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The Insufferable Hypocrisy of Western Governments Hell-Bent on Destroying Julian Assange (Video)

"Until and unless they free Assange, the U.S., U.K., and Australia have no right to preach human rights and press freedom to the rest of us."

By Eric Garris / Blog

In his New Year’s message, South China Morning Post chief news editor Yonden Lhatoo demands Western governments free WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange before preaching press freedom to everyone else.


  1. You are in pretty ad shape when the Chinese government can justifiably accuse you of hypocrisy.

  2. yes it is hypocritical, but this video is much more so. it makes a difference to have some, albeit limited, press freedom, non-state trade unions, demonstrations which are not always attacked by the police and not always suppressed, elections which may be decided by money but through which the masses sometimes bring serious pressure on the rulers, court trials where you can possibly get a serious lawyer, a judge who might not actually be decided ahead of time or by money, and a jury which may look at evidence seriously, especially if the case is pressured from the outside by angry people, as was the jury in the trial of the racist murderers of ahmoud arbery in georgia, where the murderers were convicted of murder and are facing long sentences. china is not socialist or communist in fact; it is a state-capitalist regime, capitalism run by the state, the government, with a big dose of private capital thrown in. none of these rights exist at all there, but government thugs like this think they are making a dramatic exposure of the us. everybody knows these truths about the us; what they do not know is that you are defending an fascist regime with no rights for the masses whatsoever. shame on you, you big, big hypocrite!

    1. Don’t confuse fascism with authoritarianism. Fascism is an ideology of the extreme right. And according to Mussolini, it is literally what you said about the US: the merging of the State with Corporations. So fascism is where the US is heading (almost there already). China is an authoritarian regime, but it is not fascism.

    2. Tim Hall, address yourself to the justifiable criticisms of American, British and Australian attacks on press freedom, brutal persecution of a journalist and publisher (Julian Assange) rather than writing some fantasy about the workings of democracy in these so-called Western liberal democracies. We surely must look to the dirt in our own houses and deal with that rather saying primly ‘Oh but other regimes do this too’. I suppose you think that totalitarianism is fine as long as it’s democratic totalitarianism. I suggest one of your New Year’s resolutions should be to read/re-read? 1984. As Orwell said, it was not intended to be an instruction manual.

    3. Mr. Hall, I think that you are getting too much of your information from the lying MSM. China has a blended economy of socialism and capitalism. The state has wisely retained control of the parts of the economy which provide essential goods or services to the people, e.g. heath care, which, in the U.S. is a looting system in which the state helps the capitalists loot the people, even to the point of depriving them of essential health care. The criminal justice system in the U.S. is a joke. It is utilized to maintain control over the people, particularly people of color, and to allow the further looting of the people via the privatized prison system. Most of the “reporting” in the U.S. about China’s “crimes” are lies told by the deep state and disseminated by the corrupt and dishonest MSM. It appears that, once again, these dishonest tactics have the people stirred up enough to support yet another insane foreign policy gambit, which is to risk going to war with both China and Russia. Amazing, in the worst possible way.

    4. A Chinese journalist makes an accurate criticism of US, UK, and Australian policies, and your response is…. that he is a bigger hypocrite!
      Do you think he is allowed to say anything? Or you think that only the Western MSM has the right to speak (which nowadays means mostly spreading anti-Chinese propaganda)?

      He is accurate.
      Nothing China did, or does, comes even close to the evil that the US has been doing throughout its entire history.
      Your response exposes you either as a US propagandist, a US supremacist, or just a propaganda victim. Which one of these are you?

  3. Yes, Chinasffords few personal liberties to its citizens. But, they have a point in demanding that America allow press freedoms before lecturing the Chinese and others on the lack of press freedoms there. Just because China is wrong on almost every other press freedom point doesn’t make them wrong here.

    1. of course they are right here. assange’s exposures of u.s. imperialism’s crimes are excellent and the us’s efforts to silence and probably murder him are atrocious. calling them hypocrites does not deny that.

  4. Ahh, Neo-Cons, Trump, Obama-Clinton-Bush-Biden:

    Pepe Escobar • Monday, January 3, 2022 •

    Two years ago, the 2020s started with a murder.

    Baghdad airport, January 3, 00:52 AM. The assassination of Major General Qassem Soleimani, commander of the Quds Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), alongside Abu Mahdi al-Muhandes, deputy commander of Iraq’s Hashd al-Shaabi forces, by laser-guided AGM-114 Hellfire missiles launched from two American MQ-9 Reaper drones, was an act of war.

    This act of war set the tone for the new decade and inspired my book Raging Twenties: Great Power Politics Meets Techno-Feudalism, published one year later.

    The drone strikes at Baghdad airport, directly approved by then US President Donald Trump, were unilateral, unprovoked and illegal: an imperial act engineered as a stark provocation capable of triggering an Iranian reaction that would then be countered by American “self-defense,” packaged as “deterrence.”

    Call it a perverse form of double down, reversed false flag.

    The imperial narrative barrage spun it as “targeted killing:” a pre-emptive op squashing Soleimani’s alleged planning of “imminent attacks” against US diplomats and troops.

    No evidence whatsoever was provided to support the claim. And then-Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, in front of Parliament, offered the ultimate context: Soleimani, on a diplomatic mission, had boarded a regular Cham Wings Airbus A320 flight between Damascus and Baghdad. He was involved in complex negotiations between Tehran and Riyadh, with the Iraqi Prime Minister as mediator, and all that at the request of President Trump.

