist, lovers of autocrats, gullible, and then to ignore in the next breath the massively funded, pervasive, radical right talk radio and media outlets, OAN, Newsmax, Fox and the enormous influence they have, that dwarves even the corporate, center right CNN and MSNBC, not only ignores nuance but also truth. Yes, the dems have fealty to their masters while tossing only crumbs to the masses; on the other hand, the cons are wholly controlled by the likes of the Kochs, Mercers, and other sociopaths that as Charles Koch has been reported as saying “want it all,” all in their fascistic vision. This is the vision that has in main controlled the nation over the past 50 years and has led us to this moment.

  6. Re: “Demonization.” Centrist Ds and media call out the fascist demagoguery involved. Yet saying nothing about WHY the appeal to so many of our neighbors and relatives. Easy diagnosis–racism and paranoia. Leftists and libs can totally revel in that. We smart good, they dumb bad.

    Never forget that the centrists usurped the D party, abandoning the New Deal and labor, which I fought. Then these “Ds” cozied up to Wall St. as they pushed neoliberalism. They did for Rust Belt workers exactly what they did to the Wall St. schemers who caused the ’08 crash–NOTHING! No coincidence that the Rust Belt became opioid abuse central and now leads in what are called deaths of despair.

    The Dems, once the party of the working class, have ignored them for decades. Vague promises of trickle-down have proved to be lies. As the econopathy rolls on, devastating communities and destroying ecosystems, the neolib Ds only offer more of the same while claiming to “feel your pain.” So out of touch they are shocked when desperate peasants turn to the only ones offering them anything.

    No one should take comfort in knowing the fascists are liars and use the deep discontent to further their own power. What good does a smug superiority do when the failing economic system, the source of all the current horrors, continues to be enabled by the D party? A party that only represents the 20% upper middle class admin and educated elite. Types who do not worry about falling incomes or health care. Who are comfortable with the Rs and econ elite they live around. Elites who, whether nominally D or R, are united in their support of status quo and who view the masses as little more than economic cannon fodder.

  7. Full disclosure I watched this Friday on youtube..

    Unfortunately Hedges hit the nail on the head and seemd unwilling to put any faith in a third party to challenge the duopoly. I agree with Chris or as I like to day you can’t fix the system cause the systems fixed!

    I actually visited the peoples party website and it reminded me of every other institution obsessed with ID POL. Advisory board lets see one female movie star, one transgender, one latina, one native american, one asian american, one black prophetic voice, a couple of gentrified looking white dudes, yeah this will have broad appeal, especially to the down trodden white working poor!

    Now I happen to like Jimmy Dore, and really like Cornell West, but this ain’t gonna fly for several reasons. One, the fix is already in, you cannot fix the system by infiltrating it. If you do manage infiltrate the system, the system will change you or destroy you. Two you have purposefully left out every single poor white person, especially so in the case of poor white older males, who liberals love to kick especially when they’re down. Why do we not have advisory boards loaded with the working poor? We have the solutions, we just need you to get out of the way.

    Hedges speaks of his working class roots and family and understands it as well as he can. That is however a far cry from living it, which I and millions of others in this country do on a daily basis.

    We are living in a seminal moment in human history. Either we all unite on a world wide basis and forge a new system which recognizes the rights of all living things or we all die. Many climate scientists give us 30 years max. I say they are overly optimistic.

  8. Thank you Jimmy and Chris for always speaking truth to power. I do believe that this is one of Chris’ best interviews about the destruction and downfall of the America Empire. And as always, Chris is correct in his assessment of past and current affairs. If humans don’t learn from their past mistakes they will repeat them and this is exactly what America is doing. As Chris has witnessed the atrocities first hand in countries around the world, and he saw the destruction and death that occurred from these authoritarian and fascists governments, America is following that same path. Sadly, I don’t see anything changing for the better in the world where they attack countries with sanctions and support coups if they disagree to give up their sovereignty and natural resources, and no one stops them. With the next president, Joe Biden about to take office and most likely continue and even ramp up the destruction of America and the world, with the backing from the corporate elites and the military industrial complex, we will see more censorship of journalist, peace and environmental activists and others who don’t speak for the corporate elite. Those who want a healthier and more sane world, and the ever more rapid extinction of wildlife and humanity by the ever growing catastrophic affects of global heating will be further silenced and attacked as fake news. I just don’t see this ending well because most Americans have been brainwashed by the 2-party duopoly to blame their neighbors for their woes, not the true culprits. I hope I’m wrong.

