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A Boy Went to a COVID-Swamped ER. He Waited for Hours. Then His Appendix Burst.

Non-COVID patients are paying a price as the delta variant and low-vaccination rates overwhelm hospitals across the country. “Wait times can now be measured in days,” said an expert.
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by Jenny Deam / ProPublica

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What first struck Nathaniel Osborn when he and his wife took their son, Seth, to the emergency room this summer was how packed the waiting room was for a Wednesday at 1 p.m.

The Florida hospital’s emergency room was so crowded there weren’t enough chairs for the family to all sit as they waited. And waited.

Hours passed and 12-year-old Seth’s condition worsened, his body quivering from the pain shooting across his lower belly. Osborn said his wife asked why it was taking so long to be seen. A nurse rolled her eyes and muttered, “COVID.”

Seth was finally diagnosed with appendicitis more than six hours after arriving at Cleveland Clinic Martin Health North Hospital in late July. Around midnight, he was taken by ambulance to a sister hospital about a half-hour away that was better equipped to perform pediatric emergency surgery, his father said.

But by the time the doctor operated in the early morning hours, Seth’s appendix had burst — a potentially fatal complication.

As the nation’s hospitals fill and emergency rooms overflow with critically ill COVID-19 patients, it is the non-COVID-19 patients, like Seth, who have become collateral damage. They, too, need emergency care, but the sheer number of COVID-19 cases is crowding them out. Treatment has often been delayed as ERs scramble to find a bed that may be hundreds of miles away.

Some health officials now worry about looming ethical decisions. Last week, Idaho activated a “crisis standard of care,” which one official described as a “last resort.” It allows overwhelmed hospitals to ration care, including “in rare cases, ventilator (breathing machines) or intensive care unit (ICU) beds may need to be used for those who are most likely to survive, while patients who are not likely to survive may not be able to receive one,” the state’s website said.

The federal government’s latest data shows Alabama is at 100% of its intensive care unit capacity, with Texas, Georgia, Mississippi and Arkansas at more than 90% ICU capacity. Florida is just under 90%.

It’s the COVID-19 cases that are dominating. In Georgia, 62% of the ICU beds are now filled with just COVID-19 patients. In Texas, the percentage is nearly half.

To have so many ICU beds pressed into service for a single diagnosis is “unheard of,” said Dr. Hasan Kakli, an emergency room physician at Bellville Medical Center in Bellville, Texas, about an hour from Houston. “It’s approaching apocalyptic.”

In Texas, state data released Monday showed there were only 319 adult and 104 pediatric staffed ICU beds available across a state of 29 million people.

Hospitals need to hold some ICU beds for other patients, such as those recovering from major surgery or other critical conditions such as stroke, trauma or heart failure.

“This is not just a COVID issue,” said Dr. Normaliz Rodriguez, pediatric emergency physician at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida. “This is an everyone issue.”

While the latest hospital crisis echoes previous pandemic spikes, there are troubling differences this time around.

Before, localized COVID-19 hot spots led to bed shortages, but there were usually hospitals in the region not as affected that could accept a transfer.

Now, as the highly contagious delta variant envelops swaths of low-vaccination states all at once, it becomes harder to find nearby hospitals that are not slammed.

“Wait times can now be measured in days,” said Darrell Pile, CEO of the SouthEast Texas Regional Advisory Council, which helps coordinate patient transfers across a 25-county region.

Recently, Dr. Cedric Dark, a Houston emergency physician and assistant professor of emergency medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, said he saw a critically ill COVID-19 patient waiting in the emergency room for an ICU bed to open. The doctor worked eight hours, went home and came in the next day. The patient was still waiting.

Holding a seriously ill patient in an emergency room while waiting for an in-patient bed to open is known as boarding. The longer the wait, the more dangerous it can be for the patient, studies have found.

Not only do patients ultimately end up staying in the hospital or the ICU longer, some research suggests that long waits for a bed will worsen their condition and may increase the risk of in-hospital death.

That’s what happened last month in Texas.

On Aug. 21, around 11:30 a.m., Michelle Puget took her adult son, Daniel Wilkinson, to the Bellville Medical Center’s emergency room as a pain in his abdomen became unbearable. “Mama,” he said, “take me to the hospital.”

