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Lee Camp Exposes Bill Gates and the Hidden Side of His Capitalist Projects

Lee Camp exposes Bill Gates and the hidden side of his capitalist projects. The corporate media spend hours honoring his benevolent philanthropy but rich men never give anything away without a string attached and Gates’ empire has strings connected to dark activities around the world. After listening to Lee you’ll understand why it’s safe to assume that none of Gates’ charity is intended to help people. His pharmaceutical interests push unsafe drugs on the global south that drive profits back into Gates’ pockets. His agricultural interests build monopolies that harm local farmers. And the list goes on.

Lee Camp
Lee Camp

Lee Camp is the host of the hit comedy news show “Redacted Tonight.” His new book “Bullet Points and Punch Lines” is available at LeeCampBook.com and his stand-up comedy special can be streamed for free at LeeCampAmerican.com.


  1. Psychopaths/sociopaths rule the world. Corporations are psychopaths by design, devoid of feeling for others. The Republican party and the Democrat party are corporations devoid of feeling for voters
    A human beings has emotions and feelings of empathy, compassion and conscience, psychopaths don’t. Corporations don’t. They are devoid of feeling for others. Neither have the nature of human beings at all and yet, we aspire to their wealth and because of that, we accept their destructive use of wealth as a way to deny others the chance at a good life.
    Investigate the psychology of those who hold on to their extreme wealth and act to the detriment of others. They are psychopathic/sociopathic and are mentally sick, bereft of all feeling for plight of others. They deny the rights of the poor or help for those in need. They avoid taxes on their huge fortunes that they could never exhaust in a thousands of years.
    Give a thought to the subversion of Mercer, Singer Koch, Bezos, Musk, Gates, Trump etc. Why does no one suggest investigating their state of mind that hoards such huge amounts? Because we are convinced they are human beings. Why? because they were a mask of sanity like murdering serial killers that tells u they are just human beings like us. maybe not?

    1. To me, it’s particularly shocking how admired these monsters in human guise are. That’s something I never would have expected as a kid. Share and share alike,right? NOPE.

    2. This is why we need to take money out of the equation completely. We human beings can effectively work for and obtain free of charge, all of the basic necessities of life, if we work toward this, and it won’t be a 40 hour job. In the process we must abandon all money, and all agencies involved with money, banks etc. we can do this and at the same time eliminate all wars, help cure the planet and rid it of pollution, and eliminate any fascist element globally. Whenever the human mind perceives an advantage over another person or group some people seek to capitalize on that. We have to get away from Prizes, compensation etc., and simply live cooperatively and spiritually understanding that humanity need not concern itself with any conquests anymore.

  2. I love Lee Camp and feel sorry for him. He is a good man and a funny comedian who is on the right side, the side of the people. But those who would watch him already agree with him and more then not don’t watch because doing so just reminds of them of how messed up everything is and how it only gets worse. Always gets worse, never better. So he struggles for an audience and is labelled a Russian Agent because RT is the only network willing to air his truth. While the people who need to watch…which is most, have eyes closed and ears shut to anything outside of their particular bubble reality.

  3. Gates excels (no pun intended) at playing Mr Good Guy, but anyone who knows anything about the thieving, lying, back-stabbing, conniving ways he made his fortune would know better. He’s probably had some kind of “spiritual insight” (by which I mean: the way middle age has of reminding us of our mortality) and now wants to buy his way into non-existent heaven. Fuck this cunt.

  4. Having just become aware of Lee Camp’s ‘Stand-up-news’ style, I’ll have to live with it for a while before an opinion forms. He seems to be more in a Lenny Bruce or Mort Saul cynical satire groove than the insightful commedic reality of a George Carlin or Jonathon Winters. A lot of trendy “supermarket tabloid” cheap-shots at Bill Gates and riding the “all oligarchs bad” meme to a fault.🙄
    On a positive note, Lee Camp’s conversation with Stephen Semier, a brilliant writer and economic analyst on SubStack, was a blast of good fresh air💥. So far it seems the stand-up comedy needs some comedic insight and the activism less promotional jive the outstanding guests make that point in spades.👍
    As Usual,

  5. Relentless rant that still talks around the elephant in the room: the global covid coup out to impose absolute oligarchic rule via Big Pharma, Tech, Banks, and more, with Gates a principal in crimes against humanity. For a far better and more complete treatment, see James Corbett’s “Who Is Bill Gates?”

  6. Why is SP so conspicuously silent on the covid laws and policies being implemented around the world? Regardless of whether you are “pro” or “refuse to take” the covid jab the actions of mant governments across the globe are disproportionate to the risk Covid poses. Why no discussion on the facial recognition project in Australia forcing those in quarantine to send photographic proof that they’re at home ans not violating the law? What about Italy forcing everyone to have vaccines in order to be gainfully employed? The changing vaccine requirements, instead now requires 3 shots etc.

    Why is SP not taking about these critical issues? You have a roster of talented journalists. They can write about these issues without venturing into QANON territory. It’s not about the vaccines, it’s about government actions.

    Why are you silent SP?

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