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Chris Hedges and Mr. Fish on the Cultural Requirements for Revolution

On the most recent episode of “On Contact,” Chris Hedges talks to Dwayne Booth, aka Mr. Fish, artist and cartoonist, about the cultural requirement for revolution. Mr. Fish’s new book is “Nobody Left: Conversations with Famous Radicals, Progressives and Cultural Icons” about the end of dissent, revolution and liberalism in America. Among those featured are: Joan Baez, Wavy Gravy, Lewis Lapham, Paul Krassner, Tariq Ali, Robert Scheer, Dennis Kucinich, Norman Mailer, Howard Zinn, Abbie Hoffman, Jon Stewart and Lenny Bruce.

Mr. Fish
Mr. Fish

Dwayne Booth (a.k.a., Mr. Fish) is a cartoonist, freelance writer and ScheerPost regular who has been published in many reputable and prestigious magazines, journals and newspapers. In addition to Harper’s Magazine, his work has appeared in The Los Angeles Times, The Village Voice, Vanity Fair, Mother Jones Magazine, the Advocate, Z Magazine, the Utne Reader,, and various European newspapers. He has also written novels, screenplays, short fiction and cultural criticism collections, and several volumes of political cartoons.


  1. Chris Hedges is the most important and respected voice among people with a normal conscience in US journalism today. —US jazz musicians in Ecuador

  2. Another good interview by Chris and his guest. I think what really has been lost over the past 60 years or so is the loss of the Mystery of the Holy. The religious right captured a false sense of this and turned into hatred and self righteousness. The left got too hung up in the issues themselves and never penetrated into the deep mystery of life. Both of these forces began to neutralize each other which allowed the Corporate State to take control of everything.
    We are now at a point in the history of the world that if don’t begin to understand the proper essence of the Holy, which is a love that is both human and divine at the same time, we humans will not survive.
    It is not enough just to resist. That is noble in itself. We have to come to the realization that we are called to choose and to be part of The Highest Good. It is that simple. It is good to have ongoing discussions regarding all matters of life but there comes a time when we have to walk and live in the Light. Enough said….Peace to All.

  3. Chris references Hannah Arendt; she also spoke about the value of humour:
    “The greatest enemy of authority, therefore, is contempt, and the surest way to undermine it laughter.”
    (Crises of the Republic: On Violence).

  4. Dwayne Booth is a brilliant artist who understands there’s a reason that theater and democracy grew up in the same neighborhood.

    The cultural agenda the media promotes today wants nothing less than to bury Bertolt Brecht under multigenerational seasons of “The Bachelor”.

    Consider that, alongside the fact that the volunteer army is gradually replacing the “citizen soldier” with a “warrior caste”… and under sufficiently horrid leadership; a “Praetorian Guard”. (Need I name names??)

    Nobody likes waking up, but it’s dangerous hitting the snooze button while your house is on fire.

  5. The point that wasn’t dotted was that Greek tragedy’s core was always hubris; whose rough Yiddish translation might be “chutzpah”; or maybe vice-versa… take your pick.

    Also, that 99% of us will get our asses handed to us, until we wake up and realize that the Red/Blue bullhorn of duopoly has been blaring bullshit specifically designed to divide US… so the .1% can divide the spoils.

  6. Thank you Gentleman.
    Creativity and curiosity go hand in hand.
    The curious are compelled to think outside the square. To explore. To see what’s behind the curtain of ignorance.
    It is liberating.
    It is dangerous.
    It is alienating.
    But it’s worth it.

  7. The people are ignorant and divided against themselves and therefore already conquered. There is a maxim of human behavior that goes: People will not act until the consequences of acting are less the consequences of not acting. In layman’s terms that translates too, people won’t charge the guns till they are too hungry to care. Worse, the left in America was eradicated long ago and all that remains are trained victims utterly unable to even name their oppressors let alone oppose them, while those on the right arm themselves to the teeth and believe God himself endorses their views. It will not end well and if revolution does enter the picture it will be from the right and carrying a cross. In short, it is hard to picture any scenario that doesn’t end in this countries utter doom.

    1. Need to remember to spell check before submitting…lol…there is no edit available here.

  8. JustAMaverick’s observation is spot on; and it goes without saying that no one charges guns with a lick of authority on an empty stomach… I’ve often felt myself that Spell-check could do a better job of tidying up my many mistakes; then again, if it gets too good it may start posting my opinions without checking with me first… It might sound nuts now, but just give it time.

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