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Chris Hedges and John Pilger on the ‘Show Trial’ of Julian Assange

Investigative journalism is also on trial with WikiLeaks' founder.
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As supporters of Julian Assange rally behind the jailed WikiLeaks founder in the lead-up to Wednesday’s extradition hearing in a British court, Chris Hedges gets a read on the status of Assange’s case with input from investigative reporter and documentary filmmaker John Pilger. In this clip from “On Contact With Chris Hedges,” the host and his guest are equally unsparing in their takes on what, in stark contrast to official accounts, is really behind the ongoing and vigorous efforts on the part of the U.S. and other governments to punish Assange.

Hedges, pointing to a recent Yahoo! News article confirming previous reports that the the CIA and Trump administration members had considered assassinating Assange, bluntly describes the upcoming hearing as a “judicial pantomime” and part of a broader strategy of “political persecution” against Assange for exposing and embarrassing the U.S. government (among others) through his work at WikiLeaks.

Pilger chalks up Assange’s current tribulation to a “CIA operation” and a “show trial,” adding that “everyone who knows the United States well knows the power of the CIA—the extrajudicial power of the CIA, the extra-governmental power of the CIA. That’s what this is.” Anticipating push-back on this characterization, Pilger reminds “On Contact” viewers that he has been present at several of Assange’s most consequential days in court for more than a decade. According to Pilger, the goal of Assange’s persecutors is to shut WikiLeaks down and to make an example of its founder, who faces 175 years in prison if extradited to the U.S. “Serious investigative journalism is the enemy,” says Pilger.

Watch the interview in its entirety above.


  1. The terrorism against Assange makes me imagine John F. Kennedy first shooting himself in his own upper back and then blowing off the back of his own head.

    That is how much the cia mossad mi6 black ops assassination squads have improved since 1963!

    A long-term Roman Empire crucifixion also comes to mind.


  2. Julian Assange is a true Hero of all Human Beings on this planet. The US has no divine right to rule the world, and who says they do and did? The CIA grew out of Truman’s National Security State, a state of insanity since its inception. That is why JFK wanted to cut it into a billion pieces and scatter it to the wind. That should have been the outcome, but as we all know these agencies take on lives of their own and now we see how bad they can be and how detrimental to every living thing they can be. We must end the CIA, NSA, Federal Reserve etc. and start anew. We should be honoring Assange for his support of true democracy and freedom of speech. No government has the right to complete secrecy.

    1. The only way to end all of the surveillance apparatus is to end the system that feeds it.
      Americans love to talk about needing “to do this” or “to do that,” but all are afraid to do anything about it.
      Watch How to Start a Revolution DVD documentary (it’s not as bad as you think) and read From Dictatorship to Democracy the book.
      It’s Our Job to do get rid of them!

  3. I appreciate this site very much, but this was really just an old man rambling on, sponsored by Putin money.

    You can do better.

    1. What a pathetic response to the facts being presented here. Is that the best you can do? Drag out the Putin bogey-man again (we all remember Russiagate, that turned out to be pure BS). If you have a thread of evidence of this then prove it. YOU need to do better.

  4. The CIA has had a few outstanding directors: not only Pompeo, but George Bush. Outstanding in the war criminals sense.

  5. Check out this German Documentary: Dogs and US.

    At about moment 23.22 there is the use of a service dog for a woman who has exactly the same syndrome as Assange, and the use of a service dog has changed her life!!!

    Shaem of the US for saying Julian Assange should not have children — and be treated as if we live in the Dark Ages. SHAME!!

  6. Good Man Chris, I couldn’t have put it more clear. Cormac Cullen. Ireland. 🙏

  7. The ongoing incarceration of Julian Assange is indicative of the fact that there is a worldwide conspiracy against freedom not only of speech but against the freedom in general.

  8. We need to get rid of class monopoly of wealth/political power and its devaststing consequence on totality of our life journey.
    Classless humanity in cooperation for our well being

    1. This is another comment about how “we need to do something” without any suggestion for how to go about it. Moreover, most Americans are too afraid actually to do it.
      Watch How to Start a Revolution DVD documentary (it’s not what you think it is) and read From Dictatorship to Democracy the book.
      They tell us the How of it.

  9. Question for Scheerpost — why have reader comments if you don’t post them in a timely manner ?

    1. Everything has to be inspected for propriety and decorum.
      In other words, scheerpost is doing what it criticizes in others.

      1. Or, you could make assumptions about how it works…but you know the old saying.

        Apologies for the delay in moderation this week.

        That said, curating comments for sanity, (minimal) courtesy and respect and legality is not censorship, but EDITING of a publication. Your comments are the equivalent of letters to the editor, not statements made in the public square of censorship on a de facto open platform like social media.

      2. Thank you for clearing up that the comments are letters to the editor.

        I wasn’t implying that you were practicing censorship, just that too many times, comments are put on hold for unknown reasons.

      3. Your response to me above was neither proper nor decorous. And now on top of that you’re being rude to your host.

  10. That you once again RT news.
    Seems to be getting more difficult to find info on this Royal show trial.
    Assange deserves a more civilized humane trial process.

    1. He deserves to be let alone, since he has committed no crime, not “a more civilized humane trial process.” (!)

  11. “Investigative journalism is also on trial” alright. Here’s John Pilger joining Hedges and the ‘alternative’ press chorus singing the cause celebre of Assange, while he consistently has had little or nothing to say about how his own native Australia has been turned into a fascist police state, dutifully relying on the usual anemic talking pints of the controlled left like how the (pseudo)pandemic has exposed the cracks in capitalism and blah, blah, blah. Apparently, the “war on democracy” he has covered in the past doesn’t have anything to do with the totalitarian takeover now underway across the world. Shame.

  12. Hedges has documented elsewhere some of the results of what happens when the characteristics of empire start to come back to their homeland (such as to the American Republic). We see the death of the liberal class, we see casino capitalism, we see the hollowing out of the infrastructure of city’s, we see the rule of law disappear, we see democracy disappear, we see the rise of Nazi like practices and thinking, we see the U.S. Constitution effectively rendered useless, we see the monopolization of media and information basically making it just another propaganda arm of the ruling elite and globalists, we see the exploitation of tragedy (Covid) whether deliberately, accidently or naturally to serve the ends of multinational drug companies and powerful globalists and much more. Soon we will see the unleashing of a cyber pandemic to further reset the global economy and move the capitalism towards the predetermined direction of the globalists, disenfranchising millions or billions of people’s lives.

    As Hedges has said, there is very little time to do much as the time is late. The once noble profession of mainstream journalism has been rendered a farce and those called mainstream journalists are no better than “propaganda yes men”.

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