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Matt Taibbi and Matt Orfalea on Pandemic Scare-Coverage

Following the emergence of the Omicron variant, pandemic scare-coverage reaches new heights.

By Matt Taibbi and Matt Orfalea / Substack

For a while now it’s been clear the primary objective of most pandemic coverage is to scare the socks off mass audiences. Good news, bad news, boring news, interesting news, news that’s more of a wash in the final analysis, news that’s a net plus overall: it’s all presented as terrifying, more signs of the Apocalypse. There’s no better example than the stampede to advertise the “first death from Omicron” in the United States. 

Matt Orfalea does a hilarious job of stitching together an homage to the latest moral panic. So many great little details here, from the “Way Too Early” background to one reporter’s premature death report to the “aggressive Covid vice” imagery, the dramatic Biden-cough, and so much more. 

It was the world’s loudest record-scratch when the WHO in the first week of December said the ominous “Omicron variant” of Covid-19 had been detected in 38 countries, but without any known deaths

No deaths? How could that be? In the United States in late November, we’d already skipped past the stunned-curiosity phase and moved straight into active mass panic, with “fallout from the Omicron variant” causing the Dow to fall 652 points in a daywhen news of the mutant contagion arrived. Right away, we had a travel ban from southern Africa, an address urging calm from President Mumbles, and a declaration of a “Variant of Concern” from the CDC, as “scientists raced” to learn more about this “almost Frankensteinish” new strain of Covid-19. 

The next month of Omicron coverage offered a fascinating window into our Covid-fixated future. For most of December, we were presented with an unbroken string of scare stories that in many cases actively buried the lede on the most important question: is this thing going to kill me? The Washington Post on December 14th, for instance, ran a story about how the “CDC warns” that a “punishing wave” could be coming as soon as January. The piece noted Omicron was “dramatically more transmissible” and “a more slippery foe when encountered by neutralizing antibodies,” but ignored the issue of lethality altogether, which would seem impossible to do by accident. 

“How deadly is the Omicron variant? WHO releases death report,” wrote the Express U.K. earlier this week, with the following sub-headline:

OMICRON cases have increased more than tenfold since authorities identified the first UK infections in November, but scientists’ knowledge of the variant has increased in kind. The World Health Organization (WHO) released its first death report this weekend, outlining how dangerous it really is.

Reading that headline hits your fear center, making you anxious to know just exactly “how dangerous it really is.” What does that mean? Scrolling down, you first read that Omicron mutations “allow it to escape immunity provided by both vaccine doses,” that “it reduces two doses of Pfizer to 30 percent effectiveness, with AstraZeneca potentially down to zero,” and that while boosters can restore effectiveness to 75 percent, “many are at Omicron’s mercy.” Not good!

Only far down the piece do you read that since the WHO’s “no deaths” report in early December, the disease has “spread rapidly, and one person in the UK has died with the new variant… Recent data suggests the disease Omicron causes is milder than its predecessors…”

The distinction between “dying with” and “dying from” is a sticking point in theory if you’re trying to accurately gauge the lethality of a thing, but journalists have mostly shrugged it off.

On December 20th, a man in Houston died “with” Omicron. The Harris County Public Health office issued a release citing an “Omicron Variant-Related” death, but Harris County judge Lisa Hidalgo, sporting a stylish tree-branch-pattern mask, wasted no time in announcing, “The Omicron variant of COVID-19 has arrived in full force.”

As shown in Matt’s video, Hidalgo raised the county’s Covid-19 “threat level” status to “Level-2 Orange,” bringing us back to the halcyon days of the War on Terror, when the government each day assigned us a mathematical Expected Freakout Level (EFL) about things over which we had no control. 

Within hours, national press outlets like CNN had reported the “first death attributed to the Omicron variant,” gushing, as Jeremy Diamond is shown doing in this video, that “Covid surges are surging!” Pundits wasted little time wagging their bony death-fingers in our direction: “First Omicron Death in U.S. Was Reinfection—A Warning to Those Who’ve Already Had COVID,” wrote Newsweek.

Shortly after, a Harris County Public Health official named Martha Marquez hedged, saying they could confirm the dead man was Omicron-positive, but the cause of death had not yet been determined. 

