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Robert Scheer: Three Antidotes to America’s Toxic Thanksgiving Myth

This Thanksgiving, we're reposting three critical "Scheer Intelligence" episodes that highlight the country's original sins of white settler colonialism and Native American genocide.
“Red Meat” by Mr.Fish.

Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz: Lies Liberals Tell Themselves About the Second Amendment

The author of “Loaded: A Disarming History of the Second Amendment” joins Robert Scheer to discuss the deep-seated denial about the colonial ideology undergirding gun rights in the U.S. and how it has hampered the left’s approach to arms control. Listen to the full discussion, which first aired on KCRW in 2019, here.

Benjamin Madley: The California Genocide No One Talks About

UCLA history professor Benjamin Madley joins the “Scheer Intelligence” host to talk about his An American Genocide: The United States and the California Catastrophe 1846-1873  which details the killing of tens of thousands of Native Americans as the state was being settled in the 19th century. Listen to the full episode from 2016 here.

Tony Platt: California’s Grim Genocidal Past Implicates the University of California

The historian discusses his recently re-released book,  “Grave Matters: The Controversy over Excavating California’s Buried Indigenous Past,” which digs into the Golden State’s dark history of not only massacring Indigenous Peoples, but later desecrating their graves and excavating their remains without their descendants’ consent, in this must-listen “Scheer Intelligence” episode. Listen to the full episode, which aired last week, here.

Be sure to tune in next week for a new episode of Robert Scheer’s “Scheer Intelligence.”


  1. Yep, and today,


    I personally think that it’s just another reminder of all the horrible things that this nation has done to not only us, but all native people,” the Chairman of the Mashpee Wampanoag tribe, 29 year-old Brian Weeden tells TIME of that “first” Thanksgiving, adding that he and his tribe feel largely forgotten. Courtesy of the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe.

  2. Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz kicks ass ! I’ve read her “A Native People’s History of the US” as well as “Not A Nation of Immigrants” and will attest that these books do not fit into the patriotic history we were forced to endure in our “make-believe this is history” classes. She is a breath of fresh air in this land of pretend.

    1. Her book, Loaded (on the Second Amendment) is also essential reading for anyone interested in a better understanding of our past and present.

  3. The thanksgiving article hearkens me back what is now a long forgotten item of history , buried in the now familiar phrase, “memoryhole” The corporate plan promoted by LBJ during his visit to South Vietnam, promising the largest dam ever built on the Mekong river. But the Vietnamese didn’t want a dam ruining both the cultural traditions and farming techniques built around the rice paddies there. For a thousand years, the whole ecology was stable but today, the Vietnamese continue to suffer, this time under the thumb of a new smiling tyrant, the CCP and their sanctioned corporate entities. An exploitation of water resources mainly due to dams upstream in China, exacerbated by conditions of extreme drought in Vietnam, and again worsened by opening more dams further south in Laos and Cambodia. At bottom, it seems apparent that technocracy, no matter what political persuasion or progressive guise their representatives portend to believe in, always claim to have “the better way”, rather then chose to hold fast to indigenous tradition. Another flashback came to mind as well, that of the imagery produced during a memorable American ad campaign against pollution, where Eyes Cody, an actor in Native American clothing paddles along, on river water and as the scene continues, more and more pollution becomes evident everywhere around him. The eyesore gets worse with passersby throwing more garbage at and around him, A voice announcement snaps in, distinguishing the event with a quote; “Some people have a deep, abiding respect for the natural beauty that was once this country. and some people don’t.” Who could have imagined just how accurate this advertisement was? with the discovery of nano-particle size contamination in our drinking water, or the food-chain in the EU infused with fission products spewed from Chernobyl.No! its not going to melt away, not even fifty years from now!

    1. @elmerfudzie
      “At bottom, it seems apparent that technocracy, no matter what political persuasion or progressive guise their representatives portend to believe in, always claim to have “the better way”, rather then chose to hold fast to indigenous tradition.”

      You indirectly mentioned the root cause of all problems on Earth: modern humans, starting with the use of agriculture, have totally devolved mentally and spiritually, so that they think that advanced technology is the same as evolving. Actually, it’s the exact opposite, as the band DEVO pointed out when it was formed (their name means de-evolution, and their point was that humans were devolving into a race of robots). To the contrary, actual evolution for humans is mental and spiritual, not physical. The less technology you have, the less you obsess on the physical/material world (and therefore, the less you harm it), the more evolved you are. Our focus should be on evolving mentally & spiritually, not on harming everything in the universe except humans for our own short-sighted and foolish benefits.

      The most evolved people on Earth are hunter-gatherers with mythologies so complex that the most brilliant scientists wouldn’t be able to understand them. Let’s go for that!

  4. I intended to fast yesterday for Thanksgiving but ended up so hungry I had to make some pancakes. In the macro I see nothing to give thanks to. Absolutely nothing. Life to me now is a daily lark through a dystopian hellscape of ignorance, greed and propaganda.