Wilkinson, a 46-year-old decorated Army veteran who did two tours of duty in Afghanistan, was ushered into an exam room about half an hour later. Kakli, the emergency room physician there, diagnosed gallstone pancreatitis, a serious but treatable condition that required a specialist to perform a surgical procedure and an ICU bed.

In other times, the transfer to a larger facility would be easy. But soon Kakli found himself on a frantic, six-hour quest to find a bed for his patient. Not only did he call hospitals across Texas, but he also tried Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Colorado. It was like throwing darts at a map and hoping to get lucky, he told ProPublica. But no one could or would take the transfer.

By 2:30 p.m., Wilkinson’s condition was deteriorating. Kakli told Puget to come back to the hospital. “I have to tell you,” she said he told her, “Your son is a very, very sick man. If he doesn’t get this procedure he will die.” She began to weep.

Two hours later, Wilkinson’s blood pressure was dropping, signaling his organs were failing, she said.

Kakli went on Facebook and posted an all-caps plea to physician groups around the nation: “GETTING REJECTED BY ALL HOSPITALS IN TEXAS DUE TO NO ICU BEDS. PLEASE HELP. MESSAGE ME IF YOU HAVE A BED. PATIENT IS IN ER NOW. I AM THE ER DOC. WILL FLY ANYWHERE.”

The doctor tried Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center in Houston for a second time. This time he found a bed.

Around 7 p.m., Wilkinson, still conscious but in grave condition, was flown by helicopter to the hospital. He was put in a medically induced coma. Through the night and into the next morning, medical teams worked to stabilize him enough to perform the procedure. They could not.

Doctors told his family the internal damage was catastrophic. “We made the decision we had to let him go,” Puget said.

Time of death: 1:37 p.m. Aug. 22 — 26 hours after he first arrived in the emergency room.

The story was first reported by CBS News. Kakli told ProPublica last week he still sometimes does the math in his head: It should have been 40 minutes from diagnosis in Bellville to transfer to the ICU in Houston. “If he had 40 minutes to wait instead of six hours, I strongly believe he would have had a different outcome.”

Another difference with the latest surge is how it’s affecting children.

Last year, schools were closed, and children were more protected because they were mostly isolated at home. In fact, children’s hospitals were often so empty during previous spikes they opened beds to adult patients.

Now, families are out more. Schools have reopened, some with mask mandates, some without. Vaccines are not yet available to those under 12. Suddenly the numbers of hospitalized children are on the rise, setting up the same type of competition for resources between young COVID-19 patients and those with other illnesses such as new onset diabetes, trauma, pneumonia or appendicitis.

Dr. Rafael Santiago, a pediatric emergency physician in Central Florida, said at Lakeland Regional Health Medical Center, the average number of children coming into the emergency room is around 130 per day. During the lockdown last spring, that number dropped to 33. Last month — “the busiest month ever” — the average daily number of children in the emergency room was 160.

Pediatric transfers are not yet as fraught as adult ones, Santiago said, but it does take more calls than it once did to secure a bed.

Seth Osborn, the 12-year-old whose appendix burst after a long wait, spent five days and four nights in the hospital as doctors pumped his body full of antibiotics to stave off infection from the rupture. The typical hospitalization for a routine appendectomy is about 24 hours.

The initial hospital bill for the stay came to more than $48,000, Nathaniel Osborn said. Although insurance paid for most of it, he said the family still borrowed against its house to cover the more than $5,000 in out-of-pocket costs so far.

While the hospital system where Seth was treated declined to comment about his case because of patient privacy laws, it did email a statement about the strain the pandemic is creating.

“Since July 2021, we have seen a tremendous spike in COVID-19 patients needing care and hospitalization. In mid-August, we saw the highest number of patients hospitalized with COVID-19 across the Cleveland Clinic Florida region, a total of 395 COVID-19 patients in four hospitals. Those hospitals have approximately 1,000 total beds,” the email to ProPublica said. “We strongly encourage vaccination. Approximately 90% of our patients hospitalized due to COVID-19 are unvaccinated.”

