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To Avert ‘Global Nuclear Holocaust,’ U.S. Groups Demand Abolition of ICBMs

Whistleblower and disarmament activist Daniel Ellsberg. (Anti-War Anniversary March [04] / Wikimedia Commons)(CC BY-SA 2.0)

By Jake Johnson / Common Dreams

More than 60 U.S. organizations issued a joint statement Wednesday calling for the total elimination of the country’s land-based nuclear missiles, warning that the weapons are both an enormous waste of money and—most crucially—an existential threat to humankind.

Organized by the advocacy groups RootsAction and Just Foreign Policy, the statement argues that intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) are “uniquely dangerous, greatly increasing the chances that a false alarm or miscalculation will result in nuclear war.”

“There is no more important step the United States could take to reduce the chances of a global nuclear holocaust than to eliminate its ICBMs,” continues the statement, which was signed by Beyond the Bomb, Global Zero, Justice Democrats, CodePink, and dozens of other anti-war groups.

“Everything is at stake,” the groups warn. “Nuclear weapons could destroy civilization and inflict catastrophic damage on the world’s ecosystems with ‘nuclear winter,’ inducing mass starvation while virtually ending agriculture. That is the overarching context for the need to shut down the 400 ICBMs now in underground silos that are scattered across five states—Colorado, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, and Wyoming.”

The statement comes just two weeks after President Joe Biden signed into law a sprawling military policy bill that allocates billions of dollars to research, development, and missile procurement for the Ground-Based Strategic Deterrent (GBSD) program, an initiative that is expected to replace the current Minuteman III ICBMs in the coming years.

Ahead of the $778 billion legislation’s passage, some progressive lawmakers—most prominently Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.) and Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.)—called for a pause in GBSD development, a demand that went unheeded.

Daniel Ellsberg, the legendary whistleblower and longtime proponent of nuclear disarmament, told Common Dreams in an email that “most of the so-called ‘defense’ budget is legislative pork.”

“But some of it—in particular, the maintenance and proposed replacement to the current ICBM program—is toxic pork,” he added. “It’s not just unnecessary, it’s positively dangerous, to our own security and that of the rest of the world.”

Before leaking the Pentagon Papers to the press in 1971, Ellsberg specialized in nuclear weapons and operational planning for a possible nuclear war during his time as a consultant to the Defense Department, an experience he recounts in his 2017 book The Doomsday Machine: Confessions of a Nuclear War Planner.

“We should have gotten rid of our silo-based ICBMs no less than half a century ago, when they had become totally vulnerable to attack,” Ellsberg told Common Dreams. “Ever since then, deterrence of a nuclear attack should have been based solely on our invulnerable submarine-launched missile force, which is itself far larger than that function requires or should permit.”

Echoing the anti-war coalition’s fear that a potential “false alarm” could spark nuclear catastrophe, Ellsberg noted that “the survival in wartime of hundreds of land-based missiles depends on their being launched, irrevocably (unlike bombers), on electronic and infrared warning before attacking missiles might arrive.”

“Such a warning, however convincing, may be false; and that has actually happened, more times than our public has ever become aware,” he said. “No other strategic weapons besides ground-based ICBMs challenge a national leader to decide, absurdly within minutes, whether ‘to use them or lose them.’ They should not exist.”

“No other specific, concrete American action would go so far immediately to reduce the real risk of a false alarm in a crisis causing the near-extinction of humanity,” Ellsberg concluded.

In a statement, RootsAction national director Norman Solomon lamented that recent public discussion surrounding U.S. nuclear weapons policy “has been almost entirely limited to the narrow question of whether to build a new ICBM system or stick with the existing Minuteman III missiles for decades longer.”

“That’s like arguing over whether to refurbish the deck chairs on the nuclear Titanic,” said Solomon. “Both options retain the same unique dangers of nuclear war that ICBMs involve. It’s time to really widen the ICBM debate, and this joint statement from U.S. organizations is a vital step in that direction.”


    1. @MIchael Lewis Kahn
      What exactly do you mean? That we should do nothing? What a defeatist attitude!

