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Maj. Danny Sjursen on Genocide, Slavery, Imperialism and Hyper Capitalism

On “Going Underground, ” the host speaks to Retired US Army Major Danny Sjursen, author of ‘A True History of the United States: Indigenous Genocide, Racialized Slavery, Hyper-Capitalism, Militarist Imperialism and Other Overlooked Aspects of American Exceptionalism’. He discusses the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, the different strands of American imperialism from liberal to neoconservative and the many US interventions in the global south, national myths about the story of the United States that are taught, the uncomfortable religious history of the US, the horrors of the settler-colonial genocide of indigenous people, the ‘club’ environment surrounding Washington DC resulting in favorable coverage for the US establishment and much more.


  1. It would be reallygreat if Scheer Post would provide a transcript of the audio (just as does) for the benefit of those who are severely hearing impaired.

    1. We pay for a handmade transcript on shows like Scheer Intelligence that are original to us, but can’t afford to do so on those that are re-posts.

  2. Some RT shows, like Hedges’ have good, well-formatted transcripts that you can access by clicking a link labeled “Full text”. Don’t see if for this one, though.
    But if there’s a youtube link, and there is for this one, you can get a clunky, unformatted transcript at youtube, made automatically from the closed captioning. Click on the three horizontal dots . . . above the red “subscribe” box and to the right of the word “Save”. One can select and save the text in the window that appears and put it in a text editor to cleanup – for instance get rid of the timestamps.

  3. This book sounds a lot like Howard Zinn’s book, The People’s History of the United States.

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