On Sunday, The Washington Post reported that a hospital in Alabama called 43 others across three states before finding a bed for Ray DeMonia, a critically ill heart patient who later died. In his obituary his family wrote: “In honor of Ray, please get vaccinated if you have not, in an effort to free up resources for non COVID related emergencies. … He would not want any other family to go through what his did.”

Today, Seth is mostly recovered. “Twelve-year-old boys bounce back,” his father said. Still, the experience has left Nathaniel Osborn shaken.

The high school history teacher said he likes to stay upbeat and apolitical in his social media musings, posting about Florida wildlife preservation and favorite books. But on Sept. 7, he tweeted: “My 12-year-old had appendicitis. The ER was overwhelmed with unvaccinated Covid patients and we had to wait 6+ hours. While waiting, his appendix ruptured and had to spend 5 days in hospital. … So yeah, your decision to not vaccinate does affect others.”

It was retweeted 34,700 times, with 143,000 likes. Most comments were sympathetic and wished his child a speedy recovery. Some, though, went straight to hate, apparently triggered by his last line. He was attacked personally and accused of making up the story: “Good try with the guilt, jerk.”

Osborn, who is vaccinated, as are his wife and son, told ProPublica he only shared Seth’s story on Twitter to encourage vaccinations.

“I have no ill will towards the hospitals or the care received at either hospital,” he said this week, “but had these hospitals not been so crowded with COVID patients, we wouldn’t have had to wait so long and perhaps my son’s appendix would not have burst.”


    1. Anything you don’t want to hear is “propaganda,” right? Back deniers are hilarious, or would be, if their delusions were not so dangerous…

  1. Seems this more of same media focus, making a naughty case example of break-away southern states, like the one Oklahoma “news” bit we know was a “mistake” by Rolling Stone, and subsequently, one other MSM parroted.

  2. Perhaps many of these ill people are not aware of the out-of-hospital treatment that have worked for so many? For all of the people I know who have had Covid, only one man went to the hospital–he had several co-morbidities. The others, 3 in their 70’s, used Covid Treatment Protocols.

      1. It looks like my Comment was Censored by you. It’s a shame that you’d rather promote propaganda – like this article – than have a free and open debate, on the alleged science and public policy questions, raised by Covid1984. That’s a shame.

      2. We don’t debate teh KKK on here, nor do we debate those who believe in the illuminati, lizard people or that the moon landing was shot on a sound studio. You use the term “killshot” to describe the vaccine, therefore you are not in the spectrum of debate we find interesting. This is not the public square and I am not censoring you, just choosing to exclude some of your writing from our publication. That you can’t grasp the difference is not suprising. Go put it on 4Chan.

      3. For the record – I’m politically to your (non-authoritarian) LEFT… Not your right. You lead with 3 or 4 canards – ignore the bulk of what I wrote – which was an entirely reasonable assessment of the Medical costs and benefits of public policy. And then you hyper-focus on one word… An apt descriptor of a dangerous new medical technology – which has killed and injured Millions around the world, without ANY liability to those who were harmed. I suppose I can’t prevent you from censoring well-researched and scientifically valid, alternative viewpoints – any more than I can prevent your self-serving and overly generous rationalizations or sophistry.

        Luckily, I had already saved my text and a screenshot… So in places where you can’t control the narrative entirely – people will be able to see what you did here.

        There was a time when I was able to maintain my level of suspended disbelief, about you. You took on the phone companies (TPC) for a few minutes… Now you’re a staple of National Police-state Radio… So I don’t suppose that I should be surprised. Did they ever figure out who all the spooks were, infiltrating RAMPARTS?

      4. You sound like you are talking to Robert Scheer. I am not Robert Scheer. I am a volunteer moderating the comments section.

      5. Good to know that. Does Mr. Scheer approve of the curtailment of information about SAFER and MORE EFFECTIVE (non-Experimental) Medical alternatives to the Gene Therapy Injections? Dr. Vladimir Zelenko’s work and case histories should be reviewed, not censored and suppressed – as is occurring in the In-Q-Tel BigTech world – consistent with the Draconian plans laid put in Event201. “Misinformation” – is in the eye of the Beholder. Science is a process of debate, and engagement with evidence and experiments, and research. The way “Science” is used by people with clearly stated agendas and pecuniary interests, these days… Well it’s just fraudulent wreath laid at the feet of the politically favored – and as a bludgeon against well-informed and technically astute dissenters. Dr Pierre Kory speaking TO THE US SENATE – has been censored. If Galileo and Heliocentrism were subjected to this kind of abusive fraudulent treatment, in perpetuity – we’d be living ina Universe that spins around the Earth.