      1. By no means. Obviously you don’t get my newsletter. I send it out to five hundred people everyday, and it reaches fifty million internationally. Those are the most informed large group of people in the world. I have real solutions to every world problem, and it is in an original authentically out of the box idea for civilization, and it includes steps to take down the establishment and to initiate it. I am a revolutionary. Yes, there is world war on the horizon. But it is mostly a diversion. The steps suggested are minor and appease a world leader puppet who, like all other puppets, has no intention of doing what benefits his people, but does what the puppet masters want him to. Biden is not working for Americans, as Putin (seeming better than Biden, but is just as much a puppet), they have no intention of arriving at a peaceful deal. There is a world population goal of five hundred million by 2025. The real harm comes from 5G, due to full implimentation January 19th. Wuhan, where people dropped dead suddenly back in 2019, was the first city to impliment 5G- at that time. The cruise ship involved in “spreading” it had a 5G tower on board. These first people to die had no sickness, they dropped.

        I am a revolutionary, and do not deceive myself into thinking nations who have made weapons of mass destruction, who have not agreed to not use them, who are run by rich elite who worship SAtan and who have no concern for the welfare of the planet and who kill for economic and power grabs, would hesitate to use any of them, and have no conscience bothering them. They are sociopaths.

        My only suggestion is to put them where they belong.. Six feet under. I am no “patriot” except as thomas Paine described :”The duty of a true patriot is to protect his country from its government”

        That is our only way out at this time. I have penned books, have made videos. have been imprisoned for my works, and have a good sense of righteousness and intelligence. I call a spade a spade. At this point, that is what will stop them. i wish there was another way. Am I immoral saying so? These people have killed millions. My book ANGRY LOUD AND CLEAR TRUTH shows that every politician in DC was complicit to 9-11 demolition job, and then blamed Arabs and destroyed whole nations, which if you include starvation due to sanctions, killed millions.

        That is my suggestion. Take it, or die. The rulers will kill us all.

      2. Sorry, but your response to me and your website look like a bunch of meaningless generalities. What exactly do you identify as the problems, and what exactly do you propose as solutions? You can respond generally without writing a tome. For example, I think that the biggest problem on the planet is that humans chose unnatural and very harmful manipulation of the physical/natural world for their own convenience over focusing on wisdom, empathy, and expanding our consciousness. This problem manifests as the physical problems of human overpopulation and human overconsumption. The solution is to stop obsessing on the physical/natural world and focus on developing our wisdom and empathy for the Earth and all life on it, and on otherwise expanding our consciousness.

        Notice that I stated the problem in 2 sentences and the general solution in 1 sentence. I’m not giving you a sentence limit, but neither do I want a long unfocused response. If you can’t do that, you don’t really know what the problems are or what your solution is. Provide a general answer first, we can discuss details after that.

      3. You obviously did not look at my site nor did you read my books or sign up for the free newsletter. THe books are attached every day.

        The nations, all of them, have been hijacked by globalists working in concert with the Vatican, as illustrated and proven with much evidence in ANGRY LOUD AND CLEAR TRUTH. Rothschilds own the federal bank of virtually every nation (google it) The Jesuit general (the pope is a figurehead) supervises all banking, freemasonry, and secret intelligence of every nation. They plan a 500 million world population by 2025, (google GEORGIA GUIDESTONES) and will achieve that through bio-weapons (vaccines that destroy the immune system and cause clotting and heart problems), war, and there are internment camps ready for occupation (google FEMA camps).

        The establishment news media is dominated by the CIA, thus destroying the information input via propaganda and psyops. Bankers also run the media and education systems, thus producing wrong values, mindsets, and worldviews to accommodate their sick agenda. While the planet can easily accommodate twenty billion people or more, we are told it is overpopulated and global warming, contrived deliberately, is being used as an excuse to wield power and draconian measures to enslave those people who will be left alive.

        I am fully aware that research journalists like myself are labeled “conspiracy theorists” to dismiss us and to prevent ignorant people from researching for themselves the truth. IN the aforementioned book I debunk evolution, allopathic medicine, the legal system, and more. THE UNTOLD NATURE OF CHRISTIANITY proves that the New Testament was fabricated by Josephus to impose a slave and submissive mentality on Rome’s citizens to render them easy to rule over. Same with today’s media.

        My books are on Amazon for $3- or free by signing up for the newsletter. History had been rewritten, and ANGRY.. is the result of deeply researching much historic and present events and putting the puzzle pieces together. MY solution in the conclusion of ANGRY.. is a blueprint for an ideal civilization, which is similar to Amish life, living in harmony with nature, no technology, no religion, ethical mindsets, mentoring children, no sex for future generations (artificial insemination), and let the earth restore itself, assisting it to renew by planting fruit trees everywhere, so by photosynthesis, the oxygen- carbon levels are restored. Of course this is a shortened summary leaving out much.