The arrival of both the Delta and Omicron variants were reported in ways that recalled the classic “Africanized killer bees” media panics of yore. Stay in your homes and be vigilant about the highly aggressive African invader who just might move in next door: for a good long time, this was a staple of local TV, as noted in Bowling for Columbine:

Descriptions of Omicron as the scary scary thing coming from southern Africa have been near carbon-copies of those old bee stories. Kudos to the few outlets at home and in Europe that pointed out the hypocrisy of this coverage. If you’re really bent on using the deadly new “Africanized” variant to frighten people into getting vaccinated, shouldn’t you also be “racing” to pass patent waivers so countries like India and South Africa can make their own vaccines, thereby preventing the spread of mutations before they even have a chance to become headlines here?

If they’re determined to keep going in the scare direction, they should do a better job of it. Omicron is certainly an improvement over Delta, but they should dispense with the pretense and start giving true Fangoria names to coronavirus strains: the “Mutilator” Variant, the “Suffocating Agony” variant, the “Shaft-Sagger,” the “Face-Eater,” etc. Would you bet against something like that coming? 

* That is not @Orf in the death suit.

Matt Taibbi

Matt Taibbi, author of the New York Times bestsellers The Divide, Griftopia, and The Great Derangement, is a contributing editor for Rolling Stone and winner of the 2007 National Magazine Award for Columns and Commentary.

Matt Orfalea

Matt Orfalea is an independent video creator, documentary producer, journalist


  1. While celebrating the hilarity of the New Imaginary Omicron Fear Hoax, did both our Matts forget to mention that health care resources are being overwhelmed by huge numbers of new cases despite milder illnesses, and that the unvaccinated die at 13 x the rate of the vaccinated? This guarantees higher morbidity and mortality for people who require newly unavailable medical attention for any serious disorder.

    Did our Matts fail to remind us that over 800,000 Americans have already died from COVID-19? That uncontrolled viral replication in the susceptible will result in uncontrolled mutations with unforeseen consequences?

    Did our Matts solicit review of their post before publication by any legitimate and professionally trained public health officials?

    Big joke.

    1. @really?
      Did you fail to learn that because of the corporate hijacking of our healthcare system, approximately 20,000 hospital beds in the U.S. have been removed? This is the real issue regarding hospital space.

      Did you fail to learn that vaccinating people with a very leaky vaccine has no effect on mutations of the virus, or that vaccinated people contract and spread the virus substantially the same as unvaccinated people? You are repeating lies & propaganda.

      Do you fail to realize that our government is owned by corporations, including the pharmaceutical industry? You can’t trust anyone in government who advocates getting vaccinated, because politicians receive millions of dollars every year from the pharmaceutical industry and the industry is making billions of dollars off of these vaccines.

      So yes, this video was funny and all this fear-mongering WOULD be a big joke if it didn’t affect the rest of us.

    2. @really?
      I forgot to mention (this comment section lacks an edit function, which really sucks):

      Did you fail to learn that 90-95% of the deaths from COVID-19 are of people over 60 years old? This is primarily an old persons’ disease.

      1. Jeff, Thanks for your replies. Always grateful for a dialogue but will continue to trust informed, trained, licensed, professional public health officials to best guide us through this public health crisis.

        When you have a plumbing problem you don’t call your accountant, and when you have a tax problem, you don’t call your plumber.

      2. Old people are not expendable. Iʻm over 60 and began to feel expendable when the Oregon state governor set the vaccine priorities. Ahead of the elderly, she placed health workers, which makes perfect sense. But then the next group included teachers and professionals, including acupuncturists, massage therapists, dental assistants and even veterinary assistants. Not kidding. And the people dying at that point were the elderly. Jeff, you just made the best case for getting vaxed, masking up and doing your best to avoid spreading omicron. It is not so that we can avoid what might for us be a minor sickness. It is so that we do not inadvertently spread the disease to a more vulnerable person.

  2. Thanks! It was clear at its inception that omicron was the next killer. We needed a killer to keep us in thrall.
    Ironically, the method of identifying omicron has been brushed under the carpet; the PCR test itself cannot identify it, but an expensive and time-consuming genetic sequence can. So who is paying for the genetic sequence?

