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Noam Chomsky and Chris Hedges on the State of the American Empire

On this week’s “On Contact,” host Chris Hedges talks to Professor Noam Chomsky, the pioneering linguist, prolific author of numerous seminal political works, about the state of the American Empire. Professor Chomsky is the author of over 100 books including “The Fateful Triangle,” “Manufacturing Consent,” “Failed States” and “Requiem for the American Dream,” and America’s most important intellectual. In his new book, with Marv Waterstone, professor emeritus at the University of Arizona, is “Consequences of Capitalism: Manufacturing Discontent and Resistance.”


  1. Thank you Chris and Noam truly voices of sanity in this insane world!

    “Two things one cannot hide the moon and the truth!”


    May we all resist the forces of injustice, fear, war and hate!


    1. Buddha obviously didn’t spend a lot of time following American news. If he had, I think he would have gone with, “One thing you cannot hide: the Moon.”

  2. Noam is such a master at pointing out how bad humanity has been at not letting the most awful things happen to our faculties.

    Here in America so many plain and simple and undeniable ideas have been outfitted with some kind of weird resistance to sinking in that makes such a mockery of our vaunted brainpower. The matter of fact that we’re not the good guys and gals we think we are, for instance, stands no chance it seems of ever making its way into very many of the so poorly cared for left or right brains from either side of the political left-right divide.

    And on the flip side, so many zombie ideas like the lie that we’re still the good gals and guys no matter how miserable we keep making life for other gals and guys have no problem waltzing in and taking up permanent residence there between these human ears that have grown so good at admitting no threats to the dumb ideas we want to hold onto and grown so bad at not admitting all the Orwellian and so many other kinds of insults to our intelligence that pour out of the mouths of our so-called thought leaders when they’re not busy pouring out of the mouths of their spokespeople so we’ll keep holding on for dear life to all the dumb and increasingly civilization-crippling and deadly ideas that have waltzed irresistibly somehow into our ever thickening heads.

    And it may be that we Americans are exceptional when it comes to letting ourselves go faculties-wise, but we’re not by far alone in all this letting of our mental amenableness dry up when it comes to vital ideas like this one: Something radically different has to happen with regard to what we use our amazing H. sapiens brains for if we’re going to save ourselves from the apocalyptic consequences of using all our human brainpower for no better purpose than to undo all the good all our human brainpower could do us if we used it right.

  3. Just a couple RT production value comments.

    1. Do they really need to have the flashing the light effect traveling around the frame of the head shots of Chomsky and Hedges?

    2. Did we really need to see someone getting kicked in balls? I think both Chomsky and Hedges are articulate enough without the juvenile B-roll.

  4. While I can really never forgive Chomsky for pushing people to vote Democratic every couple years, I always learn something positive and deeper from him just about each time I hear him speak.

    This time, it was the phenomenon of “internalized understanding”, which he differentiated from propaganda. That some things are so internally understood that there’s no need for propaganda. Not any strong amounts at least. How the Capitol rioters have so internalized that Trump was cheated out of the presidency (nevermind he won the presidency due to a Constitutional device for cheating the American public to begin with) that there wasn’t much of anything from the right-wing MSM (i.e., Fox) that sparked it. They never needed to be convinced of it by Fox or whoever, nor lied to about it in order to believe it. It just kinda happened. Much like how, as Chomsky said, that liberals have internalized war and neoliberalism so much that they don’t need to be convinced of it or lied to about it in order to believe it.

    If this is the case, there’s no real need by the Deep State and whoever to push propaganda. The public has been preprogrammed via our education and culture from birth before the media even opens its mouth. And this I think is the scariest cultural element in our society. People overseas view Americans as, well, mentally ill, and we now might know how that came to be. Can’t blame them.

    1. No one is more responsible for the “internalized understanding” of the Stop the Steal mob than the NYT/NPR/MSNBC/WaPo/DNC establishment they despise. The “internalized understanding” of the Stop the Steal mob was stoked by Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff and the other idiots who spent 4 years futilely trying to remove Trump, and the MSM that treated the futile effort as if it was credible. Fox News simply exploits an existing point of view, or “internalized understanding” if you prefer.

      Now that Trump has conceded and left office, the idiots are still pounding away. If they had just let him leave and be gone, maybe the MSM would have stopped giving him the attention he obviously craves. This second Senate impeachment hearing, which has already failed before it’s begun (45 Senators have already voted it’s un-Constitutional, meaning it’s already more than 20 votes short the the 2/3 majority required for confirmation) will only serve to keep the mob of deplorables activated and further incensed. The hoity-toities in Congress, and the widespread hostility towards them, as exemplified by the mob of deplorables, is the problem. The Fox News-es and Rush Limbaughs and Steve Bannons and Donald Trumps fuel and exploit the hostility, they don’t create it. Bogus impeachment hearings create it.

      1. Agreed. The Clinton impeachment was as stupid as the Trump impeachments. So what? My guess is the deplorables were no fans of Ken Starr. The deplorables didn’t give him his Stanford gig after his idiotic impeachment performance.

    2. You may have to consider that people are propagandized by demographic segments, not by mass media. See Matt Taibi’s analysis. Different grps get different info pumped at them.

    3. “I can really never forgive Chomsky for pushing people to vote Democratic every couple years ….”

      Call me an accelerationist, but I think voting for an ostensibly lesser short-term evil that keeps ratcheting further and further to the right is a very short-sighted strategy.

      1. Which evil are you referring to? The Democrat ones who destroyed Libya and helped destroy Yemen or the Republicans who destroyed Iraq and Afghanistan? When the reigns change hands the war is never interrupted. The corporate media hasn’t criticized a war since Vietnam. They must all be good ones.

        The establishment, the elites, the corporatists and the military industrial complex fully control both parties and corporate media. The idea of left and right is silly – they are on the TOP and the rest of us are on the BOTTOM.

        The people at the top are small in number and intellectually weak but if they can keep their enemies (the rest of us) divided and screaming at each other (instead of them) we cancel each other out. Mainstream media is the tool they use to divide us.

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