        There is CLEAR CUT evidence, from both laboratories, and Clinical Observation, that Ivermectin, HCq (+Zinc), and other modalities can prevent illness, infection and spread. The evidence emerging from the most jabbed places on Earth – indicates that the Human Medical Experimentation, Forced/Mass Injection campaigns DO NOT have any public health benefit. Attempting to portray those who have access to better information, than you, or who disagree about the meaning of shared information – as the KKK, or 4Chan-ner’s, or any other disparaged outsider group – is simply Contemptible.

        Please forward this to Robert, aling with the posts that you deleted – so he can assess your performance as a censor/moderator.

      6. I’m glad to hear that you did run some articles on Ivermectin… I wish I’d seen them – so that I could evaluate if they were fair and accurate. It sure doesn’t seem like the information sunk in, judging by the support for Mandates for Human Medical Experimentation Gene Therapy injections, and the attempt of this article to wrongly blame and shame those who use their RIGHT to fully informed consent, to refuse them.

        Like the FABRICATED Rolling Stone Propaganda piece – there appears to be several agendas being served by this piece, whose, biases, blindspots and weaknesses I feel like I’ve adequately addressed, already.

        Likewise – the Lancet Article which was used to discredit the potential medical benefits of Hydroxy-Chloroquin (SIC?) (most effective when used injunction with Zinc, as an ionophore, to help transport it into the cells – was withdrawn, because it was a Medicalized FRAUD. Dr. Zelenko has even stronger feelings about the efficacy and safety of HCq – and the Fraudulent nature of that apparently politically-motivated hit-piece. I’d suggest that if you’re actually interested in hearing the opposing viewpoints – that you interview, or find something written by, or transcribed from him.

  3. The anecdote I heard was that a gunshot victim went untreated because of too many unvaccinated Covid patients (still up on many sites although fully debunked).
    Millennial journalism?
    I had a friend in grad school in the early ’80s whose daughter’s appendix ruptured and she almost died. This is a problem reflecting the poor medical system in the US, very expensive but completely dysfunctional. But we have billionaires in Space. Priorities.

    1. Also, there’s the anecdote about people not receiving medical treatment because too many in the hospital from horse ivermectin. (Do they really think we’re that gullible?)

      My question is how the people not receiving medical treatment know that those in the hospital are not vaccinated. Did they conduct a poll of everyone in the ER?

  4. I’ll take the word of the doctors on the front line rather than the deniers flooding this comment section. The fact that he had to be flown by helicopter, which isn’t a made up fact, logically proves that hospitals are full. Heck, the fact that the ICU doctors and ER doctors attest to the fact that the unvaccinated are filling up the hospital proves its reality. It doesn’t matter if you know some people who didn’t go to the hospital or you heard a made up story once.

    1. It sounds like you’re picking which FrontLine Doctors you want to listen to. has a bunch of other Doctors, with a different opinion. Dr. Vladimir Zelenko has a different opinion, and an entire protocol for the SAFE and EFFECTIVE, successful early treatment of Covid.

      And we’re still not clear why these Hospitals couldn’t accomodate the number of patients presenting. Is it a lack of beds… or a lack of staffing which has reduced capacities at those Hospitals. If so – then maybe firing Doctors and Nurses, for refusing to participate in the Human Medical Experimentation (that’s a violation of both US Law, and the Nuremberg Principles), isn’t such a smart idea. We’re not told in the article, about percentage of those seeking Covid admissions, had been injected, when, or with what… Israel and Iceland are both producing similar tales – and yet they have some of the highest rates of Jab-prevalence on Earth.

      This propagandistic article merely cherry picks facts, and twists them to support a pre-determined narrative.

      And “Appeal to Authority” is a logical fallacy… So’s the Ad Hominem Tu Quoque “Deniers”… Just thought I should mention that, as well.