        LEt me remind you that not only am I a scholar but also a revolutionary as a result of my scholarly pursuits and the knowledge I have come upon. Romerica (Vatican’s major tool is the US) has been used to imperialize and colonialize the planet into being submissive puppets to the Vatican, which now rules over every Christian denomination, and has created contexts to allow for the genocide of Arabs, via 9-11 demolition job; and the US and Israeli operative ISIS.

        Regarding voting- the Bush family owns the ballot machines, and they are managed by the CIA=in my book EXPOSING THE MONEY MACHINE. We don’t know who we really voted for in many decades.

        That is all for now.

      4. I did not think through my comment carefully, just penned it quickly, and forgot to add a most important apsect. My solution, a new civilization, is basically to create thousands, even millions of self-sustaining agricultural communities, with no central government, but have them all autonomous, with the communities ruling themselves democratically, by voting over every and any issues that necessitate- not representatives, but all people are involved in decisions. EAch community will have a cap of 150 members.

        I lay out a suggestion for a code of ethics in the conclusion of THE UNTOLD NATURE OF CHRISTIANITY, and remove the worship of God therein. Note that I was a devout true believer Christian for ten years, leaving it upon finally perceiving the nature of the faith. I had studied the bible 10,000 hours independently, had taught it, had preached urban streets, and that book uses hundreds of scriptures to prove it to be a book of occult spells and magic, and that it imposes wrong values and submissiveness. I had believed every word of it for ten years and had defeated a good number of scholars, pastors, and seminary professors in debates.

        I no longer have any faith, acknowledge the existence of god, debunked evolution, embrace the concept of intelligent design, but certainly not the bible’s version. I refuse to worship an evil tyrannical god who places billions of people in hell. I challenge his character, and if any Christian points a finger at me, I point a hundred back at god. I stand as a free thinker and authentically original revolutionary.

      5. A tiny portion of evidence, there is much more

        While German generals were brought to trial and prosecuted, their scientists and secret service were imported to serve the United States. The NSA was formed in imitation of the SS. Here is a short but significant timeline:
        ➢ 1947-Tavistock Institute and the CIA are formed
        ➢ 1948-The World Council of Churches is formed
        ➢ 1949-Billy Graham’s ministry started
        ➢ 1950- National Council of Churches initiated

        The initial beginnings of Tavistock dates back to 1921, but it was officially incorporated in 1947. It was a collaborative effort of British Military Intelligence and the psychiatric establishment. Tavistock was intended as a coordinating center for planetary social control using “psychological shock troops” –psychiatric professionals in white lab coats who have been infiltrating organizations in order to implement policies that are deemed productive by Tavistock strategists. The Freemasonic British Intelligence and “intelligencia” of world psychiatric leaders have two main goals:
        1- A one-world order in which the nation states are abolished and all peoples are under a single totalitarian control center.
        2- Psychological control of the world, creating a “societry.”

        Jim Keith, in his book “Mass Control: Engineering Human Consciousness,” states on page 32: “Tavistock Agents have penetrated American Intelligence agencies, psychiatric institutions, industry, media, and political organisms, firmly guiding these bodies in alignment with the purposes of the Tavistock controllers.”

        The National Council of Churches is the largest ecumenical body in the United States, uniting about forty Christian faith groups. Its members include mainline Protestants, Evangelicals, Orthodox, and others. Together, they include over 100,000 local congregations and 40 million adherents.

        A policy of the planned totalitarian police state, otherwise known as “the New World Order” is a uniting of all faiths into one religion. The Vatican is aligned with these plans. Billy Graham was a tool of the Vatican who was useful towards that goal.

        In “Smokescreens” by Jack Chick, it says on page 53 that publisher Randolph Hearst used his newspapers to promote Graham as a leading evangelist who would never attack Rome. Jesuits filled stadiums in central and South America to boost the church’s power, to win back converts who had left Catholicism. Rome spent millions of dollars promoting Billy.

        You may be shocked to learn that the Hearst media empire had a $400,000 a year contract with Hitler to carefully slant their “news.” Franklin Graham told the Indianapolis Star (June 3, 1999) that his father’s ecumenical alliance with the RC Church and all other denominations was one of the smartest things his father ever did. “ In the early years, up in Boston, the Catholic Church got behind my father’s crusade.”

        When asked about the pope, Billy said: “He and I agree on almost everything.” He praised Pope John Paul II multiple times as a “great Christian” and “was unquestionably the most influential voice for morality and peace in the world during the last 100 years.”