  3. It’s a different kind of danger though, because of Simpson’s paradox, it’s infected many more people who otherwise would not have been infected, so we’re seeing thousands of canceled flights and our hospitals have more and more infected personnel not able to treat patients in an already overwhelmed system, not to mention it’s infecting more children and putting more of them in the hospital. It’s not scare coverage at all in my opinion, the folks at Fox “news” would agree with you, but they aren’t exactly helpful in a pandemic. My uncle died last week from the virus, and he wasn’t “scared” of it before he was hospitalized and quickly died.

    1. @Aaron
      Hospitals are only overwhelmed by Omicron patients because people are hysterically panicking by going to the hospital when they test positive at home. Omicron is basically a cold, and going to the hospital for this is beyond ridiculous.

  4. I was disappointed in this article. It barely skimmed the surface of the evil without ever really diving into it’s vast ocean of lies, authoritarianism and greed.

  5. Rather than listen to the fearmongering, I have found it more productive to reread Daniel Defoe’s A Journal of the Plague Year.

  6. Taibbi and Orfalea make excellent points about the profitable disaster focus of major media and worse, about eagerness to latch on to any unfortunate event to advance a political agenda. However, it is too early to make light of Omicron. It appears to be a gentler, kinder variant, true, but I suggest factoring in long haul COVID possibility. Somewhere between 10% and 30% of COVID cases turn long haul. We just do not have enough solid info at this point to downgrade the Omicron threat. I suggest a recent opinion piece in the Guardian by a long hauler: “Donʻt dismiss Omicron as ʻmild.’ Take it from a long-hauler.”

    1. @Jan
      You miss the point. Politicians and the media have whipped up hysteria about COVID-19, the latest being hysteria about the omicron variant, because their donors in the pharmaceutical industry want them to do so. Saying that there “might” be a long COVID from the omicron variant is just another form of that hysteria. If a substantial number of people ever get long COVID symptoms from omicron, then it would make sense to discuss this. But to say we should be scared because something might happen without any evidence of it ever happening is just more fear-mongering.

      1. Donʻt disagree about the hysteria but no matter what disaster happens those folks are going to try to hijack it for their corporate puppet masters. Seeing through their noise and trying to get a handle on what is really going down, thatʻs the hard part. For years I’ve followed the GMO issue pretty carefully. Five to ten years ago when it was also difficult to penetrate the Monsanto smoke and mirrors, people I respect were making the argument that we all need to be governed by the cautionary principle in making decisions about GMO. Seems to me that COVID & omicron have created a parallel situation. Same logic applies, at least for the time being.

  7. Puzzled why my comment on this article, paraphrased here, simply vanished without publication. I hope it doesn’t reflect scheerpost’s or authors’ desire to suppress contrary opinions, such as my own, acquired during a 50 year career in critical care medicine. At the least, please forward my comments to your misinformed authors.

    While celebrating the hilarity of the New Imaginary Omicron Fear Hoax, did both our Matts forget to mention that health care resources are being overwhelmed by huge numbers of new cases despite milder illnesses, and that the unvaccinated die at 13 x the rate of the vaccinated? This guarantees higher morbidity and mortality for people who require newly unavailable medical attention for any serious disorder.

    Did our Matts fail to remind us that over 800,000 Americans have already died from COVID-19? That uncontrolled viral replication in the susceptible will result in uncontrolled mutations with unforeseen consequences?

    Before publication, did our Matts solicit feedback for their post by any legitimate, professionally trained public health officials?

    The Matts misleading article contributes nothing constructive to a reasoned debate about management of a world wide pandemic, certain to be followed by others.

