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‘End the Filibuster and Pass Gun Reform,’ Progressives Say on Sandy Hook Anniversary

Nine years after the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, progressives call for gun reform.
After the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, tributes to the victims were left at a shrine set up around the town’s Christmas tree on December 17, 2012. (Photo: Tim Clayton/Corbis via Getty Images)

By Andrea Germanos / Common Dreams

Progressives on Tuesday marked the nine-year anniversary of the Sandy Hook shooting with fresh demands for U.S. Senate Democrats to kill the filibuster, this time eyeing a need to pass gun reform legislation.

“Nine years ago today, 26 loved ones were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary,” tweeted Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.), chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. “We can’t allow children to be gunned down in schools, year after year.”

“Congress should’ve acted nine years ago—but that opportunity isn’t gone today,” Jayapal added. “It’s time to end the filibuster and pass gun reform.”

On December 14, 2012, 20 children and six educators were killed at the Newtown, Connecticut school, a tragedy in which the gunman used high-capacity magazines. The shooting elicited global shock and grief, and, in the United States, increased focus on the gun lobby’s power over U.S. lawmakers. 

Former U.S. congressional candidate and Ohio state Sen. Nina Turner also lamented that after “nine years… no action has been taken to pass meaningful gun legislation.”

“Abolish the damn filibuster,” tweeted Turner.

GOP obstruction in the evenly divided Senate this year has fueled mounting demands for Democrats to change the chamber’s rules and reform or fully abolish the filibuster, which effectively requires a 60-vote supermajority to pass any legislation.

In a video address Tuesday, President Joe Biden—who was vice president in the Obama administration when the shooting took place—called the Sandy Hook massacre an “unconscionable act of violence” that “shocked” the nation.

He expressed frustration that Sandy Hook and subsequent mass shootings have failed to result in the passage of meaningful gun control legislation.

“It was so darn frustrating, and it’s still frustrating now for you and me and so many others in Parkland, Florida; and Oxford, Michigan; and communities across the country—these horrific shootings make national headlines and embarrass us as a nation,” said Biden.

Politico added:

Even with majorities in both chambers of Congress and control of the White House, Democrats have struggled to advance gun control legislation through the first year of Biden’s presidency. Still, Biden highlighted gun violence prevention funding in his administration’s signature social spending and climate change legislation and called for the passage of three gun violence prevention bills by the Senate, arguing that the legislation was “long overdue.”

“As a nation, we owe these families more than prayers,” Biden said. “We owe them action.”

The Friends Committee on National Legislation, in a tweet marking the anniversary, said: “Let us never forget the victims of gun violence. And let us never forget that lawmakers can take commonsense legislative steps to address this public health epidemic.”

Andrea Germanos
Andrea Germanos

Andrea Germanos is a senior editor and staff writer at Common Dreams.


  1. The purpose of the Las Vegas disaster, and at least some of the school shootings, and sundry other ‘”terrorist attacks” was to convince Americans that the possession of guns by citizens is harmful to the public’s safety……..

    There is another deception being carried out by the media, in concert with the government. There has been a rash of school shootings, and other terrorism here in the United States lately. Many people, urged by some politicians, want to remove our guns. I am just as enraged as everybody else, but I want you to think more deeply about what is happening.

    First of all, the Las Vegas shooting was committed with a hotel security guard right outside the shooter’s door the whole time. He had been shot through the door, injuring his leg; and he called the security office, who summoned police. The police arrived shortly after the shooting began, and remained outside the door while the shooting was perpetrated, and for half an hour after it was over.

    I read this in the Trentonian some week or two after the incident. It had a time log. A revised story with similar report was recently on the internet. It is curious that the man that they claim was found in the room after the shooting, dead, was relatively unknown, with few friends or acquaintances, basically was a recluse. And of course, the story goes, he had munitions stash in his house- that he didn’t use in the shooting, but he left them there to be found later by police.

    Alex Jones has exposed that, at one of the school shootings, the guilty youth had supposedly taken the weapon from his mother, it had belonged to her. An assault rifle. A mother with an assault rifle. A typical mom. Of course Jones is being sued for his journalism.

    In “Censored 2019,” pages 83 and 84; it states that Nikolas Cruz, who killed 17 high school students in Parkland, Florida; had undergone training which had not been uncovered by establishment media, despite all the “coverage.” The hidden information was that he had been enrolled in his school’s Army Junior Reserve Officer’s Training Corps (ROTC) program before he had been expelled. According to Pat Elder, Florida statutes “allows a student who takes four years of JROTC to substitute biology, physical science, physical education, and art for this straight-jacketed military indoctrination program.” He was also enrolled in the high school’s JROTC four-person marksmanship program….

    …..The second amendment was clearly added to the constitution to protect citizens in the case that their government was too oppressive. So it is no surprise that the government would want to remove our ability to defend ourselves, in the case that they wanted to herd us into the thousand internment camps that have been built recently in secrecy all across America.


    1. Read it in the Trentonian – cutting edge journalism — N O T.

      I don’t want a regular gun – I want a machine gun and a tank , throw in a few grenades and land mines to keep people like you at bay. /s

      I want YOU to think more deeply. Have no expectation of that ever happening with regard to guns in the US.

    2. You left out the diabolical Freemasons, and you curiously forgot to mention the Protocols of the Elders of Zion in your screed.

  2. The filibuster issue, and calls to end the use of the filibuster, date back to the late 1700s. Calls for “gun reforms” date back almost as far. Those debates have never stopped.

    1. I always know what is going to happen by simply seeing what “progressives” want and then assuming the exact opposite will happen. So far using this metric over the last thirty years I have been correct nearly 100 percent of the time.

      It’s too easy and very disheartening seeing that they never learn from the experience or realize real action must be taken to get what they want.

      The forever victims.

      Take note….Since “the left” (there is no real left in America) has been so incredibly weak and allowed themselves to forever be co-opted into the Democratic Party and voting for the “lesser evil” that they have contributed to the rights fanatical belief that the corporate fascists ARE the socialist commie left and are ready to revolt because of it.

      In short by being weak, by being brainwashed, by having no courage, heart or will….those on “the left” are creating an environment where they will help make their own worst nightmare, a reality.

      Way to go brainwashed zombie sheep.

      1. Yes indeed. The biggest obstacle to getting rid of the filibuster is old Cracker Joe Biden himself. Jayapal and the rest of those “progressives ” surely know this. It’s just more empty posturing, the only thing they excel at. Also, do they really think Biden and Pelosi are going to take up gun legislation at this point?

  3. It’s progressive to support the police state. Don’t you know, it’s another “public health epidemic,” and where else can we turn but to Ingsoc and Big Brother? I’m sure going to feel safe once this plague is over, too, and we can all count on our friendly neighborhood PDs, locked and loaded with the latest peacekeeping means from the Pentagon, to keep serving and protecting local communities from gun-crazed lunatics, many from the military itself.

  4. expected that the fake US progressive is actually a nazi—gun control a nazi specialty
    in Europe and S America it is the left wing that opposes gun control. in USA it is the lib-progressive that always allies w the ruling class

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