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A Seemingly Targeted Attack Puts George Floyd’s Grand-Niece in the Hospital, Police Don’t Come for Hours

Arianna Delane, the four-year-old grand-niece of George Floyd, was taken to the hospital in the early hours of New Years Day following what appears to be a targeted shooting. The police took four hours to arrive on the scene.

By Ezra Brain / Left Voice

Arianna Delane, the four-year-old grand-niece of George Floyd, was taken to the hospital in the early hours of New Years Day following what appears to be a targeted shooting. Early in the morning, a car pulled up outside her family home and began spraying bullets. Delane, who was asleep in her bed when she was shot, was hospitalized with a punctured lung and several broken ribs. 

The exact perpetrators of the crime are currently unknown; with police denying any evidence that this was a targeted attack, despite statements from the family that it was. Delane’s family are also calling out the police for a delayed response time. According to the family, despite the shooting happening at 3 am, the police did not arrive until 7.

It is important that we not trust the police to investigate this on their own. Whether this a targeted shooting or not, there is a long history of the police getting revenge on the relatives of victims of police violence. Cops around the country are angry at the verdict of the Derek Chauvin trial —  cops expect to get away with murder, and this time they didn’t due to the strength of the BLM movement. The police are not interested in Black lives, much less the life of four-year-old  Delane or anyone in George Floyd’s family. They didn’t respond for four hours.

Justice for Arianna Delane. 

Ezra Brain

Ezra is a NYC based theatre artist and teacher.


  1. It is NEVER a good idea for the police, or any other organization to investigate itself. Invariably such investigations seek to protect the organization and its members rather than uncover the truth. Our military investigating itself is a perfect example.

  2. Totally unacceptable response. An investigation into the event and just what other “priorities “ the police had, or not.

  3. The police who delayed coming to help should be identified and fired. The same thing happens every day in Palestine. The murderers are never punished. Sad to know this is par for the course. Why do I speak of Israel? Because in the 1970s chiefs of police and other police from the US went to Israel to get police training. The police I knew as a child no longer exist.

  4. It’s beginning.

    And the cops don’t respond four 4 hours to a young child being shot.

    We’re going to see more of this. It’s all shifting gears now.

    And the Democrats do nothing to change the fascist trajectory we are on.

    1. First mistake is to look to Democrats for anything. While we face the fascists, the Democrats (supposed allies) run us through from behind. Both the previous previous guy, and the current president are the same on policy.

  5. Contact your governor, state attorney general, legislators, justice department. The most effective is mass exposure on social media sites. Mainstream media won’t touch this until more riots break out.

  6. Another nail in the coffin of law enforcement! What purpose does this outdated institution serve? As from its start to protect the property and privilege of the rich and the powerful (muscle for capitalism). Want proof just look at the militarized RCMP attacking Wet’suwet’en water and land defenders on Canada’s west coast. Like in Israel they act with impunity pointing weapons at unarmed women, brutalizing and threatening even as their pension fund is linked to the gas companies. Like in America though the myth of the Canadian Mountie in red serge as the defender of justice flourishes. Policing remains the last Bastian of White Supremacy do not expect it to reform or in anyway to change. Like MLK said, “Freedom is never given by the oppressor, it must be demanded by the oppressed!”

  7. Said George Bush to the world after the 9/11 hit: “If you’re not with us, you’re against us.”
    This attitude / application is power’s go-to. You want anything from this, from us, you’d damned well better be with us in all we do. Everything. No complaints, criticism or comment – other than that which is clearly favorable.
    You don’t necessarily need to do what the Romans do, when in Rome, but it will not go well if, when in Rome, you shit all over Rome.
    Generally speaking, one should want and expect nothing from them that one dislikes / criticizes. But when the issue is public safety – occasionally life and death – it really ought to be that people go about their jobs sans grudge and favor.
    So go along and get along, or you can go to hell. Your rights, then, are no longer rights, but privileges, which can be forfeited or denied in a blink, by any authority whatsoever.
    The logical destination of this situation is that of protection racket, which pretty much should be assumed, or better, understood. And be a factor in consideration of all one’s words and actions.
    Freedom, thereby, is rent farce.

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