  8. Bizarre rabbit hole faux journalism. Oh, these vaxxed journalists! Matt and Company.

    Hmm — The US Federal Reserve Told Us in April 2020: Expect Universal Daily Testing If You Want to Participate in Society

    While society was marching through its manufactured hysteria, we have James Bullard, CEO of the St. Louis Federal Reserve, telling CBS “Face the Nation” viewers that the economy will be there for them after it’s all over, but we should anticipate a world where universal daily testing is the norm. He doesn’t say “in-home” tests, but that is clearly the plan. Now we have dozens of app / QR enabled home “testing” kits. We know that based on the centrality of the Internet of Bodies to the Fourth Industrial Revolution this will evolve into biosensors data-mining our bodily fluids from swabs, finger pricks, and eventually smart toilets. I encourage you to spend some time going through the website of the Toilet Board Coalition, launched in 2015. You’ll learn a lot about the “sanitation economy” and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

    Oh, Cry for Me Mossad — It’s the supply chain, stupid:

    Above the fold of Symbotic’s website, the trademarked phrase “reinvent the warehouse, reimagine the supply chain” greets visitors. The robotics software company just completed a merger with a special purpose acquisition vehicle (SPV) created by Softbank to take it public in a $5.5 billion deal with Walmart, which partnered with Rick Cohen’s technology side business to roll out an “Industry-Leading Supply Chain Automation System” in July.

    Born into the grocery business fortune established in 1918 by his grandfather, Israel, the third generation food distribution magnate is the sole proprietor of C&S Wholesale Grocers Inc. – the largest wholesale grocery supplier in the world. Described as “the biggest company no one has ever heard of”, C&S presides over one of the single most important links in the global supply chain, distributing virtually everything found in your supermarket aisles to more than 7,700 stores through its 49 distribution centers across the country.

    Cohen keeps a very low profile. C&S doesn’t even put the company logo on its trucks and despite being one of the richest men in the world, he is usually left out of the wealth ranking lists put out by publications like Forbes. The last time any details about his personal fortune made it into the news back in 2013, his net worth was calculated at $11.2 billion. His relatively modest lifestyle in the small city of Keene, New Hampshire, belies his influence in the tectonic changes currently taking place in the movement of physical goods and natural resources around the globe.

    Yossi Cohen (no relation), is just coming into his own as head of Softbank’s new offices in Israel. The former Mossad chiefunderscored the pandemic’s importance in paving the way for “advanced technologies”, repeating assertions made by everybody’s favorite villain, Bill Gates, at the Unicorn Forum conference held over weekend in Tel Aviv. It was “fortunate the pandemic happened now,” Cohen said during a panel session, crediting the health crisis’ timing for allowing us to “talk on Zoom”.

    Clearly, video chats are the least among the many shifts to digital technology currently taking place, which have accelerated exponentially over the last two years and seem to invade more and more of our daily activities. In tandem with remote face-to-face exchanges have come digital ID systems tied to medical status or vaccine records, the rise of a concomitant data-driven genomic health industry and the explosion of cryptocurrencies and their adoption by financial institutions on the way towards a global digital money regime.

    All of these, in turn, are linked to the deployment of blockchain technologies. Distributed digital ledger systems will emanate from the supply chain, itself, under the control of its biggest players. Walmart has been urging its suppliers to adopt IBM’s Hyperledger since May, 2020, while C&S Wholesale Grocers has been investing in blockchain and cloud computing applications for several years now. Its top platform analytics vendor is none other than Michael Saylor’s MicroStrategy, which is leading the way for Bitcoin integrations across the wholesale and retail industries.

    A new venture by Softbank-backed crypto company in Brazil, which wants to “be the infrastructure provider for the token economy” in Latin America, according to its CEO, reveals just how far the so-called Great Reset has already come in a very short span of time. Further evidence that we stand at the threshold of an enormous transformation is Monday’s announcement by Vice President Kamala Harris of significant investments by major corporations like Mastercard, Microsoft and agribusiness giant Cargill in Central America, where experiments in blockchain governance are being established in Honduras and El Salvador.

  9. Of course, there is no mention of the 10 million people who die every year from polluted air caused by our fossilized fuel companies… and people’s insatiable need to drive those pollution wagons at break neck speeds on specially constructed speedways…
    Brave New Year indeed!

    1. Ahh, shucks. How many infants up to 2 years of age die of preventable gut diseases? Yep, 11 million, annually. The Omega-cron DARPA show is all about adding to the fear. Getting people on blockchain, crypto criminal “money,” more Big Pharma chemicals in the body, and, well, we know how many die of cigarette smoking related diseases, including 2nd hand, third hand and fourth hand passive smoking. Millions.

      And the death by 10,000 pollutants, a slow death of cuts in the inflammatory disease producing capitalism.