        Billy Graham became the advisor (and close friend to some) to several presidents, all of those in office from Truman to George W Bush Jr.. Many wars and secret actions were engaged under these presidents, and millions of people died as a result. It is curious that US military policy transformed from laissez-faire to becoming the world’s “policeman,” involving itself in aggressive foreign involvement during that time. When Nixon was impeached, Billy stood by him.


  1. I have been NO NUKES since Bertrand Russell’s clarion call in the
    early 80s.
    I am and have always been a huge Helen Caldecott fan and supporter.
    I give $ to the NIRS platform and Norm Solomon and I are on
    the same page Re NO NUKES.
    I have followed Three Mile Island, Harrisburg,Pennsylvania;
    Chernobyl,Ukraine; Fukushima 3/11/2011.
    There is no place on this planet where nuclear power should be deployed.
    I applaud Germany on its nuke retirement program and I am appalled at France and its major nuclear dependence.
    Ellsberg is a major human hero of mine( many former heroes
    have lost their heroic status in my world recently over their Covid
    Mandate support)
    Included in that former hero list here in this Evil Empire are Noam
    Chomsky,Robert Scheer and Chris Hedges.
    I am frankly appalled at the damaging silence of two of you and the sad spectacle of Chomsky and Counterpunch going off the ethical rails.
    Thanks for the opportunity to rant here.

    1. @Terrence+Bennett
      Good to find another Helen Caldicott supporter, I thought that I was the only one! She is the ultimate authority on the harms that radioactivity causes to living things and our cells. Don’t agree about Hedges though. Silence on vaccine mandates is very far from advocating for them. While I share your position in opposition to vaccine mandates, I see no point in demonizing Chris Hedges, who has more moral authority in his anus than the vast majority of people have in their whole bodies.

      1. Those who do not actively oppose mandates have surrendered the Constitution.
        Like Paul Jay as well as Robert Scheer and Chris Hedges, I believe
        silence in the face of the genocidal mandates is complicity and I have no problem calling them out for it.
        Watch Sucharit Bhakdi and then tell me I am incorrect.
        Educate yourself before you enter the lists.

        Glad we agree on Helen Caldecott.

      2. @Terrence+Bennett
        Genocidal mandates? That’s both offensive and unhinged. The Nazis killed 1/4 of my family, and I have close friends who are Natives and ones who are Palestinian. THOSE were genocides. Suffering from a negative effect of a vaccine where the percentages of those who get those effects is one in tens of thousands and where no harm is intended (other than injecting the vaccine into involuntary recipients) has absolutely nothing to do with genocide. YOU are the one who needs to educate yourself before making these idiotic statements.

        To be clear, I am unequivocally opposed to vaccine passports or mandates. I even now consider this to me my No. 1 non-environmental and non-war & peace issue. But you come across as a total fanatic, calling out people who prioritize other important issues and don’t mention this, and calling vaccine mandates genocide. What they are is a violation of bodily autonomy, which is abhorrent and disgusting, but it’s very far from being genocide.

  2. Ahh, here we go, that white penal colony can’t even stop one aspect of the perverse military industrial mercenary complex — dollars thrown at these militarists.

    So, then how do we whittle at nukes?

    Read —

    Australia’s war-wishing Defence Minister Peter Dutton may be in urgent need of such treatment, but he is unlikely to take up the suggestion, preferring to pursue an arms program of delusional proportions. His mental soundness was not helped by last year’s establishment of AUKUS and the signals of enthusiastic militarism from Washington. Having cut ties with the French defence establishment over what was a trouble-plagued submarine contract, Dutton has been an important figure in ensuring that Australia will continue its naval problems with a future nuclear-powered submarine.

    Submarines are seaborne phallic reassurances for the naval arm of defence. Stubbornly expensive and always stressing celebrated potential over proven reality, they stimulate the defence establishment. The land-based forces, however, will also have their toys and stimulants, their own slice of make believe. And Dutton is promising them a few, including tanks.

    This month, the minister announced that Australia will be spending A$3.5 billion on 120 tanks and an assortment of other armoured vehicles, including 29 assault breacher vehicles and 17 joint assault bridge vehicles. All will be purchased from the US military machine. This will also include 75 M1A2 main battle tanks, which will replace the 59 Abrams M1A1s, purchased in 2007 and kept in blissful quarantine, untouched by actual combat.