    Next up Christmas….you know, the holiday in which we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ through an orgy of greed, desire and consumerism. I’m not Christian but I must say that Christmas to me is the most twisted and sick holiday of all….the message of Jesus wasn’t Kill them all and let God sort them out. Nor was it, honor your god by buying useless shit. His was a message of peace and love…turned to shit.

    Our society in a nutshell.

    1. Ummm, I’m thankful for journalists like Max Blumenthal and Whitney Webb, who are brave enough to write about Klaus Schwab’s nightmare Great Reset. If Klaus has his way, by 2030 “you will own nothing and be happy.” Think about that when MSM try to convince you that the Nu varient was an organic mutation, hahahaha. We haven’t seen anything yet-like Chris Hedges has said, these are the good times…

    2. Greed and consumerism are the opposite of what Jesus preached. Most people who call themselves “Christians” live the types of lifestyles that Jesus preached against. Real Christianity lasted for about 50 years after Jesus died, then got grossly perverted.

  5. A brief history of the United States:

    About 500 years ago, European colonizers came to the land now called the United States, killed most of the Natives, stole their land, destroyed it to make money and live their unnatural lifestyles, and kidnapped & enslaved Africans to work part of it. The rest is just details.

  6. Recovered after ‘mything’ the splendors of Thanksgiving!
    Fundamental causes of paranoia
    Paranoia starts when something disturbing or unexpected breaks through a populaces learned cognitive dissonance, yet supposedly, in the U.S., the constant promotion by western mainstream media of the possible near future extinction of humankind, has nothing to do with its paranoia onset, population wide. It’s only the ‘others’ who are afflicted with paranoid tendencies.
    Apparently, this does not even factor in as a specific cause, in the DSM psychological manuals. The manual caters mainly to the private nature of individual behaviors, as does the euphemism “free market” capitalism.
    The subject of this comment is about group psychological reactions to constant trauma, such as the BBC constantly, and facetiously, reporting that Russia is “stoking border tensions with (Ukraine)” its immediate neighbors, yet hardly ever, if at all, does it headline how the U.S. has constantly provoked and stoked tensions with Russia (and more recently China) with way more than militaristic opportunism since the dismemberment of the Soviet Union; the inculcated eternal nemesis of the U.S.’s. false hegemonic economic notion of entitlement to practice unbridled capitalism worldwide.
    The West, led by the nose, by the U.S., is now paranoid about those it can no longer easily dominate economically. The only power remaining to the U.S. terror, and chaos provoking state, is its overwhelming (1:12) military capabilities.
    What the Russian and Chinese governments are afflicted with is not sheer paranoia, but ‘facts on the ground’ physical proof of U.S. (NATO) cajoled and coerced intimidations, while the U.S.’s delusions of grandeur have finally been shattered and its unilateral dominance of world affairs abrogated, by reality; notwithstanding its, approximately, more than 750 bases military bases situated in ‘sovereign’ nations globally.
    Shaking in one’s boots is a legitimate feeling, given the realities on the ground. Need they be individually named and cited?

  7. Since the dawn of (recorded) history as told by the victors, ‘civilization’ has been the enemy of ‘barbarianism.’ Those peoples who retain ways of life unassimilable to the class-based, hierarchical social relations of empires which deem themselves closest to the gods or the apex of progress pose the threat of a good example, presenting alternatives to the rule of law established upon conquest and colonization really red in tooth and claw. Eradicating both the existence and memory of humanity independent of the law’s noble lies is in line with the logic of the walls and boundaries which not only keep such threats out but keep the conquered and colonized imprisoned in continued exploitation and oppression.

    When modern Europe’s civilized settled upon the ‘virgin lands’ of the ‘New World,’ laws were needed for prohibiting and penalizing subjects of the settlements who in the thousands were escaping the abuses of civilization for more humane ways of life among the ‘savages.’ Such recovery of human memory and existence revived the dangerous potentials of people choosing other directions upon earth than turning it into wasteland and calling it peace.

    Today, aboriginal people among others in Australia are being forcibly taken to ‘quarantine camps’ for failure to fall into line with the biosecurity regime of the New (ab)Normal. Such signs of the (end) times for humanity warn any and all of us who are not completely captive to civilization’s march of extermination that there are choices we cannot not make in how we live and die.

    1. To put it another way from an environmental perspective, it’s the agriculturalists (civilization) destroying the hunter-gatherers (barbarians). Agriculture is war against the Earth by killing native plants in order to grow crops, is totally unnatural, is not how humans lived for the first 95% of their existence, and is not how any other animal lives. Agriculture creates massive human overpopulation by creating an unnatural overabundance of food. After agriculture caused enough overpopulation, people started creating and living in cities, aka civilization. Other than its inherent harms, the first thing civilization did was destroy a forest, which is now a desert because of that.