    So the imperial machine – following trademark mockery of international law – assassinated a de facto diplomatic envoy. In fact two envoys, because al-Muhandis had the same leadership qualities of Soleimani – actively promoting synergy between the battlefield and diplomacy – and was absolutely irreplaceable as a key political articulator in Iraq.

    Soleimani’s assassination had been “encouraged” since 2007 by US neo-cons – supremely ignorant of West Asia’s history, culture and politics – and the Israeli and Saudi lobbies. Both the Bush Jr. and Obama administrations resisted it, afraid of an inevitable escalation. Trump could not possibly see The Big Picture and its dire ramifications when he had only Israel-firsters of the Jared-of-Arabia Kushner variety whispering in his ear, in tandem with close pal Saudi Crown Princeling Muhammad bin Salman (MbS).

  5. Press freedom for whom/what in the US? Read Chomsky. What is important? The millions slain by US foreign and domestic policies compared to to the nations it opposes? The nations destroyed, coups? A gargantuan US military budget. Nuclear war plans? Does our political system effectively oppose such actions? Why not?

    In fact, the Chinese populace largely supports their government. How about the US political system? Totally corrupted by money, greed.

    One could go on…

  6. Excellent comments. Assange is a thorn in the side of the usa military and political goons like the Bush Cheney war criminals. For casting light on the war crimes of the Australians, Americans, British and others in Afghanistan, Iraq and other war ridden middle eastern countries Assange continues to be hounded and let’s face it tortured for exposing war crimes. One faint hope is that the Mexican President has offered him asylum .

    Thank this journalist for speaking out.

  7. Clear, logical, truthful. Excellent commentary – ought to be seen by all journalists and editors who are refusing their obligation to support Julian Assange.

  8. Well said! The ongoing slow motion murder of Assange is a double murder. First, the U.S. (with the help of its lackeys, murders Assange. As a natural consequence of that murder, the U.S. also effects the murder of our 1st amendment rights of freedom of speech and freedom of the press. The oppression of the people and destruction of our civil liberties, using 9/11 as a pretext is proceeding as planned. Unfortunately most people have still not figured that out, so they cheer their persecutors, wave their flags, wear their flag label pins, and declare that they have nothing to fear because they have done nothing wrong. In short they are ignorant and foolish and will not resist these crimes being committed by “our” government until it is too late.

  9. Excellent analysis! Why can’t we hear truth from our own media. But no, the propagandists control the airwaves. Thanks to Scheerpost for putting this out here for us. The US and its stooges are just waiting and hoping for Assange to die. It is disgusting, imo.

  10. Assange is not above the law and there is no reason why he should not be indicted and tried for violations of law. crap about ‘killing him’ is nothing more than horsefeathers.

    I doubt that the US government will win in court, but I also doubt that Assange is an innocent being victimized for doing no more than engaging in honest journalism.

    1. Your comment reveals that you do not know either the facts of the case or the applicable law. Assange published classified material which revealed multiple war crimes committed by the U.S. Obama rightly concluded that he could not prosecute Assange under espionage act without destroying the long standing precedent that doing so would violate the first amendment protection of press freedom and freedom of speech This dilemma was commonly referred to as the “New York Times problem”. Perhaps you have read at least of the many articles which have been written about this critical legal issue. In an attempt to “wire around” this fatal legal flaw in its strong desire to prosecute Assange, the U.S. constructed a fraudulent charge of computer intrusion, based on false testimony of a known criminal and child molester. All of this has been revealed and the witness on which the U.S. relies for this bogus charge has admitted that his testimony is false. The U.S. charges are illegitimate and fraudulent. Ignorant people like you further endanger our first amendment freedoms of press and speech by spouting off about a case of which you know nothing.

      1. Jim + Thomas – your points are well made which brings up the horror of my country, the UK, going along with this legal corruption.

        Not the first time – Lord Haw Haw (William Joyce), on a charge of treason, was murdered by a British court in 1945 which contended he was a British citizen on the basis of a fake UK passport he had when he was in fact an American, which they knew, so could not be charged with treason to the British state.

      2. Yes, Otto, our countries are joined at the hip in these acts of shameless depravity — the invasions of Iraq and other wars of aggression, the ongoing murder of Julian Assange and the associated debasement of the rule of law and any sense of morality and decency. I think that in this frenzy to destroy those who tell the truth about their crimes, our countries are destroying much more than the fools now in power understand. They are destroying the very foundation of civilized society (to the limited extent that it is civilized in its present form). The result will be totalitarianism. Who will benefit from such a system? That question needs to be carefully weighed, but will not be by the fools now in charge.

    2. Fuster, Assange did not do anything against the law. Read the supposed ‘violations’.

    3. It really sucks when people who have no idea what the hell they are talking about because they haven’t spent any time learning both sides of the issue post these moronic comments. You aren’t educated enough to be posting here. Beat it, troll.

      1. Christine and Julie,

        I started to draft a reply to Fuster, then decided that it was pointless. As you observe, Fuster obviously knows nothing about the Assange case. I agree with, and enjoyed, your comments. Thank you for posting them.

  11. Oops, I see that I actually did reply to Fuster. I apologize for me error. I thought I had decided not to post it. My excuse is that it was so long ago….three whole days. I am old and forgetful.

  12. My pleasure, Jim. I’m angered enough that I’ve written and called my reps several times and donated a lot of money to Julian’s defense, so I do see red when people post garbage like that.

  13. Politician vs politician. Their crimes go unpunished. Evil thrives as they struggle for power. Governments aren’t doing this. Ambitious bastards are!

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