      1. It is not “beds” and staff… it is ICU beds and ICU staff. And yes, corporate medicine means that you are not prepared for a pandemic. As for Appeal to Authority, medical professionals due pledge to follow the best practices as deemed by the collective research/analsysis of the organizations they work for. They can start their own clinic or hospital if they don’t agree with the mainstream.

      2. Sadly this page shows me “loading” instead of a reply button to your posts.

        Where is this Pledge that you suggest exists? Are MDs Lemmings?… Or are they Pledged to “First, Do no Harm”? Following the Herd – is what allowed an outbreak of Typhoid or Cholera in London (long ago) to be blamed upon Vapors and Humours for its transmission. Because Dr.s relied upon the prevailing wisdom – the ACTUAL SOURCE of the outbreak was ignored… (Sewage in the water supply), while all forms of quackery was practiced, as ineffective interventions. – The emergency authorization statute SPECIFICALLY FORBIDS Experimental Medicine from being Mandated.

        US Law – as well as the Nuremberg Codes – prevent Human Medical Experimentation, without Fully Informed Consent… What kind of consent is it, if DOCTORS and Nurses, aren’t allowed to decline?

        Saying that they can start their own Hospitals is a bad joke. That’s like saying you could start your own Facebook or Google or Twitter… The barriers to market entry are insurmountable – which is why the CIA partners with BigTech, through In-Q-Tel. It’s a Top-Down authoritarian Control mechanism.

        And regardless of what kinds of beds we’re talking about – the question is whether or not this is an adverse effect of the Hospitals’ mandatory injections policies. I’ve seen first hand testimony from plenty of career nurses and doctors – refusing to go along with the mandates. Many report on-the-job harrassment and wrongful termination and personnel actions against them, particularly within the context of Corporate Hospitals.

        If our capacity was already at a breaking point – then firing qualified medical professionals, for excercising their own judgement, relative to their personal health and medical treatment – seems CONTRA-INDICATED.

        And you’re ASSUMING what the mainstream is. We’re at about 50/50 for, and against, taking the jabs as a society – though many have been COERCED into taking them, against their personal understanding and choices. But Doctors and Nurses are one of the MOST “hesistant” (aka Resistant) groups. I believe it’s because they know the history, of things like VIOXX, and the Swine Flu shots from the 1970’s…and Bill Gates checkered history, of unaccountable Mass Murder and Debilitating Injuries, in places like Africa and India.

        But whatever their reasons – we’ll lose half or more, of our Medical Capacity – if we follow along with these insane and counter-productive mandates and pressure campaigns. And I find it interesting that the article completely ignores this point.

        ICU beds shouldn’t be needed for Covid care – UNLESS early intervention techniques are completely ignored and suppressed, as the have been, demonstrably. Remdesivir has just been scrapped – because it doesn’t work, and it kills people. It would be great if things that actually DO WORK, were promoted in the way that Remdesivir was… But then you couldn’t authorize a less safe, less effective array of treatments, without any long term studies, and only dubious science to support their use – even in the short term. So there’s a STRONG financial incentive against the more reasonable courses of action … And it’s particularly true, where you have Patents at stake – and Fauci owns a bunch of them. Ivermectin is a WHO “Essential Medicine” – not just a Veterinary medicine. It has a 40 track record of safety, when used properly. But sadly, it is outside of patent protection – so it’s really cheap, and not particularly profitable. It certainly won’t assist Bill Gates, in reaching his preferred Global Depopulation goals.

      3. I’m not the one cherry picking. The vast majority of physicians, professional organizations and international societies are in agreement about the necessity of the vaccine. Those who cherry pick cite a handful of doctors and ignore the consensus of the majority. This is why I can say the NHS, WHO, CDC, AMA, etc etc on and on agree with mass vaccinations. They have the capability to decide which data is erroneous and which is valid. Citing medical science then ignoring the majority of medical professionals, citing scientific rigor and obsessing over outliers is you trying to have your cake and eat it too.