      Oh, the ironies, no, chronic illnesses tied to food deserts, food purveyors, and then, follow that science — food additives, food enhancers, fat-salt-sugar, HFCS, and that old Round-Up Reading Resusitation.

      It’s data, man, the real gold here. The Ceil Rhodes project is alive and well. UK was never defeated, chaps.

      They’ll do anything for their syphillitic empire and king-queen-dumb.

      The project’s ulterior motives are revealed to us in the same paragraph, couched as the “spillover objectives” of the DIB, and candidly stated as the “building of the wider outcome-based financing sector”, championed by the likes of Sir Ronald Cohen, who is connected to the QEI DIB via the other members of the project’s steering committee; specifically, through Prince Charles’ British Asian Trust (BAT), which pools the funding of the other sponsors as the DIB’s “outcome convener”.

      Together with the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation and the project’s risk investor, UBS Optimus Foundation, these three organizations are coordinating the biggest blockchain-based, social impact bond experiment in the world and data-mining children to generate their proof-of-concept. Joining them are some of the most powerful forces in the technology and telecommunications sectors, along with major media organizations and India’s elites, who are conspiring to lay the cornerstone of a neo-colonial digital enclosure.

      Rebuilding Empire
      Queen Elizabeth II’s first-born and heir-apparent to the British throne welcomed Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, to the Science Museum in London in 2018 for an exhibition titled “5,000 Years of Science and Innovation”, celebrating India’s long history of contributions to the fields of science and technology. The visit coincided with the formal launch of the QEI DIB and had been arranged months earlier during a trip Prince Charles, himself, had made to India to announce the bond pilot program.

      A trial-run took place in 2015, when the British Asian Trust – founded by the Prince in 2007 “to tackle widespread poverty, inequality and injustice in South Asia” –, funded an education outcomes bond program called Educate Girls to the tune of $275,000 provided by BAT’s partners. Starting with one school in north-west India, the program expanded to 140 villages and 7,300 children over the following three years, and while the initiative was praised by pay-for-success advocates, it drew harsh criticism from educators.

  10. Keep ’em scared and divided and suppress actual reporting that counters the official narrative. The national security state, mass surveillance, militarized police, creeping fascism…there are things that seem scarier than Omicron. How about a oligarch melting variant.

  11. I suspect the desire is to keep us focused not on climate disasters and change but on the pandemic.

  12. Finally paying some ( partially complete) attention to the
    Medical fascist takeover of this Evil Empire, I see.

    Hope you are not as brain dead as my former hero
    Noam Chomsky who thinks the 35% of us who are
    non Milgram compliant with the death jabs should
    be shunned and even prevented from entering stores
    to buy food!

    I hope former heroes of progressive politics like Chris
    Hedges and Robert Scheer and Paul Jay can wake up
    and listen to Paul Craig Roberts, Max Blumenthal
    the Great Barrington Declarants, as well as Governor
    Ron DeSantis, Dr Peter McCullough, RFK,JR’s Childrens Defense
    Fund, Dr Robert Malone, Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr Sucharit Bhakdi
    and the tens of thousand signatory medical and scientific
    People who have retained their medical and moral ethics
    Regarding this Covid lie regime that I began calling the Clampdown
    Masquerade on the Ides of March, 2020.
    Wake up and smell the tainted meat salesmen Fauci and Gates.

  13. Omicron is basically a cold. Great video and post. The hysteria about omicron and COVID-19 in general would be hilarious if it didn’t affect the entire society.

    1. Medical attention you or your family might require due to any serious illness might well be unavailable due to emergency rooms and hospital beds full of people with the Omicron “cold”. This has become a news worthy reality in many areas of the country

  14. Good article, sirs. This piece obviously was not meant to touch on the epidemiology of the virus. It was meant to highlight the hyperbole of the media’s coverage of Omicron variant,

  15. Matt Taibbi and Matt Orfalea focus on just one component of the fraud that is the Covid “Pandemic.” As at least one reader has noted, this piece just skims the surface, however, I’m happy for the “shedding of light” on any aspect of this crime against humanity event.

    Also encouraging are the many readers who understand and see beyond the Virus story.