    Reading from the script of presumed military relevance, Dutton declared that, “[t]eamed with the Infantry Fighting Vehicle, Combat Engineering Vehicles, and self-propelled howitzers, the new Abrams will give our soldiers the best possibility of success and protection from harm.”

    Chief of Army Lieutenant General Rick Burr was also of the view that, “The main battle tank is at the core of the ADF’s Combined Arms Fighting System, which includes infantry, artillery, communications, engineers, attack helicopters and logistics.” Tanks were versatile creatures, able to be “used in a wide range of scenarios, environments and levels of conflict in the region.”

    To dispel any notion that this purchase simply confirmed Australian deference and obedience to US military power, the defence minister also claimed that the new Abrams “will incorporate the latest development in Australian sovereign capabilities, including command, control, communications, computers and intelligence systems, and benefit from the intended manufacture of tank ammunition in Australia.”

    In other words, once Australia finishes with these cherished, dear imports, adjusted as they are bound to be for the ADF, they are more likely to be extortionately priced museum pieces rather than operable weapons of flexible deployment.

    Exterminate the brutes! ?

  3. For over 30 years I have read articles like this one that call for or demand absolute impossibilities without ever acknowledging the basic and essential fact that they are indeed impossibilities. Is it possible that after decades of no forward progress in anything, that these writers still do not understand the realities that we face, or are they shills just throwing out feel good drivel to keep the sheep compliant and asleep. In truth it is probably both.

    Sheep will be sheep and wolves will be wolves…..

    1. @JustAMaverick
      I agree with most of your posts, but I have to strongly disagree with this one. There is nothing impossible about eliminating ICBMs, and saying that doing so is impossible is a very defeatist attitude. It is statements like this that serve to keep the sheep content, because they advocate that people do nothing. This is not to say that elimination of these awful weapons wouldn’t be very difficult and wouldn’t require other major fundamental changes first, but that’s not at all the same as saying it’s impossible.

      1. @Jeff
        “There is nothing impossible about eliminating ICBMs,”
        Just how do you suggest eliminating Russian, Chinese, North Korean ICBMs?
        Or they are not a threat to mankind?

      2. The US is the main aggressor in the world. It is the biggest and most volatile threat. No other nation has used the military aggression the US has for many decades, since world war 2. However, as you note, there is the possibility of other nations to be used by the Vatican to reduce world population, if the US is incapacitated, via revolution or any other such means. What is necessary at this time is world revolution, every nation rebelling against their rulers. Every world ruler is a puppet to the globalists and the Vatican, and while some are not willingly so, most would follow the commands from “above” It may seem hopeless to resist, and a death sentence, but it is sure destruction not to.

  4. Their catalyst continues unabated 20 years on! When will you independent investigative journalists live up to your creed, your purpose, your duty of fearless journalism and confront the Congressional Industrial Military National Insecurity Saudi Israeli Complex by exposing their Catalyst of 09/11/2001?!

    Rally all the independent investigative journalists to, in one loud very powerful voice to be heard like a blaring siren in the ears of everyone around the world, declare their solidarity with the 3,500+ Architects & Engineers In the Immediacy of now!

    Don’t you think it will make a difference? Don’t you think it will rip out the underpinnings of the complexes grasp on continuing their Post 911 dystopia? Don’t you think the pillars of society must be shaken to their core! America, the world must be woke!
    Don’t you think it will change the tide in The People’s favor? Don’t you think it will enrage the citizens of the world, opening their eyes to truth!

    Flip their catalyst! The pen is mightier than the sword! Wake the sleeping giant, The People of the world, with shock and awe Of the truth about 9/11!
    When they learn how those towers really came down there will be hell to pay!!!

    Don’t you think it’s worth it?

    Not much time left the doomsday clock is seconds to midnight nuclear proliferation and climate killing change must come to an abrupt halt!
    What else besides the shock and awe of the masses learning 9/11 truth could do such a thing? What an opportunity we have! What a Catalyst we have to flip!

    The world ain’t saving itself! Come on! we are waiting!

    What’s the worst that could happen? Russia and China Will get pissed off at us and nuke us? Will 9/11 Truth cause world war three? Or will it stop it?

    Flip Their Catalyst!

  5. 0 nukes 4 no 1 and that goes for biological and chemical. Where do we stop? Big bombs? Little bombs? What do we need to feel so secure and safe? Wolves at the door or bean counters at the bank?

    1. @michael hall
      Fighting should be limited to voluntary participants on battlefields and limited to preindustrial weapons. That’s where I would draw the line.

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