  9. Women who question trans extremist ideology are seriously censored on all media. And the censorship is coming from the left and liberals.

  10. Viewed from a few steps back, this interview makes for quite a far and wide indictment of our kind. In the third and the developed world alike and in cities big and small and in-between and in times bygone and otherwise we human beings of all shapes and colors and creeds and sizes have been doing the most awful things to each other.

    In this interview the left gets the brunt of the disgust Chris has built up with us over the course of a life spent at the various fronts of humanity’s losing battle with whatever it is in us that foments all this inhumanity to one another. I hope this is because in Chris’s mind it’s become a given that the right side of our race has long been acquitting itself awfully in this battle against the worst angels of our nature.

    I think simply treating this as a given in this interview and elsewhere, though, in the interest of giving it to the left with both barrels, risks diminishing the ability to see the big picture of our shared abject failure to stop squandering our promise as human beings. While I applaud and share Chris’s sympathy for the so-called Deplorables the left (right along with the right) has done so much and done so little to afflict with real pain and offer solace to, respectively, I personally believe that no discussion of this band of humanity should leave unmentioned all the also real pain they and their forebears have been causing other human beings since long before neoliberalism came along and put the shittying of their lives on overdrive.

    I also think that Chris’s sympathizing so wholeheartedly with all who are not the elites while meting out to those who are the dressing down they admittedly so richly deserve spares us common folk way too much of the blame we also deserve for this pretty pass humanity’s so long been at. How many millennia have we Little People had for building a permanent hard ceiling that keeps our fellow human beings from ascending into the elite class that Chris says we must start striking the fear of People Power in the hearts of?

    How on earth at this late date could it be that we’re all still so fully involved in fetishizing personal identity when the times for so long could not have been more loudly and clearly calling for us all to do our part in repairing the bonds of human solidarity?

    When Chris is just about done painting this big ugly picture of us, Jimmy presses him for some kind of bone for throwing at his listeners who might be starting to think there’s no hope for an antidote to the humanity-wide malaise Chris is so good at naming and illustrating. I’m all for his proposal that we unleash the so long bottled-up power of the people to truly do something about the ones they’ve allowed to reach eliteness.

    I also think that all the well-meaningest of our thought leaders should make a pact that commits them all to making no more bones whatsoever about how awfully every last kind of our kind is discharging the common responsibilities that come with being a human being.

    Perhaps with some good old-fashioned human can-do spirit we could train the naked human eye to see no differences between us when we summon the courage to stop not looking at the big miserable picture of how awful we’re being when we’ve got so much promise of not being so awful.

    Maybe we could build an anomie-eradicating and race-saving sense of human solidarity using a common sense of how awful we are individually and collectively when we think we’ve got better things to do than take care of the bonds of human solidarity.

  11. This always goes back to: “If we had a revolution, who would fight whom, and for what?” We’re middle class vs. poor, workers vs. those left jobless, further split by race, pitted against each other by politics.

  12. But can’t you see that the “real left” is exactly the same sort of “threat” to the Democratic Party that Trump was to the Republican Party?

    You keep talking about those righteously angry Christiansin the dying towns, but then you deride them, as if they’re all that different than your “real left”.

    Yet they are exactly the same group, only split along the question: “Do I still feel strong enough to solve my own problems and enjoy the challenge, or am I too exhausted and would rather want society to help me up?”.

    Other than that, your commentary sounds exactly like every Trump supporter with whom I have ever conversed – and seem to have the same goals.

    You blame Big Tech for using outliers like Alex Jones to justify their censorship, but then you use the Right’s own outliers yourself to smear the entire group of 75,000,000 voters.

    I think you are grappling with the truth. You can almost see it. But you’ve spent so long identifying with only half of your nature and you’re too scared to embrace the other half.

    (*) For referrence: I am Canadian; I come from a family of socialists; I vote Green; I was never scared of Trump; I am definitely much much more worried about Biden/Harris.

  13. “Bonded at the hip with Democrats…” Aren’t they bonded with whoever happens to be in power? Big tech oligarchs certainly benefited from trump’s policy and allowed all his inflammatory, racist, war mongering speech for years. They only changed their tune as govt was changing the guard.

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