    As many economists have noted, the global economy teeters on the brink of collapse, as our massive and continually growing debt is beyond addressable. Systems of QE and the theft of $21 trillion from the U.S. economy indicate that the Bigs are intent on driving the western economy into the ground.

    I can’t help but think that the events of the last two years are but a prelude to some larger, catalytic event. The second of a one-two punch, so to speak. Of course, its origins will be made to appear random, but its effect will be to bring about a new, more predatory economy.

    I won’t speculate on the many ways that can be achieved, but will only add that our continued obsession with the Virus and its supposed variants, a component of which Taibbi and Orfalea describe, misses the larger story.

  16. I’m losing all my respect for Matt Taibbi when he mocks the urgency of the situation. Neither of these guys have any medical expertise. Full length sequencing of the Omicaron variant is required to make a confirmatory ID and VERY little of that is performed in the U.S. In Milwaukee today the health dept said the number of hospitalized case rose 50%, in one day. Hospitals in Minnesota and Michigan are full or near capacity. Wisconsin is at 95% capacity and hospital case rising dramatically. What happens when someone needs hospitalization but cannot find care and has to be transported hundreds of miles away from home? I think, if anything, this variant has been under appreciated and many are complacent. No problem if you are young and healthy, but what about everyone else?

  17. Not sciencey enough? Dr. Robert Malone, originally an academic pathologist, has run more than 100 clinical trials mostly in the vaccine and drug repurposing spaces.

    He has been involved in nearly every infectious disease outbreak since the AIDS epidemic, has worked for the National Institutes of Health awarding millions of dollars in contracts for vaccines and biodefense, and spent “countless hours” at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Advisory Committee for Immunization Practices meetings.

    Malone works closely with the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, knows Dr. Anthony Fauci personally and is possibly best known for his instrumental work in developing the platform for mRNA-based vaccine technologies more than 30 years ago.

    On Dec. 30, 2021, Malone and Rogan sat down in Rogan’s studio in Austin, Texas, and recorded a riveting three-hour conversation.

    Rogan stands alone as an independent voice outside of corporate media that is able to reach a politically and ideologically diverse audience of 11 million or more per episode.

    Similarly, Malone is an outspoken critic of vaccine mandates who represents the opinion of a large and growing number of researchers and clinicians who believe our approach to the pandemic has been poorly conceived and stands in opposition to basic tenets of immunology, epidemiology and emerging real-world data.

    It was clear both were prepared for the encounter. Rogan reported he had been following the doctor’s tweets, has been reading everything Malone has been writing and was clearly versed in the latest and most salient scientific findings.

    A good one over/up in Canada:

    This guy, no doctorly enough? The story of this fall has been the story of “breakthrough” infections. It turns out vaccines don’t work and nobody actually believes in them. There’s no reasoning, no actual research, no cost-benefit analysis, not a single rational thought from any of the highly-trained and highly-paid professionals who have made themselves the dictators of our lives.

    Nobody understands this better than Dr. Peter McCullough, a cardiologist, internist, and epidemiologist, who has been a steadfast advocate for alternative Covid treatments like hydroxychloroquine.

    This one, pretty good —

    COVID-Omicron is Killing Christmas. The Roadmap Towards a Worldwide Financial Crash, Inflation, Digitization

  18. Oh, follow that science, err, that edited, caveated, reworked, backtracking, not-knowing-much, throw-logic-out-the-window SCIENCE. Then, have the little big man dictators ram policies down the people’s throats. How many at Scheer Post see this?

    Quoting —

    The Austrian government announced today that the validity of the “Green Passport” has been reduced to six months. This also means that all people who have had their “full vaccination” for the last six months will be relegated to an inferior civil status and become “unvaccinated”.

    Even the obedient have become second class people, excluded from social life thanks to the country’s “lockdown for the unvaccinated”. Austrians living in this fact-free dystopian nightmare, are currently faced with two options: Force the government out or take the third, fourth, fifth, sixth and perhaps eternal shot.

    Six months ago around 3.8 million Austrians were considered “fully vaccinated”. They trusted the former Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and the Greens who had promised that the double injection would “set them free”. Their “civic duty” and “solidarity” would conquer the disease they were told repeatedly and soon everything would return to normal. Or not? Chancellor Nehammer is bringing down the hammer, even on his followers.