      4. Sorry Tam – But what you’re doing here is a combination of Fallacies. We have both Appeal to Authority – AND – the fallacy of popularity and numbers being the same thing as truth. Just like Political Organizations and Unions – the Professional Organizations and Associations are prone to (Corporate, for instance) Capture and domination from the Top. Did these organizations speak out about the dangers of Remdesivir, or VIOXX or LIPITOR? If not – they obviously aren’t infallible. “Science” isn’t a thought-terminating cliche’, or a one-time pronouncement…except the way that you use it. If you were SERIOUS about thought and rational inquiry – you’d be evaluating the evidence and claims, made by all sides. Dr. Zelenko has thousands of healthy and recovering patients, on his side of the ledger. The AMA has the victims of Remdesivir and Ventilators, and now these dangerous and ineffective jabs on their account. I can’t imagine why they get things wrong so consistently… But well-educated, free-thinking doctors, with a great record of patient care, and dissenting scientists (like Dr. Robert Malone, who invented this mRNA injection technology) – shouldn’t be dismissed without any attempt to address their positions, findings, research, concerns, etc..

        You want to risk Neurological disorders, Infertility, Myocarditis/Pericarditis, death, etc. – well bey guest. You want to trample on my rights – be prepared for a fight. I’ll take my chances with a 99%+ survivable virus…and all the rights which have been acknowledged as God’s gift to mankind, since 1215, as my preferred option.

      5. While I am in favor of the Covid S1-vaccines for the Elderly and a much smaller number with serious medical conditions (the benefit: risk favors only these people), the SCIENCE (not to be confused with Fauci) shows that natural immunity is much preferable, and epidemiologists estimate most Americans have natural immunity (or had before being vaccinated). These people with much better immunity (long-lasting cellular, and not to only one of the 25 SARS-Cov2 virus proteins like the Spike protein vaccines) are excluded from vaccine passports, even though as researchers in Iceland and Israel (and Wisconsin) have shown that the vaccinated spread the virus better than the unvaccinated (partly because they can enter venues not open to the unvaccinated). There can be no vaccine herd immunity if the vaccinated spread the disease, obviously.
        The important result is not the vaccinations, which Biden obsesses over. It is IMMUNITY from Covid. Iceland vaccinated almost everyone over age 16, and their hospitals were overwhelmed when these vaccinated flooded their hospitals. Several Iceland Public Health officials stated they would have been much better off vaccinating ONLY the Vulnerable (citing Sweden), and focusing efforts on better hospital treatments for serious infections. Singapore is undergoing a delta variant epidemic. They noted that 5.2% of the hospitalized unvaccinated died, vs 1% of the vaccinated (more believable than US propaganda). Israel has noted that the Pfizer vaccine is no panacea against serious cases of Covid. The Vulnerable populations (the Elderly and those with serious medical conditions) still account for almost all Covid deaths with or without vaccinations.

  5. The US has trillions to spend on its global killing machine but cannot find a few billion to set up a temporary hospital or two in each state for covid patients? One has to wonder how China did it.

  6. Sorry but hospitals are over run with fat people, and others that don’t get medical help unless they are sick enough. The medical malpractice in this country (and others) is the killer. But the rich are cool!

  7. Many of these comments demonstrate how effective the Republican/neoliberal dumbing down of America has been. Ever since Reagan uttered his famous “9 most terrifying words,” more and more people have lost confidence in our institutions. In spite of multiple recounts, 60 court cases, and official statements from Trump’s Justice and Homeland Security departments, 30 percent of Americans still believe Trump won the popular vote. As a healthcare professional working in a long-term care facility, I fully appreciate the value of the Covid vaccinations. There is a virtual mountain of scientific evidence supporting their efficacy and safety. Unfortunately, social media is filled with statements from a relatively small number of doctors and scientists persistently pushing narratives that have been thoroughly debunked. Unfortunately, as Churchill said, “a lie gets halfway around the world before the truth gets its pants on.” I’m just thankful that social media wasn’t around in the 1950’s when the polio vaccine was developed. A lot more of us would now be in wheelchairs and iron lungs.

    1. Yeah. It’s remarkable the kind bullshit, unsourced and fallacy-riddled nonsense that this guy let’s stand. But you provide real information from respectable doctors and scientists (that conflicts with the Event201/LOCKSTEP narratives) – and you get censored. Even logical questions, about the effect of firing Doctors and Nurses who refuse the unlawful mandates has on the ability to care for patients, and it’s relationship to Fear Porn stories like this get edited, and/or censored.

      Clearly, this a Propaganda blog – and not an open and unbiased search for the Truth.

