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G20 Summit Deemed ‘Abysmal and Total Failure’ on Vaccine Equity, Climate Action 

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By Jake Johnson / Common Dreams

Leaders of the world’s richest nations wrapped up the Group of 20 Summit in Rome on Sunday after taking virtually no concrete action to tackle the coronavirus pandemic and the intensifying climate crisis, drawing condemnation from human rights advocates who deemed the gathering’s outcome an “abysmal and total failure.”

“G20 leaders could have taken urgent action to dramatically scale up manufacturing and access to Covid-19 vaccines around the world, promote a fair economic recovery, lower dangerous greenhouse gas emissions, and help the poorest countries adapt to the climate change already happening,” Jörn Kalinski, senior adviser at Oxfam International, said in a statement. “The bottom line is that this summit failed to deliver much of anything for people, planet, or prosperity.”

The weekend summit drew to a close as the official global death toll from Covid-19 topped a staggering 5 million, a figure that’s likely to continue growing by thousands each day as billions of people worldwide are denied access to lifesaving vaccines.

G20 nations constitute 62% of the global population but have used 82% of the world’s Covid-19 vaccines, according to the London-based advocacy group Global Justice Now. Just 3.6% of people in low-income countries have received at least one coronavirus vaccine dose—inequity that threatens to prolong the pandemic and leave the door open to devastating new variants.

A recent analysis by the science data firm Airfinity showed that G20 countries have received 15 times more coronavirus vaccine doses per capita than countries in sub-Saharan Africa. The United States, the European Union, Britain, and Canada are currently hoarding roughly 240 million surplus Covid-19 vaccines as they begin offering booster shots to certain segments of their populations, ignoring the World Health Organization’s pleas for a moratorium on boosters.

“It’s an absolute scandal that the G20 has wasted a year ignoring a proposal, backed by the majority of its members, to break vaccine monopolies and ensure the lifesaving vaccines can be made around the world to save countless lives,” said People’s Vaccine Alliance policy lead Anna Marriot, referring to a stalled patent waiver at the World Trade Organization.

At the end of the two-day Rome summit, G20 leaders adopted a declaration pledging to “enhance our efforts to ensure the transparent, rapid, and predictable delivery and uptake of vaccines where they are needed” and endorsed the WHO’s modest goal of “vaccinating at least 40% of the population in all countries by the end of 2021.” The document does not mention vaccine-related intellectual property rules, which activists view as key barriers to ramping up production, closing distribution gaps, and ending the pandemic.

Tamaryn Nelson, a health adviser at Amnesty International, said Sunday that the “vague promises” issued by the heads of the richest countries in the world are “an affront to those who have died, and to everyone still living in fear, of Covid-19.”

“With just two months left of this year, only a radical change in approach will close the shameful vaccine gap,” Nelson argued. “If we continue down our current path, the end of the pandemic will remain a glimmer on the horizon.”

Environmentalists offered similarly scathing rebukes of the climate rhetoric and commitments that emerged from the G20 gathering, which concluded just ahead of the pivotal COP26 talks in Glasgow, Scotland.

In their final communique, G20 leaders—whose countries are responsible for more than 75% of global greenhouse gas emissions—”acknowledge the close link between climate and energy and commit to reduce emission intensity, as part of mitigation efforts, in the energy sector to meet timeframes aligned with the Paris temperature goal.”

The declaration also includes a vow to “put an end to the provision of international public finance for new unabated coal power generation abroad by the end of 2021.” However, to the dismay of climate campaigners, G20 leaders did not agree to a specific target date to end the use of coal as Australia and other countries stood in the way.

“Heads of state from the world’s richest—and therefore most powerful—countries had the opportunity to radically reset multilateral politics and generate the commitments necessary to keep global heating below 1.5°C,” said Namrata Chowdhary, chief of public engagement at 350.org. “Instead, they’ve made a contradictory and empty statement on climate: they’ve restated their commitment to keeping global heating below 1.5°C, but failed to commit to any action themselves, not even agreeing that their national climate plans must be improved. Right now, they have us on a path to nearly 3 degrees of heating. These so-called leaders need to do better.”

Jennifer Morgan, executive director of Greenpeace International, echoed that sentiment, saying in a statement that “if the G20 was a dress rehearsal for COP26, then world leaders fluffed their lines.”

“Governments must respond to the deadly warnings the planet is giving us and cut emissions drastically right now to stay in line with 1.5°C, and that requires stopping any new fossil fuel development,” said Morgan. “At COP26, we will not let up and continue to push for more climate ambition, as well as the rules and actions to back it up. We need to stop all new fossil fuel projects immediately.”


  1. As long as we have a monetary system that dictates what values are attributed to money, then those with the money have all of the poser. Its simple get rid of money and do not institute any system similar. Instead we all work a couple days per week at guaranteeing that everyone has all of the necessities of life and freedoms to move about etc. That way everyone is as equal as possible. No wars no fights no hatred based upon greed and corruption. With money gone there will be nothing to fight over-if done the right way.

  2. ““G20 leaders could have taken urgent action to dramatically scale up manufacturing and access to Covid-19 vaccines around the world.”