    Anyone who does not accept the booster shot with the same agent, which has been proven to have no effect against “variants”, is now excluded from social life and is considered a pariah because the unvaccinated are bad, stupid people according to official narrative, who endanger others, are probably even “right-wing extremists” or worse… “terrorists”. Being downgraded to an asocial, stupid, right-wing radical by decree, will be a hard pill to swallow for many.

    Austria Hiring People to “Hunt Down Vaccine Refusers”
    It is not clear how many people will actually lose their “green” status because a few of those who had been double-jabbed by July 2021, have already had the booster. It could be that around 1.9 million Austrians – in addition to the already unvaccinated – refuse to obey.

    Vaccines are an abject failure

    A Canadian study has shown that two doses of the jab had no measurable effect on an Omicron infection. The data it contains is explosive. The authors, 13 international scientists, funded by the Canadian Ministry of Health, among others, explicitly state that “two doses of Covid-19 vaccines are unlikely to protect against infection by Omicron. A third dose provides some protection in the immediate term, but substantially less than against Delta. Our results may be confounded by behaviours that we were unable to account for in our analyses. Further research is needed to examine protection against severe outcomes”.

    In short: two administered doses of the Covid-19 vaccine do not work against Omicron. To arrive at this conclusion, 3 442 Omicron cases and 9 201 Delta cases were examined.

    Of course, this is not the only paper that indicates that these hyped products have zero use, but data now clearly show that in Germany and Denmark over 90 percent of those infected with Omicron were vaccinated. This is also proven by the current hospitalization figures in Austria.

    Facts do not impress Nehammer

    Completely unaffected by all the hard data obliterating the current health policy, the Austrian Federal Government continues to cite unspecified “experts” while besieging the population to submit to their evidence-free fanatical dictates. Science has probably never played any role in their decisions and certainly not public health.

    “The less effective this Corona vaccine is, the more stubborn the government becomes. Forcing vaccination is neither legally or medically sustainable. Chancellor Nehammer and company prove with their stance that they are not about the welfare of the people,” said Herbert Kickl, leader of the Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ).

    1. The statement that the vaccines “don’t work” against variants is different than claiming no protection against infection. Even with the mutations, the vast majority of the amino acid sequences on the spike protein are identical. The immune system presents 10-15 aa sections to immune cells which are then processed to create antibodies an t-cell receptors. Even in cases where omicron produces an infection, it is usually shorter in duration and less likely to be transmitted due to a smaller viral load. Lastly, hospitalizations and death are dramatically reduced. So to say they don’t work is non-science based.

      1. Since the beginning of the health crisis, the French government has claimed that early treatment was ineffective. It has imposed major restrictions on our freedoms, in particular on doctors’ prescriptions,

        It has also promised that vaccination would achieve collective immunity, the end of the crisis and a return to normal life.

        But the failure for 18 months of this so-called “health strategy” based on false simulations, innumerable lies, promises never kept, as well as the propaganda and fear campaign has become unbearable.

        In turn this has been followed by the extortion of consent to be vaccinated, by outright blackmail, while curtailing our freedoms to move and socialize, our right to work and engage in leisure activities.

        Are the current vaccines that they want to impose on us effective?

        Can they lead to a collective immunity or is it only a myth? To answer this question, we will make the current sanitary assessment of the most vaccinated countries according to the figures provided by the World Health Organization and the curves of OurWorldinData. (From Vaccine outset in December 2020 to September 15, 2021)

        Record mortality in Gibraltar, champion of Astra Zeneca injections

        Gibraltar (34,000 inhabitants) started vaccination in December 2020 when the health agency counted only 1040 confirmed cases and 5 deaths attributed to covid19 in this country. After a very comprehensive vaccination blitz, achieving 115% coverage (vaccination was extended to many Spanish visitors), the number of new infections increased fivefold (to 5314) and the number of deaths increased 19fold. The number of deaths increased 19-fold, reaching 97, i.e. 2853 deaths per million inhabitants, which is one of the European mortality records. But those responsible for the vaccination deny any causal link without proposing any other plausible etiology. And after a few months of calm, the epidemic resumed, confirming that 115% vaccination coverage does not protect against the disease.

