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Julian Assange’s Father, John Shipton, on the U.S. Government’s ‘Scandalous’ Plan to ‘Murder’ His Son

One of the biggest moments in Julian Assange’s trial is slated to happen next month, when the embattled and imprisoned WikiLeaks founder’s final extradition hearing is held in Great Britain. And as host Lee Camp points out before introducing his guest in this clip from “Redacted Tonight,” there have been some stunning developments recently in Assange’s story—namely, the revelation that the U.S. government and a certain three-letter intelligence agency were ginning up possible plans to assassinate Assange.

If ever there were an expert on Julian Assange, it would surely be Camp’s guest, John Shipton—Assange’s father—who calls the assassination plot considered by former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and other U.S. officials “pretty scandalous,” if not entirely surprising. Shipton also holds forth on the American government’s big quandary if Assange were to be brought onto U.S. soil to face charges, the man who perjured himself to implicate Assange, and why he thinks his son’s work has been a “great success” despite his plight. Have a look at the clip above to watch the whole interview.


  1. Julian Assange, publisher/journalist – one person, is nowadays being branded by the entire global imperial power structure – blindly led by the pied piper of ‘Hegemon’ as the most dangerous individual alive, threatening its very existence.

    The messenger is NOT to blame for the misdeeds of the perpetrator. If corporations are equivalent to persons, then the corporate states managers/ politicians are the ones committing the misdeeds and, therefore, must bear the blame, but never do!

    What this ongoing travesty, in truth, tells us, the demos, in no uncertain terms, is just how fragile the actual foundations of the tyrannical structure really are, systemically.

    That its brutal corruption is deemed to be threatened through the power of a single journalist’s pen speaks volumes to those of us willing, and able, to read between the lies.

    On the other hand, what one individual, Donald Trump, who briefly – as things stand right now, held the reigns of that fraudulent power, singlehandedly convinced us, is just how gullible and ignorant most of us really are of actual reality.
    It also points to the fact of just how tenuous all of that powers’ hold on institutional governing bodies – termed, constitutional demo(s)cracy is based in corrupt illegitimacy.

    Merely because groups of some Homo-sapiens, through evolutionary chance, get to live in the same country or territory, it is nevertheless apparent that this arrangement does not seem to bind all of them together as ‘we the people’ – one human family. This being so, it proves that Homo sapiens – “the wise human” is nothing more than a terminal contradiction.

    According to the example set by the US, simply because it was codified in writing by a minority of some European ‘white’ men, in a purported to be unbiased document, they called a constitution, they henceforward through their historically ill-gotten gained economic and military prowess, arbitrarily asserted those principles to be Democracy, globally, for all time forward, as the singular indelible universal standard.

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