      Hunting and gathering is the only environmentally friendly and proper way to get food. Humans should be focusing on expanding their consciousness, on empathy, and on wisdom, not on manipulating the natural world for their own benefit to the detriment of the Earth and everyone/thing else living here.

  8. Regarding the first article – I can’t seem to find “Article 8” in the Constitution , the one she refers to as providing for militias – the last Article seems to be Art VII. So if someone could aim me in the right direction providing the Const enabling of militias that obviates the “need” for the Second Amend. – I would appreciate it.

    Do not misunderstand, I fully agree with the idea that it should only apply to the purported “necessity” for a “well regulated militia” – but the actual wording in the Const. itself that obviates the “need” for that 2nd Amendment would, IMO, make for a much stronger case ….

    1. It’s part of Article 1, section 8. These clauses in this article make it clear that the
      phrase “A well regulated militia” isn’t as irrelevant as the likes of Scalia would have
      you think. It is obvious that the Congress has the power to define this “well regulation”
      and that the right to bear arms is contingent on what the Congress decides. The current
      interpretation is a lie – and can’t even be justified by originalism.

      Lies reign. Lies rule. Welcome to the human condition.

  9. By claiming “Thanksgiving” really IS about that mythical meal between the Wampanoag and some Plymouth Pilgrims ignores the fact that Lincoln made it a national holiday – for the victories at Gettysburg and Vicksburg. THAT is something we can actually be thankful for. However the ruling class wants to include and placate the neo-Confederates in the South as part of the ‘holiday’ so they never bring that little legal detail up.

  10. Oh, that toxicity. Runs deep in the Anglo-Saxon-Iberian line, no?

    Ahh, and most North Americans have no idea of the slavery foisted upon them by the elites, the UK-USA alliance, and now, the digital trafficking of data, electronic handcuffs, genes, genomes and the great-pharmacological slavery.


    Most Barbadians between the ages of 18 and 35 are aware of the key details of the transatlantic slave trade. Our ancestors toiled after being kidnapped from their West African homes, stripped of their dignity and forced to work on sugar plantations under backbreaking conditions as the property of Britain’s bourgeoisie.

    This barbaric and brutal form of human trafficking, murder, torture, and rape made rich men of the perpetrators of these heinous crimes. They amassed huge fortunes, which laid the foundations for multi-generational wealth. Young Barbadians now know that over time, those ill-gotten fortunes were considered so glorious by the slavers that the island was commonly referred to as ‘Little England’ and regarded as an almost perfect model for the trade.

    That was just the start of a period of unspoken atrocities, which lasted for more than 300 years. It continued well beyond the 1807 abolition of the transatlantic slave trade and the formal abolition of slavery by colonial assemblies in the Caribbean in 1838.

    Our ancestors were forced to work under backbreaking conditions as the property of Britain’s bourgeoisie

    The slave trade was, of course, endorsed by the British royal family. Along with other wealthy British families, British royalty played its part in this most despicable form of capitalism. The Barbadian, a Bridgetown newspaper that was published from 1822 to 1861, reported an 1824 proclamation by King George IV, asserting that the “Slave Population…will be undeserving of Our Protection if they shall fail to render entire Submission to the Laws, as well as dutiful Obedience to their Masters”.

    Slavery’s legacy is underdevelopment and dependency. This dependence ran so deep that when Britain responded to the diminishing returns from its colonial project with the ‘gift’ of independence, Barbados was compelled to accept the British monarch as their own. We also inherited the Westminster system of governance, the British Privy Council as the final Court of Appeal and many old laws, including the criminalisation of same-sex relationships.

    After gaining independence, Barbados created systems that could help to lift up the average Black citizen, who was invariably descended from slave ancestors. Everyone was given access to education, healthcare and free school meals. A social security scheme was established under the first prime minister, Errol Barrow.

    Even so, Barbados retained some admiration for the British royal family in the years immediately after independence. That has now diminished, as young Barbadians learn about their history and that of the West Indies. In fact, many have even questioned Prime Minister Mia Mottley’s decision to invite Prince Charles to be guest of honour at our republic celebrations. A young lawyer tweeted: “Is he coming with reparations?”

    What the British royal family represents is uppermost in the minds of Barbados’s youth as they think about real self-determination. Fifty years on from independence, a more educated and aware class of Barbadians is able to identify the glaring deficiencies of a society that suffered 400 years of oppression.

  11. in Europe and South America only the right wing advocates for gun control; in USA it is the liberals that side w the oligarchy and despise freedom

  12. @alexandr herzen
    The fact that you would bring this up in this thread shows that you’re a gun nut. This discussion is about Thanksgiving and the lies it promotes about the relationship between the Natives and the colonizers in what is now the U.S. Why would you even mention guns here?

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