        Malta: 84% vaccine coverage, but just as ineffective

        Malta is one of the European champions of pseudo-vaccines: on this island of 500,000 inhabitants, nearly 800,000 doses have been administered, ensuring a vaccine coverage of nearly 84% with a delay of about 6 months.

        But since the beginning of July 2021, the epidemic has started again and the serious (fatal) forms are increasing, forcing the authorities to recognize that vaccination does not protect the population and to impose restrictions.

        Here again, the recurrence of the epidemic in terms of cases and mortality proves that a high rate of vaccination does not protect the population.

        In Iceland, people no longer believe in herd immunity

        In this small country of 360,000 inhabitants, more than 80% are primo-vaccinated and 75% have a complete vaccination cycle. But by mid-July 2021, new daily infections had risen from about 10 to about 120, before stabilizing at a rate higher than the pre-vaccination period. This sudden recurrence convinced the chief epidemiologist of the impossibility of obtaining collective immunity through vaccination. “It’s a myth,” he publicly declared.

        Belgium: recurrence of the disease despite vaccination

        Trends in Mortality and Morbidity in the Most Vaccinated Countries : Twenty-one Proven Facts
        In Belgium, nearly 75% of the population is primo-vaccinated. And 65% of the population has a complete vaccination cycle. However, since the end of June 2021, the number of new daily infections has risen from less than 500 to nearly 2000. As RTBF acknowledges, in the face of the Delta variant, current vaccination is far from sufficient to protect the population.

        Singapore abandons the hope of “Zero Covid” through vaccines

        This small country is also highly vaccinated and nearly 80% of the population has received at least one dose. But since August 20, 2021, it has had to face an exponential resumption of the epidemic with an increase in cases from about ten in June to more than 150 at the end of July and 1246 cases on September 24.

      2. To anti-vaxxers no amount of evidence is sufficient to dissuade them. Very similar to global warming deniers. I still feel I must interject that despite the mutations, the current vaccines do reduce fatalities significantly, as Singapore and other nations have demonstrated. I still don’t understand why many want to fight THIS vaccine, and not all the others that have saved lives as well.

      1. And SARS-Cov2-DARPA novel Viruse is so bad, yep, so let’s coup the world, BLinken-BIden-Israel, and then the virus will be contained. Keep those American eyes and ears off the trillions in MIC/EdTech/FinTech/DigitalTech.

        The tangled hybrid web

        Virtually no one knows about it. But last December, another coup was discreetly thwarted in the Kyrgyz capital, Bishkek. Kyrgyz intel sources attribute the engineering to a rash of NGOs linked with Britain and Turkey. That introduces an absolutely key facet of The Big Picture: NATO-linked intel and their assets may have been preparing a simultaneous color revolution offensive across Central Asia.

        On my Central Asia travels in late 2019, pre-Covid, it was plain to see how western NGOs – Hybrid War fronts – remained extremely powerful in both Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. Yet, they are just one nexus in a western nebulae of Hybrid War fog deployed across Central Asia, and West Asia for that matter. Here we see the CIA and the US Deep State crisscrossing MI6 and different strands of Turkish intel.

        When President Tokayev was referring, in code, to a “single center,” he meant a so far ‘secret’ US-Turk-Israeli military-intel operations room based in the southern business hub of Almaty, according to a highly placed Central Asia intel source. In this “center,” there were 22 Americans, 16 Turks and 6 Israelis coordinating sabotage gangs – trained in West Asia by the Turks – and then rat-lined to Almaty.

        The op started to unravel for good when Kazakh forces – with the help of Russian/CSTO intel – retook control of the vandalized Almaty airport, which was supposed to be turned into a hub for receiving foreign military supplies.

        The Hybrid War west had to be stunned and livid at how the CSTO intercepted the Kazakh operation at such lightning speed. The key element is that the secretary of Russian National Security Council, Nikolai Patrushev, saw the Big Picture eons ago.

        So, it’s no mystery why Russia’s aerospace and aero-transported forces, plus the massive necessary support infrastructure, were virtually ready to go.

        RE: After Kazakhstan, the Color Revolution Era Is Over by PEPE ESCOBAR

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