      1. Propaganda Blog seems like an accurate assessment – based on your Moderation Style, and the decision to post shoddy stories like this, and then shield the authors from due criticism. Sorry if you feel like a fair assessment is “tough talk” – but act like less of a propagandist, and I’ll reconsider, what seems to be a fair, balanced and accurate assessment.

      1. Reminder – it’s a 99%+ survivable virus – that isn’t really prevalent enough to warrant the term “epidemic”, even.

        The real pandemic is the MASS PSYCHOSIS of fear, xenophobia and hypochondriac paranoia, that’s been created by “Emergency” declarations, and Mass Media Narrative control.

      2. When I hear this, I hear: I don’t care if 1 in 500 Americans die of a preventable disease (so far) and I wouldn’t cared if was eight times that number … because they are mostly old and I don’t know or love them. And then, no matter what the MANY MANY real (economic/health/interpersonal, etc.) harms of the reaction to the pandemic, which could be listed and weighed against these deaths, as well as the suffering of those who survive, the suffering of those who loved the dead and crippled, those with long COVID, etc., “plandemic” would-be Paul Reveres instead bring weakass, easily disprovable anti-scientific nonsense which is, ironically, FEARMONGERING and HYPOCHONDRIAC. Yes, even paranoids have enemies, but paranoia is still a disorder.

      3. Do you ALWAYS hear voices, like this? You should seek medical attention, if that’s the case. What you’re hearing is so e internal monologue of your own creation. People have died of the flu, at that rate for as ling as I’ve been alive… But absent a “Great Reset”/4th Industrial Revolution plan to implement – the news hardly, if ever, mentioned such deaths. We certainly didn’t suspend the State Constitution, here in California, for years at a time – effectively outlawing public meetings required by the Constitution, under the Brown Act. We didn’t mandate Crimes Against Humanity, either.

        But the GOOD NEWS – is that Evidence based medicine, as practiced by Doctors like Vladimir Zelenko, Pierre Kory and others – has be shown to be able to reduce Covid deaths below even that fraction of a percentage, and without need for hospitalization.

        The rest of what you wrote is just more emotionality and sophistry. If what I wrote was so easily debunked – you should take a shot at doing that. Dishonestly editing or deleting things seems more your speed. While you clearly are avoiding all sources with information that debunks this agenda that you’re $hilling for here… It isn’t so hard to find. RFK Jr.’s Children’s Health Defense Network has plenty of censored and suppressed information, that I don’t see you as being capable of debunking. Global Research . ca – run by Professor Emeritus Michel Chossoudovsky – has been publishing factual, but heavily suppressed, counter-narrative information, since long before this crisis was declared. But I suppose you’re going to stick with information from a repeat Corporate Criminal like Pfizer, or our narrative-managed “Event201” Corporatist STATE Media. Well do you … But please don’t forget the dead and injured from this Human Medical Experimentation Gene Therapy, pointless and ineffective lockdowns, etc..

        I wish you luck with your narrowly proscibed search for truth… But things like this aren’t going to show up – unless you know where to look.

        Feel free to delete the misfired attempt to reply directly to you, Mr. Mod.

      4. Evidence-based … from the same handful of individual doctors cited over and over again … out of millions worldwide…

      5. Here’s the thing… I NO LONGER pretend to be a working journalist. I don’t keep a rolodex of all the dissenting voices that are bring suppressed. But YOU (or Robert Sheer) SHOULD BE. GET SMART. Look outside the Event 201 CONE OF SILENCE. You’ll find 1000’s of Doctors and Scientists, who are being ignored and silenced – and are doing so at great personal cost… Careers and lives hang in the balance.

        How’s this… Everytime you come back at me with some nonsense, like the reply above… I’ll bring you another highly educated and experienced doctor or scientist, whose public statements you can ignore… It won’t always be a Luc Montagnier or Geert Vanden Bossche…

        Sometimes it’ll be a little known voice of reason, like Dr. Dan Stock.

  8. The article only re-affirmed my belief that we desperately need Medicare-for-All and a national health system.

    1. Tried to reply to you – but I made a mistake, and it printed above, in reply to “Marc Frazer”. This Mod loved to critique others – but has thin skin, when it comes to criticism over how this blog is run.

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