    This is a somewhat over-simplistic assessment. The current vaccines are mediocrities at best. The epidemiologically sane approach would be to support the development of better vaccines, such as nasally administered ones that can elicit appropriate immune-response components to block spread, particularly mucosal immunity (sIgA antibodies in the nasal cavity). It is abundantly clear that current vaccines do not. Hence, merely encouraging wider distribution of vaccines that don’t block viral transmission is not only useless at attenuating pandemic spread, but potentially counterproductive by acting as a selective pressure for more virulent mutants to evolve. But as long as governments kowtow to Pharma racketeering, they will genuflects to the regularly proffered notion in traditional media that these are good vaccines, thereby shilling for the operant propaganda. Sorry to see a lack of sophistication about this issue on Scheerpost.

    1. Oh my… Some actual information disturbs poor little Jakie Johnson’s deliberately skewered propaganda, (aka: ‘lies’).

      This seemingly well-informed person, Vincenzo L, after relating what he avers are scientific facts about the mounting evidence of these experimental untested vaccines’ lack of efficacy, (which normal established protocols of testing would have exposed,) writes:

      “But as long as governments kowtow to Pharma racketeering, they will genuflects to the regularly proffered notion in traditional media that these are good vaccines, thereby shilling for the operant propaganda. Sorry to see a lack of sophistication about this issue on Scheerpost.”

      The “regularly proffered notion” being propagated by Left-wing propaganda outlets, like Jake Johnson’s Common Dreams, (which has become a cess-pool of constant lying propaganda), very often these days PERFECTLY dovetails with the constant lying propaganda we get from the so-called ‘mainstream media’.

      Hmm… Interesting… No?

      The vaccines are, apparently, according to proliferating reports, not very effective for very long, and may be helping spread mutants of the virus.

      I’m a carpenter, not a scientist. Who am I supposed to believe? There is, apparently, according to proliferating reports, mounting evidence that the vaccines may actually be counter-productive. Reports tell us, for example, that Israel, which has the highest vaccination rate on Earth, also now has the highest infection rate for new mutant variations of the virus. Some think that the new, untested, mRNA technology, is facilitating the spread of the virus’ mutations.

      But little Jakie Johnson doesn’t about any of that. He is NOT a ‘journalist’. He, like all the writers at Common Dreams, are propagandists, NOT journalists. They could not care less whether any damn fool thing they write is true or not.

      I sure don’t know what to believe… I’m vaccinated, because of my family’s concerns. Otherwise I wouldn’t have ‘gotten the jab’.

      This is the predicament we are in. Citizens don’t trust a government that is demonizing them, as is only prudent that they shouldn’t trust this sleaze-ball sewage swamp government that rules over us.

      Jake Johnson, like so many of these bizarre leftist propagandists, have staked out the weirdest position imaginable. One minute they shriek out AGAINST the status quo power structure, (masquerading themselves as leftists)… But you turn around and there they are howling out their full support for the Ruling Elites’ highest priorities.

  3. ‘Equity’; see also ‘inclusivity’, ‘sustainability’, etc., etc. If you’re not jumping to such jargon (see also ‘triggers’), you’re not paying proper respect to the programming. Common Dreams is back at spinning common nightmares, doing its part in the progressive propaganda effort to keep marching us along in the New (ab)Normal, long after any false flag pretext of pandemic for a global coup should have been exposed by truly independent press. Having commented elsewhere on CD’s pitch for climate catastrophism (“Humanity ‘Way Off Track’: WMO Says Atmospheric Carbon at Level Unseen in 3 Million Years”), here are just some partial observations on ‘vaccine equity’.

    If ‘equity’ signals the kind of gobbledygook marketed for manufactured consent to bait-and-switch bizzness deals, like leveling everyone down to common austerity under such ‘fair and just’ governance as social credit scores combined with central bank digital currency control, ‘vaccine’ announces the Orwellian newspeak and doublethink of covid-1984 necessary for population control, if not depopulation, by means of continuous injections of experimental, genetically modifying mRNA agents and Frankenscience properties and ingredients (e.g., blood-clotting and immunosuppressive spike proteins, graphene oxide nanobots susceptible to cellular microwaves and particularly 5G technology incorporating an internet of bodies into the internet of things and AI, Hydra-like synthetic parasites, Luciferase fluorescent proteins enabling biometric readings from external, out-of-body devices like ‘smart’ phones). Insofar as contents of these patent-protected poisons have been disclosed or obtained and examined beyond their secretive medical-military R&D and decades of ‘gain-of-function’ (just scrubbed, in deference to Don Fauci, from the NIH and renamed enhanced potential pandemic pathogen (ePPP)…zzz), and now deployed upon human lab rats via Operation Warp(ed) Speed, these bioweapons are anything but vaccines.

    Related language games, like the WHO’s (or Pharmafia’s) redefinition of ‘pandemic’ dropping the requirement of large numbers of deaths to engineer the 2009 H1N1 swine flu fraud (as well as the present pseudo-event), more recent revisions of ‘immunity’ to rest almost exclusively on vaccination rather than naturally acquired defenses of evolution, and currently contemplating movement of the goal posts for what counts as ‘fully vaccinated’ to include ‘boosters’ (and permanently recurring biodigital colonization of our species or mutant successors), attest to a history of preparation for dystopia.

    Contrived controversy like ‘vaccine equity’ for the traditionally colonized poor of the world – whom G20 ruling elites like those wining and dining in palatial splendor in Rome have always shown such solicitude – serve to distract us from how these predatory psychopaths are coming after us all.

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